Al Stewart “Time Passages” 4 Disc Limited Edition Boxed Set Available October 15, 2021


Esoteric Recordings is proud to announce the release of a four-disc deluxe limited edition boxed set (comprising 3 CDs and a DVD) Of “Time Passages”, the legendary album by Al Stewart first released in September 1978.

This new deluxe edition of this special album has been newly remastered for the very first time from the original first-generation master tapes by Alan Parsons and also features his stunning new 5.1 Surround sound mix from the original multi-track tapes. In addition, the set includes single edits, an album session out-take, four demo tracks recorded in Los Angeles in August 1977 and for the first time the complete concert recorded at the studios of WKQK-FM in Chicago in October 1978.

This limited edition boxed set also features an illustrated 68-page book with a new essay featuring an interview with Al Stewart and a facsimile promotional poster and a set of four postcards and is a fitting tribute to a much treasured and legendary masterpiece by a consummate songwriter and performer.

Disc One: Time Passages
Remastered By Alan Parsons  

1. Time Passages
2. Valentina Way
3. Life In Dark Water
4. A Man For All Seasons
5. Almost Lucy
6. The Palace Of Versailles
7. Timeless Skies
8. Song On The Radio
9. End Of The Day
Bonus Track
10. Tonton Macoute (Recorded At Davlen Studios, Los Angeles In December 1977) (Previously Unreleased)   

Disc Two

1. Time Passages (Single Version)
2. Song On The Radio (Single Version)
Demo Recordings – August 1977
3. Tonton Macoute (Demo) (Recorded At Larrabee Sound Studios In August 1977)
4. Life In A Bottle (Demo) (Recorded At Larrabee Sound Studios In August 1977)
5. The Palace Of Versailles (Demo) (Recorded At Larrabee Sound Studios In August 1977) (Previously Unreleased)
6. The Hollywood Sign (On St. Stephen’s Day) (Timeless Skies) (Demo) (Recorded At Larrabee Sound Studios In August 1977) (Previously Unreleased)
The Chicago Radio Concert – 27th October 1978
7. Time Passages (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)
8. Life In Dark Water (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)
9. The Palace Of Versailles (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978) (Previously Unreleased)
10. Valentina Way (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)
11. The Pink Panther Theme (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)
12. Song On The Radio (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)

Disc Three: The Chicago Radio Concert – 27th October 1978  

1. One Stage Before (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978) (Previously Unreleased)
2. Life In Dark Water (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)
3. Roads To Moscow (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)
4. Sirens Of Titan (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978) (Previously Unreleased)
5. The Palace Of Versailles (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978) (Previously Unreleased)
6. Valentina Way (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)
7. Year Of The Cat (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)
8. The Pink Panther Theme (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)
9. Song On The Radio (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978)
10. Carol (Live Radio Concert Chicago 1978) (Previously Unreleased)

Disc Four: Time Passages
High Resolution 96 Khz / 24-Bit 5.1 Surround Sound Mix & Original Re- Mastered Stereo Mix By Alan Parsons

1. Time Passages (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
2. Valentina Way (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
3. Life In Dark Water (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
4. A Man For All Seasons (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
5. Almost Lucy (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)  
6. The Palace Of Versailles (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
7. Timeless Skies (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)
8. Song On The Radio (5.1 Surround Sound Mix)

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Join Keyboard Legend Rick Wakeman’s Caped Crusader Collector Club!

Members will receive rare memorabilia and unreleased music!

On October 14th sign up to the Caped Crusader Collector Club and receive a membership pack containing an individually numbered membership card, a signed (by Rick) welcome letter, an exclusive year book full of rare photos, articles and memorabilia from Rick's personal archive, a sticker and four 8x10 photos. You will also receive the first exclusive CCCC CD release, which is the previously unreleased Wakeman soundtrack from the feature film, “She.” The following three releases for the year will feature rare and live music from the Wakeman vaults. Further, there will be three exclusive CD releases issued within the year, which members will receive automatically through the post periodically. Please note, these releases will not be released to the general public, either online or at any other retailer.

Additionally, as a CCCC member you will receive a 10% discount off all purchases (including box sets) at the Wakeman Music Emporium (on-line only), invites to special events, early notifications of the releases and a totally exclusive merchandising range, along with some other goodies.   

If you join in October, you will automatically receive 15 months membership for the price of 12!

I am really excited about the Caped Crusader Collector Club (CCCC) as something very different. As a musician. I think it is important that serious fans get to hear music that would otherwise be left in drawers and on shelves and in some cases, discarded.

With the formation of the CCCC, I feel that this is an innovative way for core fans to get to hear music which I have discovered in various of my archives. Much of which was found when packing ready to move house

I had completely forgotten about some of this material and it has really surprised me what was found. All part of my musical journey over almost 5 decades. I truly believe for real collectors these exclusive CD's will be received in the same way that The Treasure Chest was some years ago.

I hope everyone has as much enjoyment hearing these recordings as I had after discovering them.” – Rick Wakeman

To become a member: https://www.rickwakemansmusicemporium.com/products/caped-crusader-collector-club

Rick Wakeman's official website: http://www.rwcc.com/
Rick Wakeman’s Emporium: www.rickwakemansmusicemporium.com

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Sixties Pop Music Influenced Trio Love Bubble To Release Debut Album 'Love Revolution'

“I Live for Love and Music” is a lyric from the stunning 3rd track entitled “Harmony,” on Love Bubble’s debut record, Love Revolution. It’s a phrase that articulates the soul of the founding members of Love Bubble.

Three award-winning singers/musicians/songwriters from Asheville, NC serendipitously came together in the spring of 2019 and discovered their shared desire to bring more love into the world through music. Voices that blended from the first note, it was that inspiring sound that kick-started this collaborative collection of tuneful, delectable, charming, romantic, humorous and uplifting original songs.

Hank’s prowess as a singer, guitarist and songwriter were irresistible to Miss Paula and Miss Peggy, not to mention his ample supply of wit and merriment. It was love at first sight.

Love Revolution was recorded at Hank’s house in his tiki lounge the old fashion way - no drum machines, no computers, no auto tune. “Just the three of us playing and singing and having a ball,” says Hank. “The concept of the album is love, not only in the lyrics but the way the songs were arranged and recorded singing together, not separated by booths and baffles. Any opportunity for musical growth was taken. Paula surprised herself with her flute playing adding a whole new signature sound to the band. What’s next? Peggy on harmonica, and a video hopefully and more songs about things we love.”

Combining their esthetic, work ethic while creating the brilliant vocal arrangements on this album, was a labor of love indeed. Playing to each other’s strengths was the key to defining their overall approach and sound.  

Hank’s previously and recently penned songs make up the crux of the record as 9 of the 13 songs are his creations. Two songs were written by Ratusz and one co-written by Hanke and Bones. The only non-original song is the bonus track written by Sonny Bono, re-arranged by Love Bubble.

Paula’s sweet flute, banjulele and ukulele playing, fill holes in lovely and colorful ways, while Hank aptly bears the brunt of the instrumentation throughout the record.

What you’ll hear throughout every personal and positive track, is the unique sensibility the trio embodies; their fervent spirit is evident. From the first track “Love Bubble” (their theme song) to the last, “Love Revolution” (their mission) a groovy and nostalgically-new vocal ensemble is born. Love Bubble’s new album exhibits the human touch in all it’s warm and inviting splendor.

Such lush harmony that made this reviewer wonder if heaven’s choir was short of three angels.” John North, Daily Planet

Peggy Ratusz, Paula Hanke and Hank Bones spin on the Pop Psychedelia of the 1960's with spot-on harmonies and essential instrumentation. It was great fun with a beautiful July evening calling out the dancers in the crowd.” Blue Ridge Now

Track List:
1. Love Bubble (H. Bones), 2:54
2. Twice This Summer (H. Bones), 2:53
3. Harmony (H. Bones), 2:37
4. Paradise Falls (H. Bones), 2:54
5. I Wanna Be (H. Widenhouse, H. Bones), 2:32
6. A Little Bit of Everything (H. Bones), 3:15
7. Warm & Cozy (H. Bones, P. Hanke), 3:44
8. Moonlight Swim (H. Bones), 2:40
9. Beautiful Soul (P. Ratusz, H. Bones), 3:43
10. Guilty Pleasures (H. Bones), 2:42
11. Honeymoon In June (P. Ratusz), 3:25
12. Love Revolution (H. Bones), 3:16
Bonus Track: I Got You Babe (S. Bono), 3:14

Recorded & Produced by Hank Bones & Love Bubble
Mastered by Ben Hovey
Photography: Sandlin Gaither
CD Design Kim Butler
Hank Bones Music ASCAP
Better-Late-Than-Never Publishing
BMI All Rights Reserved / Copyright 2021

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Fresh Off US Tour with Jon Anderson of Yes, The Paul Green Rock Academy is Expanding and Holding Auditions for New Students

We are looking for ambitious, curious, and hard-working young musicians!

Have you ever dreamed of performing live on stage with a famous musician? The Paul Green Rock Academy (PGRA) makes that dream come true!

The Paul Green Rock Academy (PGRA) is the latest company from Master Teacher, Paul Green, and is the only rock school dedicated to serious musicians. Having just completed an incredibly successful tour with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame artist, Jon Anderson of Yes, the school is accepting new students and opening new locations to provide more opportunities to more young musicians.

The program at PGRA offers an immersive music education for students between the ages of 12 and 18 who are selected by audition for their musical prowess, showmanship, dedication, ambition, and ability to share the stage with professional musicians as they tour the world.

Paul Green has been teaching music to students of all ages for over 30 years. He is the original founder of School of Rock, but PGRA is his dream school, as he teaches only students determined to learn. At PGRA, all the teaching is done by Paul, and the students have incredible opportunities to tour, play with amazing guest artists, and to get a proper and focused music education designed to prepare them to become professional musicians.

Jon Anderson with the PGRA - photo by John Barry

In the summer of 2019, their students opened for Yes legend Jon Anderson’s “1000 Hands” show, leading Jon to want to restart the tradition of playing shows with PGRA students and eventually to the summer tour they just completed (which was rescheduled from 2020 due to the Covid virus).

Jon enjoyed this summer tour so much that he wants to tour with PGRA again in 2022. The plan is to do 30-40 shows with Jon in 2022, all over the US but also internationally (Europe) if Covid restrictions allow.

Boy oh boy what a special treat it was for us all...27 teens on the first leg, then 25 on the second...they were all magnificent and a joy to be around...

Paul Green, bless him, is a master of getting things done...the teens were shy, yet wild and crazy beautiful...but Paul made sure the shows worked...like the perfect storm...they all played their hearts out and put on a very wonderful show every time...

We gotta do it again...be well...be safe...

love and 'light'...” - Jon Anderson

Watch Jon Anderson with the Paul Green Rock Academy - HEART OF THE SUNRISE new promo video:

Currently with locations in Philadelphia PA and Wilton CT, Paul Green Rock Academy plans to open four additional locations in Brooklyn, Fairfield CT, Wexford PA (suburban Pittsburgh), and Lancaster PA. Plans for the 2022 tour, along with some interest from some other legendary artists, including a very big name in the punk rock world, has both necessitated and provided the opportunity for expansion. The student limit is determined by the number of students per instrument and the number good shows that the school can supply for the students.

Students who join PGRA’s program can expect to play up to 40 shows per year with the school, including a tour in the summer.

PGRA is currently looking for ambitious, curious, and hard-working young musicians! Audition now and let the Paul Green Rock Academy make your rock dreams come true!

For more information:
Paul Green Rock Academy www.PaulGreenRock.com
Paul Green (musician) – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Green

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Leslie Hunt, Lead-Singer With Prog Ensemble District 97 & American Idol Finalist, To Release “Descend” EP October 22, 2021

Contrary to the title, District 97 lead-singer and ex-American Idol finalist, Leslie Hunt continues her upward trajectory with “Descend”, her brand new solo seven-track EP.

“Descend” marks Part Two of a 2-EP set, and is the follow-up to “Ascend”, which was released in June.

Featuring another set of seven adeptly crafted songs, each one a testament to Leslie Hunt’s progressively assured songwriting ability.

Where the seven tracks on “Ascend” dealt with matters relating to the heart and soul, the songs on “Descend” deal predominantly with freedom of the individual and their attempt to find a place within an increasingly complex and sometimes harsh society.

Leslie Hunt’s eclectic range of influences move naturally among the seven songs on “Descend” traversing an array of genres.

Track Listing:

To purchase: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/leslie-hunt-descend-cd-ep/

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