Friday Harbor-Based Rock Band Desolation Sound Releases Second Album “Silver Rain”

Living on an island in the Pacific Northwest sets a mood and a mindset. The music DESOLATION SOUND makes together has a unique sound that the band likes to call “Salish Rock”.

“I’m fascinated with that beautiful place where the Salish Sea meets the shore of our island. It’s a mysterious, shifting boundary and I often draw deeper meaning from my experiences there” says Daniel, the band’s primary lyricist.

Hot on the heels of the band’s debut release “Salish Rock,” DESOLATION SOUND has released their second album “Silver Rain.” The music touches on the recurring theme of remaining true to oneself while living in the fog of confusion and falsehood that is so prevalent in our world today. We think this album is hopeful, while recognizing the underlying unease we all feel. The message of this record is that purity can still exist in an environment of filth, love can exist in an environment filled with fear and hatred. That even in this insane world one can still find truth and beauty among the chaos.

DESOLATION SOUND is made up of Friday Harbor locals: Scott Sluis - Drums and Vocals, Darvis Taylor - Bass and Vocals, Tom Henry - Lead Guitar and Daniel Day - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar.

The band is produced by Adam Kasper and assisted by Jon Auer.

“Silver Rain” was Mixed by Matt Bayles, Mastered by Ed Brooks, and produced by Desolation Sound.

To purchase: https://robojackrecords.bandcamp.com/album/silver-rain

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Indie Rockers RED HOT SHAME Defy Convention with Their New Album YOU CAN’T MAKE ME

Eureka, CARED HOT SHAME is a Northern California-based indie rock group fronted by singer-songwriter Xeff Scolari and his fluctuating lineup of musical cohorts. For their sensational new album YOU CAN’T MAKE ME, Xeff Scolari recorded with frequent collaborators Steven Pitsenbarger (vocals, percussion), Ryan Wilson (guitar), Spencer Kennedy (bass, drums, keys, vocals), and Mark Bennet (harmonica), a lineup that brings an energy and excitement to RED HOT SHAME that Xeff could not accomplish alone. Adding to their ever expanding catalog of imaginative visual media, RED HOT SHAME also released music videos for their new tracks “Stone” and “Vampire Empire” ahead of the album’s December 1, 2023, release date.

Xeff Scolari recorded, mixed, and mastered YOU CAN’T MAKE ME at his own Shameful Studio collaboratively with the whole group. They tried some new things on this record to make it more representative of how the band sounds live; on some previous releases the material was developed largely in the studio, but on this new album they were able to begin recording with the songs already fleshed out and developed across months of performances. With less layering and more live in-the-room recording, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME better captures the wild ride feel of a RED HOT SHAME live show.

YOU CAN’T MAKE ME features striking album art by Jeff Jordan, known for his work with The Mars Volta. Reminiscent of Gulliver, the band’s signature giant chick is unsuccessfully tied down by likenesses of the band. Look closely and you’ll see many of the band’s friends and fans represented amongst the captivated onlookers. In fact, the album’s title YOU CAN’T MAKE ME comes from a playful joke between Xeff and his friend Linda (she’s the fairy godmother on the cover), who would taunt each other with the phrase.

Over the years, RED HOT SHAME has included a range of talented multi-instrumentalists who add layers of sonic textures to the group’s releases, at times including horns, vintage mellotron, or even accordion. The group began in 2017 when it was just Xeff Scolari with a few guest tracks by some close friends like Steven Pitsenbarger and James Terris on the debut release Curiosity. In 2021, RED HOT SHAME released the follow up album Sounds Like, which also featured Chad Johnson. Their last album My Satellite (2022) also included Rick Fugate (drums) and James Terris (keys), starting with a literal bang on the opening track “Liftoff” and from there soaring into musical outer space.

A resident of Eureka, CA, lead vocalist and songwriter Xeff Scolari has played in several other local bands including Colorblind, Acoustic Gypsies, Sugardaddy, and Chowderhead, the last of which was on the Magnetic Oblivion Records label. Throughout 2020 he created and launched Shelter N Play, an online virtual open mic with musicians signing up to perform 15-minute sets from all over the country, a hugely valuable resource to the musical community throughout the pandemic. These also helped Xeff to further hone his own vocal and songwriting chops, and it was actually through the Shelter N Play open mics that Xeff met bassist Spencer Kennedy and guitarist Ryan Wilson, a fortuitous meeting indeed.

Xeff Scolari has been singing together with Steven Pitsenbarger for so long that it feels like instinct, a vocal blending that is rich with decades of collaboration and friendship. Steven Pitsenbarger was a member of the San Francisco bands RhythmChaos, and Machine Shop, and has been making music together with Xeff since the late 80s. The only core member of the band that doesn’t live near the rest, Steven collaborated on many of the songs via email, sending tracks back and forth to Xeff. Together they also have another band known as Vanity Project.

Guitarist Ryan Wilson’s inventive stylings bring the RED HOT SHAME sound to life. They call his pedalboard “the spaceship” because of all the crazy sounds he wields with it. He also performs with bassist and multi-instrumentalist Spencer Kennedy in another group called Stable Vices, who were regulars at Xeff’s Shelter N Play open mics. Mark Bennet and Xeff are old friends who met on the open mic circuit. They’ve performed together for years, and Mark is featured on multiple RED HOT SHAME tracks.

Keep an eye out for a new music video for their song “Sophie” along with a four-song RED HOT SHAME EP in early 2024 tentatively titled “Scratched Tracks” and featuring one song from each of their four albums that was left off. The new RED HOT SHAME album YOU CAN’T MAKE ME is available December 1, 2023!

For more information about RED HOT SHAME please visit: www.redhotshame.com

To order or stream YOU CAN’T MAKE ME please visit: https://lnk.to/YouCantMakeMe

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Italian Prog Legends Syndone To Release New Concept Album “DirtyThirty”

Sit down, make yourself comfortable. This is the story of an artistic journey, a 30-year parable.

Listen. Immerse yourself. Eliminate all distractions; let the music speak to you, like it used to do. “DirtyThirty” is the culmination of a class struggle, of the utopian ideal of those who stubbornly cling to a model of the world that still embraces thought, wonder and the courage of art. Syndone is a vision, a nine-album journey, the desire to make a mark in the world. Syndone is a shapeshifter, a band that’s changed its skin and its musicians without ever changing its soul: swimming against the tide, defying fashion and the decline (not only musical) of an era in which you can be successful only if it pleases the powers that be.

Yet there was a time when record albums were capable of transporting us, starting with the artistry of the album covers, of breaking the rules, crossing boundaries, with a whole set of atmospheres, sounds, and thoughtful, refined, stylistic constructions. Those were the days of progressive rock; at the time it was simply called ‘pop’, because it was popular. Today there’s very little left that’s progressive: there’s no thrill of discovery, we’re no longer open to wonder and amazement, we don’t deviate from the idea of an increasingly standardized and replaceable human being.

Nik Comoglio, the musical heart and soul of this story, has never surrendered to that reality; flanked by the vocal and conceptual talents of Riccardo Ruggeri, the Turin-based keyboardist and composer has truly succeeded in making his mark. Syndone, with their erudite, impeccable rock, as violent and energetic as they are melancholic and orchestral, are a dare, a counterpoint, a raised middle finger to the devious strategy of collective narcosis slyly dropped from above in the Kali Yuga of Western civilization. They’re an antidote.

“DirtyThirty” is their crowning achievement, the (perhaps) final chapter. Enjoy it like fine wine, in small sips, and remember to stay human.

Track list:

1. DirtyThirty - the end of my love - (Comoglio/Ruggeri)  [5’06”]
2. Fight Club (Comoglio/Rubinato/Ruggeri) [3’08”]
3. The Angel (Comoglio/Rubinato/Ruggeri) - quoting the track “Il fiele e il limite” from the album “La bella è la bestia”, 2012 [4’19”]
4. Valdrada’s Screen (Comoglio/Ruggeri) - restyling the track “Spleen” from the album “Spleen”,1992  [3’46”]
5. I spit on my virtue (Comoglio/Rubinato/Ruggeri) [4’40”]
6. I only ask for a super glue (Comoglio/Ruggeri) - quoting the track “Eros & Thanatos” from the album “Odysséas”, 2014 [5’02”]
7. Mary Ann (Comoglio/Ruggeri) - restyling the track “Marianne” from the album “Spleen”,1992   [5’57”]
8. René (Comoglio/Ruggeri) - restyling the track “Magritte” from the album “Melapesante”, 2010   [4’25”]
9. God’s will (Comoglio/Ruggeri) - restyling track “Inca” from the album “Inca”, 1993  [5’30”]
10. Thousand times I cried (Comoglio/Ruggeri) - restyling the track “Proverbi” from the album “Inca”, 1993  [2’11”]
11. Evelyn Japanese version (Comoglio Ruggeri) translation of the track “Evelyn” from the album “Mysoginia”, 2018   [4’21”]
12. So long everybody - the time has come and I must leave you - (Comoglio) - restyling the track “Penelope” for full orchestra from the album “Odysséas”, 2014   [4’46”]

Bonus track
Evelyn Japanese version (Comoglio Ruggeri) translation of the track “Evelyn” from the album “Mysoginia”, 2018 [4’21”]

Total time running 48’03”

SYNDONE Line up:

Nik Comoglio - composition, orchestration, hammond, juno dist. moog, mellotron, keyboards
Riccardo Ruggeri – composition, vocals, lyrics
Marta Caldara – vibraphone, marimba, keyboards
Gigi Rivetti – ac. piano, el. pianos, hammond, moog, accordion
Simone Rubinato – bass, fretless bass, el. baritone guitar Ciro Iavarone - drums, percussions


Tony de Gruttola – electric guitar & ac. guitar (on “DirtyThirty”)
Andrea Carbone – electric guitar (on “Mary Ann”)
Pino Russo – classic guitar (on “René”)
Gianluca Cagnani – pipe organ (on “Valdrada’s screen”)
Kaori Tsutsui – clarinet in Bb (on “Evelyn”)
Rebecca Onyeji - backing vocals
Charlie Poma - backing vocals

String Trio (on “I spit on my virtue”) – Valerio Iaccio (violin), Roberto D’Auria (violin), Michelangiolo Mafucci (cello)

Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra conducted by M° Francesco Zago

Fabrizio Argiolas - sound engineer
Valentina Fornacca – artwork cover: “folli eroi e sognatori” (oil on canvas)
Eugenia Brini - layout and booklet project

To purchase: http://store.maracash.com/product_info.php?products_id=799&osCsid=n5r7g884nhrv8lm38p12vncf6p

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Singer-Songwriter Percy Howard Releases New Album “The Stars and The Well” Featuring Fred Frith, Vernon Reid & Matt Chamberlain

Percy Howard, a NorCal based singer-songwriter and product of the New York no-wave avant-garde, has performed and or toured with members of Living Colour, King Crimson, Swans, Guns N’ Roses (Buckethead), Oxbow, Henry Cow, This Heat, and Brand X. Percy has also shared European festival stages with Brazilian music legend Caetano Veloso and ambient pioneer Stephan Micus.

Percy is the generator of the Meridiem project, which has included collaborative input from Bill Laswell, Vernon Reid, Charles Hayward, Trey Gunn, Fred Frith, Robert Rich, Buckethead, Jarboe, Happy Rhodes, and Jill Tracy, amongst others. Percy's Genre-defying mix of rock, jazz, soul and classical influences have drawn critical attention and praise from all over the planet. Percy has recently started the record label Necessary Angel, which he sees as an archival entity whose sole mission is to spread as much sonic beauty across the world as possible.

Influenced by the Laurel Canyon Sound, Bowie, Steely Dan, Richie Havens, and Scott Walker, but created in the context of my own experience, Percy’s new album “The Stars and The Well” is unabashedly nostalgic, consumed with Romance and unafraid of the fragility of love. It’s a retrospective of the impact of love in my life, in all its forms… From the heights (The Stars) to the depths (The Well).

Please listen with your ears, mind and heart open.

Produced by Joe Chiccarelli at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA. October 2022

Bass - Kaveh Rastegar, Sean Hurley
Guitars - Joe Gore, Vernon Reid, Fred Frith, David Levita
Banjo - Joe Gore
Drums - Matt Chamberlain
Keyboards - Zac Rae
Backing Vocals and Vocal Arrangement on “The Lonely Sea” - Roger Joseph Manning
Backing Vocals - Valerie Pinkston, Mia Pfirmann, India Carney
Trumpet - James Havorka
Horns - Danny T. Levin
Strings - The Section Quartet
Song Charts - Benjamin Lee

Advice and Coordination: Eliot Goldstein for Blue Buddha Productions

To purchase: https://7dmedia.com/percy-howard-the-stars-the-well

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UK Solo Artist TIM ARNOLD Releases New Single “Send More Light”, A Universal Prayer For Light In Dark Times

UK Solo Artist Tim Arnold’s new album “Super Connected” was released this year to unanimous praise with 4-star reviews in Mojo, The Times, Clash and a sold-out launch at The Roundhouse.

Writing from the Buddhist monastery in Thailand where he’s been a member of the community for 20 years, Tim discusses his new single: “Light consists of seven colors. We’re releasing seven versions of ‘Send More Light’ – a new version every Friday before Christmas, with the final release on Winter Solstice. This is an art project aimed at promoting peace, unity and light. We’re donating 50% of all sales to the Peace Pledge Union (https://www.ppu.org.uk/). ‘Send More Light’ is a universal prayer for peace and a call for world leaders to imagine a war-free future. Join us in spreading this message. There’s not one life that passes by.”

“Send More Light” V0.1 was released on Friday 10th November. Artwork for all seven single releases is designed by Brighton based artist Kate Alderton.

Send More Light” is available on all digital platforms

To order: https://ditto.fm/send-more-light-radio-version

For further information, interviews and a link to the private video for “Send More Light”, please contact Tim directly via his website at info@timarnold.co.uk

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