King Crimson Legend David Cross and Composer Andrew Keeling To Release Second Album “October is Marigold”

David Cross is best known as a member of King Crimson on the “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic” and “Starless and Bible Black” albums. He also leads the David Cross Band and has been a guest artist, recording and performing live with a number of international groups including Stick Men.

Andrew Keeling is a composer and musician whose contemporary classical works have been internationally acclaimed. Besides working with David Cross he has also orchestrated the music of Robert Fripp (The Wine of Silence), arranged for Tim Bowness (Abandoned Dancehall Dreams) as well as playing with alt-rock band, The Gong Farmers. Keeling has also written a series of Musical Guides exploring the music of such bands as King Crimson.

“October is Marigold” is the second album from David Cross (electric violin) and Andrew Keeling (flute) and it is the third to appear on Noisy Records’ ‘Electric Chamber Music’ label. Perhaps more strikingly than its predecessors, this recording epitomises the aims of that label to present music designed for an intimate setting which makes use of musical and electronic techniques used in rock. Cross and Keeling’s “English Sun” was released in 2009 (followed by a handful of gigs) and the duo recorded much of “October is Marigold” in the same year. These tracks lay dormant until 2020 when work recommenced on the new album.

Whereas “English Sun” encapsulates the vibrance of summer, “October is Marigold” portrays darker, melancholic autumnal atmospheres. The music is again mostly improvised, the exceptions being a previously written organ part for the title track and two guitar loops. Although the performances are spontaneous there is a clearer sense of architecture here, with the “Marigold” cello/piano theme arching in four incarnations across the album. Nature continues to be an inspiration, with field recordings of birds finding a natural place alongside pizzicato violin and fluttering flute. Cross demonstrates the full potential of the electric violin with, for example, a haunting, muted trumpet-like sound on the title track and the earthy, evocative use of cello pitched violin. Keeling’s flute seems to embody the human response to the realities of nature, breathing, tumbling and bending with the wind. Throughout, there is an uninhibited flow across musical reference points – hints of folk, blues and romance are exposed as the duo travel through this stark autumnal landscape.  

photo by Chiemi Cross

Watch the promotional trailer for “October is Marigold”: https://youtu.be/ymdq6iJVYRw

To purchase or for more information: www.david-cross.com

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Prog Ensemble Oxygene8 Featuring Linda Cushma To Re-release Two Songs In Honor of Emmett Chapman

Oxygene8 will re-release two tracks from the 2003 album, POETICA, in honor of Emmett Chapman, inventor of the Chapman Stick. The tracks selected are ‘heavy on the rhythm section’ featuring Linda Cushma on Chapman Stick and Tim Alexander on drums. After hearing tracks from the POETICA album, Emmett had once mentioned that it was the way he intended the Chapman Stick to be played & heard. This is for you, Emmett.

“STAND” is a timely track and was the first song written and performed by O8 with the Chapman Stick. “FUNKERNICKEL” is a fun little track played live in the studio with co-writers of the album, Tim Alexander on drums, Frank D’Angelo on guitar and Linda Cushma on vocals & bass/Chapman Stick.  



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Stove God Cooks unveils masterful performance in new release 'That's the Game'

Hailing from Syracuse, Stove God Cooks uses his lyrical genius and distinct delivery patterns to separate himself from the surplus of talent in the game. He’s an artist who naturally stands out – the confidence and attitude he brings on the mic is intimidating and unrivaled by his peers. He put together a masterful performance on his debut project, "Reasonable Drought," which has earned him a fiercely loyal fan base. 

With co-signs from mainstream media outlets like Billboard, Complex, DJ Booth, and many more, it’s no secret that he has the recipe to be hip-hop’s next breakthrough act. After his successful collaboration with French Montana on his first single of this year, “Dope,” the Babygrande Records artist has returned with his latest track and video, “That’s The Game.

Produced alongside Samba Beatz, the new single nudges yesteryear acts but comes across as a refreshing and mature outlook at the new version. Straight off the mark from touring with Dubbo and Conway the Machine, Stove God Cooks is a leading voice in the world of hip-hop and comes across as a lyrical genius. Wanting to be mentioned in the same breath as today’s biggest stars, Stove God Cooks is certainly an artist destined for greatness.


QUIET RIOT's Longtime Bassist CHUCK WRIGHT Releases First Official Single & Video "ARMY OF ME" From His Debut Solo Album, CHUCK WRIGHT'S SHELTERING SKY!

Los Angeles, CA - Long-time bassist for multi-platinum rockers Quiet Riot, Chuck Wright, proudly presents the release of the first single from his new solo album. Wright has also worked alongside such rock music luminaries as Alice Cooper, Greg Allman, Ted Nugent, various members of Guns N’ Roses and Kiss to name a few, and now embarks on his first-ever solo excursion.

The first single is a hard-rocking, intense interpretation of Bj√∂rk’s 1995 hit “Army of Me” and is accompanied by a video that represents Wright’s exploration into disorder and parallels with the recent chaotic state of world affairs. The visuals include a 3D animation of an “army” of Ruth Bader Ginsburgs, the late Supreme Court Justice, feminist icon, and steadfast advocate for women’s rights and gender equality. “I chose to recognize the late Justice Ginsburg in this video as she was such a formidable presence on and off the bench. She challenged the status quo knocking down legal obstacles to women’s equality and inspired an army of believers.”

The track “Army Of Me” features several of Wright’s musical peers including the late Pat Torpey (Mr. Big) on drums, guitarist Lanny Cordola (House of Lords), and Sven Martin (Jonathan Davis Band) on keyboards along with songstress Whitney Tai, the recent “Best Vocalist” winner at The Intercontinental Music Awards.

Watch the video: 

(Mixed by Tim Janssens)

Stream/download the single: https://orcd.co/chuck_wrights_sheltering_sky_army_of_me

The full-length album from Chuck Wright's Sheltering Sky, coming in 2022, features over 30 guest performers including members of Mr. Big, Skid Row, Tesla, Dream Theater, Great White, Asia, Jefferson Starship, acclaimed solo artists Allen Hinds, Toshi Yanagi, and many others. Wright is finally stepping out on his own with a wide range of genres, from Jazz Fusion, Prog, Funk to in-your-face Hard Rock, which was in itself one of the things that led him to want to forge his own way and create this unique collection of songs within his “Sheltering Sky” project.

Top photo: Mari Kawaguchi
Bottom photo: Tim Janssens

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YES Original Founding Guitarist Peter Banks Showcased in Two Separate Compilations – 'The Best of Empire' and 'The Best of Harmony in Diversity'. OUT NOW!

Two very different aspects to the career accomplishments of original YES guitarist Peter Banks are being celebrated in the release of two separate compilations. Peter Banks passed away in 2013 but his repertoire has been carefully curated so it can be appreciated for generations to come.

The Best of Empire

Peter Banks co-founded Empire with co-writer and lead vocalist, Sydney Foxx, and the band recorded three albums of material in the 1970s, however, it all remained unreleased until the 1990s.

This hard-to-find material was collected together into a 3 disc set, The Complete Recordings in 2017, and The Best of Empire draws on that material. These recordings showcase Peter in a rock band setting and include their best-known song, “Sky at Night”.

Empire was very much a collaborative band between Banks and Foxx and this compilation was overseen by Foxx who recalls, “Working with Peter was a wonderful experience. Although he was the 'leader of the band' and the 'producer', he allowed me total freedom to write the melodies and lyrics that I wanted to. We never had any disagreements about the music we worked on. We split everything 50/50 and got on with it. He was inspiring, fun, and always creative. Never running out of ideas! I enjoyed the long rehearsals getting everything perfect, and our many 'all night' mixing sessions in the studio. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. And so proud of the work we did together.”

The Best of Empire is available on CD here: https://geni.us/BestEmpCD

Empire’s The Complete Recordings 3 CD set is still available here: https://geni.us/PBME1

Empire can be found on Apple Music (https://geni.us/EmpireA) and Spotify (https://geni.us/EmpireSP).

The Best of Harmony in Diversity

Peter Banks co-founded Harmony in Diversity in 2004 with the band also featuring Andrew Booker and Nick Cottam. The musical style of this trio significantly differed from Empire with a repertoire of improvised instrumentals.

The music of Harmony in Diversity was collected together into a 6 disc set, also called The Complete Recordings, so this compilation gives fans a selective taster.

Andrew Booker said, “This is a terrific selection of HiD pieces that pushed the needle uppermost on our 'ooooh, I really like that bit' detectors. It’s a surprisingly multi-directional mixture too, from bare-faced live improvisations, to the highly structured latter-day arrangements, with some oddball fun here and there, and Peter’s sublime and searing guitar coursing through the whole lot.”

Nick Cottam added, "It is great that the eclectic elements of HiD will now be available on a more easily digestible one CD format."

The Best of Harmony in Diversity is available on CD here: https://geni.us/BestHiDCD

Harmony in Diversity’s The Complete Recordings 6 CD set is still available here: https://geni.us/PBME4

All of the Harmony in Diversity albums are available alongside Peter’s solo albums on Apple Music (https://geni.us/PBapple) and Spotify (https://geni.us/PBspotify).

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