Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck got his start in 1998 when he launched MuzikMan.com and after several years decided to move on from that and create MuzikReviews.com, sold the site in 2007 and continued to run it up until 2013 when it dissolved due to unforeseen changes with the ownership and future goals. This did not deter the man from continuing to pursue his passion for music. Which brings us to refocusing on the brand MuzikMan and reestablishing this site, MuzikMan.net

The purpose of the site is to make it an online resume or catch all if you will for the network of blogs and social networking that has been created over the years. A one stop shop.

Currently five blogs are online Prog Rock Music Talk, Write A Music Review, New Age Music Reviews, Rate The Tracks and the site you are on now MuzikMan.net. Two main services are offered, the Guaranteed Review and the Pre-Production Service.

Each service can be accessed and reviewed at each blog through the navagation bar. We hope artists and industry folks alike will find value in the services as many others have over the years. 

Please stop by and review the services, read the reviews and news and interact with the sites.

Yours In Music Eternally,

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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