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Healthy Junkies 'Box of Chaos' Review

Healthy Junkies are a band that lives, breathes and suffers punk rock. This is most evident in their latest album ‘Box Of Chaos’, a truly magnificent ode to the manic depression that plagues the residents of a 21stcentury world.

Although full of social commentary about how screwed this planet is in songs like “Watch Out” or “Captive” Healthy Junkies don’t drown into a nihilistic kind of self pity. Instead, they are punk rock enough to scream “I don’t give a damn” and “Je suis free”, demonstrating that our day and age isn’t necessarily an easy one to live in but that ultimately they’re going their way regardless – and that’s brilliantly inspiring!


Elaine Blake - 'The Back Door Man' Review

The Back Door Man’ by Nottingham musician Elaine Blake is a song as joyous as the singer herself. Elaine is a wonderfully quirky newcomer who has previously worked with various jazz bands and girl gospel groups. With ‘The Back Door Man’ she is now entering the realms of pop in the most rosy and cheerful way. The song is a great pop track that lifts the spirits and manages to put a smile on everyone’s face. With this kind of music we’re definitely ready for springtime!

Listen here: 

The new single from Elaine Blake is out on February 12th


Holiday Review: Celtic Thunder-Classic Christmas Album

Release Date: October 2, 2015
Label: Sony Legacy

Celtic Thunder has been brightening spirits with their amazing vocals and world class performances since their inception in 2007. Current members include Neil Byrne, Emmett O'Hanlon, Emmet Cahill, Colm Keegan, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, Damian McGinty, Paul Byrom and George Donaldson. This compilation of holiday music is a must for any fan.
“Carol of the Bells” is the first tune on the album. It is a twisting musical confection that is pure holiday magic. Crisp tones, joyful voices, melodic music ranging from horns to chimes and floating string and the jingle of bells all combine for an elemental introduction to this wonderful album. It was composed and written by Mykola Leontovych and Peter J. Wilhousky.

“In the Bleak Mid-Winter” was composed and lyrics created by Gustav Holst and Christina Rossetti. Performed with Celtic textures at the onset, the piece quickly morphs into a piano movement with light musical flutterings in the background. The vocals and pipe sounds reach into the still and lonely parts that this time of year can really make stark and utterly clear. Love of God warms the soul as the singer remembers the reason for the holiday and the angels that walked among us to give the child safe passage. “What can I give him poor as I am?” This rings true for so many of us these days. What value do we offer when we can’t buy the things we desire or give others the gifts they want. The answer is the same as it always was. Love. It is the beginning and the end of all things and with it, we can conquer the world.

“Fairytale of New York” is the last piece on the album. Written and composed by Shane MacGowan and Jem Finer this song captures the Celtic reality in all of its glory. Soft and sweet with pipes and lilting dance music, it swings into a rowdy bar ballad among other things. Awash in regret but dreaming of the days ahead, the vocalists bring to life the myriad of emotions that make a man. Drink and food and laughter bring us all together but in the end, we each of us make the other strong.

The Classic Christmas Album is a wonderful compilation of Celtic holiday music, both traditional and original. The vocalists’ voices join forces to bring us a glimpse into the sounds of the heavens or the lowest bar in midtown. There is light in the darkness and if you listen to this music you might just feel a bit of warmth this holiday season. I highly recommend it.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Carol of the Bells, In the Bleak Mid-Winter, Fairytale of New York

01. Carol of the Bells (1:24)
02. Gaudete (2:22)
03. Mary Did You Know? (3:09)
04. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (1:55)
05. In the Bleak Mid-Winter (4:12)
06. Gabriel’s Message (2:50)
07. Christmas Medley: Sleigh Ride, Here Comes Santa Claus, Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (6:00)
08. Away in a Manger (2:40)
09. Comfort Ye (2:50)
10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (1:58)
11. The Christmas Song (3:34)
12. Oh Holy Night (4:44)
13. O Come All Ye Faithful (3:47)
14. Fairytale of New York (4:00)

Dana Wright, Sr. Staff Writer
December 16, 2015
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Reole - ‘What’s Cookin’ Review

Ex pirate radio DJ, chef, record label owner, musician and American Football lover Reole returns with ‘Whats Cookin’ the stunning follow up to ‘Hear Comes The Drums’. Reole started his musical life playing brass in Mardi Gras parades. Later, once back in Scotland, he then set about the airwaves with Ritchie Ruftone on pirate radio and pioneered the introduction of illicit underground broadcasting across Europe – from Scotland, Germany and beyond.
His new album marries delicious recipes with fantastic music. Influenced by soul and RnB this album is super catchy and uplifting. The album features lead track ‘Got Your Back Girl’ a smooth funk hit that packs a punch.

‘What’s Cookin’ is sure to set ears twitching and tummy’s rumbling everywhere with its blend of instrumental funk, jazz and classic rock. It’s an album with subtle touches and fantastic production.

For more information on Reole check him out below:


Thula Borah EP Review

Scottish rock outfit Thula Borah have recently released their stunning EP ‘Hope For Disappointment’ featuring lead single ‘Bone Ships’. The band is named after an Indian recluse who went to his bedroom to study for exams in 1962 and has not emerged since.
The band mix classic rock influences such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Motor Head with newer bands such as Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit.
Lead single ‘Bone Ships’ form the EP is the perfect amalgamation of everything Thula Borah come to represent. The combination of an expansive rhythm section juxtaposed with intricate guitar work and strong vocals, Thula Borah are on to a winning formula.
New EP ‘Hope For Disappointment’ featuring lead track ‘Bone Ships’ is out now
Thula Borah are playing the following shows:

30th of October – Cellar 35, Aberdeen

6th of November – The Windsor, Kirkcaldy

Check Thula Borah out here:


Nigel Thomas 'Fever' Review

Nigel Thomas found fame in cult indie pop band The Foxes in the back end of the Noughties. Now Nigel is making his own distinct brand of indie rock with nods to his old projects and seminal bands such as Stone Roses and Oasis.

‘Fever’ is his debut track and it is a heady mix of psychosis and rock n roll. The video itself is enough to send chills down your spine. I mean drugs, prostitutes, murder… what more do you want? Musicality wise the song is strong and with such an exciting video to accompany it I just couldn’t pass it up.

‘Fever’ is out November 9th
Check it out here: 
Find Nigel Thomas below:


Dupes – Single Review

St Lucian native Sherwinn Dupes hits back with electric new EP. ‘From Saint Lucia With Love.’ It’s a straight up collection of pop hits in a ballad form. As a champion of St Lucian industry, Dupes melds his love of music with his love for his home country producing an elegant and refined product.

The EP itself mixes RnB and pop with great affect. It is a love story weaving around an intricate melody. Dupes has out done himself and we are super excited to see what else he has to offer.

‘From St Lucia With Love’ is out on October 30th

Check Dupes out below:

Warme New Single Council House Opera - Review

‘Council House Opera’ is the latest single from Bradford 5 piece Warme. Taking influence from classic guitar music such as The Kinks, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Warme craft bespoke, gritty rock stepped in personal experience and close friendship.

‘Council House Opera’ is a dynamic track borrowing equally from 60s rock and roll and the 90s Brit pop movement with Oasis and The Stone Roses as obvious contributors to the Warme sound. The video was shot in their hometown of Bradford, a Northern stronghold with not much music scene but Warme have taken the lack of surrounding influences and built a fantastic repertoire from nothing.

Warme are set to release the single on October 23rdwith a string of live dates in the New Year.

Check them out below:


Orca – 'Amber' Single Review

Prog outfit Amber are making waves with their new hard hitting single ‘Amber.’ Completely self produced a building introduction which draws you in before the heavy rhythms kick in hard.

The arrangement drops layers of drums, guitar and bass in and out to great effect, tied together by the tight, melodic vocal. This dynamic approach keeps the track fresh throughout, and lays down a marker for the excellent production values you can come to expect from Orca when their album hits.

Orca are a cracking band and we’re excited to see what happens next. Amber is out on September 23rd.

Check them out below:


'Afro Chopin' By Don Laka - Review

Legendary jazz instrumentalist and vocalist Don Laka returns with an exciting release based around the works of Chopin. Don Laka is a seminal mover and shaker in the afro-jazz world and this exquisite take on one of classical music’s greats is both genre defying and interesting.

Laka has is own distinctive style entitled Kwaii Jazz, a heady mix of South African jazz  and the chord structures and rhythms of Marabi and Kwela. It is this fantastic mix that reiterates why Laka is such a brilliant artist.

The album as a whole is cohesive, well produced and instrumentality flawless. The standout track is easily Prelude No 20 (Izulu)" the harmonies and alternative take on a Chopin classic makes it just so listenable it’s hard to not listen to it.

With albums such as ‘Destiny’, ‘Supernova’ and ‘Pyramid’ under his belt this release is sure to have new and old fans alike begging for more

You can check Don Laka out here:


The Lightness Of Being - 'Movements' EP

The Lightness of Being are bucking trends with their anarchic take on already established genres in their latest EP Movements. ‘Movements’ is a fantastic release featuring hard hitting songs ‘Disappearing Act’, ‘Cat Eyes’ and ‘Unknown.’

This is not the slickest release you will hear this year but it certainly one of the best. The seamless blend of rock, grunge and metal makes for fantastic listening no matter what mood you are in.

The Lightness of Being have already been backed by big names in the music industry – they have worked with The Breeders’ engineer Nick Trepka, played with up-and-coming blues rock band Graveltones, and have headlined venues around London. And with the release of ‘Movements’they’re bound to turn even more heads in 2015.

Check them out here:



Vidal & Curma On ‘Another Plane’ With New EP

Currently splitting time between their Northern Italian hometown of Padova and the UK’s capital, songwriters Vidal & Curma are a duo making a name for themselves on the London circuit. Playing in some of the most prestigious independent music venues in the city, their reputation has already won them a residency at the revered Proud Camden, where they were invited for repeat showings by popular demand thanks to the innate energy and sense of fun in their songs.

Their music boasts a loose, anarchic freshness without compromising on quality, giving an acoustic twist on the indie likes of The Libertines, The Strokes, Mac Demarco, and Velvet Underground to name a few. But perhaps their closest comparison is less well known – both Vidal and Curma are huge fans of  Django Reinhardt, a gypsy guitarist  from Belgium who was active from the 30s to the 50s. Reinhardt single-handedly invented the gypsy-jazz genre, and both band members consider him the best guitarist of all time.

His brilliance has clearly rubbed off, and the new three track EP ‘Another Plane’ is a real, offbeat, acoustic treat.

See Vidal & Curma in action with this live Tradiio session:

Specialising in writing songs about everyday problems faced by many, song themes vary from the difficulty of maintaining relationships nowadays, where everyone travels and moves a lot (Another Plane), to everyday situations that can lead to deep contemplation (‘Tonight’). The final track, ‘Never Say Again’, is about the unpredictability of meeting someone special in a massive city like London.

With each track boasting different elements which make them special individually, the combination of all three tracks makes for a very consistent release. And it’s all tied together with an acoustic irreverence that really sets them apart from other, more pretentious, peers. It’s an approach that clearly works, with the band already getting the attention of Universal Music Group A&R Manager Fausto Donato. A sign of things to come.

This is the first release on Tradiio Recordings, a new record label set up to release the best performing artists on Tradiio, a music discovery app for iOS, Android and Web. 

Tradiio is available here:

Vidal & Curma Links: 

Metasic – Single Review

Unrelenting 5 piece Metasic are back with new track ‘New Design.’ The lads combine hard and heavy grooves with complex lyrics and a variety of timbres. ‘New Design’ is a bruising track with differing themes and some very technically gifted performances from across the whole band. Having supported the likes of The Hoosiers and We Are Scientists, Metasic are definitely in a good position to be able to strike out into the mainstream and it will be exciting when they do.

Check out the new single here: 


Single Review - 'Rocket' By JUPE

Jupe craft infectious pop songs that have that annoying habit of staying in your consciences for a considerable amount of time. The band who hail from Ireland sound more like an American boy band then a collection of grafting males.

Their new single ‘Rocket’ combines elements of Maroon 5 and One Republic with nods to other notable boy bands of the era. Sonically it is relatively average, with major chord synths and single not bass lines. The star of this song is the vocals. The vocal line has a pop quality, basically meaning it is easy and refreshing to listen to

This music isn’t music you think about or contemplate, its more background music or music you play in the car. Jupe are a band that parents would be happy to send their kids to their gigs. There’s nothing dangerous or rock n roll about it, just good, honest pop music.

Jupe – Rocket Single Review

‘Rocket’ is the latest single from Irish pop troubadours Jupe. The band crafts a seamless brand of pop rock that has a wide appeal and is their ticket to worldwide stardom.

“Rocket’ has an infectious groove and am easy to listening to vocal line. It’s not anything dazzling but in terms of pop it does standout from the rest of nonsensical boy band aesthetics.

The tune has a great groove, the musicians are tight with the drums and the bass laying a solid foundation from which the vocals can bounce of. The synth adds a level of power pop to the track giving it a bit of an 90s RnB feel.

The band have got a distinct sound that in theory could propel them to a more engaging and wide audience. Time will tell if Jupe can make it happen.

Rocket is to buy on iTunes now


Twitter: @JupeMusic


Rumboy – ‘Rumboy EP’ Review

Rumboy – ‘Rumboy EP’

Aged only 21, Jay Thackery has already played in venues across the North West, and recorded several EPs under different names. His latest project, Rumboy, sees his years of experience entertaining crowds come together in his most intriguing release yet.

Rumboy brings together pop melodies and darker lyrics, as he sings of bad break-ups and difficulties in relationships in ‘Stay’ and ‘Girl (Don’t Bother Me None)’, while ‘Whereuleftme’ recalls the heartbreaking ballads of superstar Sam Smith.

The Lancastrian’s lyrics won’t be winning Thackery awards any time soon – he declares “I’d do anything to make you stay / But you say you’re going away” – but he has produced decent guitar-driven pop songs which, for a debut, make him one to look out for.

The ‘Rumboy EP’ will be released on August 31st

For more information please visit:

Listen Here to the single 'Stay' here:


Men With Ven "Check Your Prostate" Single Review

Men With Ven are no strangers to controversy. After crashing the ‘SPY’ premiere in order to serenade Jason Statham with their beautiful ode of the same name, Men With Ven have returned with an in depth medical tutorial detailing the precise course of action that should be undertaken if one has a suspicion relating to prostate cancer.

“Check Your Prostate” was conceived at The Spotted Dog in Barking. Under the roof of this fine establishment Men With Ven decided they needed to raise awareness for prostate cancer and felt that the best way to spread the message was through the medium of song.

This video, full to the brim of in-depth techniques to help check and prevent prostate cancer is carried along by a catchy riff and tight harmonies. All though unseemly at times the video is quite comic and light-hearted.

The band was spurned to write this song after their friend was tragically killed by the disease. Their mentality was that if just one life was saved by their video they would count it as a success.

Men With Ven are serving a honourable cause whilst appearing light hearted and humorous at the same time. A rare talent and one the band seem to excel at.

Watch the video for the single here:

For more information go to:


Dave Fidler EP Review

Based in the North West, Dave Fidler is a supremely talented acoustic guitarist, whose folk style and intricate finger picking underneath a distinct vocal has the ability to warm and break your heart in equal measure. His songs spin tales we can all relate to, around themes of love, loss and birth – all themes shaped by Fidler’s own personal life over the last year or so. 

Easy Gone, Easy Come – is the first song of the EP. And has a really easy on the ear guitar throughout it! Along with the harmonious vocals creates something really special within this track! The lyrics are also really high-quality being about the loss of his father but him becoming a father himself so it provides really pleasant imagery in the listeners mind.

Ailsa – has a bit more of a slower tempo then the previous song, But the vocals are definitely a bit more melodic! The guitar is quieter as well but that makes the vocals seem a lot stronger in this song and is definitely the main attraction of this song!

These Days – Is a really well built song out of the EP! The melodic vocals and backing instrument behind the guitar it made me think it wasn’t even live how professional it sounded! It has quite a lot of intervals to just allow the pleasant-sounding guitar and backing instrument to be played!

A Song For Nico - Another live song which you wouldn’t have even known it was live! Has a really nice introduction to it with the easy on the ear guitar and background instrument similar to the previous song. The vocals are also well built portraying a narrative about nico really superb! Has a choir towards the end of this song as well!
Follow Me – The last and final song from the EP, and is probably the best in my opinion! Dave fiddler again has a backing choir behind him in this song but they are more involved in this song. Really easy on the ear song to finish off a fantastic EP!

To wrap up Dave Fidlers EP “Easy Gone, Easy Come” is a fantastic EP showcasing really easy on the ear song along with melodic vocals and harmonious guitar. And is definitely a EP I would recommend for relaxing and be brought here:

If you’re still not convinced, we challenge you to watch his recent session for cult YouTube Channel ‘Ont' Sofa’ without being supremely impressed:


All This Noise – ‘Seven Billion Like You’ Single Review

“Seven Billion Like You” is the latest offering from West London outfit All This Noise. The track is a perfect mix of 80s synthesised majesty and chugging alternative rock guitar. The sound can only be described as a cacophony of different influences inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Depeche Mode and The Verve.

One of the most streamline releases you will hear this year, “Seven Billion Like You” manages to appear complex and simple at the same time. Jagged drum beat rhythms and sparse guitars interweave through anthemic synths to create something very original and a pleasure to listen too.

The b-side ‘The Return’ adheres to the pigeon-holed genres of the previous but track manages to establish itself as its own separate entity with monotonous drones and squealing guitars bouncing off thundering drums and ripping bass playing.

This single is a textbook example of musical mastery and originality. “Seven Billion Like You” is out now.

Check them out here:

Go Primitive – 100 Ways EP Review

Go Primitive are a energetic four piece channelling the hard rock thrills in the style of Foo Fighters and Lower Than Atlantis. The 100 Ways EP is a collection of 5 songs inspired by the hardships the band have faced on their path to stardom.  The EP is angry, raw and frankly majestic. With very song erupts in a crescendo of sound and colour, this release is set to make waves.

Go Primitive have supported the likes of The Subways and We Are The Ocean. The influence of their contemporise is evident on the EP. Opening track “Breathe In Bleed Out” is a hard hitting rock anthem, crafted expertly by the band to evoke an emotional response while also having a musical hook. This is juxtaposed with “What You Pay For” a considerably mellower and subdued track but it has a soaring quality to it that is reminiscent of the rest of the tracks on the EP. “In A Band”, “The Sun Will Rise” and “Save Yourself are all relatively similar in style but still manage to capture the true essence of the band. Raw, ferocious guitars, driving bass lines and pounding drums lay the foundations for the powerful vocals which ascend to dizzy heights in every track.

The EP is truly magnificent. It has every core element needed to produce a great hard rock record and Go Primitive has done just that. In the creation of the 100 Ways EP, Go Primitive are on course to rise to the level of the artists they admire so much.  

The 100 Ways EP is out on July 13th.
Preorder here:

Check them out here: