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Guitar Virtuoso MARCUS NAND Announces Brand New Solo Album THE TRAVELER, Shares New Single “MAKE A LITTLE TIME!”

Los Angeles, CA – Internationally renowned guitar player Marcus Nand is thrilled to announce the release of his brand new single "Make A Little Time," the latest offering from his forthcoming solo album, The Traveler. Born in the UK and raised in Spain, Marcus Nand's musical journey has been deeply influenced by his diverse background in flamenco guitar, blues, and rock. His unique blend of styles has earned him acclaim in projects such as the metal band Freak Of Nature, featuring White Lion singer Mike Tramp, and the world music-influenced rock band Ziroq, alongside famed David Bowie bassist Carmine Rojas.

Released on the heels of the album’s first single, the propulsive rocker “Long Way Down,” “Make A Little Time” slows things down for a mid-tempo track that gives Nand plenty of space to showcase his tasteful guitar playing. It also highlights Nand’s powerful, soulful vocals, which demonstrate the incredible amount of passion and love Nand pours into his music.

Stream/download the single:

Speaking about the album as a whole, Nand says, “The Traveler is definitely a very musical guitar album - but not as you’d expect. There are lots of textures and depth to the guitars and I was careful in making sure they created an atmosphere and supported the vocals. A lot of care went into the writing, production and the vocals because I wanted every element to be strong and sound like a great ‘band’ - which I think it does!”

The Traveler is a testament to Nand's exceptional talent and dedication, with each track composed or co-written by Nand himself. The album features guest appearances by Nand’s former bandmates Tramp and Rojas as well as Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens and others, who add a rich layer of collaboration to the project.

Marcus Nand's The Traveler is more than just an album; it is a musical odyssey that invites listeners to embark on a journey through Nand's diverse influences and experiences. Look for it on CD, vinyl and digital starting August 2!

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1. The Traveler
2. Living For A Dream
3. Alive
4. Make A Little Time
5. Long Way Down
6. Who Do You Hold?
7. A Beautiful Thing
8. Do We Bleed?
9. Gypsy Song
10. Destined To Fly

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Austrian Guitar Virtuoso Gerald Gradwohl Releases New Video From Latest Album “… Or What?”

Austrian jazz/fusion guitarist Gerald Gradwohl released his critically acclaimed new album “… Or What?” on May 3, 2024. In support of his new album, Gerald has released a new promotional video.

Says Gerald, “This is a compilation of the complete album '...Or What?' which features Adam Nitti, Kirk Covington, Bill Evans, Gergo Borlai, Stephan Maass. They were and still are a creative inspiration in my musical life and I am grateful to have these monster musicians on my record!”

Watch the video:

Adam Nitti, Kirk Covington, Bill Evans, Gergo Borlai and Stephan Maass. What sounds like a “Who's Who” in the present jazz-rock/fusion scene, is actually the lineup for electric guitarist Gerald Gradwohl's new album “…Or What?”

A Jazz, Rock and Funk gumbo combined to make an energetic, and exciting project, that not only showcases the amazing instrumental capabilities of these musicians, but also features the exceptional musicality, and the extraordinary chemistry that this band creates together.

Gerald has worked with Kirk Covington since 2002, when they recorded the album “ABQ” with Bob Berg, and Gary Willis, the album making big waves in the fusion scene. The idea to make a mutual album with Adam and Kirk was given birth during the tour in 2014 and could now finally be realized this year.

Modern recording techniques have made it possible to capture these exceptional musicians together on this album. The sessions and what was captured cannot be described in words here……you'll need to hear the recording. It's stunning.

Working at the highest level of quality, jazz meets rock!”

Gerald Gradwohl - guitar
Adam Nitti - bass
Kirk Covington - drums, vocals also featuring:
Bill Evans - sax
Gergo Borlai - drums
Stephan Maass - perc.

Track list:
1 Paradoxon
2 Cheap Chunk
3 Color Of Magic
4 Unterwurzacher
5 What Are We Gonna Do Tomorrow
6 Still There
7 The Course
8 Gerephitti

Release date May 3, 2024

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Be-Bop Deluxe Legend Bill Nelson’s Unreleased Album “Powertron” Available May 3, 2024!

Recorded in 2016, “Powertron” has languished in the Bill Nelson archives for eight years.

A potent collection of twelve pieces that highlight Nelson’s prowess and invention as a guitarist.

Its genesis came whilst recording tracks for ‘The Jewel’ album. Amongst these was a track titled ‘Drive Shaft’ which I considered too brash for ‘The Jewel’, but too good to abandon. I decided to create a suitable album to house ‘Drive Shaft’ and ‘Powertron’ was the result. It’s an album of left-field rock songs, mainly vocal but layered with loud and edgy guitars. It will appeal to those who enjoy the wilder side of my work.” - Bill Nelson

Track list:
01) Fascinating Noise
02) A River On The Edge Of Time
03) Dreams And Smoke (Flow With The River)
04) The Moon Came In My Window
05) Where's The Wonder?
06) Loose Chippings
07) When I Don't Feel Blue
08) Moments In The Day
09) Fair Winds And Steam Machines
10) Sailing My Boat
11) Laughing Sailors, Raging Seas
12) Drive Shaft

To pre-order CD in jewel case:

Also available:
Starlight Stories”:
All The Fun Of The Fair”:

Available as both physical CD (from Burning Shed) or as a digital download (from Bandcamp).

For more information:

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Guitarist Fernando Perdomo Announces New Solo Album “Self” CD and Digital Release – June 14, 2024

Spirit Of Unicorn Music are pleased to announce the release of ”Self”, the new solo album from guitarist Fernando Perdomo.

Perdomo is best known for being a member of The Dave Kerzner Band, Marshall Crenshaw’s touring band, as well as having a number of other side projects. He was also a featured guitarist in the movie Echo In The Canyon, where he plays alongside Jakob Dylan, Fiona Apple, Beck, Norah Jones and Brian Wilson.

However “Self” sees Perdomo take on all writing, performing and production duties himself, being solely responsible for the creation, evolution and recording of every note and lyric on the album. Perdomo comments “‘Self’ is not just an album. It is a definition of who I am. It is the most complete statement I have ever made as a recording artist.”

With influences as broad as Todd Rundgren, YES, Emitt Rhodes, Paul McCartney and Jason Falkner, this beautiful collection of songs is, at times both uplifting and self-reflective.  It displays Perdomo’s enviable versatility as a musician and songwriter. The album boasts pop/rock songs, melancholy ballads, flavors of Latin-tinged yacht rock through to finger style guitar and, of course, an eponymous epic prog composition.

Perdomo goes on to say “‘Self’ is the most eclectic album I have ever made. It is truly a full representation of what I can accomplish using the studio as an instrument of intense creativity and a tool for self-realization”.

“Self” is mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winning Zach Ziskin.

Watch the video for “Searching For Myself”:

Pre-orders for “Self” can be placed now via Cherry Red Records:

photo by Myriam Santos

Track Listing:
1. Searching For Myself (4:11)
2. Who I Really Am (4:10)
3. Everything Leads To Now (2:54)
4. Optimist Prime (2:13)
5. Absolute Silence (2:21)
6. All Of Us Under The Same Moon (2:19)
7. Self (19:42)

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Singer/Songwriter Ted Brown Releases Third Studio Album “Solstice Canyon Loop”

Best known as longtime guitarist, vocalist and collaborator in the Greg Johnson Band, Ted releases his third studio album Solstice Canyon Loop. Tracked at PLYRZ Studio in Santa Clarita CA June 27-28, 2020, the songs tell stories of Ted’s journey from his hometown of Auckland NZ to his current home of Los Angeles CA where he’s lived since 2002.

Says Ted, “Those months, the pandemic, had me reminiscing and transported back in time like I think it did for so many people and the songs I wrote are mostly a product of that period. Moments from the past came back to me in vivid but fleeting pieces, and I found that I’d mix up things that happened in the U.S. with experiences from my hometown! In the end, the songs take place in either the NZ of my youth, or the 21st Century in SoCal!”

The album “Solstice Canyon Loop” is a reminiscence of a journey. From Ted’s crazy, dangerous troubled twenties in my hometown of AK New Zealand, to his restoration to sanity in Los Angeles CA. He was able to start again in the U.S. and had time to really pause and reflect on this during the lockdown months of the pandemic. Plus, Ted really got in touch with the memory of some of those who never made it.

Calling on members of his 70’s Country cover band, The Electric Fields, Ted assembled some of his favorite L.A. guys to play on the record. Notably, Dusty Wakeman on Bass (Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams, Buck Owens), Mark Hart on Keys (Crowded House, Supertramp), Joel Martin on Guitar (Grateful to the Core, Pearl), Tim Walker on Pedal Steel (Glen Campbell, Jimmy Webb, The White Buffalo) and CalArts Alum and musician extraordinaire Rob Anderson on Drums. Ben King, Ted’s Greg Johnson bandmate, added sweet harmonies from his studio in NZ.

Says Ted, “I was fortunate to have NZ Recording Engineer Neil Baldock living and working in L.A. at the time and based at Jim Scott’s Plyrz studio. I knew he was planning to return home so I really wanted to get the songs down. Fortunately, Plyrz is a huge space (ideal for social distancing) and basically a playground of instruments and gear where we were able to track the tunes live, including vocals. We did it the old-fashioned way with everyone playing together in the room. We tracked seven and I recorded the last song, Lauraly, at my home studio in West L.A. The names have, in some cases, been changed or abbreviated but never to protect the innocent, mostly ‘cos they ‘sang’ better. Postproduction was a trans-pacific process but I’m stoked that we got there in the end (thanks Neil!). I’m really proud of this record and everyone who was involved. Hope you enjoy it!”

This highly accomplished third solo album finds him in full southwest alt country mode telling hard won life lessons and stories in the company of a superb, punchy band….Brown is in strong voice and these eight, diverse songs are lyrically concise, focused and stand favourably alongside whatever other you might be enjoying.” - Graham Reid- Elsewhere (NZ)

Powered by his robust and honeyed tenor, the songs here speak of grown-up regrets, love and longing. And they do that while weaving their own understated mid-tempo magic that's part country-rock, part singer-songwriter balladry.” - Russell Baillie - NZ Herald

First Single “Mr O’Neil” on 3 hourly rotate here:

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Alchemy Records Elevates the Vibe With “Momentarily,” the Highly Anticipated New Album From Guitarist Jon Durant

PORTLAND, OR - Alchemy Records is thrilled to announce the release of “Momentarily,” an ensemble tour de force from celebrated composer guitarist Jon Durant. The album showcases the best of Durant’s unique skill set, an amalgamation of transcultural, jazz-related styles, that gives way to euphoric, universally relatable grooves and soundscapes. A trio recording featuring Durant alongside longtime musical partners Colin Edwin (bass) and Andi Pupato (drums/ percussion), both legends in their own right, this musical jewel showcases rare mastery through individually compelling tracks and comprehensive arcs.

The responsive and fluid interaction of these three collaborators immediately draws listeners in. Created initially as a series of guitar improvisations by Durant, the composer then developed and rearranged the pieces for trio. Grounded musical elements beautifully balance freely improvised aspects, hinting at one of the key ingredients of Durant’s signature, sublime sound. The seamless flow between composition and improvisation leaves the listener in an effortless state of engagement.

Throughout “Momentarily” Durant’s explorative guitar leads the way. His expressive use of fretless guitar on all but one of the tracks “shows he is one of the precious few practitioners on the instrument that elevate it beyond its usual presence as a mere novelty.” (All About Jazz) In addition, his use of guitar synth – in this case playing a modified sample of an Armenian Duduk – adds a breathy counterpoint to his emotionally tinged guitar parts.

Percussionist Andi Pupato (Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin, Andreas Vollenwider, Fractal Sextet) shines throughout with his totally unique hybrid kit comprising both hand drums and conventional drum set. This distinctive collection of timbres emotes the open space of European jazz with considerable Middle Eastern elements that the hand drums reveal alongside Durant’s Fretless guitar. Anchoring the whole process is bassist Colin Edwin (O.R.k., Gaudi, Burnt Belief), with whom Durant has worked extensively over the past 12 years. On “Momentarily” he is playing acoustic basses (upright and fretless acoustic) providing a sonorous low end balancing out the whole picture.  His beautifully melodic playing on the opening track “In A Moment” provides especially delightful interaction with Durant and Pupato.

Among the standout tracks on the album is the epic “Rockets on Kyiv.” Originally conceived and recorded on the morning Russia bombed the glass bridge in Kyiv (where Durant, Edwin and Ukrainian singer Inna Kovtun had filmed many scenes in the video for their song “Gannochka”). When Durant steps on the distortion on this one, you can instantly feel the deep emotions he was experiencing that morning. In addition, the one track with fretted guitar (“Bitter Wind”) shows a depth of gratitude towards his Scandinavian musical influences.

Momentarily” will be available on Bandcamp beginning March 29, 2024, and all streaming services on April 16, 2024.

To purchase:

Alchemy Records
188 SE Spokane St, #2 Portland, OR 97202

About Jon Durant
Explorative · Expressive · Transcultural · Texture-driven
Guitarist, composer, and producer Jon Durant is one of the world’s most distinguished proponents of creative, transcultural jazz. With his impressive legacy of collaborative work and highly acclaimed, genre-defying albums, Durant is “one of the reigning masters of what might be called ‘infinitely manipulated atmospheric guitar effects’… [He] sets a standard to be defined by… [with] brilliance and vision.” (All Music) Combining a nuanced and emotive fretless playing style with explorative effects, Durant integrates aspects of jazz, ambient music, progressive rock, and ethnically sourced material in lush, multi-textured melodies. His signature “guitar clouds” create compelling textures and moods over which he brings directionality with enticing riffs and solos. Sought out for his uniquely American aesthetic in a predominantly European style, Durant is a go-to collaborator for multi-genre, improvised music. In partnership with renowned bassist Colin Edwin, Durant has formed the duo Burnt Belief, releasing four albums and creating “elegant, sophisticated music of multiple genres… [that] evolves toward the best of many worlds and still sounds like nobody else… a sonic paradise of the uppermost quality.” (Prog Archives) Durant is also a member of the celebrated Fractal Sextet, with guitarist / composer Stephan Thelen, pianist Fabio Anile, Colin Edwin, and drummers Yogev Gabay and Andi Pupato. Of their debut, All About Jazz commented, “Durant’s guitar is a near-perfect stylistic counter…. he is one of the precious few practitioners on the instrument that elevates it beyond its usual presence.” Durant splits his time between Boston and Portland, Oregon, and frequently travels to Europe for musical projects. As the founder and producer of Alchemy Records and with an extensive discography that includes eleven solo albums, Durant has “delivered pristine music year after year… effortless and sure.” (Art Rockin)

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Renowned Guitar Player Steve ‘Deacon’ Hunter Finds His Voice On New Contemporary Blues Album “The Deacon Speaks”

Legendary guitarist with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and Peter Gabriel!

There’s something very liberating about reaching 75 and discovering a whole new way of being creative. That is what has happened to premier guitar player Steve ‘Deacon’ Hunter this year.

The last time Steve sang on any recording was back in 1977 when he released “Swept Away,” the song was called “Sea Sonata” and he was never really happy with it.

But, after starting a new album at the beginning of 2023, he was working on an arrangement of “Back Door Man” when it crossed his mind that he could sing it, and that thought changed the direction of the whole album!

“The Deacon Speaks” now has him singing on eight tracks plus two instrumentals. Consisting of five covers and five original compositions, this is a bluesy, moody, vibe drenched collection with Hunter’s voice exuding a pinch of Dr John mixed with Tom Waits. A voice that, like his guitar playing, has character, insight and experience. His playing continues to shine with tone, dynamics, skill and above all, space.

Don’t let Steve’s incredible history in Rock and Roll with Lou Reed, Alice Cooper and Peter Gabriel mislead you, his love of Blues, both Classic and Contemporary, is still running through his veins.

“This is a wonderful piece of work!” - Bob Ezrin

Track list
Back Door Man (Willie Dixon) 4.44
Tiresome Blues (Steve Hunter) 5.07
Independent Soul (Karen Hunter) 3.40
The Ballad of John Henry Gates (Steve Hunter) 4.45
Annabel’s Blues (Steve Hunter) 2.30
Up from the Skies (Jimi Hendrix) 5.12
Sweet Jane (Lou Reed) 4.53
Waiting on a Friend (Rolling Stones) 4.45
Who is He and What is He to You (Bill Withers) 4.19
In a Lonely Place (Steve Hunter) 4.46

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Flamenco Guitar Maestro RAFAEL RIQUENI Transforms Classic Rock Staple “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” For His New Single And Album!

Los Angeles, CA – Prepare to be mesmerized as Maestro Rafael Riqueni, an iconic figure in flamenco guitar music, unveils a transcendent rendition of a classic rock staple with his brand new single released today, a flamenco-infused cover of Led Zeppelin's rock epic "Stairway to Heaven." The track serves as a glimpse into Riqueni's innovative approach to music, which relies more on emotive, passionate playing over technical wizardry, and has made him one of the most celebrated Spanish guitarists in history.

Riqueni’s deliberative approach to “Stairway” adds new dimension and weight to the song’s familiar melodies, allowing each note to take center stage before proceeding to the next. The transitions between the composition’s many passages are seamless and natural, and the bombastic conclusion is as explosive as you’d expect - except Riqueni accomplishes the feat without the aid of Marshall stacks! It’s a bravura performance that both rock and flamenco fans are sure to love!

Stream the single:

And Riqueni's brilliant reinterpretation of "Stairway” is just the beginning. Come February 16, the artist is set to release a full album of phenomenal renderings of timeless classics by the likes of Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Whitney Houston, The Police and more! Called Versatae, the album will also feature lush renderings of Ennio Morricone’s gorgeous movie theme to “Cinema Paradiso” as well as two Spanish-flavored tracks, one written by Latin superstar Santana and the other a traditional Spanish favorite “Amapola,” which has been covered by everyone from Bing Crosby to Gaby Moreno and Natalie Cole! Music enthusiasts are also sure to enjoy Riqueni’s collaboration with soul great Ben E. King as well as his astounding version of The Beatles' "Yesterday," which are included as bonus tracks on the CD version.

Versatae will be available on both CD and digital first with the vinyl version due a couple of weeks later. Order your copies today!

Order the CD/vinyl:
Pre-save/pre-order the digital:

Track List:
1. Tears In Heaven
2. Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile)
3. Cinema Paradiso
4. Just The Two Of Us
5. What A Wonderful World
6. Dream On
7. Moon River
8. Stairway to Heaven
9. I Will Always Love You
10. Every Breath You Take
11. Amapola
12. Cogiendo Rosas
13. Spanish Harlem with Ben E. King
14. Yesterday
15. Spanish Harlem (Instrumental Version)

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Billy James
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11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025


Guitarist Jeff Aug To Release 9th Acoustic Instrumental Album “Kiss of the Liquid Moon” on February 1, 2024

Guitarist Jeff Aug will be releasing his solo album “Kiss of the Liquid Moon” on February 1, 2024. This will be his 9th acoustic instrumental album (7 solo, 2 as the duo Floating Stone together with Niko Lai who died in 2018). The album is a cross section of his solo acoustic instrumental fingerstyle guitar playing from the last few years. Some of the pieces have been played live, but never recorded. Some have been played live, but never sounded like this. And some will probably never be played live.

For “Kiss of the Liquid Moon”, Jeff enlisted the recording and production prowess of Murat Parlak at his Living Room Studios in Germany. Murat is also featured on many of the tracks, as well as a few other special guests. The album also includes a few purely solo pieces.

Coming off a major European tour in Nov/Dec 2023 as the guitarist for the British icon Anne Clark, Jeff will kick off 2024 with the album release and follow it up with yet another major European tour supporting the legendary fusion guitarist Scott Henderson. The year will follow with yet to be announced Jeff Aug and Ape Shifter (Jeff´s instrumental rock band) festival performances. In September and October 2024, Jeff will be headlining his own European tour. More dates are to be announced.

So, sit back and enjoy “Kiss of the Liquid Moon”.

To purchase:

Track list

01 The Kiss (3:06)
02 Liquid Moon (2:24)
03 Quarantine (2:32)
04 Matilda´s Lullabye (3:22)
05 Heavy Breeze (4:10)
06 Ceramic Tiles (2:44)
07 One Way Beat (3:09)
08 Bogracz (2:46
09 F**k The Neighbors (2:33)
10 The Last Minutes in This Town (2:50)
11 Baritone Butterfly (2:43)
12 Two Rooms (2:21)

(c) & (p) 2024 Heavy Progressive Records / Brainstorm Music Marketing AG.  All Rights Reserved.  Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance, and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Murat Parlak at Living Room Studios in Germany.
Post production by Tim Hecking at  Sounzz Studio in Germany.
Hubble eXtreme Deep Field (XDF) by NASA, ESA, G- Illingworth, D. Magee, and P. Oesch (University of California, Santa Cruz), R. Bouwens (Leiden University), and the HUDF09 Team
Artwork & layout graphics by Chris Lakriz.
All compositions by Jeff Aug.

Guitar: Jeff Aug
Cello: Francesco Fosati
Percussion: William Wertlieb
Upright Bass: Thomas B. Berger
Piano & Keyboards: Murat Parlak

Jeff Aug uses D´Addario strings, Planet Waves cables, Fishman pickups, AER acoustic guitar amps, Vision Ears, Earebel, and Dunlop picks and guitar accessories

Artist Management & Booking by MAXIMUM Booking:

For more information:

Photo by Helmut Soltau

Born on Friday the 13th in Washington, D.C. and raised in Laurel, Maryland, Jeff Aug is a cool underground guitarist who lives at the foothills of the Alps in Southern Germany for the last 20+ years. He has toured as support for Allan Holdsworth, Soft Machine, Scott Henderson, Stu Hamm, Greg Howe, Alex Skolnick, Carl Verheyen, Johnny A., Albert Lee, and has performed shows with Jawbox, Shudder To Think, and Ice-T & Bodycount with his old band. He’s worked with John Stabb from Government Issue, has been touring and recording with Anne Clark for the last 20+ years, has been touring as a solo guitarist for the last 30+ years, and can also be heard on the Atari Teenage Riot album “Is This Hyperreal?” (Dim Mak Records / Digital Hardcore Records). Jeff has also set the world record for the “most concerts performed in different countries in 24 hours” twice (2009, 2012). He’s been featured on NPR’s show Morning Edition and has had a #1 selling album on iTunes Acoustic Music Charts in the U.S. Jeff Aug also leads the instrumental rock outfit Ape Shifter and the rockin’ acoustic country blues combo Dead Tuna. During the 2nd lockdown of the pandemic, Jeff wrote and illustrated two children’s books which are available worldwide through Amazon.

Jeff Aug Live Video “Boots On Fire”:
Jeff Aug Live Video “Lightness”:
Jeff Aug Live Video “7 Ate The Cat”:
Live Video at NPR studios:
Guinness(TM) World Record Listing:

Kiss of the Liquid Moon Solo & Instrumental” Tour Dates:
16.02.2024 PL-Jaworki, Muzyczna Owczarnia*
17.02.2024 PL-Jaworki, Muzyczna Owczarnia*
18.02.2024 PL-Wroclaw, Vertigo TBC*
19.02.2024 PL-Poznan, Blue Note*
20.02.2024 CZ-Prague, Jazz Dock*
21.02.2024 DE-Bamberg, Jazzclub*
22.02.2024 DE-Passau, Café Museum*
23.02.2024 AT-Vienna, Porgy & Bess*
24.02.2024 AT-Velden, Bluesiana*
25.02.2024 IT-Bologna, Bravo Caffé*
26.02.2024 IT-Verona, Il Giardino*
27.02.2024 IT-Milano, Zio Live*
28.02.2024 CH-Chur,*
29.02.2024 CH-Geneva, eMa*
01.03.2024 (private)*
02.03.2024 FR-Paris, Le Triton*
05.03.2024 GB-Folkstone, Chambers*
06.03.2024 NL-Tilburg, Paradox*
07.03.2024 DE-Bergheim, MEDIO.RHEIN.ERFT*
08.03.2024 NL-Hoofddorp, Poppodium C.*
09.03.2024 DE-Hasbergen, Gaste Garage*
10.03.2024 DE-Hamburg, Kent Club*
11.03.2024 DK-Kolding, Godset*
12.03.2024 SE-Malmö, Babel*
13.03.2024 SE-Karlskrona, Sparresalen*
14.03.2024 SE-Göteborg, Pustervik*
15.03.2024 NO-Oslo, Cosmopolite*
16.03.2024 SE-Sala, Rockland*
17.03.2024 SE-Stockholm, Fasching*
19.03.2024 FI-Tampere, G Live Lab*
20.03.2024 FI-Äänekoski, Painotalo*
21.03.2024 FI-Espoo, Sellosali*
22.03.2024 EE-Võru, Võru Kultuurimaja Kannel*
23.03.2024 LT-Vilnius, club VAKARIS*
19.09.2024 DE-Kempten, Lollipop e.V.
20.09.2024 DE-Sonthofen, Kulturwerkstatt
21.09.2024 DE-Fürth, Kofferfabrik
23.09.2024 DE-Reutlingen, FranzK
25.09.2024 DE-Annaberg-Buchholz, Altebrauerei
26.09.2024 DE-Berlin, Zimmer16
27.09.2024 DE-Schwerin, Der Speicher
28.09.2024 DE-Göttingen, Nörgelbuff
29.09.2024 DE-Braunschweig, KuFa
02.10.2024 DE-Haar (bei München), Kleines Theater
28.02.2025 DE-Steinau an der Strasse, Theatrium

*as support for SCOTT HENDERSON TRIO

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA),


Guitar Legend Scott Henderson To Release New Album “Karnevel!”, Announces Forthcoming European Tour

Scott Henderson will be releasing his highly anticipated new album “Karnevel!” on February 2, 2024! Scott’s previous album “People Mover” was voted best fusion album of 2019 by Jazz Times magazine, and he won both Best Guitarist and Best Electric/Jazz-Rock/Contemporary Group in JazzTimes Readers Poll.

“Karnevel!” features a diverse set of beautiful compositions, and demonstrates Scott's striking ability to combine elements of jazz, rock, funk and blues in an authentic, seamless and musical way. After 35 years as a bandleader, Scott is a musician who's playing and composing continues to grow.

The album was recorded live in the studio with Romain Labaye on bass and Archibald Ligonnière on drums, the same musicians on “People Mover.” After the live session, Scott spent quite a bit of time layering additional guitar tracks. “I’m happy I was able to come up with quite a few sounds I’ve never used before” said Scott in a recent interview. “The variety and pacing are very important aspects of a record to me, and this one covers a lot of territory, from heavy rock moments to very harmonic jazz, and there’s a solo guitar piece which is something I haven’t done on an album before”.

Scott replied about the album concept, “It comes from being a fan of the LA Fair and carnivals in general, not so much as a kid, but from being a dad. Disneyland is fun, but the fair is way more quirky, ridiculous, and always hilarious. It’s a crazy atmosphere filled with variety, like my music.”

Born in 1954, Scott Henderson emerged in the 1980s with his legendary band Tribal Tech and has since become one of the top guitar players/composers in jazz fusion. Scott has toured and recorded with Chick Corea, Weather Report’s Joe Zawinul, Jean-Luc Ponty, and many others. As a bandleader, Scott has toured in over 70 countries and released over 20 albums. Throughout his career, he’s won numerous Best Guitarist awards in Guitar Player and Guitar World magazines, and been on the cover of many international guitar magazines.

Few players have joined the spirit of jazz and rock as successfully as Scott Henderson, who consistently cranks out masterpieces of harmonic sophistication, overdriven energy, and tonal beauty. He is fully steeped in both jazz and rock tradition, and he’s woven them together to create one of the most powerful voices in fusion guitar.” - Guitar Player Magazine

Track List:

1. Step Right Up
2. Karnevel!
3. Haunted Ballroom
4. Covid Vaccination
5. Puerto Madero
6. Sea Around Us
7. Sky Coaster
8. Greene Mansion
9. Bilge Rat
10. Acacia
11. Carnies’ Time

To purchase:

Karnevel!” will be available at major retailers like Amazon, and in digital form at iTunes and other streaming platforms.

For more information:

Tour dates:

Friday 16 - Jaworki, Poland - Muzyczna Owczarnia
Saturday 17 - Jaworki, Poland - Muzyczna Owczarnia
Monday 19 - Poznan, Poland - Blue Note
Tuesday 20 - Prague, Czech Republic - Jazz Dock
Wednesday 21 - Bamberg, Germany - Jazzclub
Thursday 22 - Passau, Germany - Café Museum
Friday 23 - Vienna, Austria - Porgy & Bess
Saturday 24 - Velden, Austria - Bluesiana
Sunday 25 - Bologna, Italy - Bravo Caffé
Monday 26 - Verona, Italy - Il Giardino
Tuesday 27 - Milano, Italy - Zio Live
Wednesday 28 - Chur, Switzerland -
Thursday 29 - Geneva, Switzerland - eMa

Saturday 2 - Paris, France - Le Triton
Monday 4 - London, UK - Ronnie Scott´s
Tuesday 5 - Folkstone, UK - The Chambers
Wednesday 6 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Paradox
Thursday 7 - Bergheim, Germany  - Medio Rhein Erft
Friday 8 - Hoofddorp, Netherlands - Poppodium C.
Saturday 9 - Hasbergen, Germany - Gaste Garage
Sunday 10 - Hamburg, Germany - Kent Club
Monday 11 - Kolding, Denmark - Godset
Tuesday 12 - Malmö, Sweden - Babel
Wednesday 13 - Karlskrona, Sweden - Sparresalen
Thursday 14 - Göteborg, Sweden - Pustervik
Friday 15 - Oslo, Norway - Cosmopolite
Saturday 16 - Sala, Sweden - Rockland
Sunday 17 - Stockholm, Sweden - Fasching
Tuesday 19 - Tampere, Finland - G Live Lab
Wednesday 20 - Äänekoski, Finland - Painotalo
Thursday 21 - Espoo, Finland - Sellosali
Friday 22 - Võru, Estonia - Võru Kultuurimaja Kannel
Saturday 23   Vilnius, Lithuania - Club Vakaris
Wednesday 27 - Gran Canaria, Spain - Teatro Perz
Thursday 28 - Tenerife, Spain - Teatro Leal
Friday 29 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Galileo Galilei
Saturday 30 - Athens, Greece - Athina Live

Tuesday 2 - Beijing, China - Blue Note
Wednesday 3 - Hangzhou, China - Meeting Jazz
Thursday 4 - Shanghai, China - Shanghai JZ Club
Friday 5 - Shanghai, China - Shanghai JZ Club
Saturday 6 - XiAn, China - Meeting Jazz
Sunday 7 - Chongqing, China - Meeting Jazz
Monday 8 - Guangzhou, China - Guangzhou JZ
Tuesday 9 - Shenzhen, China - Meeting Jazz
Friday 12 - Bangalore, India - Windmills
Saturday 13 - Bangalore, India - Windmills

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Joe Satriani Bass Sideman and Mermen Co-founder Allen Whitman Releases New Ambient Soundtrack “Monogatari no Fūkei”

ALLEN WHITMAN, former bassist with legendary virtuoso guitarist JOE SATRIANI and co-founder of the San Francisco-based influential instrumental surf-rock trio THE MERMEN has announced the digital-only release (through label SQUEAKEY STUDIOS) of a new soundtrack/ambient album “MONOGATARI NO FŪKEI.”

The album incorporates acoustic guitar-driven sonic environments with samples and synth that forwards a pace matching its title: “Landscape Of Stories”. The movement, using field recordings made on a recent visit to Japan, is compelling, occasionally contemplative and often propulsive.

ALLEN WHITMAN, a stalwart of the San Francisco music scene, also credits live performance and musical collaboration with, among many others, the likes of HELIOS CREED, TINY TIM, THE SANDALS, THE INK SPOTS, NELS CLINE, MIKE KENEALLY, CARMINE APPICE, DOROTHY MOSKOWITZ, DJ QUEST, SAMMY HAGAR, TONY MACALPINE, DWEEZIL ZAPPA, STEVE LUKATHER, STEVE VAI, STEVE MORSE and JOHN PETRUCCI.

WHITMAN has also worked extensively in live music for theater, particularly with California-based Theatre of Yugen for live performance in a modern Noh style in San Francisco, New York City, Tokyo and Austin.

To purchase:

Additional online resources:

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Guitar Virtuoso Daniel Reyes Llinás To Release New Album “Códices”

Co-produced by King Crimson's Trey Gunn

“Códices” by guitar virtuoso Daniel Reyes Llinás, is a collection of études for acoustic guitar and improvised pieces on the 12-string guitar. Inspired by the spirit of modern Latin American guitar composers, Llinás pays homage through extensive use of shifting resonance, dissonance, rhythmic exuberance, and deliberate silence. The contrast between the written and improvised works serves as a conceptual gesture in the ongoing search for a sonic vocabulary.

The album was recorded in Santa Fé, NM by Grammy awarded engineer Marc Whitmore (Jon Batiste, T-Bone Burnett) and co-produced by Trey Gunn (King Crimson, Tu-Ner).

The pieces are quietly virtuosic with a scope that ranges across continents and eras.  The music pays homage to the pantheon of Latin American composers who have written for guitar while also incorporating harmonies from contemporary jazz and such American and European composers as Feldman, Debussy and Stravinsky.  Extended techniques appear as well with harplike harmonic arpeggios evoking windchimes, wide melodic leaps as if from birdsong, and driving ostinati that groove hard.  One hears free-flowing ballads that turn questioning or flamenco fanfares that expand into ecstatic looping pull offs. A brilliant record that opens new vistas for both the listener and the classical guitarist.” -Elliott Sharp

Watch the promotional video:

Release date November 3, 2023

To purchase:

Daniel Reyes Llinás; Acoustic guitar & 12-string guitar.
Composer. Guitarist. Producer

Press Inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158,


Guitar Legend Juan Carlos Quintero Releases New Album “Desserts”

As with all good meals, the sweets are the most memorable!

It’s no wonder that guitar legend Juan Carlos Quintero’s critically acclaimed chart-topping 2022 release, “Table For Five,” segues so effortlessly to the sequel – the new album, “Desserts”…

Quintero’s new album expands the music menu producing tasty treats while skillfully blending authentic grooves – originating from South American & Caribbean regions – culminating in a thread of meaningful performances honoring the beauty and breadth of Latin-Jazz traditions! Enticing gems include “The Gift,” “All or Nothing At All,” “How Insensitive,” “Tangerine,” “A Night in Tunisia,” “Along Came Betty” & crowd favorite, Van Morrison’s “Moondance”!

Says Juan, “For me, the experience producing this music brought me closer to my parents in so many ways…It’s been 10 years since we lost dad and I think of him daily…looking back, I can remember him playing the piano and working out the hit melodies of the time…little did I know then I would be doing the same years later…the message is check out your parents, remember them and preserve their melodies…”

The album features music from the early 1960s and focuses on traditional Latin rhythms to serve as the foundation for all the arrangements performed. As with the last album, the music features Quintero’s electric jazz guitar along with the backing by his extraordinary band: Eddie Resto (upright bass), Aaron Serfaty (drums), Joey DeLeon (Percussion), Joe Rotondi (piano). The album was recorded and mixed by Talley Sherwood and mastered by Peter Doell.

This seasoned Quintet never disappoints as it navigates an array of well-crafted classics re-imagined with newly fine-tuned arrangements! Led by JCQ’s signature guitar voice, the music transcends protocols merging stylish overtures in company with traditions of romance, charm & melody.

This party is seated and sticking around for more! Now serving desserts… A seamless follow up that converts to a staggered double-album experience prompted by “Table For Five” – It’s the final course topping off a delicious five-star feast! Bon appétit!

Here’s what the press has said about Juan Carlos Quintero:

A comfortable middle ground between authentic Latin roots, and contemporary, polished tones” – Jazz Times

By virtue of imagination as well as style, Quintero clearly out classes many of his modern Latin guitar-strumming contemporaries… Quintero sets high standards with cross-cultural sound… One of the best” – Los Angeles Times

By tracing his heritage back to Colombia, Quintero has forged ahead with personality and style.” – JAZZIZ Magazine

JCQ’s brand of world beat, Latin flavored pop/jazz provides a highly rhythmic, passionate guitar voice that captures the energy and excitement of his live performances” – Latin Style Magazine

To Purchase:

For more information:

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Digital Marketing/Distribution: A-Train Entertainment/Bob Williard/

Radio Promotions: New World ‘n’ Jazz/Neal Sapper/

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Celebrate The 6th Annual Joey Stuckey Alive Day Music Festival Macon, GA – September 29, 2023

Join Macon/Bibb in celebrating by mayoral proclamation the 6th Annual Joey Stuckey Alive Day Friday, September 29, 2023 at the historic Douglass Theatre!

Free Family Friendly Music Festival!

5:00 pm Doors open

5:30 pm Screening of Joey’s Blind Man Drivin’ Music Video and the mini-Documentary “Don’t Blink” A short look at Joey’s life and music!

6:00 pm The jazz piano stylings of Tom Rule.

6:30 pm The Americana magic of Pam Bedwell.

7:00 pm The sweet Southern sounds of Nick Malloy!

7:30 pm Question ATL brings happening hip hop.

8:00 pm A fusion of musical genres from the blind sage of blues, Joey Stuckey, with special guest Rob Walker of Stillwater.

Check out the full schedule:

Artists performing:
Joey Stuckey
Liz Fabian
Nick Malloy
Pam Bedwell
Question ATL
Tom Rule

Chances are that if you are a true music enthusiast, especially of guitar-driven Southern rock and blues, you have heard of Macon, Georgia's official music ambassador Joey Stuckey. The blind producer and recording artist launched a new music festival in his hometown on September 29, 2017. The festival, “Joey Stuckey Alive Day,” hosted an array of talented musicians from across the state of Georgia. This free, family-friendly event was held in celebration of the anniversary of Stuckey's surviving brain tumor surgery as a child. While the brain tumor left Stuckey blind and with other health challenges, his parents started celebrating the anniversary of the successful removal of the brain tumor as a way to turn what could have been a traumatic experience for a child into a triumphant experience!

Stuckey sees his “Alive Day” as a chance to connect with family, friends and fans and to revel in the joy of living and music. It is a day dedicated to positivity and to uplifting the community. The inaugural concert featured 8 artists, a variety of activities for families, food trucks, perfect weather and over 500 music-lovers in attendance! Mayor Robert Reichert honored Stuckey by issuing a proclamation naming September 29th “Joey Stuckey’s Alive Day in Macon/Bibb.” The second annual festival in 2018 saw around 1500 attendees.

Says Stuckey, “The outpouring of love and support is humbling. I am looking forward to this year’s festival!”

To learn more about Joey Stuckey's Alive Day check out the Mayor's proclamation:
Mayor's Proclamation

For more information visit:

Special thanks To Alive Day Sponsors:
Creek FM
Macon Arts
Mojave Audio
Shadow Sound Studio
Visit Macon
Boyles Guitars
BWH Music Group
Fatty’s Pizza
Glass Onyon PR
Greenspoon Marder
Doug Nurnberger Photography
Skin Care Physicians of Georgia

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Texas Blues Guitar Phenom LANCE LOPEZ Invites Fans To “JAM WITH ME” On The First Single From His New Studio Album!

Los Angeles, CA – In a world where pre-programmed keyboard patches, stock digital samplers and now AI-generated melodies threaten to dominate the musical landscape, the people have been calling out for a transformational figure who can usher in a new age of truly organic, soulful music. Guitar hero Lance Lopez is ready to answer that call!

A veteran of the Texas blues music scene that birthed not only the great Steve Ray Vaughan but also legendary southern rockers ZZ Top, Lopez has earned numerous accolades over the course of his 20+ year career from the likes of such foundational guitar figures as Jeff Beck, B.B. King and Johnny Winter, and even counts ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons as a mentor. Today, Lopez is ready to unleash his most passionate and visceral album to date, an album that could very well spark the kind of musical revolution we’ve all been waiting for!

Trouble Is Good, set for release July 14, is Lopez’s first new album in over 5 years, and from the very first notes, it’s clear that Lopez has not only been hard at work honing his musical and songwriting chops, he’s also been moving toward a more southern rock sound than on previous outings. Just check out the album’s first single, the jubilant “Jam With Me.”

Based on a fiery, ZZ Top-inspired riff, “Jam With Me” is a classic mid-tempo rocker, with its familiar “let’s get the band together” vibe that takes on enormous significance in light of the quarantine, both physical and spiritual, the world has been under these recent years. The song’s theme of collaboration is embedded in the song’s origins as well, having been written by Lopez’s new songwriting partner and Trouble’s producer Joey Sykes, and featuring a guest performance from superstar drummer Gregg Bissonette.

And don’t miss the accompanying music video for “Jam With Me” where Lopez and his gang of cohorts revel in the simple act of being in the presence of one other and celebrating the magic of a live performance, something that was so easy to take for granted in a pre-pandemic world.

Watch the video:

Stream the single:

"I'm really excited about the new single, 'Jam With Me.' Greg Bissonette has been one of my favorite drummers going back to the David Lee Roth days. The song really captures the emotions I was feeling throughout Covid on to the end of lock-down. And during that dark time, we made this incredible album and I'm very proud of every song on it. If you like big guitars and loud rock and roll, welcome to TROUBLE IS GOOD.”

Trouble Is Good will be available on both CD and digital as well as limited edition ORANGE vinyl! Pre-order your copy today!



Lopez is also taking the central theme of “Jam With Me” to heart in an exciting social media campaign. Starting today, Lopez fans can submit a video of themselves performing or interpreting the primary guitar riff from “Jam With Me” to their social media sites with the hashtag #JamWithLance. Lopez will view the entries and select a winner who will win a 30-minute virtual jam session with Lopez himself!

JEFF BECK: “A very exciting and intense Blues guitarist.”

BILLY GIBBONS: “Lance is one of my most favorite guitar players.”

B.B. KING: “Lance Lopez got 3 standing ovations when he opened a show for me and I was among those standing.”

GUITAR MAGAZINE: “Lopez is bone-rattlingly powerful.”

VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE: “Lance Lopez is a guitar-slinging blues machine that burns like Texas hot sauce in August.”

1. Easy To Leave
2. Jam With Me
3. Trouble Is Good
4. Uncivil War
5. Wild Country
6. Take A Swing
7. Trying In The Tri Star State
8. Slow Down
9. Reborn
10. Voyager: Sunrise, Voyager, I Am Ra

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Guitar Legend Greg Howe To Tour North America Summer 2023 With Stu Hamm, Joel Taylor and Ernest Tibbs!

Guitar legend Greg Howe will be kicking off his 2023 North American Tour “Lost and Found” this summer with iconic bassist Stu Hamm and drummer Joel Taylor! Howe has developed a solid reputation as a technical innovator, particularly for his “hammer-on from nowhere” technique, legato runs, unusual time signatures, and linear tapping approach. His self-titled debut album “Greg Howe” is ranked tenth best shred album of all time by Guitar World Magazine.

In addition to being part of the 2018 GRAMMY® nominated band ‘Protocol IV’ which features Simon Phillips, Ernest Tibbs, and Otmaro Ruiz, Howe has produced, written and arranged ten solo instrumental studio albums along with two collaboration albums with Richie Kotzen of the Winery Dogs. Howe has contributed to a long list of albums/records by other legendary artists such as Dennis Chambers, Victor Wooten, Jason Becker, Billy Sheehan, Marco Minneman, and Eddie Jobson.

Man, I’m so looking forward to taking this amazing line-up on the road this summer to connect with, as well as perform live for all those who’ve enjoyed and supported my music over the years, making possible my ability to maintain a long and blessed career as a recording artist. I’m also excited about a new instructional content based website that’s close to being launch ready as well as an ebook (with downloadable audio examples) focusing on my approach to guitar soloing and music in general.” – Greg Howe

Watch the promotional video:

Greg Howe: guitar
Joel Taylor (Allan Holdsworth, Al DiMeola): drums
Stu Hamm (Vai, Satriani): bass (through NYC)
(after NYC) Ernest Tibbs on bass…


JUL 26 - Triple Door - Seattle, WA
JUL 27 - Guitars Under the Stars 2023 - Lebanon, OR
JUL 28 - Guitars Under the Stars 2023 - Lebanon, OR
JUL 29 - Guitars Under the Stars 2023 - Lebanon, OR
JUL 30 - Alberta Rose Theatre - Portland, OR (special guest Jennifer Batten)
JUL 31 - Wow Hall - Eugene, OR
AUG 01 - The Dip - Redding, CA
AUG 02 - Yoshi's Oakland - Oakland, CA
AUG 03 - Harlow's - Sacramento, CA
AUG 04 - The Baked Potato - Los Angeles, CA
AUG 05 - The Baked Potato - Los Angeles, CA
AUG 06 - Count's Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill - Las Vegas, NV
AUG 07 - Breakpoint - San Diego, CA
AUG 08 - MIM - Phoenix, AZ
AUG 09 - Rockhouse Bar & Grill - El Paso, TX
AUG 10 - Come and Take It Live - Austin, TX
AUG 11 - Dosey Doe Big Barn - The Woodlands, TX
AUG 12 - The Sanctuary Music & Events - Mckinney, TX
AUG 13 - City Winery Nashville - Nashville, TN
AUG 14 - The Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC
AUG 16 - Jammin Java - Vienna, VA
AUG 17 - Ardmore Music Hall - Ardmore, PA
AUG 18 - Iridium - New York, NY
AUG 19 - Iridium - New York, NY
AUG 22 - Lovin' Cup, Rochester, NY
AUG 23 - Brass Monkey - Nepean, Canada
AUG 24 - The Rockpile - Toronto, Canada
AUG 25 - The Token Lounge - Westland, MI
AUG 26 - Reggie's Music Joint - Chicago, IL
AUG 27 - Mojo's BoneYard Sports Bar & Grille - Evansville, IN
AUG 28 - Blue Note - Harrison, OH
AUG 31 - Amos Southend - Charlotte, NC

*Guitarist Sammy Boller is support on selected dates

For tickets information:
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Bands in town ticket links

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Guitar Legend Juan Carlos Quintero Signs Management Deal With Amy Worthington of Inner Knot Records

Guitar legend Juan Carlos Quintero has recently signed a management deal with longtime business associate Amy Worthington of Inner Knot Records. “Juan Carlos is that rare musician that not only excels in the performance and writing space, but who also has an innate understanding of business, and in particular, the business of music,” states Amy. “I am excited to build on our 20+ year history and formalize a management role for such a talent. The aim is to combine our music business acumen and to continue expanding his brand footprint while promoting a ramped-up touring schedule. Juan Carlos is born to be on the road-we are keen to working together to ensure he continues his robust release schedule of incredible music and to bring it live to audiences across the globe.”

“It’s a privilege to work with Amy. We have experienced years of collaboration in many areas in music providing a seamless shorthand that complements our partnership in many ways. I’m thrilled she has encased her talents towards a distinguished management position and now representing my interests in all facets of music. I look forward to achieving new milestones resulting from our renewed synergy!” stated JCQ.

Amy Worthington & Juan Carlos Quintero

Owner of Inner Knot Records, Amy Worthington has worked with several heavy hitters for the past 25 years including King Crimson and Robert Fripp, David Sylvian, Juan Carlos Quintero, Bill Bruford, Jacqui Naylor, Tesla and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). She has handled manufacturing and distribution for all of their catalogues and has overseen North American operations throughout her tenure. She is also purveyor of a powerhouse mail order shop and has created exclusive lines of merch for numerous artists. Amy and Juan Carlos have collaborated on a variety of musical projects the past 20 years, including co-production on albums, booking of shows and festivals. Recent projects have integrated marketing, manufacturing, and distribution services in partnership with Quintero’s record label, Moondo Music LLC.

A 30-year veteran, JCQ has experienced multiple facets in the music industry as a recording artist, label owner, composer/publisher and TV & Film music executive. Producing and composing has been the forefront of a distinguished career while establishing a succession of critically acclaimed chart-topping albums in Latin Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, World Music and Smooth Jazz categories. Recognized as a renowned international jazz artist, JCQ’s signature-led guitar voice veiled over genuine original works serve as pillars of a unique global brand - fusing contemporary jazz stylings alongside authentic rhythms emanating from his native homeland, Colombia SA.

Be on the lookout for Desserts, a new album from Juan Carlos, arriving August 11, 2023 on Moondo Music.

For more information:

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Michael & Timothy Franklin Release “Anahata” Featuring Collaborations With Tower of Power, Billy Cohbam, Charlie DeChant, Larry Coryell and Others!

“Anahata” is the new collection of compositions by bassist Tim Franklin and his brother keyboardist/Grammy Nominated Producer, Michael Franklin. The Franklin Brothers have performed and recorded with the Who’s Who of music: Brian Wilson, Bruce Hornsby, Joe Walsh, Paul McCartney, Joe Bonamassa, members of the Rolling Stones, Toto, Moody Blues, Yes, Chick Corea, Ian Anderson, Jean Luc Ponty, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Pat Travers, Tower of Power and many others.

“Anahata” is a continuation of Michael Franklin’s cast of thousands production model, as with the highly acclaimed productions Jon Anderson (Yes) “1000 Hands Chapter One” and Robby Steinhardt (Kansas), “Not in Kansas Anymore”.

Featuring collaborations with: Tower of Power, Billy Cohbam, Tommy Calton, Charlie DeChant, Larry Coryell, Danny Jordan, Steady Joseph, Brian Snapp, Steve Walters, Pat Gulotta, Paul Parker and others. The title Anahata was inspired by and is a tribute to, their friend and mentor, Larry Coryell, the legendary “Father of Fusion Guitar”. It has many spiritual meanings, one is, “The Color of Sound”.

When you come to the anahata, or when your energy is dominant in the anahata, you will start to hear sounds that you could not hear till now”. - Sadhguru

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Legendary Pretty Things Bassist Wally Waller Presents His One-Man-Band Album “Kitchen Rock” - A Journey Through Intimate Home Sessions

Wally Waller, the renowned bass player of The Pretty Things and accomplished producer, is set to release his first-ever solo album, “Kitchen Rock,” on May 19, 2023. The album will be available in both CD and vinyl formats, with the CD version including additional material not featured on the LP.

“Kitchen Rock” is an enthralling and deeply personal album, born from the raw and intimate solo acoustic sessions that Wally Waller recorded in his kitchen amidst England's 2020 lockdown. This exceptional collection showcases a selection of iconic songs Waller penned alongside his lifelong friend Phil May for The Pretty Things, as well as cherished rock ‘n’ roll classics from his formative years during the golden era of Rock, providing listeners with a truly unique musical journey. Tracks such as “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and “Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” are presented in an authentically intimate manner, with Wally’s signature rasp taking center stage.

The album’s charm lies in the authenticity of these home sessions, as Wally effortlessly transitions from solo takes to full ‘one-man’ band productions, demonstrating his undeniable talent and versatility. describes the results as “pretty amazing,” highlighting the honesty and special nature of “Kitchen Rock.”

The CD and vinyl release of “Kitchen Rock” will include liner notes featuring song commentary by Wally and lyrics, allowing fans to delve deeper into the album's creation and meaning.

Watch the promotional video:

About Wally Waller: Wally Waller, born Alan Edward Waller in Barnehurst, grew up in Bexley, Kent. He began his music career in the early 1960s with Bern Elliott and the Fenmen before joining The Pretty Things in 1967. Waller played bass and wrote songs alongside lead singer Phil May, contributing to albums such as “Emotions,” “S.F. Sorrow,” and “Parachute.” In 1971, he left the band to work as a producer for EMI, collaborating with artists like Barclay James Harvest and Marcus Hook Roll Band. Waller later rejoined The Pretty Things on multiple occasions, contributing to the band’s legacy.

About Think Like A Key Music: Think Like A Key Music is an independent record label devoted to the promotion and production of frequently underrepresented music. The label’s objective is to produce timeless, inspiring, and uplifting music releases for an ever-evolving world. Possessing a wealth of experience and talent, Think Like A Key Music offers a fresh perspective to the music industry by crafting releases that resonate with listeners for years to come. We invite you to embark on a musical journey with us, exploring our diverse catalog, and uncovering new favorites as well as revisiting cherished classics.

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“Washed Up Drummer” CARMINE APPICE Teams Once Again With Guitarist FERNANDO PERDOMO On A New Album Of Instrumental Rock, Releases First Single & Video!

Los Angeles, CA - In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar magazine, veteran drummer Carmine Appice kicked up a dust storm when he lamented the fact that a certain stadium metal group had been relying on pre-recorded tracks in their live show. In retaliation, the bassist for said metal group referred to Appice as a “washed up drummer.” But as a member of numerous pioneering classic rock bands like Vanilla Fudge and Cactus, often dubbed “the American Led Zeppelin,” as well as longtime collaborator with Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck and a host of others, Appice has had more than his fair share of stage experience and knows the kind of chops it takes to command a stage show.

Even now, after 5 decades in the music business, Appice continues to release new albums and break new ground. His most recent project, a pairing with superstar guitarist and producer extraordinaire Fernando Perdomo, is about to unleash a brand new studio album titled Running Up That Hill. Set for release on May 26, the album consists of fiery rock instrumentals, featuring special guest performances by Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, David Lee Roth), Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N' Roses), Tony Franklin (The Firm), Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne, Vince Neil) and more!

Check out the album’s first single, a stellar cover of the formerly obscure Kate Bush tune “Running Up That Hill” and it becomes clear that far from being washed up, Appice may be just getting warmed up!

Stream/download the single:

Watch the video:

Pre-order the CD:

Pre-order/pre-save the digital:

Track List:
1. Biker Gang feat. Billy Sheehan & Derek Sherinian
2. Running Up That Hill
3. Drum City
4. Pedal Pusher
5. Dada Song feat. Jimmy Haslip
6. Slamming feat. Jimmy Haslip
7. The Rise feat. Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal
8. Foo Manchu
9. Hyperactive feat. Phil Soussan
10. Home feat. Tony Franklin & Everett Kelly
11. Bullets Like Rain
12. Rockin'
13. Bounty Hunter

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