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WISHBONE ASH ‘NO EASY ROAD - WISHBONE ASH LIVE IN THE 70s’ Coffee Table Book Set For Release on Madfish August 30, 2024

Includes CD With Previously Unreleased Live Recordings From KRO-NCRV Concert in Holland During The STARTRUCKIN' 75 TOUR

Madfish are proud to present ‘No Easy Road’, an exclusive Wishbone Ash Coffee Table Book and the first official tribute to the band’s life on the road during their classic years from 1970-1980. This beautifully crafted 216-page set, set for release on 30th August, offers a unique glimpse into the band’s journey and features contributions from Martin Turner, Andy Powell, Steve Upton, Laurie Wisefield and head roadie Mark Emery.



photo by Dick Barnatt

‘No Easy Road’ includes many previously unseen photographs captured by renowned photographers Jill Furmanovsky (Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin), Michael Putland (The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney), Barry Plummer (Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley) and Dick Barnatt (Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart), alongside personal photographs from the band members' private archive plus images of rare memorabilia and tour ephemera.

Limited to just 1000 copies, each book comes with a photo signed by four band members: Laurie Wisefield, Andy Powell, Steve Upton and Martin Turner.

The book comes packed in a rigid slipcase containing a bonus 10-track KRO-NCRV concert CD, originally broadcast in Holland during the landmark Startruckin' 75 Tour - an essential addition for any Wishbone Ash enthusiast.

The ultimate chronicle of one of the world's greatest live bands, ‘No Easy Road’ follows Madfish’s recent 50th anniversary edition of the band’s 1972 classic, ‘Argus’.

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Experimental Greek Musician Billy Yfantis Presents the Astronomy-Inspired Album “Planetary Fields”

Athens, Greece - Renowned Greek musician Billy Yfantis is thrilled to announce the release of his latest instrumental album, “Planetary Fields.” Drawing inspiration from the pioneering sounds of krautrock and progressive rock legends such as Tangerine Dream and Hawkwind, Yfantis delivers an audio trip through the magnetic shields that protect our planets.
“Planetary Fields” is a concept album exploring the awe-inspiring phenomenon of planetary magnetospheres. These magnetic fields are crucial for shielding planets from the relentless solar wind and cosmic radiation, playing a vital role in maintaining atmospheres and supporting life. Each track on the album delves into different aspects of these celestial guardians, offering listeners an immersive experience into the protective forces of the cosmos.

Planetary Fields Track list:
1. Ionosphere Reverie
2. Magnetic Fields
3. Magnetic Guardian
4. Solar Wind Shield
5. Aurora Veil
6. Celestial Defenders
7. Cosmic Shield
8. Shielding Skies
9. Magnetosphere Melody
10. Van Allen Zone

Listen to the new album here:
YouTube Music:
Apple Music:

In addition to “Planetary Fields,” Billy Yfantis has also made significant contributions to music through his project “Anagnosis.” “Anagnosis,” which means “reading” in Greek, seeks to musically interpret and explore ancient Greek culture through epic folk and dungeon synth sounds. Under this project, Yfantis has released two notable albums:

1. “Anagnosis – Twelve Olympians”
A musical exploration of the Greek pantheon, each track dedicated to one of the Olympian gods. Listen to the album here:
Apple Music:

2. “Anagnosis – Homer’s Iliad”
An auditory journey through the epic tales of Homer’s Iliad, capturing the essence of ancient Greek heroism and mythology. Listen to the new album here:
Apple Music:

About Billy Yfantis
Vasileios (Billy) Yfantis holds two master's degrees in computing science and a Ph.D. in the field of e-government. Billy has been working on music since the late 1990s by experimenting with tape mixing and sound design. Billy is playing digital keyboards, but prefers to express his artistic dream through the electronic sounds that come from unusual machines. He has experimented with the recording of vacuum cleaners, electric blenders and other strange sounds that have resulted in musical releases. Moreover, Billy has authored books on music, business and science while from time to time he speaks about the electronic governance at scientific conferences all over Europe.
Find other music by Billy Yfantis here:

Find Books by Billy Yfantis here:

Contact details:

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Rockabilly Queen LINDA GAIL LEWIS Shares Her Most Personal Reflections On Her Brother JERRY LEE LEWIS’s Passing In A New Single, Announces New Studio Album!

Los Angeles, CA - Linda Gail Lewis, a veteran of the music scene and genuine rock royalty, is proud to announce her newest full-length studio album, Rockabilly Queen, set for release on July 26. Produced by rockabilly guitar icon Danny B. Harvey, the album contains a mix of original material written by Lewis as well as several hand-picked classics that Lewis and Harvey, along with Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom, deftly transform into fresh and exciting tracks.

One of the most poignant and powerful songs on the album, however, is Lewis’s heartfelt, emotional remembrance of her brother, rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis, who passed away in 2022. The song is called “I Knew That You Were Leaving,” and Linda’s story of how it came to be is deeply moving.

I woke up one morning, and while still half asleep, a terrible feeling came over me because I remembered that my big brother, Jerry Lee Lewis, was no longer with me. It had been about a year since he’d passed away and as I was thinking about how I wished I could just go see him one more time and this song came to me from out of nowhere. I immediately went to my piano to document it but every time I tried to sing it aloud I would start sobbing. It took many attempts to get the demo recorded. Even months later when I recorded this final version in the studio I’d have to stop singing at times because I’d start crying uncontrollably when thinking of all the good times we had together over the years.

There are many people who miss my brother Jerry Lee, and also many folks that miss their own departed family members as much as I miss my brother. I hope they all find comfort from my new single and video, “I Knew That You Were Leaving,” and realize we’re not alone.

This song accurately expresses how I feel about losing my brother and also how I felt when I first realized he was leaving us. This is my heartfelt personal tribute and my eternal memorial to the greatest big brother a girl could have, and one of the greatest talents to have ever lived.

Jerry Lee Lewis, I miss you dearly and constantly wish you were still here with me.  I’ll love you always, your sister, Linda Gail Lewis.

Watch the video:

Stream/download the single:

Rockabilly Queen will be available on all formats including CD, vinyl and digital. Fans of early rock, rockabilly and just plain ol’ good fashioned rock n’ roll will not want to miss out on this excellent release!

Order the CD/vinyl:

Pre-order/pre-save the digital:

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ZERO ONE ZERO Kicks Off “No Bull, Just Rock!” Campaign With The First Single “You Knock Me Out” From Forthcoming Deko Entertainment Release Traces Of Yesterday

Stockton, NJ – Blending a style of the past with the sound of today, “You Knock Me Out” is certain to help the resurgence of Rock & Roll march forward. Connecticut-based Hard-Rock band and Deko Entertainment artist ZERO ONE ZERO has just released “You Knock Me Out” from their forthcoming album Traces Of Yesterday that drops on August 23rd. Drawing on personal experiences, this song is sure to resonate with anyone who has a deep passion for someone or something close to them.

Listen here:

“You Knock Me Out” is one of 10 tracks from their forthcoming Deko release, Traces Of Yesterday. Produced by Grammy-winner Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter), the song showcases Rob’s soulful yet crushing vocal style along with the tightness, dynamics and hard-hitting you would expect from the veteran musicians that are ZERO ONE ZERO.

As the band states, “‘You Knock Me Out’ is a song about anyone or anything that turns you on. Embrace the theme and make it your own. We hope it will be your cruzin’ sing-along of the Summer.” ZERO ONE ZERO’s ‘retro-aggressive’ style is the culmination of the members’ similar musical interests and their different and very diverse personal influences. “It is what makes our songs stand out and fill a void in today’s current music trends.”

Traces Of Yesterday will be available on CD and limited-edition vinyl. Pre-order your copy now:

Track list:
It’s Me Again
I Am Calling
Get In Line
Fortunes Burn
Traces Of Yesterday
Bullets & Diamonds
All These Years
Two Good Legs
You Knock Me Out

For more information visit:
Deko Entertainment–Art Has Value

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Jethro Tull Frontman Ian Anderson Limited Edition 10LP Limited Box Set “8314 Boxed” Available August 23rd on Madfish Label

Included first time vinyl releases of “Divinities: Twelve Dances With God”, “The Secret Language of Birds” and “Rupi’s Dance”

Reissue specialist label Madfish have shared details of “8314 Boxed”, a limited-edition deluxe box set tribute to Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson’s treasured solo works. The package, set for release on 23rd August, will include:

Includes exclusive first-time vinyl releases of “Divinities: Twelve Dances with God”, “The Secret Language of Birds” (2LP), and “Rupi’s Dance” (2LP)

“Walk Into Light”, “Divinities: Twelve Dances with God” and “Homo Erraticus” remastered at half speed by Air Studio
“Roaming in the Gloaming” LP offers previously unreleased live recordings from 1995-2007

Beautiful side D etchings on 3 of the 10 records

96-page book with foreword by Ian Anderson, extensive liner notes by Paul Sexton and exclusive pictures

Watch the “8314 Boxed” trailer:

photo by Carl Glover

Ian Anderson’s solo albums explore different sonic landscapes and instrumental line-ups, each record in this box set standing as a testament to his versatility. From the electronic experimentation in “Walk Into Light” and the profound narratives of “Homo Erraticus”, to the acoustic serenity of “The Secret Language of Birds”, these albums are a reflection of Anderson's unending creativity and his ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical styles into cohesive, captivating works.

Pre-order  “8314 Boxed”, Released August 23, 2024:

8314 Boxed” 10LP breakdown:
“Walk Into Light” (1983) – half-speed remaster
“Divinities: Twelve Dances with God” (1995) – first time on vinyl, half-speed remaster
“The Secret Language of Birds” (2LP) (2000), etching on side D – first time on vinyl
“Rupi’s Dance” (2LP) (2003), etching on side D – first time on vinyl
“Thick as a Brick 2” (2LP) (2012), etching on side D
“Homo Erraticus” (2014) – half-speed remaster
“Roaming in the Gloaming” (previously unreleased live shows from 1995-2007)

Hey, but someone has to try oddball things, don’t they? Might as well be me...” - Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson performing in Brighton in 2014, photo by Martin Webb

Ian Anderson’s mind as a listener, which would mature into a lifetime of format-blurring creative ingenuity, was opened when he was a mere six-year-old. By then, already relocated with his family from his birthplace in Dunfermline to Edinburgh, he heard an old family 78 rpm disc of Glenn Miller and his Orchestra's irresistible gem of 1939, “In The Mood”.

My father had a few treasured wartime records, mostly big-band stuff,” he told Prog magazine. “I remember having an epiphany, because ‘In The Mood’ introduces you to the elements of blues, effectively. That was my first moment of thinking: ‘Hmm, this music is something special.’”

A word from Ian Anderson on “8314 Boxed”:
Since 1983, I have made a few solo albums, not as dissatisfaction with fellow musicians or the group identity but usually just to try something a bit different, whether sonically, stylistically or in terms of instrumental line-up. These records all stand out for me as being quite different from each other and in some ways demonstrate a broader depth of my songwriting. The flute instrumental Divinities record is one of my favourites to this day”.

8314 Boxed” will be released on Madfish on 23rd August. Pre-order:

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Legendary UFO Vocalist PHIL MOGG Announces New Hard Rock Project MOGGS MOTEL, Shares First Single “APPLE PIE” & Video!

Los Angeles, CA – For the last 50+ years, Phil Mogg has had one job: frontman for one of the greatest rock bands to ever grace the stage, the kings of British classic rock, UFO! That job has taken the London-born singer to just about every country on Earth, performing before hundreds of thousands of fans and riding the highs of chart success with singles such as “Doctor Doctor,” “Lights Out,” and “Only You Can Rock Me.”

Now, at an age when most artists would be hanging it up, Mogg has just announced the launching of a brand new venture, Moggs Motel, and a new full-length album to mark the next chapter in the historic career of this British superstar. Moggs Motel is everything a Phil Mogg and UFO fan could hope for in a new album: stellar songwriting, slick production, courtesy of bassist Tony Newtown, and unmatched musicianship, including guitar from UFO alumni Neil Carter alongside guitarist Tommy Gentry and drummer Joe Lazarus!

For proof, just check out the album’s first single, a dynamic blast of pure rock fury, complete with harmonizing guitar solos and heavy atmospherics. At the center of it all remains that unmistakable Mogg voice, a powerhouse of passion and melody that pushes its way to the front of the track. The accompanying music video makes it abundantly clear that Mogg is far from ready to call it quits as an artist.

Watch the video:

Stream/download the single:

Mogg himself declares, “‘Apple Pie’ is the first track off the Moggs Motel extravaganza. It concerns the quest for a piece of the pie, namely ‘Apple’ because I would like a nice large creamy slice this time around. This track was conjured up towards the end of the COVID lockdown. This was our first get together as a team, and a very jolly affair it was too - so enjoy the ride and get a bite... not a nibble please.”

Moggs Motel is set for release on all formats starting September 6. Order your copy today!

Order the CD/Vinyl:

Pre-order/pre-save the digital:

1. Apple Pie
2. Sunny Side Of Heaven
3. Face Of An Angel
4. I Thought I Knew You
5. Princess Bride
6. Other People's Lives
7. Tinker Tailor
8. Weather
9. Harry's Place
10. Wrong House
11. Shane
12. Storyville
13. Taylors Woods

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Americana Pop-Rock Ensemble The Mystic Twangers Announce New Album “Time Slips Away”

New York, New York — The Mystic Twangers, a genre-defying Americana pop-rock collaboration, is thrilled to announce their fifth studio album due to release on July 1st, 2024 on all streaming services. The new collection of 13 tracks weaves together a selection of heartfelt ballads, progressive folk, country pop and high energy rock, that take listeners on an eclectic musical journey.

“Time Slips Away” derives its name from its title track, a poignant reflection on the passage of time and embracing every moment. The album showcases the band’s versatility, seamlessly blending its Americana influences. “Time Slips Away” explores the ebb and flow of life, as songwriter A.G. Twanger delves into moments of joy, heartache, and resilience; creating a tapestry of emotions that universally resonate. “Time Slips Away” is an introspective journey that captures life’s timeless moments.

Still somewhat undiscovered by mainstream audiences, Twanger is a prolific songwriter and performer. His musical journey spans genres, from traditional blues and country to roots reggae and rock. Previously, he released four albums under both his solo moniker and the Mystic Twangers. A.G. Twanger’s true magic lies in his ability to create unforgettable musical moments. His verses resonate with raw emotion, his hooks linger in your mind long after the song ends, and his choruses ignite a collective passion among listeners. When asked about his songwriting approach, A.G. Twanger says, “Writing songs comes naturally. I sit down and think about the world around us, I think about where we’ve been and where we’re going. I think about my family and friends. I think about the happiness and pain we all go through, and then I let the music write itself.”

The album was expertly produced by Rob Friedman, a pre-eminent multi-instrumentalist, engineer, arranger, and songwriter who has been instrumental in producing Grammy winning recordings. Rob’s collaborations with renowned artists such as Dan Zanes, Lou Reed, Sheryl Crow, Natalie Merchant, Bob Weir & Phil Lesh, Suzanne Vega, Philip Glass, Jackson Browne and many others, have left an indelible mark on the music industry. His production and instrumental contributions and collaboration with A.G. Twanger are evident throughout, elevating the songs to new heights.

Track list:
1. Time Slips Away
2. Last Call
3. Never Will
4. Time Out
5. Hallway Mirror
6. I Won’t Give Up
7. Baby Don’t Tell Me
8. The Water’s Rising
9. Two Ragged Drifters
10. Haybo Traveler
11. Another Fallen Hero
12. Ruby Red
13. Do You Know How It Feels

Released July 1, 2024

To purchase:
Available on: Apple Music, Spotify, and all major streaming services

For more information:
Band Camp:
Facebook: //
Instagram: @MysticTwangers

A.G. Twanger
Phone/Text: 917.843.6262

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‘80s New Wave Superstars MISSING PERSONS Blast Into The Past On This Electrifying 1982 Live Album!

Los Angeles, CA – Experience the glory years of '80s new wave with the release of Missing Persons' captivating live performance from 1982! The iconic '80s new wave band, known for their blockbuster hits “Destination Unknown,” “Words,” “Walking In L.A.” and more, invites fans old and new to take a thrilling journey back in time with the official release of Live In Santa Clarita, CA - October 10, 1982. This brilliant vintage recording captures the band at the height of their powers, delivering an electrifying performance that is sure to reignite the passion and energy of the era.

Recorded just after the release of their blockbuster debut album, Spring Session M., this concert showcases Missing Persons in peak form. The band, featuring the dynamic vocalist Dale Bozzio, the massively acclaimed drummer Terry Bozzio, and future Duran Duran guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, captivates the audience with their innovative sound and magnetic stage presence. From the pulsating rhythms to the infectious melodies, every track is a testament to the band's groundbreaking influence on the new wave scene. For a taste of what’s in store, check out the album’s opening number, a vibrant and rousing rendition of “Mental Hopscotch,” which has been released to all streaming platforms today!

Stream/download the single:

Dale Bozzio, the vibrant frontwoman of Missing Persons, continues to keep the band's flame burning brightly. Just last year, she released a new album, Hollywood Lie, that has been met with critical acclaim and has been performing at select shows across the United States, bringing the unforgettable sound of Missing Persons to a new generation of fans. Don't miss this opportunity to experience Missing Persons like never before. The 1982 live album will be available on all formats starting July 12!

Order the CD/Vinyl:

Pre-order/pre-save the digital:

1. Mental Hopscotch
2. Noticeable One
3. Words
4. Tears
5. It Ain't None Of Your Business
6. Bad Streets
7. Windows
8. Here And Now
9. Walking In L.A.
10. No Way Out
11. I Like Boys
12. Destination Unknown

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Veteran Punk Rock Bands Join Forces For The First Ever Punk Rock Tribute To THE ROLLING STONES, Scottish Legends SKIDS Release “WILD HORSES!”

Features Fear, UK Subs, Dead Boys, The Members, The Vibrators, Anti-Nowhere League, Jah Wobble & Jon Klein, Flamin' Groovies and more!”

Los Angeles, CA – Hot on the heels of the wildly successful Punk Floyd - A Tribute To Pink Floyd and High Voltage Punk - A Tribute to AC/DC comes this punk rock salute to the biggest rock band on the planet, The Rolling Stones! Punk Me Up - A Tribute to The Rolling Stones is a unique compilation that features several veteran punk rock bands, renowned for their high-energy performances and rebellious spirit, delivering their own renditions of well-known Rolling Stones songs. Ever wondered what Fear’s take on “Honky Tonk Women” would sound like or The Vibrators’ version of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”? Well, wonder no more!

Punk Me Up showcases the raw power and unbridled energy of punk rock, breathing new life into classic rock radio staples. Just check out Skids’ superb reimagining of the Jagger/Richards countrified ballad “Wild Horses.” The Scottish punk rock kings amp up the song’s dormant, unbridled energy with razor sharp guitar riffs and anthemic voices that transform the ballad into a fist-pumping blast of pure emotion.

Skids frontman Richard Jobson declares “I loved the idea of taking an iconic Stones track and giving it a punch in the guts. What was once a favourite ballad of mine will never ever sound the same again!”

Listen at the link below and then order your copy of the album today!

Stream/download the single:

Punk Me Up will be released on CD, vinyl and digital everywhere starting July 26!

Order the CD/vinyl:
Pre-order/pre-save the digital:

1. Start Me Up - Jah Wobble & Jon Klein
2. Mother's Little Helper - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
3. Honky Tonk Women - Fear
4. Rocks Off - Reagan Youth
5. Paint It Black - UK Subs & Dead Boys
6. Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Queers
7. Midnight Rambler - JFA
8. Satisfaction - The Vibrators
9. Sympathy For The Devil - Anti-Nowhere League
10. She Said Yeah - Flamin' Groovies
11. Wild Horses - Skids
12. Miss You - Angry Samoans
13. Angie - The Members
14.Gimme Shelter - Chrome
15. Street Fighting Man - Pink Fairies

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Prog Ensemble Circuline’s New Album “C.O.R.E” Released on the Inner Nova Music Label on September 20th, 2024

Prog Ensemble Circuline’s highly anticipated new album “C.O.R.E.” will be released on the Inner Nova Music label on September 20th, 2024. Circuline’s 2024 “C.O.R.E.” Virtual Tour began Friday, January 12th, 2024, and will consist of 57 events in 48 weeks, with Single releases, Lyric videos, Official videos, “Behind the Scenes” videos, and Livestream Q&A events where the band is able to connect with their fans around the world.

Says keyboardist Andrew Colyer, “With this international virtual tour, we have two goals: 1.) We want to get our music exposed to as many people as possible, to continue to grow our fan base worldwide. 2.) We want to deepen our relationships with the fans who are the most passionate. Releasing singles, lyric videos, and Official Videos accomplishes the first goal, and by doing these in-depth, ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos, we accomplish the second goal. Packaging everything together into a single 12-month celebration of the new album will hopefully capture more attention for future opportunities for live performing and touring, with this fantastic new lineup.”

Circuline’s “C.O.R.E.” was written and recorded between 2018 and 2023, for this album the band wanted to keep all the writing “in-house”. So, the majority of the material was written by Andrew, Darin, and Natalie. Billy Spillane had input into almost every song, before he decided it was time to move on. Two of the songs were co-written with Matt Dorsey, who is still a good friend and colleague of the band’s – Andrew will be performing with his band at the International ProgStock Festival this year.  Alek Darson had invaluable input during the writing and arranging stages. Shelby and Dave brought new perspectives and their own unique artistry to these songs, and the band couldn’t be happier with the result. The icing on the cake is to have good friend Joe Deninzon (Kansas, Stratospheerius) as a Guest Artist for some killer electric violin parts!

Says Andrew, “Since the music is the easiest part of the writing for us, we focused on the Songwriting - the lyrics and melodies. That’s the hardest part for us, which is one of the many reasons it took so long to finish the record. We are natural “long-form storytellers”, with most of our songs in the past being six to eight minutes long. Our intention is to appeal to a wider audience, which often means shorter attention spans, so we challenged ourselves to write some shorter, “radio-friendly, pop-rock” songs. We also wanted to write some faster songs, since our default in the past has been in the mid-tempo, more mellow range. So, we accomplished that. I got my ‘power ballad anthem’ in there. Of course, our influences of modern and classic progressive rock, such as YES, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, and Gong, are also represented. It’s definitely an eclectic album.”

Track Listing
1) Tempus Horribilis (6:22) - out of the gate, a proggy epic about the turbulent times we’ve been living in.....
2) Third Rail (4:20) - a short-form song about the hazardous topics in relationships.....
3) Say Their Name (6:18) - think “Steven Wilson meets Pierre Moerlin’s Gong”.....
4) All (7:54) - co-written with Matt Dorsey, it’s a prog epic in 9.....
5) Temporal Thing (5:51) - a song about the ambivalence that can present in long-term relationships.....
6) You (6:22) - dark, man.....
7) Blindside (6:08) - co-written with Matt Dorsey, it’s your power ballad anthem.....
8) Transmission Error (9:23) - another song about relationships, “finding yourself”, or space creatures.  We still can’t decide.  It’s your 10-minute prog epic to close the album!

Recorded at:
The Cave, Red Hook, New York.  Engineered by Andrew Colyer.
Old Street Studios, London, England.  Engineered by Shelby Logan Warne
Open Sky Studios.  Baltimore, Maryland.  Engineered by Dave Bainbridge.
Joe’s Place.  Kansas Touring Rig.  Engineered by Joe Deninzon.

Mixed by Billboard-charting veteran producer Robert Berry (Keith Emerson, Carl Palmer, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes, John Wetton, Jordan Rudess, Ambrosia, Sammy Hagar, December People, 3.2 band, Six by Six band) at Soundtek Studios in Campbell, California.

Link to “All” Official Video:
Link to “All” Lyric Video:
Link to “Story Behind the Song” [Season 3, Episode 3]:
Link to “Gear Behind the Music” [Season 3, Episode 3]:
Link to “Behind the Official Video” [Season 3, Episode 2]:
Link to “LiveStream Q&A #2” [Season 3, Episode 2]:

Six years in the making, Circuline’s new album “C.O.R.E.”, released on the Inner Nova Music label on Friday, September 20th, 2024, will be available as an album of eight tracks available in a gatefold digipak CD, with an eight-page booklet of lyrics and liner notes. The album explores themes in romantic relationships, surviving abuse, finding one’s own personal power, and the turbulent times in which we live.

Circuline has a new lineup, with new band members Shelby Logan Warne (Kyros) on bass and vocals, and Dave Bainbridge on guitars (Strawbs, IONA, Lifesigns). Guest Artist Joe Deninzon (Kansas, Stratospheerius) on electric violin. Keyboardist/vocalist Andrew Colyer (Robert Berry’s 3.2 Band, The Tubes), drummer Darin Brannon (Downing Grey, Surface Tension), and lead vocalist Natalie Brown (Evita, Rocky Horror Picture Show) complete the band’s lineup.

Number #1 in Portugal. Top 10 in Japan. Prog-Award Nominated. Global Music Award Winning. With sales in 23 countries, Circuline’s fan base is growing daily. The band has toured with Glass Hammer, repeatedly co-headlined the three-day Sonic Voyage Festival, and toured England opening for IO Earth. Circuline has performed at the International Rites of Spring festival (RoSfest), Philadelphia's Liberty Music Fest, Chicago’s Progtoberfest, New Jersey’s ProgStock, and England’s Harmonix Festival.

CORE Virtual Tour Dates:
Friday, June 21st - Song #4 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, June 23rd - Song #4 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, June 28th - Song #5 - Single Release
Friday, July 5th - Song #5 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, July 12th - Song #5 - Lyric Video
Friday, July 19th - Song #5- Story Behind the Song
Friday, July 26th - Song #5 - Official Video
Friday, August 2nd - Song #5 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, August 4th - Song #5 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, August 9th - Song #6 - Single Release
Friday, August 16th - Song #6 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, August 23rd - Song #6 - Lyric Video
Friday, August 30th - Song #6 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, September 6th - Song #6 - Official Video
Friday, September 13 - Song #6 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, September 15th - Song #6 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, September 20th - Album Release Day!
Friday, September 20th - Song #7 - Single Release
Saturday, September 21st - Album Release Livestream
Friday, September 27th - Song #7 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, October 4th - Song #7 - Lyric Video
Friday, October 11th - Song #7 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, October 18th - Song #7 - Official Video
Friday, October 25th - Song #7 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, October 27th - Song #7 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, November 1st - Song #8 - Single Release
Friday, November 8th - Song #8 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, November 15th - Song #8 - Lyric Video
Friday, November 22nd - Song #8 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, November 29th - Song #8 - Official Video
Friday, December 6th - Song #8 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, December 8th - Song #8 - Livestream Q&A

Watch the album launch video:

To purchase:

For more information:

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Metal Legend THOR Releases 5th Video Single From Power Loaded Album “Ride of the Iron Horse”

Los Angeles - Thor led by Jon Mikl Thor releases his 5th video single titled "Bring it On"  from the recently released album “Ride of the Iron Horse”. The video is edited by Ted Jedlicki with the song produced by Frank Meyer and Kevin Stuart Swain. Co-writer Frank Meyer, who now performs with the band Fear, makes a cameo appearance in the video.

Watch the video:

It's the record that keeps on giving with Thor celebrating his 50th anniversary.

THOR has already toured North America this year to jammed packed enthusiastic audiences and is currently working on numerous upcoming projects.

In keeping up with demand, Cleopatra Records have been re-releasing a series of Thor's past recordings on vinyl in spectacular fashion. “Keep the Dogs Away” was re-released on purple haze vinyl, “Only the Strong” on splatter vinyl and the upcoming the follow up to “Dogs”, “Electric Eyes” on a golden disc. “Beyond the Pain Barrier” is on a purple/blue platter.

As if that wasn't enough for the Thor Korr to raise their hammers about, a new Thor website created by Thor Korr member Ameenah Williams will be launched as a link to on Thursday, June 20th.

An enduring icon of glam/rock metal, and one of the true originators of theater rock, Thor's enviable career is stronger than ever.

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Guitar Virtuoso MARCUS NAND Announces Brand New Solo Album THE TRAVELER, Shares New Single “MAKE A LITTLE TIME!”

Los Angeles, CA – Internationally renowned guitar player Marcus Nand is thrilled to announce the release of his brand new single "Make A Little Time," the latest offering from his forthcoming solo album, The Traveler. Born in the UK and raised in Spain, Marcus Nand's musical journey has been deeply influenced by his diverse background in flamenco guitar, blues, and rock. His unique blend of styles has earned him acclaim in projects such as the metal band Freak Of Nature, featuring White Lion singer Mike Tramp, and the world music-influenced rock band Ziroq, alongside famed David Bowie bassist Carmine Rojas.

Released on the heels of the album’s first single, the propulsive rocker “Long Way Down,” “Make A Little Time” slows things down for a mid-tempo track that gives Nand plenty of space to showcase his tasteful guitar playing. It also highlights Nand’s powerful, soulful vocals, which demonstrate the incredible amount of passion and love Nand pours into his music.

Stream/download the single:

Speaking about the album as a whole, Nand says, “The Traveler is definitely a very musical guitar album - but not as you’d expect. There are lots of textures and depth to the guitars and I was careful in making sure they created an atmosphere and supported the vocals. A lot of care went into the writing, production and the vocals because I wanted every element to be strong and sound like a great ‘band’ - which I think it does!”

The Traveler is a testament to Nand's exceptional talent and dedication, with each track composed or co-written by Nand himself. The album features guest appearances by Nand’s former bandmates Tramp and Rojas as well as Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens and others, who add a rich layer of collaboration to the project.

Marcus Nand's The Traveler is more than just an album; it is a musical odyssey that invites listeners to embark on a journey through Nand's diverse influences and experiences. Look for it on CD, vinyl and digital starting August 2!

Order the CD/vinyl:
Pre-order/pre-save the digital:

1. The Traveler
2. Living For A Dream
3. Alive
4. Make A Little Time
5. Long Way Down
6. Who Do You Hold?
7. A Beautiful Thing
8. Do We Bleed?
9. Gypsy Song
10. Destined To Fly

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Veteran Punk Icons DOWN BY LAW Return With A Commanding New Single “STAND UP, STAND DOWN” From Forthcoming Studio Album, CRAZY DAYS!!

Los Angeles, CA – Punk rock veterans Down By Law (DBL) are back with a vengeance, announcing the release of their electrifying new single “Stand Up, Stand Down,” a powerful track from their highly anticipated album Crazy Days, set to drop later this summer. DBL frontman, the legendary Dave Smalley, along with longtime guitarist Sam Williams, return to the forefront with renewed passion, delivering a set of studio recordings that promise to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers to the punk scene. With a career spanning over 30 years, DBL have consistently delivered high-energy, thought-provoking music, and Crazy Days will be no exception.

Known for their influential role in shaping modern punk rock, DBL has been a force to be reckoned with since their inception. Over the decades, they've built a legacy of raw, unfiltered punk anthems that resonate with authenticity and passion. Crazy Days encapsulates the band's rich history and experiences, offering a sonic journey that reflects their storied past and enduring spirit.

While Smalley’s vocals and Williams’s riffs have been a staple of the band's sound, drummer Matt Morris adds fresh energy to the lineup with dynamic drumming that brings a new dimension to DBL's signature style. Together, they deliver 12 original tracks that are pure, superpowered modern punk rock, brimming with both energy and depth. Just check out the first single from the album “Stand Up, Stand Down,” which has been released to all digital music outlets today!

Stream/download the single:

“The Down By Law musical journey has been so varied and musically diverse over the years, and this one is perhaps DBL’s best example of that. Sam Williams just killed it on this album, from truly advanced songwriting to his always insane guitar playing,” said singer Dave Smalley, “Add in some truly remarkable drumming from Matt Morris, and honestly this is a personal kind of album, for anyone who loves diverse punk rock!”

Watch for Crazy Days to arrive in both CD and vinyl July 12, anywhere fine music is sold!

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1. Stand Up, Stand Down
2. Crazy Days
3. Drink Deep
4. Break Away
5. Requiem
6. Not Just You
7. Tradition
8. Fire Away
9. Wandering Train
10. Set Me Free
11. Time After Last
12. Let It Slip

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ROBOT KIDS ELECTRIC Launches “WAKE UP” - A Robotic Adventure In Children’s Music!

Los Angeles, CA – Robot Kids Electric is thrilled to announce the release of "Wake Up," a groundbreaking single from their new line of children's music. Inspired by the iconic sounds of electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, “Wake Up” offers a unique blend of rhythm and robot-themed fun, appealing to both children and adults.

This song is not just the first in a series; it's a flagship invitation to explore a world where technology meets creativity. The accompanying music video brings the theme to life with stunning animations and playful robot characters that dance their way into the hearts of families everywhere.

Watch the video:

Available now on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, "Wake Up" is poised to become a favorite in playlists across the globe. Perfect for starting the day or energizing a family dance party, this song ensures every listen is full of excitement and joy.

Stream/download the single:

And watch for a full-length Robot Kids Electric album coming later this year!

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Cleopatra Entertainment Announces The U.S. Theatrical Premier of COCAINE WEREWOLF Comedy/Horror Film at Historic Arcadia Theatre in Wellsboro, PA on Friday, July 5th 2024

Cleopatra Entertainment Announces The U.S. Theatrical Premier of COCAINE WEREWOLF Comedy/Horror Film at Historic Arcadia Theatre in Wellsboro, PA on Friday, July 5th 2024

Cleopatra Entertainment has released their official Trailer for their latest horror/comedy venture COCAINE WEREWOLF that was filmed in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania - a small town with historic charm that’s nestled in the northern section of Pennsylvania’s mysterious Appalachian Mountains - and has announced its official U.S. Theatrical premier for Friday, July 5th, 2024 with a second engagement on Saturday, July 6th.

COCAINE WEREWOLF was written by Tyger Torrez and directed by cult film master Mark Polonia - who’s notorious for nearly 100 film credits on his resume and who teaches Film Production at nearby Mansfield University - and produced by Cleopatra’s Tim Yasui and David Sterling from Sterling Entertainment. The film stars Marie DeLorenzo (Amityville Island, Invasion Of The Empire Of The Apes), Jeff Kirkendall (Sharkula, Return To Splatter Farm), Titus Himmelberger (Cocaine Shark, Sharkenstein), Ken Van Sant (Bigfoot Vs Zombies, Jurassic Prey), Brice Kennedy (Splatter Beach, Razorteeth), Yolie Canales (Jurassic Shark 3, Amityville In Space) and Noyes Lawton (Jurassic Exorcist, Bride of the Werewolf).

In COCAINE WEREWOLF, cocaine, cash and a crew filming a low-budget horror movie in the eerie woods of northern Pennsylvania clash when an unexpected visit from a blood-thirsty werewolf literally enters the picture – with deadly results! A Gothic Industrial Rock soundtrack especially created for the film (courtesy of Cleopatra Records) perfectly sets the mood for one wild and crazy howling at the moon affair that DEADLINE called “a thrilling yet humorous ride”!

The original motion picture soundtrack includes music from The 69 Cats, Front Line Assembly, Pink Fairies, Switchblade Symphony, Hawkestrel, Synaesthesia, The Brains, Mike Pinera, Hollywood After Dark & more!

Digital release:

The U.S. theatrical premiere is set for Friday, July 5th at the historic Arcadia Theater in downtown Wellsboro, Pennsylvania with a second screening planned for Saturday, July 6th. Built in 1921, the theater is located just steps from the mountains where COCAINE WEREWOLF was filmed. A live, in-person Q&A session with Director Mark Polonia and Cast members will take place immediately following the screening. The official release date for the Home Entertainment Blu Ray and DVD versions will be August 13th, 2024, followed by a VOD and Cable TV release this coming November 2024.

Watch the trailer:

To purchase tickets to attend the Theatrical Premier at the Arcadia Theater on Friday July 5th and/or Saturday July 6th, please visit:

To pre-order your copy of COCAINE WEREWOLF, please find the link here:

For more information about COCAINE WEREWOLF and Cleopatra Entertainment, please contact VP/General Manager Tim Yasui, or (310) 526-7210.

About Cleopatra Entertainment:

Cleopatra Entertainment is a Los Angeles based multimedia company founded by Cleopatra Records head Brian Perera. Recent films in release include the Japanese Sci-Fi hit SHIN ULTRAMAN, the award-winning TUBULAR BELLS: 50th ANNIVERSARY TOUR, Glenn Danzig’s cult horror classic DEATH RIDER IN THE HOUSE OF VAMPIRES and the critically acclaimed biopic STREET SURVIVORS: THE TRUE STORY OF THE LYNYRD SKYNYRD PLANE CRASH. Please visit us at

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STEVE PLUNKETT, The Voice Of Rock Band AUTOGRAPH, Unveils Long-Awaited Second Solo Album, Shares First Single!

Los Angeles, CA – The year was 1984, the year of the cassette boombox and the Sony Walkman, and the year when a little band from Los Angeles invited the world to “Turn Up The Radio.” That band was Autograph, fronted by the fiery-haired powerhouse vocalist Steve Plunkett, and their single became an immediate smash hit from the debut album Sign In Please and was featured in numerous films and TV shows of that era.

But as big as Autograph was, it could not contain the creative energy of Plunkett. He soon found a new career as an in-demand songwriter for bands such as The Go-Go's, Edgar Winter and Vixen as well as doing production work for Cyndi Lauper and Graham Nash. He released his first solo album in 1991, an album that showed Plunkett’s growing confidence in both his own songwriting and studio techniques. Now, more than 3 decades later, Plunkett is ready to release his second solo album, a smokin’ hot collection called Straight Up.

This 10-track all-killer, no-filler album cranks up the volume knob to 11 and shows that Plunkett hasn’t lost an ounce of the passion and power that made him a hard rock hero! Just check out the album’s first single, “Rock Machine,” which kicks off with a driving guitar lick and chanted lyric that lunges straight at the listener’s jugular. It’s a powerblast of pure, unfiltered rock mania as only Plunkett knows how to deliver.

Stream/download the single:

Reflecting on the album, Plunkett declares, “With Straight Up, I wanted to get back to rock basics. No parameters or targets - just the kind of real rock that got me excited back in the day. Fast, fun and loud!”

Stream/download the single:

Straight Up will be available on both CD and digital July 26. Order your copy today!

Order the CD:

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1. Rock Machine
2. Here We Go
3. First Step
4. Six String Hero
5. Rock Star
6. We're Gonna Jam
7. Knock Out Punch
8. On The Stage
9. Gotta Jump
10. Start It Up

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Keyboardist/Songwriter Neal Rosner Releases Rare Album “Love Isn't The Answer”

Keyboardist/songwriter Neal Rosner is releasing a rare album titled “Love Isn’t The Answer.” As a limited edition, this album was first Released 1999, but only recently released to stores via DistroKid in 2024. Created at a time of maximal stress, maximal change, Divorce, the stupid MAN things we do...

Neal plays all instruments except guitar, which is played by Marty Mayer. Neal plays Keyboard percussion and drum machine midi with Korg 01W. He sings lead and backup vocals. Barbara Rosner on backup vocals and spoken word. Rae Nimeh, a brilliant engineer, who did early work w Disturbed, also worked on the album.

I am a 72y/o Soon to be retired Radiologist. Music is my antidepressant therapy. Something I just have to do. Listening to music is an intimate communication with the artist’s brain. It gives a strange sense of immortality.” – Neal Rosner

1. Love Isn’t the Answer - Closest thing to a techno/disco beat. Just Fun
2. Joanna - Kinda Santana meets calypso. Great guitar work by Marty Mayer.
3. Blame Me - The ultimate divorce song. The beginning spoken word based on a phone message from my very pissed off first wife.
4. Oblivion - A rocker in 6/8 time.
5. Little Egypt - One of many songs of the same title. The Belly Dancer at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The enthusiasm of innocence.
6. Flagpole - Another rocker and an FU to an old friend.
7. Graduation Day - Another reflection of the changes... my graduation into another life. Brilliant guitar by Marty Mayer (Cal- City’s Finest).
8. The Ballad of Danny T - A naive romantic vision of a homeless person in the old Chicago Skid Row.
9. 10. DEJAME QUEDARME/ Let Me Stay - English and Spanish versions of the same song.
11. 12. Dios Bendiga Las Chicas/ God Bless the Ladies - English and Spanish versions of the same song.
13. CALLS - My attempt at juvenile Sophomoric humor.
14. Callyda - My symphonic instrumental. I am proud of this one. All instruments from a Korg 01W. The brass voices are the best and a very sensitive realistic vibrato. Brilliant engineering. Thanks Rae.

To support the album, in June Neal plans to start playing his music with members of his band McLuhan. He is also working with Ellis Clark recording some new songs and hopes to release a new album next year.

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Legendary NYC New Wave Band The Shirts Return with Infectious New Single and Video “Move On Groove On”

New York, NY – After a 13-year hiatus, iconic New York City band The Shirts are back with a vengeance. The band, which first rose to prominence in the late '70s CBGB scene, returns with “Move On Groove On,” a blistering new single that captures the raw energy and infectious hooks that made them a favorite of that era.

“Move On Groove On,” along with the evocative “Deux Royale,” marks the first taste of new music from The Shirts since their critically acclaimed 2010 album, The Tiger Must Jump. The single finds the band, who released three influential albums with Capitol Records (Harvest in the UK) – The Shirts (1978), Street Light Shine (1979), and Inner Sleeve (1980) – firing on all cylinders. They deliver a potent blend of their signature new wave and angular guitar power pop, infused with balladry that exudes a fresh yet nostalgic edge.

Accompanying the single is a kinetic music video for “Move On Groove On,” showcasing the band's enduring stage presence and the song's undeniable groove. Directed by Vince Misiano, the video has the band playing in a hip New York City club, a nod to their roots, pulsating with the same energy that made them a live force to be reckoned with.

Watch the video for “Move On Groove On”:

The Shirts' reunion, sparked by a chance meeting of Bob and Annie on a street in Park Slope, Brooklyn in Oct 2023 brings together surviving original members and longtime collaborators. Lead singer Annie Golden, who has since enjoyed a successful acting career in TV, film, and theater, most notably on Broadway where she received a Grammy in 2022 for Into The Woods (cast album singing Stephen Sondheim) unites with bassist Robert Racioppo, an accomplished painter. Guitarist Arthur Lamonica, who writes, records and actively performs with his band Rome 56, also rejoins the fold. Fans will recall Lamonica penned their 1978 hit “Tell Me Your Plans,” which brought the band considerable success, particularly in the Netherlands, where Rome 56 continues to tour regularly alongside dates in New York and the UK. John Piccolo contributed most recently on recordings and videos with Frank’s Museum, Mike West and Caren Messing. Annie Golden dedicates her participation to John Rost, Jr. “JR” – friend, filmmaker, photographer and Shirts archivist whom we lost in 2023.

Later this year, a 7” vinyl single of  “Move On Groove On” c/w “Deux Royale” will be released via Think Like A Key Music, a fitting addition to their eclectic series featuring the likes of Andy Bown, Blossom Toes, and Arthur Brown.

“Move On Groove On” / “Deux Royale” is available digitally on May 31st, with the limited edition 7” vinyl to follow later this year.

Social Media – The Shirts Fan Page - Facebook:

Stream/Pre-order link:

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Austrian Guitar Virtuoso Gerald Gradwohl Releases New Video From Latest Album “… Or What?”

Austrian jazz/fusion guitarist Gerald Gradwohl released his critically acclaimed new album “… Or What?” on May 3, 2024. In support of his new album, Gerald has released a new promotional video.

Says Gerald, “This is a compilation of the complete album '...Or What?' which features Adam Nitti, Kirk Covington, Bill Evans, Gergo Borlai, Stephan Maass. They were and still are a creative inspiration in my musical life and I am grateful to have these monster musicians on my record!”

Watch the video:

Adam Nitti, Kirk Covington, Bill Evans, Gergo Borlai and Stephan Maass. What sounds like a “Who's Who” in the present jazz-rock/fusion scene, is actually the lineup for electric guitarist Gerald Gradwohl's new album “…Or What?”

A Jazz, Rock and Funk gumbo combined to make an energetic, and exciting project, that not only showcases the amazing instrumental capabilities of these musicians, but also features the exceptional musicality, and the extraordinary chemistry that this band creates together.

Gerald has worked with Kirk Covington since 2002, when they recorded the album “ABQ” with Bob Berg, and Gary Willis, the album making big waves in the fusion scene. The idea to make a mutual album with Adam and Kirk was given birth during the tour in 2014 and could now finally be realized this year.

Modern recording techniques have made it possible to capture these exceptional musicians together on this album. The sessions and what was captured cannot be described in words here……you'll need to hear the recording. It's stunning.

Working at the highest level of quality, jazz meets rock!”

Gerald Gradwohl - guitar
Adam Nitti - bass
Kirk Covington - drums, vocals also featuring:
Bill Evans - sax
Gergo Borlai - drums
Stephan Maass - perc.

Track list:
1 Paradoxon
2 Cheap Chunk
3 Color Of Magic
4 Unterwurzacher
5 What Are We Gonna Do Tomorrow
6 Still There
7 The Course
8 Gerephitti

Release date May 3, 2024

To purchase:

For more information:

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Fairport Convention "It All Came Round Again: Onstage and On Air 1982-1998" Deluxe Boxset to be Released on Madfish July 26, 2024

Reissue specialists Madfish are proud to present the Fairport Convention “It All Came Around Again: Onstage and On Air 1982-90” deluxe boxset.

For the first time ever, fans can experience the timeless magic of Fairport Convention’s second Golden age all in one place with this meticulously crafted and comprehensive package.

With access to hours of live performances both on stage at Cropredy and in session on the BBC, this bespoke Madfish offering, curated by Bert Jansch/John McLaughlin biographer Colin Harper, is the definitive tribute to the legendary British folk-rock band’s enduring legacy.

The Fairport Convention legend was forged between 1967 and 1979 – 12 years, 16 albums, umpteen line-ups and four exhausted people at the end of it. In August 1980, the last line-up – Simon Nicol, Dave Swarbrick, Dave Pegg and Bruce Rowland – reunited for a day in a farmer’s field in Cropredy, Oxfordshire, establishing the iconic 'Fairport's Cropredy Convention' festival in the process. Five relatively quiet years passed by before, in 1985 and by popular demand, a new recording and touring Fairport Convention assembled around Peggy and Simon. Everything moved up a gear. There would be four new albums by 1990 and BBC Radio welcomed the reborn folk-rockers with remarkable regularity.

Watch the Trailer:

*Limited edition 11CD + DVD set with 60-page book and slipcase
*Reproduction memorabilia signed by four members of the legendary 1970 Full House line-up: Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks
*Live at Cropredy Festival 1982–84 and 1986–87 plus BBC concerts and studio sessions
*Guest performances from Ralph McTell, June Tabor, Ian Anderson & Martin Barre (Jethro Tull)
*134 audio tracks – 57 previously unreleased
* Over 100 minutes of BBC DVD content including three bonus sessions from 1972–76

Mastering is by the mighty Eroc and the 60-page booklet features an extensive new essay by Kate Bush/John Martyn biographer Graeme Thomson, new appreciations by Fairport biographers Patrick Humphries and Nigel Schofield, vintage interview features by Colin Irwin and Mat Snow and superb photography from Dave Peabody.

The Fairport Convention “It All Came Round Again: Onstage And On Air 1982-1990’’ Boxset will be released on Madfish on 26th July. Pre-order here:  Madfish (

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