Dave Fidler EP Review

Based in the North West, Dave Fidler is a supremely talented acoustic guitarist, whose folk style and intricate finger picking underneath a distinct vocal has the ability to warm and break your heart in equal measure. His songs spin tales we can all relate to, around themes of love, loss and birth – all themes shaped by Fidler’s own personal life over the last year or so. 

Easy Gone, Easy Come – is the first song of the EP. And has a really easy on the ear guitar throughout it! Along with the harmonious vocals creates something really special within this track! The lyrics are also really high-quality being about the loss of his father but him becoming a father himself so it provides really pleasant imagery in the listeners mind.

Ailsa – has a bit more of a slower tempo then the previous song, But the vocals are definitely a bit more melodic! The guitar is quieter as well but that makes the vocals seem a lot stronger in this song and is definitely the main attraction of this song!

These Days – Is a really well built song out of the EP! The melodic vocals and backing instrument behind the guitar it made me think it wasn’t even live how professional it sounded! It has quite a lot of intervals to just allow the pleasant-sounding guitar and backing instrument to be played!

A Song For Nico - Another live song which you wouldn’t have even known it was live! Has a really nice introduction to it with the easy on the ear guitar and background instrument similar to the previous song. The vocals are also well built portraying a narrative about nico really superb! Has a choir towards the end of this song as well!
Follow Me – The last and final song from the EP, and is probably the best in my opinion! Dave fiddler again has a backing choir behind him in this song but they are more involved in this song. Really easy on the ear song to finish off a fantastic EP!

To wrap up Dave Fidlers EP “Easy Gone, Easy Come” is a fantastic EP showcasing really easy on the ear song along with melodic vocals and harmonious guitar. And is definitely a EP I would recommend for relaxing and be brought here: http://www.davefidler.com/shop/easy-gone-easy-come-ep-pre-order

If you’re still not convinced, we challenge you to watch his recent session for cult YouTube Channel ‘Ont' Sofa’ without being supremely impressed:


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