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Interview With Breaking Artist Beekwilder

Interview With Beekwilder

I recently had the opportunity to be introduced to the music of Sam Beekwilder. He had an opportunity right at his doorstep one night and the rest, as they say, is history….

Keith: Sam it’s a pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity to ask you some questions.

Sam: Of course, I appreciate you having me.

Keith: I understand you are from Holland. How did you end up coming to the U.S.?

Sam:   I was born in the Netherlands and grew up there for the first 18 years of my life but was a foreign exchange student at a high school in Visalia, CA when I was 15. That year, I fell in love with the social culture of Americans and the spontaneity of everyone, and I was running away from some issues back home at the same time, so accepting the U.S. as a second home felt pretty natural. When I graduated high school back home in Holland, I wanted to experience that same feeling of meeting a bunch of new people and seeing what could happen, so I decided to go to the U.S. again, but this time for college. My parents moved to Bali, Indonesia that same year, so I felt like there wasn’t any reason for me to stick around as all my friends were moving all over the place too. I finished two years at Cal Poly SLO before moving to LA to pursue music, which I did after meeting Hero DeLano and Peter A. Barker at the studio in the summer between my freshman and sophomore year.

Keith: I think after what happened to you, getting a song on a major label and the circumstance that led to all that, has made you a believer of being in the right place and the right time? Can you explain the chain of events that led to your good fortune?

Sam: It’s crazy yeah, it absolutely made me believe in the right place and the right time. It even made me believe in destiny, which is corny to say but it’s true. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, so I came to America to figure it out and go with the flow, and now I got a record I wrote and performed released through Republic, it’s crazy. Back then, I couldn’t afford tuition anymore after my 2nd year, and if it wasn’t for me meeting the people at the studio, I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing now. I met Hero, Jason, and Pete one night in July 2016. I was staying on friends’ couches for a couple weeks after school ended before my flight back to Holland and spent a couple days with my girlfriend in Santa Monica during that. Her friend suggested we should go hang out at ‘the studio’ that night, and so I tagged along, and we did. I had no idea what to expect. When I get there, it turned out to be a professional recording studio for songwriters. I started making beats a couple years before that and had always been singing wherever I went, but never considered it a real aspiration along with school. I started singing that night while everyone was jamming, and before I knew it Hero and Jason asked me to sing on a record they were producing in a studio downstairs. I wrote, sang and basically finished the song with them in a couple of days while I stayed on the studio couch. It was a great start to my summer ha ha. I went home the next week and heard back from Pete that the record came out great and that he wanted me to come to the studio more to see if I could make more music with them. That’s basically history. My sophomore year I barely attended school and spent all my time obsessing over making my own music. I would drive down to LA for a weekend at least once a month and sleep on the studio couch until it was time to go back to school. We made so much dope shit in those short periods of time that I couldn’t stop thinking about having more time in the studio. I craved it. After that year I realized music was what I wanted to do and that I had an ear for melody and lyricism. I moved to LA after that year to pursue a career being an artist. I knew the music I’d made with the people at the studio was exciting, new, and the production quality was amazing. In the Summer of 2017, I was working on a new song with Hero, Dillon Daniel, and Tessa Rae, and that song turned out to be “Lava Lamps.” We would work endlessly on that same song, trying to perfect it out of some sort of obsession. We knew the song was good but we didn’t want to sell it short. Luckily, it didn’t take long for an artist from a major label to walk by and hear what was bumping from the room, walk in and be like ‘yo, I fuck with this. Whatever vibe you got going over here, I like it. Let’s work together, and that type of acknowledgment is all I wanted. Maty is such a sick person and she fitted perfectly on “Lava Lamps.” I honestly couldn’t be happier she was able to put it out as her single - it got me my first real release through a major label and I think the track’s energy works great with the two of us on there. If I hadn’t been stuck couch surfing 2 years ago, who knows where I would be now - if I would even have any music to call my own.

Keith: Growing up what kind of music did you listen to and what would you consider your influences now? And along those lines what artists or bands do you think are the ones to watch?

Sam: I grew up listening to a lot of soul, Latin music, and classic rock. Al Green, Manu Chao, and Queen are probably the main faces of those three influences while growing up, it’s what my parents listened to and I grew attached to it all. When I was about 10 I started discovering music myself, and I would mainly listen to hip-hop really, with big influences being Wu-Tang, G-Unit and Eminem of course. When I got to high school I really started delving into music and being from Holland I was, of course, putting together small, rough mixtapes of electronic dance music, although hip-hop stayed my main beloved genre. Today I listen to a little bit of everything, as I believe good music is objectively distinguishable from bad music, and every genre has good and bad music. I’d say I’m mostly inspired by the artists who I can draw from that and take the good parts from every wave to create their own. Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak, SZA, Mac Miller, N.E.R.D., Outkast, Kaytranada, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Tyler the Creator. I get such a sense of personality from their music, but also a sense of really good taste and eclecticism. Obviously, all of them have great voices, great lyrics and/or great production quality. But I think that’s the bar to be considered worthy of attention nowadays. In order to be great as a musician today, you gotta be able to hold your own on the sound waves, and in my opinion, those artists all do, simply by having invented a type of undeniable swagger paired with music you just can’t put in a box. That’s what I inspire to be honestly, the creator of my own wave that sounds naturally accessible to anyone who listens. 

Keith: How did you find the right people to work with? When did you know you a had circle of people around you that you could trust?

Sam: Like I said earlier, the people I work with today are the people I’ve found by chance. That being said, I’ve met a lot of people in the meantime or aren’t as trustworthy, talented or care about music as much as they say they do. What I realized after witnessing one year of ‘Hollywood’ around me, is that there are a lot of people out there trying to be heard, without having anything real to say. Surprisingly, I met a lot of people seemed to be enamored with the idea of being a musician and aren’t willing to put the work in or simply don’t have the talent. I knew I found the right people in my circle because I saw they were noticing the same things in me for the required work ethic.  I’m all about real genuine music, real emotion, and the people who taught me the importance of that are the people that introduced me to making music, and who I still work with today. It’s easy to trust someone in the studio when you want the same thing as them creatively.

Keith: Do you have a collection of vinyl records? I think it has come back very strong and has gained some momentum every passing year over the last 3 years or so.

Sam: I don’t really, I have some at home for memorabilia-sake like some Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix vinyl, but I never owned a vinyl record player, so if I wanted to use them I’d have to go to a friend’s house. I think they definitely gained some momentum with certain crowds, but I think the user-friendliness of streaming services is knocking that momentum out of the water. At the studio I work with I’m surrounded by audiophiles, so I do understand the difference of the crispy quality you hear when listening to an actual LP being played versus a digital mix. I wouldn’t say it’s inspired me to purchase my own LP player, but once I get to the point where I can release my own album on vinyl, I might just have to change my mind.

Keith: I think music is the universal healer, do you feel that way as well or do have a different outlook on how music affects you?

Sam: I absolutely agree. Music heals all wounds. There’s no better feeling than screaming along a song that talks exactly about how you feel at the moment, and the music accompanying it totally adds to the sensation. It can also expose wounds you didn’t even realize were deep wounds, but realizing you had them can be considered healing as well. There’s something about listening to a song from front to back, hearing the way certain words are pronounced and performed, hearing the sounds and instruments evolve into each other, and having the sense that it all ties back together in one message. It’s an experience unlike watching a movie, unlike reading a book, unlike looking at a piece of art on the wall. For me, it’s the perfect balance between presenting art in a complete package while leaving enough room for interpretation for the listener. Everyone relates to a song differently, yet everyone will sing along the same lyrics. It’s the personal healer that brings the universe together by making us realize we’re not that different. Of course, not all music is going to resonate with everyone, but great music doesn’t fade away. 

Keith: What are your plans going forward? Are you going to release a full-length album this year or is that something you are working towards at this point?

Sam: I have mainly been working on developing myself as an artist; figuring out what it is I want to say to the world about who I am, what I’ve been through, and how I got here. I’ve realized while making these new songs that a lot of people relate to my pain or are in love with my energy. I released an 11-song EP earlier this year that I finished in 2017 called Bungalow Bill, named after the studio I work at. I have over 40 songs unreleased right now, and I think it’s all better than the music I’ve put out already. The stage I’m in right now is something I really treasure, because I get to work in a studio every single day with no pressure, trying to get every song just right, over and over again. There’s no money involved for me yet but having the chance to write and perform my songs completely makes up for that. The chances of me releasing another full-length project this year are definitely possible, although not certain. I will release a couple singles first to test the waters, as I’m experimenting every day in every way. My music is definitely different, and I think it’ll help carve my own lane in the music world. I’m currently still independent and having my message fall on deaf ears by releasing music prematurely is a scenario I don’t want. Whatever scenario, I will always make sure I have something new to show for. 

Keith: What are your thoughts on the power of social media and how it can help launch the career of an artist or collect income (like Pledge Music)? Do you think this is something that will continue to grow?

Sam: I don’t think social media is going to stop growing anytime soon, and I guess we’ll see how artists continue to take their place in that realm. Social media allows the world to be a lot more connected, and music is able to find a way to a lot more ears than it could 20 years ago. I’m not a huge fan of having constant exposure to my everyday life on Instagram, but there are now famous artists whose fanbase is mainly based around their daily interaction with them through social media. It’s crazy how one person with a lot of online followers can tag your profile in a single post, and all of a sudden there are thousands of people knocking on your (online) door, peaking interest. Drake can co-sign an artist by simply playing their song in a video he posts; millions watch it, and that artist’s song blows up and gets on the radio the next month. The time it takes for people to get famous has absolutely shrunk through social media, but it also is a lot quicker to forget about someone these days if they’re not relevant on the internet. I don’t know if I’ll ever get comfortable as some other artists are with presenting their daily lives online. My power and my strength are when I am on stage. For me, I want to feel that personal connection to a fan by performing in front of them and seeing their reaction. Although I realize the importance of having a presence online and don’t see that importance going away anytime soon - I truly believe that communication through personal contact, artist to audience, can never be replicated online. It is the thing that creates goosebumps, chills, memories and moments, and it is what I think sets me apart from others in the arena.

Keith: Sam it has been a great pleasure to get some insight into your young career and what it is like for a man to jump into such a crazy business. I give you credit for your fortitude and wish you the best and thank you so much for all of your time!

Sam: Thanks so much for having me!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
"The original internet “MuzikMan” Reviewer since 1998!”


Music News: Emerging Artist Beekwilder Releases New Single Lava Lamps With Maty Noyes

Hollywood, CA-July 10, 2018-Sam Beekwilder, a college student from The Netherlands at the time, was only 19 years old when he found himself at a recording studio in Santa Monica, while hanging around on a roof with some new friends, started to sing along with the music everyone was playing. Producers Hero DeLano and Jason Parris were so impressed after hearing the kid’s 4-octave vocal range that they brought him in the studio that night and wrote and recorded a full new song at Sam’s very first time at any studio. That would be the start of the new emerging star called Beekwilder. This a moment in life where “Embrace the unexpected” is the norm.

Being in the right place at the right time certainly helps, and Beekwilder knows this all too well.  Not even a full year into his career, he has already shown the work ethic and talent necessary to make excellent music. In October he released his first single “Oh My,” a fun rap-jam where Beekwilder freestyles over a funky bassline. In March he released an 11-song mixtape he named “Bungalow Bill,” an ode to the studio Beekwilder found a home at in Santa Monica, and the consequences that come with moving away from home to pursue what you love. And as of last week, he got his first feature on a major label release in “Lava Lamps” with Maty Noyes.

He has come an incredibly long way for being an international student in California who only sang in the shower and made hip-hop beats on his laptop. After spending almost, a year living in LA for the sole purpose of developing his music, Beekwilder had over 50 songs he and his producer Hero DeLano had
come up with over the course of that year. “Lava Lamps” was one of these song ideas. Maty Noyes heard the beat bumping out of the Bungalow Bill studio while at a different recording session and walked in and told Beekwilder she would want to hop on the track. After she wrote and recorded her parts on the song, the rest became history. Maty’s team loved the record and wanted to release it as her single, and the song got released on July 6th through Lava/Republic Records. It’s a first big glimpse of the world of potential for Beekwilder. He showcases his energy and his versatility with his voice and his work ethic remains intact. This is an exciting time of opportunity for the young Dutchman.

Being discovered by a major label is every musician or vocalist’s dream. The very few out of thousands have the life-changing opportunity presented in the most unexpected circumstances. Such is the case for Beekwilder, who had always loved and created music but never imagined the possibility of being an artist in a legendary city like LA.

Beekwilder, now only 21 years old, is off to a great start in a promising career. He has already proven to be flexible and diverse enough to sing within multiple genres and to possess a voice unique enough to set himself apart internationally. Who knows where he can go from here? The sky seems to be the limit.

Peter A. Barker
Producer A&R
Spin Move Records

Lava Lamps on Spotify:
Beekwilder on Spotify:



Blues Rap Duo NOWELO Celebrates the New "PASSING DAYS" Single Feat. Grammy Nominated ANN HOKU LYN with a KONA WINE MARKET Release Party

Kona, Hawaii – Blues Rap duo NOWELO (pronounced no-VEH-lo) is releasing their new single “PASSING DAYS” featuring ANN HOKU LYN on August 18th, and celebrating with a release party featuring a nine-piece band presented by KONA WINE MARKET at The Edible World on August 26th, 2017. “PASSING DAYS” is the first single from their EP of the same name releasing later this fall. The release party event will feature Chef Noah Hester and special guest performer Reggie Griffin, as well as live artwork by Robert Thomas.

NOWELO is a musical duo formed in 2015 consisting of guitarist and blues harmonica player Truth Musiq from East Palo Alto in California’s Bay Area, and Rapper/Singer Pana Jones from Kona, Hawaii. Although the group is based in Kona, they have a sound that connects with audiences from around the world. Their music resonates with a sonic inspiration that spans Hip Hop, Blues, Reggae and even some Island influences. Nowelo has created a unique series of releases that will start with the new “PASSING DAYS” single, featuring ANN HOKU LYN.

Pana Jones was born and raised in Kona, Hawaii, growing up exposed to both modern and ancient island music. He developed a love for melodic chants and Polynesian drumming, while also being influenced by a variety of Rap and Blues music, and started writing and rhyming his way around his island home. Truth Musiq was born and raised in Northern California. Truth spent years as a street musician in Santa Cruz with a wide variety of musical influences ranging from the Beastie Boys to Robert Johnson, and he eventually made his way across the country to Jacksonville, FL.

The two joined forces, and in middle of 2016 NOWELO released their debut single “Leave Me,” a blues rap song about coping with loss. The track was released under their own label which is aptly called Mind Matters Music, founded by NOWELO with Sterling Leatherman, also originally from Palo Alto, California. Sterling is God-Brother to Truth and an avid listener of Hip Hop who now lives in Hawaii and owns KONA WINE MARKET, a landmark business in Kona for over 25 years.

ANN HOKU LYN was raised in the Marshall Islands with a love of the trumpet. She spent ten years in NYC touring as a freelance trumpet player around the US, Asia, and in Europe.
Ann continues to write and record with various jazz and pop artists, having played Madison Square Garden and Jazz at Lincoln Center. She is an integral part of the sound on NOWELO’S new “PASSING DAYS” single and EP.

The PASSING DAYS EP, set to release in November 2017, exercises elements of rap, jazz, folk, and island blues. With melodic hooks and storytelling about relationship issues past and present, the PASSING DAYS EP comes across as relatable to a wide range of music lovers. The first single and title track will be digitally released worldwide on August 18th, 2017, followed by the August 26th performance in downtown Kona. This concert will celebrate the release of the “PASSING DAYS” single and set the stage for the forthcoming EP later this fall.

PASSING DAYS Single Release Party – August 26th, 2017 – Kona, Hawaii

Kona Wine Market Presents: Raise The Bar with Chef Noah Hester is a food and beverage pairing event, featuring music from Grammy Award-nominated and winning artists ANN HOKU LYN and John Keawe. World renowned artist Robert Thomas will be creating an art piece in real time throughout the event. NOWELO will be headlining the entertainment with a full nine-piece band. Included in the band is Hip Hop pioneer Reggie Griffin, who has written, produced, and toured with music legends such as The Sugar Hill Gang, Chaka Khan, and The Isley Brothers, to name a few. Griffin is currently working with NOWELO and resides on the Big Island of Hawaii.

To pre-order the “PASSING DAYS” single on iTunes: or

To pre-order the “PASSING DAYS” single on Bandcamp:

For more information about NOWELO, please visit their social media pages or Mind Matters Music Website at

For Press and Interview inquiries, please contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR: (828) 350-8158 or

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For information on the August 26th, 2017 “PASSING DAYS” single release party, please visit


Rage Against the Machine Debut Album To Be Released On Limited Edition Hybrid SACD

“The first album to successfully merge the sounds of rap and heavy metal”

Camarillo, CA – Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity will be releasing the critically acclaimed debut album by Rage Against the Machine on limited edition Hybrid SACD. Rage Against the Machine's first album is a mix of punk, metal, hardcore and politically resonate rap. Every song is full of energy with smart lyrics and plenty of slam-dancing potential. In 1992, the band released its self-titled debut album, which became a commercial and critical success. The album went to #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and #45 on the Billboard 200 chart. Rolling Stone magazine named it as one of the 500 greatest albums of all time. In 2001, Q magazine named it as one of the 50 Heaviest Albums Of All Time.

This album is relentless, from the opening track “Bombtrack” all the way to the last blast of “Freedom,” every tune is a highly explosive ball of energy, none of which is clearly superior to any of the others. The lyrics, while full of blunt and pure anger, are very passionate and well-written in the sense that they actually stand for something.

This album like no other changed the landscape of '90s music. The “guilty parties”: Zack de la Rocha's vitriolic and angst-ridden words fueled by the heaviest rhythm section on the planet featuring drummer Brad Wilk and the exciting and dynamic bass of Timmy C and of course, RATM's signature sound, Tom Morello's belligerent, aggressive guitar riffs and turntable-esque noise that make this the best debut album of all-time.

The “Know Your Enemy” track features Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan on “additional vocals” and also features Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins on trashcan percussion. The liner notes claim, “No samples, keyboards or synthesizers used in the making of this recording.” This is, and always will be, considered Rage Against the Machine's most important work.

“Distinctly groundbreaking and original...a landmark in musical history.”

Track list:


Produced by: Garth Richardson, Rage Against the Machine
Mastered by Steve Hoffman and Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering

For more information:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,


Reggae Icon Rocker-T to Release New 19-track Album The Return of the Tru Ganjaman, Featuring Many Special Guests, on June 17th, 2016

Oakland, CA – Brooklyn-born Reggae pioneer Rocker-T announces the release of his newest album, The Return of the Tru Ganjaman, featuring Reggae Legends Mykal Rose (Black Uhuru), Prezident Brown and UK Reggae Superstar Gappy Ranks. The new album showcases some great original songs, along with some inspired remixes of some older songs from some well-known producers. The 19-track release (16 songs on the CD and 3 bonus tracks on the digital album) is put out through Luvinnit Productions, Rocker-T’s own independent record label, on June 17th, 2016. The album has many other amazing guest features including Mr. Williamz, Skip Wicked (Indubious), Mama-T, Ras Indio, and Jah Wave, and spans many genres while staying rooted in the conscious Dancehall reggae that Rocker-T is known for.

This full-length album comes on the heels of Rocker-T releasing Tru Ganjaman: The Remixes on April 20th, 2016, which has been receiving rave reviews and international airplay since its release. Throughout his 30-year career, Rocker-T has always been on the cutting edge of the worldwide movement to decriminalize cannabis, personified in his groundbreaking, award-winning 1996 anthem Tru Ganjaman. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the song’s release, Luvinnit Productions commissioned and released Tru Ganjaman: The Remixes, featuring 23 remixes of this iconic track from a variety of well-known producers. The compilation includes Reggae, Hip Hop, Dub and various EDM sub genres including Dubstep and Dance. Amongst the amazing producers featured on the release are the legendary Sidney Mills (longtime producer of KRS1/Boogie Down Productions and Steel Pulse), Neil Perch (of Zion Train), Ras G, Sub Atomic Soundsystem, Roommate, and 6BLOCC.

The song Tru Ganjaman has millions of plays across various YouTube channels and is notably recognized as Rocker-T performs all around the world. His extensive catalog includes the album Give Thanks on Electra Records with his band Skadanks, 7 full-length albums including Nicer By the Hour, If Yu Luv, Show Ya Luv, More Luv, Hold On Strong, Alphabet City, and a two-volume release titled Hurban Warrior Of Peace: Part Roots featuring Gappy Ranks, Rankin’ Joe and Terry Ganzie, and Hurban Warrior Of Peace: Part Konkrete featuring KRS1, Cutty Ranks and Marlon Asher. He has also released dozens of singles and a handful of EPs, including the Luv is the Foundation EP featuring Joan Baez.

The Return of the Tru Ganjaman features collaborations with many well-known and developing artists, and was created at Luvinnit Productions Studios in Oakland, California. The album is mainly produced by Luvinnit Productions, Royal Order Music and Dynasty Records.

Rocker-T has maintained his youthful exuberance, energy, and sound quality both onstage and off throughout his 30-year career with a spiritual and holistic lifestyle, and a grand love of life and music. He has been a huge influence on every music scene he has been involved in, leading the way for such artists as Matisyahu, Alborosie, Josh Heinrichs, Skillinjah and groups like Soja and Fortunate Youth, from a time when American born artists were not performing Hip Hop, Roots or Dancehall in a West Indian Patois. A man whose life seems to have been created for music, Rocker-T is a pulsating force with much energy and love to share with the world.

Rocker-T will perform at festivals and shows throughout 2016 in North America and Europe to promote the album’s release. Check out Rocker-T’s social media sites for updated show information.
For Bookings or more Rocker-T info visit

To listen to or purchase Tru Ganjaman: The Remixes on iTunes

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Bassman New Single ‘Don’t Judge Me’ Is Out Now!

Legendary R&B artist Bassman is set to release ‘Don’t Judge Me’, his stellar follow up to hit ‘Jamaican Grind’. Although it carries on the dance tangent it is very much a personal ode.
Inspired by hardship and medical trauma Bassman felt the best way to convey his emotions was through the medium of music. After an allergic reaction to penicillin and the concept of death very much a reality Bassman decided it was time to write about his experiences. Music saved him and he is now intent on sharing his artistry with as many people as he can.
Inspired by the music and dancing of Michael Jackson but with a more modern urban sound, Bassman is already turning heads with major urban tastemakers such as The Source Magazine and Hip-Hop Weekly. And now, with new music garnering comparisons with Flo Rida, Pit Bull and Rick Ross, he’s set for his latest assault on the music industry.

Bassman filmed ‘Don’t Judge Me’ in Las Vegas and his ability to perfectly compliment music with visuals enables him to be a forerunner in the business. The video is a brilliant amalgamation of everything Bassman is and perfect representation of his life so far.

‘Don’t Judge Me (Fast Life)’ is  just the latest in a string of great, fun ideas from the artistic entrepreneur, who also works in other creative industries including clothing design, graphics design and jewellery. Music is just a part of the package, but a very impressive package it is.


Producer Jus launches Zenith Point Records and Releases His Debut EP “Obsession” Worldwide on April 21st, 2015, Featuring Many Special Guests

New York, NY - Justin Naundros, professionally known as Jus, has been working on his debut EP Obsession for the past year. This 6-song debut will be released worldwide both physically and digitally on April 21st, 2015, through his Zenith Point Records label. Jus was inspired to create the project while thinking about his own obsessions, and after having a conversation with someone else about theirs, realized that everyone has one main thing in their life that could be considered their obsession. Jus then began to produce tracks that he believed translated his obsessions, and began looking for artists to feature that could also give voice to theirs.

The first track Jus created was a song called Legacy and he was able to get Bobby Dub (BMG artist from LA) to write and sing the hook. Jus then recorded Add-2, a Chicago rapper who is managed by producer 9th Wonder, and DaCor, who put a verse onto the track. Add-2 is also featured on another track on the EP titled Love Songs which also features retired Air Force Veteran Niko Ellison, a powerhouse R&B Vocalist, who sang for 20 years in the Air Force band and has spent several years singing and songwriting for other projects.

As Jus continued to make tracks he connected with Maryann (Bae God) of N-Crowd, who recently released an EP of her own. Her EP features some notable guests such as Waka Flocka Flame. Justin was also able to record Freddy Flopez, a bi-lingual rapper from East Palo Alto, CA as well as Are Too, a music teacher in Oakland an up and coming singer and saxophonist. Tommy Gunna, another up and coming artist from the Bay Area is also featured on the EP’s track Tonight. Jus features guitarist and producer Jay Marston Rubin who really brings life to the track Love Song.

As the release started taking shape, there was a production team Jus brought on board. These two producers, Nico Breeze and Hrmonik added a lot of Pop to the production value of the entire project. In Jus’ own words, “It wouldn’t have sounded the same without them.” Most of the EP was recorded in various studios in the Bay Area, including two very well known rooms at Pyramind Sound and Ghost Cat Studios.

Justin Jerome Smith Naundros was born May 11, 1991, in Decatur, GA, but moved to St. Petersburg, FL at the age of four, where his grandmother raised him until he was 13. As a teenager, Justin developed a love for drums and percussion and started playing in the school band when he was in 7th grade. He continued to play all the way through his senior year in both his High School band and in a Community band that was run by the youth program Everyone's Youth United.

That band often played for big city events including a Bay Area talent show that Rev. Run (Run-DMC) and Russell Simmons were featured speakers. While growing up in the southern U.S., Justin always had a love for a wide variety of music from Country to Hip Hop, R&B, and so much more. To him music was a way to express emotions, and he always had a song to reference no matter what mood he was in.

After graduating from High School in 2009, Jus enlisted in the U.S. Army as an Apache Crew chief and served for 4 years. During his time in the Army, Justin was stationed in several different locations, including overseas. After being injured Jus left the military in 2013, and began to put in motion his dream of working in the music industry and owning his own record label.

The day after he left the military Jus found himself interning at Universal Music Enterprises, working for Vice President of A&R Harry Weinger. Even though his tenure at Universal was brief it inspired even more determination to make his dreams a reality. Realizing at the time that his skill level in audio production would only take him so far, Jus enrolled at Pyramind Training in San Francisco in May 2014 to study music production and sound design. In January of 2015 Jus was accepted into The New York Film Academy and he currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Jus’ Obsession EP will be released direct to fans in early April and worldwide on April 21st, 2015. For more information or sound samples visit the ZPR Facebook page:

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Pop, Hip Hop, and Urban Producer Launches Nico Breeze Productions, A New Bay Area Production Company and Resource for Established and Developing Artists and Labels

San Francisco, CA, - Nico Breeze Productions is a San Francisco Bay Area based production company founded in early 2013 by producer Nico Breeze. Most recently Nico co-produced and mixed a Hip-Hop/R&B project titled Obsession for Zenith Point Records, which will release worldwide April 21st, 2015 through Independent Distribution Collective. Obsession boasts the talents of Chicago rapper Add-2 (Jamla Records) and a diverse mixture of both established and promising California based artists such as: Niko Ellison, Maryann (Bae God), Bobby (Dub) Werner and Are Too. Throughout his career Nico Breeze has developed a professional studio footprint and a talent for producing Top 40 Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Urban Dance, and music for Film and Television.

Surrounded by a family of musicians, Nico’s dedication to music began at 8 years old, following in his father’s footsteps as a Jazz and Orchestral trumpet player. His brother Kevin is the front man and bassist for San Francisco’s prominent punk band Flexx Bronco. It was music from the 1990’s era of Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop that sparked Nico’s love affair with production at just 16 years old. He continued his musical aspirations and education through High School and College, ultimately earning a degree in Music Technology from Foothill College.

Nico continued his music production studies at Pyramind Studios in San Francisco pursuing coursework in arrangement, music theory, and mixing, as well as becoming an Avid-certified Pro Tools Expert. Prior to the completion of Pyramind’s Digital Sound Producer program, Nico was recruited and hired as an integral member of their team.

His collaborative work with other producers, rappers, singers, songwriters, and music professionals have contributed to Nico’s innovative production style and unique sound. Constant evolution of both creative and technical practices is the center of his production tenet, which enables Nico Breeze to integrate diverse perspectives into the composition process. He believes that “persistence, discipline, and the desire for growth will always light the pathway to success.”

Nico Breeze Productions is currently booking projects for the next few months and will continue to take on new production endeavors throughout 2015 and beyond.

By the summer of 2015 Nico will launch an independent record label to give a home to both established and developing artists he produces. Through existing and new relationships with worldwide distribution and marketing companies, Nico Breeze Productions is uniquely positioned to soar into the national spotlight.

Over the next few months Nico Breeze will launch a series of promotions including remix contests, new sound and stem packages, and other music giveaways.

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