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Multi talented Neil C Young releases instrumental EP 'ReWorks Vol.4 Pt 1'


There must be something about people with the name Neil Young that makes them instantly legends. Multi-talented artist Neil C Young has been involved in making music since the young age of 4 years old. Having played in and studied orchestral music, Neil discovered and embraced composition, arranging and improvising in his late teens. Returning with new project ‘ReWorks Vol.4 Pt.1’, Neil’s new release puts his own twist on already classic tracks.

Speaking about the spinetingling version of Alice in Chains‘Them Bones’, Neil states, “When I heard it for the first time, the power and energy hit me immediately. Having that ringing around my head for years led me to create an arrangement for my fusion trio. I wanted to keep the drive of the original but to add some of our/my influences into it, notably the harmony of the original chorus where I got a suggestion of latin harmony from, which I’ve tried to play on in our arrangement”.

The lyrical content is something I am fully aware of and have always accepted life has an end and we can't do anything about that fact so the emotional aspect is something that I've tried to maintain but, as in life, there are emotional moments along the way we can't deny.”

Based in the UK, Neil’s jazz guitar work is best described as effortlessly original. Fuelled with soul and energy with every arrangement that he creates, it’ll come as no surprise that Neil has received praise from the likes of US Magazine ‘Just Jazz Guitar Magazine’ and the ‘Musicians Union’. Having worked with and played alongside many artists such as Nick Blacka (GoGo Penguin), Nathan Bray (Guy Barker, Ronnie Scotts Big Band), Soweto Kinch, Wendy Kirkland (Piano Divas), Ben Crosland (Jim Mullen, Rod Mason, John Etheridge) and Gary Boyle (Isotope) to name a few.

Adding to the project, Neil shares, The reason it's called Vol.4 Pt.1 is due to two earlier 4 track EPs or 'ReWorked' being completed on commission for a record company who took the music for their own playlist rather than under my name and Vol.3 was a solo guitar set


Korean-American artist Kristian J releases charismatic EP 'YANG-A-CHI'


Korean-American singer-songwriter Kristian J (previously known as Joom BaBoom) returns with a highly addictive new EP ‘YANG-A-CHI’. Consisting of leading single ‘WIPE IT OFF’, the hip-hop infused contender sits firmly on a high pedestal in an already fantastic industry. After living in South Korea for two years and independently releasing two albums, Kristian is now based in Mexico City, ready to further his music career in Latin America, while constantly honing his personal brand: sexy, smooth, camp, queer.

Speaking about the personal new EP, Kristian J shares, “양아치 (yang-a-chi) is a Korean word meaning a punk, a troublemaker. One of those class bullies you always see on TV. On the one hand, I’m not really that kind of person at all, yet it became sort of a nickname for me while I was living in Korea the past few years. While it was all for fun, I think it’s because I chose to live my life differently from other people. I wasn’t afraid to take risks and get into a little trouble. I wasn’t 정상 (“normal”) like everyone else. In the Korean gay community, 양아치 is even seen as a compliment. 

You’re like a bad boy. On the other hand, I guess I am a 양아치 in a way. I decided to name this EP after this peculiar, newfound identity. A lot of these songs are about living life differently from those around you. The lyrics talk about love, sex, identity, and the masochistic torture of chasing after your dreams as an artist. Grappling with these things and coming to terms with your authentic self isn’t an easy thing to do. Unless you’re a 양아치.”

A bold statement that this LGBTQ+ artist means business, ‘WIPE IT OFF’’ flows freely without a care in the world. At just over two minutes long, the track may be short, but it’s certainly sweet. Fitting perfectly in today’s mainstream charts, it’s Kristian J’s smooth vocals that steal the spotlight. Armed with breathtaking harmonies that create a safe-haven, the beat is by BrazyKey$ (IG: @itsbrazykeys) and the vocal production by Kristian J himself. “YANG-A-CHI” also features previously heard single ‘ON&ON’ which received fantastic playlist placements and streams.


Back with new EP 'FRANK' - Flowervillain is a force to be reckoned with


Producer and remix-artist Flowervillain is best described as a force to be reckoned with. Taking the hip-hop world by storm, he is known best for creating the viral remix EP’s Flowervillain 1 and 2, and Not Dead EP. Receiving support from VICE and Pigeons & Planes, the Canadian based artist cites Tyler the Creator, MF DOOM, Madlib and Frank Ocean as major inspirations for his craft. Back with electrifying new EP ‘FRANK’, which features leading single ‘thinking bout forever’, Flowervillain combines sounds; both sampled and original from different genres, eras and sub-cultures to create memorable experiences through re-contextualizing sounds you're sure you've heard somewhere before.

Speaking about leading single ‘thinking bout forever’, which samples iconic Frank Ocean tracks, Flowervillain shares, “It marks an evolution in my production style and level of execution. I’ve been working on the ideas for my project FRANK for a while and to me this track is the culmination of the best parts of Flowervillain so far, as well as a taste of what’s possible in the future. It’s also a tribute to one of my favourite Frank Ocean live performances - FYF Fest ’17”

Feeling quite groundbreaking and something that would fit on anyone’s chilled playlist, ‘thinking bout forever’ feels euphoric and something that Frank Ocean would be proud to get behind. Flowervillain feels like the type of underground artist that’s about to become a household name within a matter of months. Hoping people can find something they’ve never heard before in his music, Flowervillain adds,The samples in FRANK come from all over the world, from times present and past. I hope people look deeper into the sounds they like in my music and discover something they never knew about before." 

For an EP that’s heavily sampled, ‘FRANK’ oozes with originality and individuality. 


Newborn Are Getting Down To Earth With 'Gravity' Taken From Self Titled EP - Out 14th July

Newborn's nostalgic yet surprisingly uplifting anthem 'Gravity' features grungy guitars and heartfelt lyrics. With an almost harrowing opening guitar riff, as soon as the vocals come in you are lulled into a hazy state leaving you feeling the raw emotion behind the song without even thinking. 

With the mesmerising EP scheduled for release on June the 14th it's a tantalising wait to hear the rest of the tracks. Quoting the frontman Allen 'Music ... It really does heal people.’ so particularly if you are in need of a little boost, watch their social media religiously in order to hear them first.



Debut EP, ‘Science’, From Dazzling Singer-Songwriter Rachel Myalls

Following the break-up of her previous band Cymbeline, London-based artist Rachel Myalls has chosen to pursue a solo career as a singer-songwriter.
This delicate blend of folk and blues serves as her first solo EP and sees her exploring the complications of being in a relationship to an intimate backdrop of acoustic guitars. Myalls draws influence from singer-songwriters such as Dolly Parton and Tim Buckley. Her lyrics are vivid and heartfelt, sung in a refreshingly British-accented tone. Highlights include lead single ‘Science’, which touches on the explosive chemistry of a short-lived relationship and ‘Horses’, a track about proving one’s love set to some driving percussion.



Neil C Young 'Trio' Review

Neil C Young’s newest EP ‘Trio’ is a record that will please both Jazz fans and general music lovers alike. The man, whose name is easily confused with you-know-who, is a true explorer of modern Jazz guitar. Trio is a salute to the fusion of soul, rhythm and progressive guitar rock.

A personal highlight is the song ‘Aguas Calientes’ which evokes the freshness and dynamic that’s usually at the very heart of Jazz. It’s a funky, upbeat track that is underlined by a smooth vibe which gets you into the groove.

The EP is out January 22nd

Listen here:



Thula Borah EP Review

Scottish rock outfit Thula Borah have recently released their stunning EP ‘Hope For Disappointment’ featuring lead single ‘Bone Ships’. The band is named after an Indian recluse who went to his bedroom to study for exams in 1962 and has not emerged since.
The band mix classic rock influences such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Motor Head with newer bands such as Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit.
Lead single ‘Bone Ships’ form the EP is the perfect amalgamation of everything Thula Borah come to represent. The combination of an expansive rhythm section juxtaposed with intricate guitar work and strong vocals, Thula Borah are on to a winning formula.
New EP ‘Hope For Disappointment’ featuring lead track ‘Bone Ships’ is out now
Thula Borah are playing the following shows:

30th of October – Cellar 35, Aberdeen

6th of November – The Windsor, Kirkcaldy

Check Thula Borah out here:


Lucan Mills 'LEVEL 1' Review

Lucan Mills is a dynamic songwriter and rapper with an impressive back catalogue. Having rapped with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Skepta and JME, Lucan as struck out on his own with an exciting solo venture. Backed by a 6 piece jazz band, Lucan weaves incredible poetry about lost love and everyday existence.

His latest offering ‘It’s Just Rap’ is taken off his EP ‘Level 1’. Blending jazz, hiphop and grime, Lucan has transformed established genres into something new and exciting.
‘Level 1’ featuring single ‘It’s Just Rap’ is out now.
Check him out now:


Dave Fidler EP Review

Based in the North West, Dave Fidler is a supremely talented acoustic guitarist, whose folk style and intricate finger picking underneath a distinct vocal has the ability to warm and break your heart in equal measure. His songs spin tales we can all relate to, around themes of love, loss and birth – all themes shaped by Fidler’s own personal life over the last year or so. 

Easy Gone, Easy Come – is the first song of the EP. And has a really easy on the ear guitar throughout it! Along with the harmonious vocals creates something really special within this track! The lyrics are also really high-quality being about the loss of his father but him becoming a father himself so it provides really pleasant imagery in the listeners mind.

Ailsa – has a bit more of a slower tempo then the previous song, But the vocals are definitely a bit more melodic! The guitar is quieter as well but that makes the vocals seem a lot stronger in this song and is definitely the main attraction of this song!

These Days – Is a really well built song out of the EP! The melodic vocals and backing instrument behind the guitar it made me think it wasn’t even live how professional it sounded! It has quite a lot of intervals to just allow the pleasant-sounding guitar and backing instrument to be played!

A Song For Nico - Another live song which you wouldn’t have even known it was live! Has a really nice introduction to it with the easy on the ear guitar and background instrument similar to the previous song. The vocals are also well built portraying a narrative about nico really superb! Has a choir towards the end of this song as well!
Follow Me – The last and final song from the EP, and is probably the best in my opinion! Dave fiddler again has a backing choir behind him in this song but they are more involved in this song. Really easy on the ear song to finish off a fantastic EP!

To wrap up Dave Fidlers EP “Easy Gone, Easy Come” is a fantastic EP showcasing really easy on the ear song along with melodic vocals and harmonious guitar. And is definitely a EP I would recommend for relaxing and be brought here:

If you’re still not convinced, we challenge you to watch his recent session for cult YouTube Channel ‘Ont' Sofa’ without being supremely impressed: