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Drummer Mark Murdock To Release New Prog Album “Visitors From Another Planet” Featuring Members of Atomic Rooster, Nektar & Others!

Mark Murdock’s new prog release “Visitors From Another Planet” featuring a cast of visiting prog earthlings like drummer Ric Parnell of Atomic Rooster/Spinal Tap, drummer Ron Howden, bassist Derek ‘Mo’ Moore, both from the band Nektar, also drummer Alan Childs of David Bowie, guitarist Fernando Perdomo, guitarist Katsumi Yoneda of French TV, guitarist Joe Berger, vocalist Tim Pepper of TheId and more...

Mark Murdock, best known as the drummer in Peter Banks (YES) Empire Mark lll, The New Empire with Fernando Perdomo, Cymbalic Encounters with Brand X members. Mark most recently released a solo record, “The Phoenix Has Risen” and with Nuclear Bird's “Tyrannical Megalomanic.” Mark sees his new creation “Visitors from Another Planet” as a “further contribution to the Arts with new dimensions and atmospheres not explored on my previous works.”

Visitors from Another Planet” Track Listing:
1. Visitors from Another Planet
2. Time Travelers from the   Future
3. The Purveyors of Underworld Ideas
4. The Tarnished Mirror
5. False Algorithms
6. Forgotten Episodes
7. The River of Illusion
8. Somewhere and Nowhere
9. Adapted for Theater
10. Sub-Reactional Stratospheric Complex
11. Friction
12. Shadows that Stood Between the Lies
13. In Speculation

Mark Murdock - drums, synthesizer & gongs
Tim Pepper - lead vocal
Ric Parnell - drums & percussion on 2, 4 & 13
Alan Childs - drums on 3
Ron Howden - drums on 6 & 7
Fernando Perdomo - guitar on 1, 4, 7, 9 & 11
Derek ‘Mo’ Moore - bass on 7
Joe Berger - lead guitar on 11 & alien voice on 1
Katsumi Yoneda - guitar on 5, 6, 9 &13
Dave Juteau - guitar on 1, 2, 8 & 12
Preston Murdock - guitar on 3 and 7
Kenta Shimokuni - bass
Rod Farlora - bass on 10
Jeff Curry - bass on songs 2, 3, 6, 8 & 12

All songs composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Mark Murdock
Artwork by Jiro Oshima
Copyright 2021

Watch the Promotional video for “Visitors from Another Planet”: 

Pre-order the physical CD though DiskUnion, Japan:

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Digital download:
*Features the Bonus Track “The Truth is Out There”

*Soon to be launched on: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

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Italian Guitarist/Songwriter Marco Mattei To Release Debut Solo Album “Out of Control” Feat. Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Pat Mastelotto, and Chad Wackerman!

Italian guitarist/songwriter Marco Mattei unveils his first solo album, an original mix of prog-rock, dream-pop, folk and world music entitled “Out of Control” on 7D Media/Third Star Records on November 19, 2021.

Featuring Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel), Fabio Trentini (Le Orme, Markus Reuter), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates), Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, XTC), Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth), Clive Deamer (Portishead, Radiohead, Robert Plant)

“Out of Control” is a multi-facet collection of intense, emotional songs. Marco creates a multi-layered, original sound utilizing a wide range of electric and acoustic guitars together with guitar loops, bouzouki and resonator guitars, supported by lifelong friends and globally acclaimed musicians. The musical texture is further enriched with a variety of acoustic/ethnic instruments such as Irish whistle, flute, fiddle, mandolin, pedal steel guitar, sitar and tambura played by a collection of musicians from all parts of the world.

The lyrics of this concept album revolve around things we cannot control such as the place and time we are born, the color of our skin or the people we meet during our life.

Says Marco, “Yes, this is a concept album about things we cannot control. The key insight is the realization that many aspects of what we perceive to be defining our identity are not under our control. And the main message is that this realization should lead to a change of perspective: as we put ourselves in other people’s shoes, we allow ourselves to become more open and empathic. The other aspect of it is that we cannot control the hand we are dealt with, but we can surely decide how to play it. Beside my passion for music, spreading this message of empathy and inclusion is one of the things that motivates me.”

Marco Mattei was born and raised in Civitavecchia, Italy. Very passionate about music from an early age, as a teenager he studied jazz guitar with Max Rosati while developing a deep interest in the creative vision and complexity of prog rock music. He joined DeBlaise, a new prog local band, contributing to the songwriting of their EP “By Common Consent” and to many years of live music. He also co-founded “The Snowdogs” a Rush tribute band.

As he earned his master’s degree in Electronics and MBA, he also developed an interest in sound engineering and design and attended advanced audio engineering and music production programs. Marco lived in six different countries in three different continents, exploring cultural differences, picking up musical influences and learning the value of diversity. He currently lives in the USA and continues to explore different musical styles as a composer, musician and producer, collaborating with artists from all around the world.

In closing Marco has this to impart, “Listen to the album multiple times and you will keep finding new dimensions to it. Pay attention to the lyrics and consider the perspective that, as we realize that many aspects of what we perceive to be defining our own identity are not under our control, we should tend to be more tolerant, empathic, and inclusive.”

“Out of Control” will appeal to listeners of Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Paul Simon.

Track list
12. GONE

Released November 19, 2021

Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Loops, Resonator, Bouzouki, Electric Bass, Bowed Electric Bass, Vocals, Shaker, Electronic and Acoustic Percussion, Samples and Programming: Marco Mattei
Vocals: Dave Bond (1,3,9), Matthew Brown (2), Felix Brandt (4,5), Barak Seguin (6), Richard Farrell (8)
Drums and Percussion: Jerry Marotta (1,9,11), Pat Mastelotto (2), Chad Wackerman (8), Clive Deamer (3), Matt Crain (6), Gianni Pierannunzio (7), Salvatore Mennella (12), Matilde Mattei (Shaker on 7)
Bass: Tony Levin (1,2,9), Fabio Trentini (8), Gabriele Bibbi Ferrari (12)
Duilio Galioto: Synths, Moog, Wurlitzer, Piano, Mellotron (3,8,9)
Paolo Gianfrate: Keyboards (6)
Dave Bond: Mandolin (1)
Marco Planells: Sitar (1)
Paul Johnson: Flute and Whistle (4)
Diederik van den Brandt: Pedal Steel (5)
Rob Wakefield : Violin (5)
Max Rosati: Lead Electric Guitar (8)
Mauro Munzi: Reverse Piano (9)

All tracks written by Marco Mattei, except for “Gone” by Andy Timmons.

Recorded in many corners of the world including Italy, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa, India and the United States.

Mixed by Marco Mattei, except for:
Would I be me, mixed by Jeff Jacobs and Marco Mattei
More Intense, mixed by Chris Brown and Marco Mattei

Mastered by Marco Mattei except for Void, mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios

Produced by Marco Mattei

Third Star Records
A Division of 7D Media
Seattle, WA

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YES Keyboard Legend Tony Kaye Presents “Hope and Triumph” Second Track From New Album “End Of Innocence” - Out September 10, 2021

An emotional journey, with the occasional use of voices to give greater impact to the music and the significance of the event.” - Velvet Thunder

Tony Kaye has released “Hope and Triumph” a patriotic anthem and the second track to be taken from his debut solo album “End Of Innocence” released on September 10th through Spirit Of Unicorn Music (distributed via Cherry Red Records).

Listen to “Hope and Triumph” here:

The former YES keyboard legend was moved to commit his thoughts and feelings to a heartfelt personal musical interpretation following the terrible events of 9/11.  “End Of Innocence” is a requiem for those who lost their lives and all those touched by those horrific events, a powerful and emotional suite, both beautiful and sinister, reflecting the dark forces at work that day.

This essentially orchestral suite is designed to be heard in its entirety. Following the collapse of the towers, Dani Torchia sings her lament “Sweetest Dreams” and the album looks at the “Aftermath” and the “Heroes” before focusing on the response, “The Battle.” “I wanted it, musically, to be about that day,” Kaye says, “but I felt compelled to extend it to deal with the repercussions of what happened. Musically, it was quite challenging to do the battle scene and then the ‘Hope and Triumph,’ a patriotic anthem and the consequences of war. ‘Ground Zero’ is the hope for the future, the rebuilding.”

“End Of Innocence” is available in CD Format on September 10, 2021 via Spirit Of Unicorn Music (distributed through Cherry Red Records) to mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

End Of Innocence” Track Listing:

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Twilight Time
2. 911 Overture
3. NYC Blues
4. Battle Cry
5. 285 Fulton Street
6. Let’s Roll
7. Tug of War
8. Flight 11
9. Towers Fall
10. Sweetest Dreams
11. Aftermath
12. Heroes
13. The Battle
14. Hope and Triumph
15. Homecoming
16. Ground Zero

Produced by Tony Kaye
All tracks composed by Tony Kaye except Sweetest Dreams by Dani Torchia.

Tony Kaye, Spirit of Unicorn Music and Cherry Red Records are donating 10% of all profits from End of Innocence to The charity supports veterans, defenders and first responders in times of hardship.

About Tony Kaye

Tony Kaye is best known as the original keyboard player with prog legends YES, his Hammond organ giving their ground breaking “The YES Album” it’s most distinctive sound within the YES catalogue. Following his departure from YES in 1971 Kaye was involved with a number of other bands including David Bowie, Badger and Badfinger before returning to YES for their greatest commercial success “90125” in 1983. Kaye remained with YES for several albums and tours before retiring from the music business in 1996. Following the re-awakening of his musical inspiration in 2001, Kaye accepted an invitation from current YES bassist Billy Sherwood to work on projects which led to the formation of CIRCA, in 2007, and has yielded four albums to date.

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Punk Legends The Furys Return With New Album “The Furys Again”

Punk legends The Furys are back with a new album “The Furys Again” which will be released in all formats on October 8, 2021. The Furys are one of Southern California’s first New Wave/Punk/Powerpop bands!

The group’s first single was released in 1977 (“Hey Ma” b/w “Jim Stark Dark”), and 1978’s “Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep” was an international success, garnering extensive airplay, press, and live performances. According to founding member and lead vocalist Jeff Wolfe, “The Furys formed in 1977 as a reaction to the dreadful noise that was on the radio at that time.” 1979 saw the release of the “Moving Target” / “We Talk We Dance” single which elicited substantial critical response.

The Furys released a five-song mini album entitled “Indoor/Outdoor” in 1987. Recorded at EMI/America studio in Hollywood, “Indoor/Outdoor” had an excellent sales run, huge radio response and heavy press coverage.

The band’s new singles (“New Wave Girl” and “Action Reaction”) were released the second week of September 2021. These songs are the first new material issued by the band since 2015’s “The Sound of the Furys” CD.

In conjunction with the release of “The Furys Again” album, a reissue program will occur concurrently containing all three singles as mentioned above plus the “Indoor/Outdoor” mini album. These reissues will be the first time these pivotal tracks have been issued digitally.

Says Jeff Wolfe, “After numerous multi-generational requests, The Furys have been reformed to continue their campaign for world domination.”

The musical direction of The Furys was, is, and always will be melodic poetry blended with powerful music. The group’s latest release “The Furys Again” proves, yet again, that this philosophy holds true. Founding member and lead singer Jeff Wolfe provides the poetry. Long standing Furys member and multi-instrumentalist Dave Lewty provides the music.

This new album was recorded wholly in Lewty’s home studio with songs written by the duo. Wolfe and Lewty have enough compositions for three more Furys albums plus dozens more in various genres, including some not yet defined.  

The songs themselves reflect culture, art, literature and, indeed, life in the 21st century. “Miss Havisham Regrets” is based upon the Dickensian character from “Great Expectations”. “Please Mister Kafka” is homage to the brilliant surrealist author Franz Kafka. “Afraid” is a powerful look at the BLM movement and the causes for its existence. Others (“I Gotta Grow Up”, “Glitter Bomb”, “Worthy”) are reflections on life in an advanced age. Some (“Anna, Come Home”, “New Wave Girl”) are simply catchy rock/pop songs about great women.

The Furys are entering their fifth decade of performing and recording; their latest album, “The Furys Again” keeps the original tradition alive whilst acknowledging contemporary influences.

Track list:
2. GLITTER BOMB (3:27)
3. ANNA, COME HOME (4:10)
4. NEW WAVE GIRL (3:05)
5. WORTHY (4:41)
6. GOTTA GROW UP (2:56)
10. PLEASE, MR. KAFKA (1:23)
11. AFRAID (4:26)

The Furys are responsible for this racket
Jeff Wolfe: lead, harmony, background vocals, yelling
Dave Lewty: bass, guitar, keyboards, vocal noises

Assisted by:
Momo McKellop vocal on 1,2,4,6,7,10
Kelly Fair vocal on 1,4,6,10
Jonathan Sheldon violins, piano, vocal on 7,9
All songs written by Dave Lewty and Jeff Wolfe
Published by Songs for Ethan (BMI) and Lewtyworks (ASCAP)
Produced by The Furys

Available on LP, CD, download and streaming from ARCANE ALLEY RECORDS

To purchase The Furys “The Furys Again”:

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New Wave Girl”:
Action Reaction”:

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The Furys official website:
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The Furys Facebook page:
The Furys 21st century FB page:
@thefurysband for Twitter and Instagram

Management/Art Direction: Mark Montgomery French,
Band contact:
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Steffie Moonlady and Dennis Haklar To Release “To The Universe” An Ethereal Odyssey Taking You To Spiritually Charged Spaces

Dreamscapes, soft yet strong, blended and distinguished; these are the realms created by this duo in their new work, “To the Universe.” Having worked together for over 25 years in the recording arts, they nurtured their sound. They have been honored to work with many legends, including Jon Anderson of Yes, Giovanni Hidalgo, Larry Coryell, Mark Egan, and many more.

Their latest release, “To the Universe,” is an ethereal odyssey taking you to spiritually charged spaces. Sonic textures from instruments such as the Citera, indigenous rattles, and Tibetan Singing Bowls evoke an ancient vibe. Steffie Moonlady provides mesmerizing multi-layered vocals delicately blended within the dreamscape of guitars and synthesizers by Dennis.

My music comes with pure intentions from within, to the universe, for peace, love, and harmony.” (Steffie Moonlady)

1. Awakening
2. Ocean Moon
3. To the Universe
4. Dream Blossom
5. New Moon
6. Earth’s Wind
7. Great Spirit Moon
8. Tamparawa
9. Beautiful Child
10. Rainforest
11. Epilogue

Dennis Haklar: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Citera, Mandolin, Synthesizers and Percussion.
Stefanie Moonlady: Vocals, Lyrics and Percussion

Recording and Mixing Engineers; Dennis Haklar and Steffie Moonlady
Produced by; Dennis Haklar and Steffie Moonlady
Compositions by; Dennis Haklar and Steffie Moonlady ©℗ 2021
Moon Phase Publishing (BMI)

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Amazon Music:

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Streaming On;


For more information:

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Drum Legend CARMINE APPICE & FERNANDO PERDOMO Form New Music Duo & Release the All-Instrumental Powerhouse Album ENERGY OVERLOAD on Cleopatra Records

Drummer extraordinaire, composer and producer Carmine Appice has joined forces with multi-instrumentalist and rising studio star Fernando Perdomo to form The Appice Perdomo Project, whose debut album ENERGY OVERLOAD will be released September 24, 2021. The first single, “Rocket To The Sun,” dropped this week on August 31st.

“I had a ball writing and recording with Fernando,” says Carmine Appice.  “What a great talent he is. He is awesome on every level; as are the songs on Energy Overload! Adds co-musician Fernando Perdomo: “Carmine and I were introduced to each other roughly one year ago by Tom Dowd’s daughter Dana. We instantly hit it off musically, sending files to each other and co-writing. Within the first six months, we had more than an albums worth of material written, arranged and recorded. We had a blast making the music on Energy Overload. It is our hope that the energy that was created for this record is contagious to those that listen to it.”

Carmine Appice is best known for co-founding Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and King Kobra. As a drummer and composer, he has worked extensively with Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart and Ted Nugent, and remains on Rolling Stone Magazine’s 100 Greatest Drummers of All-Time list. Fernando Perdomo, the son of Cuban immigrants, quickly launched a successful career as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and session musician upon moving to Los Angeles in 2012.  He was recently featured in the film ECHO IN THE CANYON, where he recorded and performed with Eric Clapton, Brian Wilson, Jakob Dylan and many others.


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Nektar “...Sounds Like Swiss” Live in Switzerland 1973 CD/DVD Available October 1, 2021

Unearthed audio and video recordings from legendary progressive rock band Nektar captured live in Switzerland, 1973. Includes an hour-long concert videotaped for Swiss TV's Kaléidospop, unseen since its original broadcast. The two CDs include the audio portion of the TV show as well as a complete show soundboard audio recording from the Pavilion des Sports in Lausanne, Switzerland in May 1973.

Housed in a beautiful 4 panel digipak, this CD/DVD set is an epic, historical document showcasing the bands early innovative and pioneering sound that remains as vital and influential as ever.

Booklet includes liner notes by bassist and founding members Derek “Mo” Moore and Mick Brockett. The band’s line up for these legendary performances in fact features all five original members - the late Roye Allbrighton on guitar and vocals, Derek “Mo” Moore on bass and vocals, Allan “Taff” Freeman on organ and vocals, and Ron Howden on drums and percussion in addition to Mick Brockett handling the visual tapestry that was such a key component of the “Music and Light Theatre” that the band was presenting at the very height of progressive rocks main sequence during the mid-70’s.

I have known of its existence since we did this concert in 1973 and have never been able to find it. To have this unearthed after all these years is fantastic and takes me immediately back to that time. It was great to be allowed to contribute what was needed to bring this about. Roger Houdaille of  ‘Think Like a Key’ did a great job in putting this together” - Derek “Mo” Moore

To pre-order:

See Nektar on tour! Visit:

For more information about the band, high-resolution images, video and more:

Official Facebook page: Nektar – The Legendary Rock Band (Official):

Fan Pages:
Nektar Appreciation Society (private group)

Instagram: @nektar.official

Nektar YouTube Channel:

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MAGMA “ESKÄHL 2020 Bordeaux - Toulouse – Perpignan” 2CD Available August 27, 2021!

Music legends Magma will be releasing a new live album “ESKÄHL 2020 Bordeaux - Toulouse – Perpignan” on August 27, 2021!

February 29, 2020, like wild animals, we rushed to the Penmarc'h hall, the first concert of our tour.

Then came Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Perpignan and Saint-Étienne. Each evening, the group, sharp as a blade, asked only to “do battle”!

At Besançon, our momentum was broken by a setback, out of tempo.

ESKAHL is a testimony of these concerts, of this new MAGMA with a recomposed line-up, more alive than ever!

Magma is there, will always be there.
And nothing! No, nothing will stop us!

Christian Vander, December 2, 2020.

With the approval of Kömmandeuhr ZÏ.

To pre-order:

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Magma's official website:
Seventh Records:

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Eclectic Music Ensemble The Vegetarians Release New Album “Bill Haley”

The Vegetarians is a project lead by Hans Annellsson, composer & musician from Sweden, working together with several different singers such as John Tabacco, Robin Schell, John Crowe, Marc Mollan, John Marshall Gibbs and Napoleon Murphy Brock. The project started around 2000 as a vehicle for recording some prog covers of YES, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Genesis, ELP, Adrian Belew, Peter Hammill etc. The prog covers can be found on the albums “Remustered & Remixed Salad” and “The Calling”.

Billy Sherwood said this about the song “The Calling”: “A good rocking version, well done boys.”

Adrian Belew had this to say about The Vegetarians version of his song “Dream Life,”: “Beautiful, I was really moved to hear your version, maybe I'm not forgotten after all.”

The new album, “Bill Haley,” a mixture of Prog/Alternative/Classic Rock, consists of fourteen original songs, mostly written by Annellsson-Tabacco, and one cover written by Susan DeVita. The recording was done by sending files back and forth.  John recorded all his vocals at his studio in Long Island and Hans recorded his parts at Annellssongs studio, the mix being done at Studio Loftet in Malmö, Sweden. There are plenty of musicians on the album, most notably Morgan Ågren (Devin Townsend, Mats/Morgan Band, Zappa’s Universe) on drums, Mats Öberg (Mats/Morgan Band, Zappa’s Universe) on keyboards & harmonica and Dan Bornemark on keyboards.

The Vegetarians performed at the “Zappanale Festival” in Germany in 2011, and hope to perform there again in the future.

Hans Annellsson

Composer & musician from Sweden. On the Annellssongs label Hans has released both music in Swedish, with The Vegetarians in English, and some instrumental music. The instrumental music is available on the albums “A Pirate In Ambient Waters” & “Scenes & Takes”. A new instrumental album “Goodly Odd” will be released later this year. To support himself Hans works as a music teacher at Malmö International School. Being a massive Frank Zappa fan Hans got permission from Frank, before he went on his last tour, to release a Swedish version of “Penis Dimension.” That version can be found on an album called “Från A Till Ö” by Hans and Mats Öberg. Hans also recently produced Mats Öberg’s album “Frankful,” solo piano renditions of the music of Frank Zappa.

John Tabacco

American composer, singer songwriter, engineer, multi instrumentalist, and graphic artist. He is co-founder of SA3 (a proprietary analog to digital conversion technology for sound and video) and has engineered /mixed and mastered music for the past 30 years.

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Prog Trio Trifecta Release A Short Film By Nick Beggs - “The Enigma Of Mr Fripp”

Taken from the new album FRAGMENTS, due for release on August 20th on Kscope

Ahead of the release of their debut album, Fragments on Friday, Trifecta have released a brilliant animated short film in Lego created by Nick Beggs for the track “The Enigma Of Mr Fripp”.


Nick Beggs explains how the track came about, “It’s amazing what you can do with an i-phone and a computer! After I was contacted by Daniel Kerson at Musical Brick a light bulb went on in my head. Daniel kindly created the lego characters and sent them to me from Singapore where he lives. I then set about making a stop frame animation. It took five days and was filmed at my home studio. I hope you enjoy it.”

Trifecta, features 3 of the contemporary music scene’s most lauded and revered musicians – bassist and songwriter Nick Beggs, keyboardist extraordinaire Adam Holzman and completing the line-up, Craig Blundell – one of the world’s most celebrated drummers.

Having performed together as part of Steven Wilson’s band, the three would jam together after soundchecks, forming what they referred to as “jazz club” and from these sessions the fledgling ideas for Fragments were born.

The record primarily leans toward a fusion of jazz rock, imaginatively described by Beggs as “Fission! It’s like Fusion but less efficient and more dangerous ..with fall out.” and being mainly instrumental with the exception of one track, the wonderfully titled and first single “Pavlov’s Dog Killed Schrodinger’s Cat”. The lyrics of which, Beggs states “are written from the perspective of a layman trying to understand quantum mechanics…and failing.” The track also features drum programming from Russell Holzman.

Each band member completed the recording and engineering of their own contributions in their various home studios which helped in bringing their individual production ideas to each track. Adam Holzman mixed the record at his New York home studio and the mastering was handled by Andy VanDette (Rush, David Bowie, Deep Purple, Porcupine Tree, Beastie Boys) in New York.

Fragments will be released on 20th August via Kscope on CD, black vinyl LP, ltd edition neon orange vinyl LP (exclusive to and digitally. Fragments is available to order HERE (

1. Clean Up On Aisle Five [03:07]
2. Check Engine Light [02:55]
3. Proto Molecule [02:20]
4. Auntie [02:57]
5. Venn Diagram [02:42]
6. The Enigma Of Mr. Fripp [02:44]
7. Sally Doo-Dally [02:54]
8. Have You Seen What The Neighbors Are Doing? [02:58] WATCH VIDEO
9. The Mute Gospel [03:16]
10. Pavlov`s Dog Killed Schrodinger`s Cat [04:12 WATCH VIDEO ]
11. Voyage Of Discovery [03:02]
12. Nightmare In Shining Armor [02:00] WATCH VIDEO
13. Dry Martini [03:13]
14. Lie 2 Me And Take My Money [03:13]
15. Hold It Like That[03:28]

The band have new social media – for updates & news follow them here:

Hi-res images available here:

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Prog Legends Caravan Announce the Release of Their New Album 'It’s None Of Your Business' - October 8, 2021

The new studio album out on October 8, 2021

Prog legends Caravan announce the release of their new album It’s None Of Your Business to be released on CD format on October 8, 2021 and as a vinyl LP, on November 5, 2021 on Madfish Music.

It’s None Of Your Business is Caravan’s first album since Paradise Filter (2013) and features nine new songs plus one instrumental track influenced, to a degree, by the events and restrictions placed on society over the past 18 months.

Caravan are Pye Hastings (guitar, vocals). Geoffrey Richardson (viola, mandolin, guitar), Jan Schelhaas (keyboards) and Mark Walker (drums). Lee Pomeroy (ELO, Rick Wakeman and Take That) has guested as bass player, following the departure of Jim Leverton, while Jimmy Hastings has also guested on flute.

The album was recorded, as restrictions allowed, ‘in the old-fashioned way’ between 24th June and 4th July 2021 at Rimshot Studio, Bredgar near Sittingbourne. “Sitting round in a circle having eye to eye contact, a large sound room was required,” Pye Hastings explained. “I much prefer this method because you can bounce ideas off each other as they occur, and voice encouragement when the whole thing begins to click.

And it is much more rewarding to be able to throw insults at each other in person rather than down a telephone line or via email. This is something we are all very experienced at, believe me!”

This togetherness characterizes It’s None Of Your Business with Caravan’s trademark warmth and humor and, also, a sensitivity reflecting the times in which we are living. Sitting among Caravan’s typically whimsical tales “Down From London” and “If I Was To Fly” sit the heartfelt and poignant “Spare A Thought” and “Every Precious Little Thing” which looks forward to a return to normality.

“‘Spare a Thought’ is a song that I hope will jog people to remember those unfortunate people caught up in the pandemic,” Hastings explains. “‘All those people who denied’ refers to the idiots who don't follow the scientific advice. I get angry about that and the line ‘Sure are interesting times’ refers to an old Chinese saying: ‘may you live in interesting times.’”

Lyrics can sometimes be my Achilles Heel, trying to find anything meaningful to write about. But sitting in front of a blank screen with a pandemic raging all around, it was hard not to be influenced by the dreadful events going on. The lockdown certainly focused the mind when it came to writing the lyrics.”

It’s None Of Your Business cover and artwork has been created by renowned illustrator Bob Venables (

It's None Of Your Business Track Listing:
01. Down From London (4.03)
02. Wishing You Were Here (3.55)
03. It’s None Of Your Business (9.40)
04. Ready Or Not (4.45)
05. Spare A Thought (4.06)
06. Every Precious Little Thing (4.25)
07. If I Was To Fly (3.23)
08. I’ll Reach Out For You (8.07)
09. There Is You (4.26)
10. Luna’s Tuna (3.14)

Produced, engineered and mastered by Julian Hastings with assistant engineer Mike Thorne.

It’s None Of Your Business is released on October 8, 2021 on CD & digitally with the LP on black vinyl released on November 5, 2021 through Madfish Music. PRE ORDERS AVAILABLE NOW HERE (


Caravan will also be on tour, supporting the release of their new album, in the UK in October:

Wednesday 6th October - Basingstoke - The Haymarket
Thursday 7th October - Islington - The Union Chapel
Friday 8th October - Gloucester - Gloucester Guildhall
Saturday 9th October - Brighton/Hove - The Old Market
Thursday 14th October - Chester - The Live Rooms
Friday 15th October - Leeds - The Bridenwell
Saturday 16th October - Bury - The Met
Sunday 17th October - Wolverhampton - The Robin 2 (Bilston)
Thursday 21st October - Bury St Edmunds - The Apex
Friday 22nd October - Newcastle - The Cluny
Saturday 23rd October - Glasgow - Òran Mór
Wednesday 27th October - Bristol - The Fleece
Thursday 28th October - Exeter - The Phoenix
Friday 29th October - Dover - The Booking Hall

About Caravan
Caravan are one of the doyens of the progressive rock and the ‘Canterbury scene’, formed in 1968 and blending rock, jazz, folk and classical influences into a warm and distinctive sound.

Founder member Pye Hastings (guitar/vocals) remains as Caravan’s guiding light and primary songwriter. Geoffrey Richardson (viola, mandolin, guitar) first played with Caravan between 1972 and 1981 and returned to the fold in 1995. Their previous 14 studio albums and numerous live recordings have seen them attract a large and faithful following and Caravan toured regularly until the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have a UK tour scheduled for October 2021 and have interest, from abroad, for overseas tours to Japan, Canada and South America.

The legends of the Canterbury scene band are being celebrated in a lavish 37-disc box set, entitled Who Do You Think We Are, released on Madfish on 20th August.

Follow Caravan:

For hi-res images see:

Press Inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158,


Prog Ensemble ANYONE To Release 4th Album “In Humanity” – October 12, 2021

TogethermenT Records is proud to announce the release of the Fourth full-length studio album by the critically acclaimed prog rock band ANYONE. The album is entitled “In Humanity” and will be released on October 12th (Pre-Order on Sept 12th). The album will be available in download, streaming and CD on over 200 digital distributors including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

This new DOUBLE album marks a major shift towards a highly progressive direction with founder Riz Story performing all instrumentation in a rare display of virtuosity, as well as producing, mixing and mastering. Featuring a guest lead vocal appearance by YES vocalist (and former ANYONE member) Jon Davison on the song “Misanthropist.” BILLBOARD MAGAZINE said, “ANYONE has invented a new breed of rock, quite literally.”  


Says Riz, “This album was conceived as a soundtrack to my feature film (and novel) of the same title and so it is highly conceptual and dynamic. The story takes place in the future when mankind has made the earth uninhabitable and venture into the cosmos to find a planet that is even more beautiful than earth, which they immediately begin to destroy. I wanted to explore the outer limits of my creativity and musicianship and pushed myself to play all the instruments, particularly the drums, in a way that was experimental and exploratory. Most all of the playing was improvised, and therefore came from a place free of thought or design. All told, I've been working on this album for almost a decade.”

ANYONE was formed by Riz Story, along with Jon Davison (Yes) and Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) in the early 90’s in Laguna Beach, California. Hawkins and Davison were replaced by the time the band signed with RoadRunner Records in 2000. Their self-titled debut album received much critical acclaim including a 5-star rating from Rolling Stone. In October of 2016 the single “Fly Away” was featured in Story’s debut feature film “A Winter Rose” and became the most listened to rock song in America on digital formats, hitting #1 on the DRT National Airplay Rock Chart. The 2020 album release of “On the ending earth…” was met with widespread critical acclaim.  

“Riz Story is a true renaissance man.” - Billboard

1. Elations   
2. The Disappearing Everything   
3. Apocalypse   
4. The Pale Blue Dot
5. Emergence   
6. Don’t Swallow Tomorrow   
7. Whole World’s on Fire   
8. Transfiguration   
9. On the ending earth...   
10. Misanthropist   
11. The Madness  
12. In Humanity  
13. Curtain Call

To pre-order:

For more information:

Press Inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158,


Legendary Vocalist ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK Makes The Audience Swoon On Concert Album TOTALLY AMAZING!

Los Angeles, CA - He is one of music’s most captivating performers of his generation - or any other generation, for that matter. A vocalist who shines in the spotlight delivering passionate performances each and every time he steps on stage. He is Engelbert Humperdinck and now an outstanding concert album from 2005 is being reissued with a simultaneous release on Blu-ray, DVD and - for the first time ever - on glorious vinyl! This will mark the first new vinyl released by Humperdinck since the 1990s! Totally Amazing is an extraordinary musical document that showcases a performer well into the fifth decade of his career, with countless shows under his belt, and still treating every song, every note as if it was the most important he had ever sung! The set list includes several of the songs that would become synonymous with Enge including “Quando, Quando, Quando,” “The Last Waltz,” “Spanish Eyes,” “Release Me” and many more. For a small preview of the delights in store, the opening track from Totally Amazing, a breezy, cool-as-an-ice-cube-in-a-whisky-glass version of “‘S Wonderful,” has been released on all digital platforms.

Stream “‘S Wonderful”:

Totally Amazing will be available on digital, in Blu-ray/CD and DVD/CD combo packages, and on a deluxe 2LP metallic gold vinyl housed in a gorgeous gatefold jacket!

Speaking about the project, Engelbert says “What goes around comes around…like a fine vinyl album! It has been a number of years since I had a vinyl LP album out, but gratitude & thanks to Brian Perera & Cleopatra Records for re-releasing Totally Amazing as a fan favorite collectors’ vinyl plus the companion DVD & CD. I also really look forward to the upcoming months when I am back on tour, domestically & internationally, & be able to see all of my fans again!”

Order the Blu-ray/CD or DVD/CD combo:

Order the Vinyl:

Pre-order/pre-save the digital:

Be sure to catch this living legend live and in person at a concert venue near you!

NYCB Theatre at Westbury - Westbury, NY - October 01, 2021
Foxwoods Casino - Mashantucket, CT - October 02, 2021
Chevalier Theatre - Medford, MA - October 03, 2021
Mayo Performing Arts Center - Morristown, NJ - October 06, 2021
State Theatre - Easton, PA - October 07, 2021
Harrah's Resort Atlantic City - Atlantic City, NJ - October 09, 2021
American Music Theatre - Lancaster, PA - October 10, 2021
La Mirada - La Mirada, CA - October 22, 2021
Starlight Bowl - Burbank, CA - October 23, 2021
Philharmonic Hall - Liverpool, ENGLAND - October 31, 2021
Music Hall - Aberdeen, SCOTLAND - November 03, 2021
Alhambra Theatre - Dunfermline, SCOTLAND - November 04, 2021
02 City Hall - Newcastle, ENGLAND - November 06, 2021
Bridgewater Hall - Manchester, ENGLAND - November 07, 2021
Corn Exchange - Cambridge, ENGLAND - November 09, 2021
Symphony Hall - Birmingham, ENGLAND - November 10, 2021
Regent Ipswich Theatre - Ipswich, ENGLAND - November 11, 2021
Norwich Theatre Royal - Norwich, ENGLAND - November 13, 2021
City Hall - Sheffield, ENGLAND - November 14, 2021
Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre - Bournemouth, ENGLAND - November 16, 2021
Anvil Theatre - Basingstoke, ENGLAND - November 17, 2021
De Montfort Hall - Leicester, ENGLAND - November 20, 2021
Waterside Theatre - Aylesbury, ENGLAND - November 21, 2021
Agua Caliente Casino Rancho Mirage, CA - December 04,2021
San Jose PAC - San Jose, CA - December 05, 2021
The Villages - The Villages, FL - February 25, 2022
Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL - February 27, 2022
Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall - Sarasota, FL - February 28, 2022
Sunrise Theater - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - March 02, 2022
Sunrise Theatre - Ft. Pierce, FL - March 03, 2022
Beau Rivage - Biloxi MS - March 05, 2022
House of Culture (Kulttuuritalo) - Helsinki, FINLAND - April 06, 2022
Kleine Olympiahalle - Munich, GERMANY - April 08, 2022
Lucerna-Velky Sal - Prague, Czech Republic - April 10, 2022
Haus Auensee - Leipzig, GERMANY - April 11, 2022
Tempodrom - Berlin, GERMANY - April 13, 2022
Musical Dome - Cologne, GERMANY - April 14, 2022
Friedrich-Ebert-Halle - Hamburg, GERMANY - April 16, 2022
Kursaal Ostend - Ostend, BELGIUM - April 18, 2022
Muziekgebouw Eindhoven - Eindhoven, Netherlands - April 19, 2022
Gleneagle INEC Arena, Co - Killarney, Kerry, IRELAND - April 22, 2022
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - Glasgow, SCOTLAND - April 24, 2022
The London Palladium - London, ENGLAND - April 25, 2022

In a career spanning over 50 years, Engelbert has generated sales in excess of 140 million records, including 64 gold albums and 35 platinum, four Grammy nominations, a Golden Globe, and stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Las Vegas Walk of Fame, and Leicester Walk of Fame. He has performed for the Queen four times, several presidents and many heads of state. He has recorded everything from the most romantic ballads to movie theme songs, disco, rock, and even gospel. His unique voice has charmed millions of fans around the globe.

However, it’s not just the voice, but the man himself, with his endearing sense of humor and self-deprecating jokes. Engelbert has managed to strike a new chord with a younger generation, appearing on MTV several times. Engelbert exploded on to the music scene with The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. The shy handsome man catapulted almost instantly to world icon. He became great friends with Elvis and the two legends often performed each other’s songs. His first single in the charts was “Release Me,” which went into the Guinness Book of Records for achieving 56 consecutive weeks on the charts. It was No. 1 in 11 countries.

The following decades saw Engelbert constantly touring the world to sell-out crowds. Engelbert takes great pleasure in every moment on stage. Engelbert’s music has transcended time and his voice still continues to reach out to people now – serving to transport and inspire, to embrace and to provoke feelings and emotions…ingredients that are no doubt the essence of his long-lasting success. Engelbert was just awarded the Honor of Member Of The Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire (MBE) by Her Majesty The Queen in the Queen’s Birthday Honors List 2021.

Track List:
1. 'S Wonderful
2. Am I That Easy To Forget
3. The Last Of The Romantics
4. A Man Without Love
5. After The Lovin'
6. Too Young
7. You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance
8. A Chance To Be A Hero
9. There's No Good In Goodbye
10. Honky Tonk World
11. The Last Waltz
12. Someobody Like You
13. Cry
14. Totally Amazing
15. Quando, Quando, Quando
16. I Wish You Love
17. Spanish Eyes
18. Love Me With All Your Heart
19. Release Me
20. My Way
21. Columns Of Gray

Press inquiries:
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The Livesays, Featuring Clarence Clemons’ Guitarist/Vocalist Billy Livesay, To Release New Album “Not What I Bargained For”

Billy Livesay, best known for his work with E Street Band legend Clarence Clemons as his guitarist & vocalist, is releasing a new album with his group The Livesays. “Not What I Bargained For”, a memorable hybrid of melody, rhythm and message, is the band’s fifth album and is slated for release on September 1st, 2021.

In 2018, due to the sudden death of their drummer and beloved bandmate Eddie Zyne (formerly with Hall and Oates), The Livesays were forced to take a break from finishing their fourth CD. The search for a new drummer began in 2019 and ended with the addition of Howard Goldberg, and reconnecting with piano man, Timothy Murphy, who had taken a hiatus back in 2014. With a solid lineup in place, another unexpected turn of events occurred at the onset of 2020 … the Covid-19 pandemic, putting The Livesays and the masses out of work. Sequestered at his Ft. Lauderdale-area home, acclaimed singer-songwriter Billy Livesay, like most songwriters in the past year and 1/2, decided to write. And write. And write. Music became a lifeline. A whole new set of songs were created comprising two entirely new albums - 2020’s “The Rhythm Of Love and Dysfunction” (which they dedicated to Eddie), and now 2021’s very aptly titled “Not What I Bargained For.”

The subject matter of the new songs reflect the struggles and conquests of everyday life. The topics range from alcoholism, infidelity, overcoming poverty and bullying, to chasing dreams, growing older and dealing with the loss of a loved one. A few of the songs were inspired by political circumstance, conspiracy theorists, and how social media has been set afire with false information. And as the chaos of the last year begins to diminish, hope is on the horizon; there’s a new found optimism among the better angels of our nature. As with all of The Livesays’ previous albums, there’s always a song or two with which listeners feel a personal connection.

The Livesays have been dubbed “Heartland-Rock revivalists” offering up a blend of Americana and roots rock infused with pop, blues, funk and soul. They are long respected members of the South Florida music community, well known for their dynamic live performances. They have opened for dozens of international artists and have been featured at countless rock, blues and indie festivals. All five band members are excited to be back on stage performing live concerts again after a grueling 15 month hiatus due to Covid restrictions.

Billy Livesay has forged an impressive national publishing and licensing career. Over thirty of Billy’s original songs have been featured in network and cable television shows, made for TV movies, as well as in major motion pictures. Billy is an award winning songwriter and has been highly acclaimed for decades for his gift for melody and incredible knack for lyrical storytelling, often likened to Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. This latest batch of songs may be his best work yet.

The Takeaway:
Billy Livesay explains: “After Eddie’s death in 2018, the Covid-19 global pandemic reaffirmed that life can change in unpredicted ways in an instant. In March of 2020, we found ourselves unemployed, in exile and in turmoil... definitely ‘not what we bargained for’! It became abundantly clear that time is short and too valuable to waste. Amidst the chaos, despair, and in collective solitude, we turned to what we know best - music ... to heal our souls, conquer our fears, resurrect our dreams, and create something meaningful. I believe what we have produced is our most succinct and cohesive album to date. I hope our music brings joy to all who listen.”

There are 12 tracks on the new album - ten new original songs and two surprise classic covers. Everything was recorded in Billy Livesay’s home studio, produced by Billy, mixed by Grammy nominated engineer Steve Gordon, and mastered by Grammy winning engineer Mike Fuller at Fullersound in Ft Lauderdale.

Listen/Purchase the new CD (Pre-Sale 7/21/21; Official release date 9/01/21):
(The music will be available on all music platforms; additional links below)

Watch the Lyric Video of the Debut Single “Two Sides”: 

The Livesays’ lineup:
Billy Livesay - Guitar / lead vocals
Jorge Laplume - Bass / vocals  
Howard Goldberg - Drums  
Victor “Cuqui” Berrios - Organ / vocals  
Tim Murphy- Piano / vocals

The Livesays
Billy Livesay

Social Media pages:

Listen, purchase, leave a review, add to Playlists:

Previously released albums:
(1) “Rose Colored Glasses”:
(2) “Faith, Hope & Love”:
(3) “Hold On... Life is Calling”:
(4) “The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction”:

To download song lyrics:

Press inquiries (International): Glass Onyon PR, Billy James, PH: 828-350-8158,

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New 7” Vinyl Commemorates HUMBLE PIE’s Fiery Performance Of “I DON’T NEED NO DOCTOR”!

Los Angeles, CA - In 1973 and throughout much of the early ‘70s, British blues rock powerhouse Humble Pie had as the centerpiece of their widely hailed and massively popular live show an epic, barnstorming blues rock cover of the 1966 R&B tune penned by Nick Ashford (of Ashford & Simpson), “I Don’t Need No Doctor.” In the hands (and voice) of vocalist Steve Marriott, the song would explode on the stage with a galloping drum beat and glorious backup vocals, breaking down in the middle for some extended guitar solos by the group’s two six-string slingers before Marriott would return to lead the crowd in a joyful call-and-response singing of the chorus like he was leading an old tent revival of spiritual ecstasy. So extraordinary was the band’s live version of the song, they never even attempted a studio version, however, an edited version of the band’s 1971 performance was released as a single and issue on 7”. Now, another even more fiery performance of the track, from the band’s 1973 concert at San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom has been edited down and prepared for release on a limited edition 7” vinyl as well as on all digital music platforms.

Stream/download the single:

This new 7” comes in your choice of either SILVER or PURPLE vinyl and includes a smokin’ hot studio version of another Humble Pie cover on the b-side, James Brown’s “Think!”

Order the 7” vinyl:

Track List:
I Don’t Need No Doctor (Live 1973)


Press inquiries:
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Zero Times Everything to Release Innovative New Double Album “Sound of Music”

New music fans worldwide will be excited to hear that Zero Times Everything will be releasing their second album “Sound of Music” on August 28, 2021. The release date of this innovative new double album coincides with a private concert the band is giving in Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. On August 21, 2021 Zero Times Everything will release the official video for the 19 minute “Die Nacht Ist Leben.”

The title “Sound Of Music” is derived from the Pythagorean theory of musica universalis or the “music of the spheres” wherein Pythagoreas states that if objects in motion create sound then the planets forever in motion must forever produce sound. This theory has been totally discredited but the notion of the sound of a harmonious planetary-solar-system is the touchstone for the title of the album. There’s also the notion present within the record itself of the dangerous existence of black holes and white holes within this planetary harmony. The gravity of black holes is so strong that once it pulls matter within it nothing, even light, can get out. On the opposite extreme, a white hole in space is a hypothetical region that cannot be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from it. Side one is titled “Black Hole” and side two “White Hole.” If the theory is that the movement of the stars produces a harmony, then these holes in space create danger within that harmoniousness.

Zero Times Everything began in 2012 when Richard Sylvarnes invited Tony Geballe and Pietro Russino, who first met at one of Robert Fripp’s Guitar Craft Seminars, to perform a live musical accompaniment to a film he had recently completed called “The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz.” It was supposed to be a singular event, a “project.” But it became quite apparent in the early rehearsals that there was much more potential than a simple one-off project. They immediately began to get invites to play in galleries, at benefit concerts, and even to make music for an artist installation in China. So, almost without realizing it, they became an official band and started working on material for their first record, “Sonic Cinema,” which was released to great critical acclaim on Trey Gunn's 7D Media label in 2017.

When they finished their first album Richard immediately had the brazen idea that their second album should be a double album. He gave two reasons. One was to experiment, to allow the material to breathe, and not worry about the length of tracks and have to reflexively edit something for reasons of limited space. The second reason was to invite other musicians, mostly avant garde musicians from New York, to contribute their unique talents to this endeavor; even to the extent of redefining what can be considered Zero Times Everything music. These artists include extreme-metal guitarist Reg Bloor, avant pianist Matteo Ramon Arevalos, singer Daria Neumann, percussionist Michael Evans, multi-media artist Bradley Eros, guitarist Zach Layton, turntablist and foley artist Rachael Guma, singer Mikey Kirkpatrick, writer Sven Marquardt, film-projector rhythmatist Bruce McClure, composer and Touch guitarist Markus Reuter, vocalist Patricia Rothberg, and writer Sønje Sylvarnes.

As Richard said, “We wanted to open the door to Zero Times Everything and allow other artists we greatly admire to participate in making the music and use these collaborations to stretch the definition of what Zero Times Everything music can be.” Each of these unique and extraordinary artists have a strong sensibility and signature sound that deeply affected not only the overall sound of a piece but the compositions themselves

The centerpiece of the album is the 19-minute blitzkrieg “Die Nacht Ist Leben” (translated “The Night Is Life”) with words in German by Sven Marquardt, the infamous gatekeeper of the notorious Berlin nightclub Berghain and featuring Reg Bloor on extreme guitar, Bruce McClure’s “wall of terrifying delay,” and Daria on vocals. Richard spent a year searching for the perfect vocalist for this piece. He was searching for a female contralto, like Cher or Marlene Dietrich, and when he was close to giving up the search he found Daria; exactly the voice he heard in his head. This piece pushes the idea of metal to the extreme, and Tony Geballe says “If Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht had had access to digital technology, this is what they would have sounded like.”

The most ambitious track on the album and in Zero Times Everything’s oeuvre is the 26-minute “Lux Aeterna” which they affectionately call “our Supper’s Ready.” This is an apocalyptic song in spiritual, political, and scientific terms. The piece begins with a recording of the late Frederick Neumann, legendary actor, director and friend of Samuel Beckett, reading “The 10 Most Popular Ways for the Word to End” as compiled by scientists at a convention. The middle of the song includes random moments from a 1950’s radio play of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and the song ends with the somber yet beautiful apocalyptic liturgical text “El Cant de la Sibilla.”

“Sound Of Music” will be the equivalent to a triple album on vinyl, as the band have produced roughly 120 minutes of music on two CDs. The album was recorded over the course of three years and then, in the middle of the mixing, the pandemic hit, stopping all work. This caused a delay of over a year.

Zero Times Everything thanks its audience for their support which allows them to make adventurous, artistically ambitious, non-mainstream music that thrives on the fringe of culture.

To preorder:

For more information:

Here is what the press has said about Zero Times Everything:

Richard Sylvarnes, Pietro Russino, and Tony Geballe are three musicians operating at the top of their game, and they have combined their talents into a distinctive sound that reveals more depth on every listen.” - Exposé

Unyieldingly awesome!!” - John A Wilcox, Progsheet

It’s more of an event with an embedded storyline that sustains a great deal of interest due to its magnetic qualities and substantial replay value...Strongly recommended.” -ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“‘Sonic Cinema’ is an album you can reach for again and again and hear something a little different each time. Recommended.” - Sea of Tranquility

A solid bet for those that like to veer toward the dark side.” - Midwest Record

“‘Sonic Cinema’ is, from start to finish, one of the surefire contenders for Best Album of The Year. Believe me and buy this album yourself. Or don't believe me and miss out on an incredible audio experience.” - Exclusive Magazine

The truth is, if you like adventurous music, you have to give this a chance. I bet you’ve never heard anything quite like it.” - Music Street Journal

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA),

Classic Rock Legend ARTHUR BROWN Teams With STOOGES Guitarist JAMES WILLIAMSON, VANILLA FUDGE Drummer CARMINE APPICE & Others On New Limited-Edition 7”, Full Length Album Coming 2022!

Los Angeles, CA - He is The God Of Hellfire, a music legend who is surely one of the most influential figures of theatrical rock, and even 5+ decades into his extraordinary career, Arthur Brown is still heating things up! Brown has just announced the release of a new 7” vinyl that contains a stunning new rendition of his signature hit “Fire,” which features a host of devilishly talented hellions including Stooges guitarist James Williamson, drum icon Carmine Appice, keyboard maestro Brian Auger, and producer Jürgen Engler. Like the man himself, “Fire” is a timeless treasure whose appeal has only increased over the years. Originally released in 1968 by the group that bore his name, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, “Fire” was a global phenomenon reaching the top spot on the singles charts in both the UK and Canada while hitting the #2 spot in the U.S. It’s considered one of the biggest crossover hits that brought psychedelic rock to mainstream audiences and launched Brown into the musical stratosphere.

Check out the new version of “Fire” featuring guests James Williamson, Carmine Appice & Brian Auger:

Or watch a video for the track cut together from Arthur’s scenes in the 2017 horror film The Black Room: 

This new limited-edition 7” pressing will be available in your choice of either fiery RED or YELLOW vinyl. Most exciting of all is that this release previews a thrilling full-length album from Brown that will feature even more amazing guest stars set for release in 2022!

Brown had this to share about the coming project, “It’s a great pleasure being involved in making this high quality, imaginative piece of terror and fun.”

Order the 7” vinyl:

Track List:
Fire feat. James Williamson, Carmine Appice, Brian Auger & Jürgen Engler

Zombie Yelp feat. Mark Stein & Alan Davey

Press inquiries:
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Guthrie Govan To Be Featured Guest Artist On Prog Ensemble Potter’s Daughter’s Explosive New Full-Length Album “Close to Nearby” To Be Released On September 30, 2021!

The album will be available digitally and on CD. Limited-edition vinyl with accompanying Art Book will be released later this Fall!

Prog ensemble Potter's Daughter will be releasing their second full-length album “Close to Nearby” featuring guest guitarist, Guthrie Govan, on September 30, 2021!  Also appearing on the album is the legendary drummer, Simon Phillips! The album will be available digitally and on CD, with limited-edition vinyl and accompanying Art Book being released later this Fall!

The album features 8 tracks, 3 virtuosic instrumentals and 5 captivating vocal songs. All compositions arranged and produced by Jan Christiana.

1. One (Ginastera)
2. Rosewind (DPV + JC)
3. Night Sky/Into the Dream (DPV + JC, lyrics by DPV and Ronda Dubiel)
4. The Mask (DPV +JC)
5. 5 (DPV + JC)
6. Midnight (DPV + JC, based on the poem by Edgar Allen Poe)
7. VII (Julia Schwartz)
8. Hold (DPV + JC, lyrics by Ronda Dubiel and DPV)

Potter’s Daughter (MRR) was formed in NYC while Dyanne was studying classical piano performance at the Manhattan School of Music. The group performed regularly in NYC, as well as in northeastern PA. Potter’s Daughter has been featured on radio, TV, and in national and international magazines and blogs. Potter’s Daughter released their debut album, “The Blind Side,” in August 2018. In 2019 they released two singles; “Blood and Water,” featuring Annie Haslam (Renaissance) as guest artist, and the holiday single, “This Winter’s Child,” which was composed for the MRR Holiday album.

In March 2020 they went on tour with MRR labelmate Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius, and Dark Beauty. They were also invited to participate in several online festivals, including The Uncancelled Music Festival (April), The WorldWide Prog and Rock Virtual Festival (May), and the ProgStock Presents Festival. (August).

In October 2020, Potter’s Daughter released their Covid Quarantine EP, “Casually Containing Rage.” The single from the EP, “We Could Be,” was released as a video, directed by filmmaker Serena Kunzler.

In December 2020, Potter’s Daughter was featured in the Limelight section of Prog Magazine, and in the same edition, voted #2 in the Reader’s Poll Unsigned Band Category.

In February 2021, Potter’s Daughter enjoyed the privilege of participating in the debut release (Pyrrha’s Song) for Nick Katona’s “Troubleshooting Pandora’s Box,” together with drummer Jimmy Keegan.

In April 2021, Potter’s Daughter’s music video, “We Could Be,” was chosen as a finalist to compete in the annual American Golden Picture International Film Festival.

They are scheduled to close the prestigious music festival, ProgStock (NJ), on Oct. 3rd, and open the music festival, Prog on the Ranch, (FL) October 30th.

Now, with the addition of virtuoso guitarist Guthrie Govan adding his fire to the mix, they plan to release their heaviest work to date. The Artwork for the album cover was created especially for this project by the master artist, Armand Cabrera.

Jan and Dyanne are evidently partial to doing interesting and unique things in their music so I was very happy to contribute to the record – it was a lot of fun!” – Guthrie Govan (guitarist currently playing with The Aristocrats and Hans Zimmer)

Photo by Victor Peters

Say Dyanne and Jan of Potter’s Daughter, “There really is no one who plays guitar like Guthrie - truly a pinch-me moment to have him play on our record. He more than deserves his spot in the pantheon of the all-time Greats!”

It has been an absolute pleasure to play on your music. Very challenging and ever so much fun.” - Simon Phillips (drummer with Protocol, Toto, Hiromi, Mike Oldfield, The Who, Jeff Beck etc)

“…just beautiful...I love your voice, and chord progressions are sublime” - Jon Anderson (lead singer of progressive rock band, Yes)

On first hearing of Blood and Water I was struck by its unusual and haunting melody and Dyanne's exquisite voice. To be a part of it was truly a wonderful experience.” -  Annie Haslam (Lead singer of progressive rock band, Renaissance)

For more information:



Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, Billy James, PH: 1-828-350-8158 (US),

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