UK Music Legends The Pretty Things Share New Single "Bright As Blood"

UK Music Legends The Pretty Things Share New Single "Bright As Blood"

New Album ‘Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood’ Due September 25th

Credit: Judy Totton

The Pretty Things have shared new single "Bright As Blood" from their upcoming album ‘Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood’ out on the 25th September through Madfish Music.

Taken from the new, entirely acoustic album, which the band had been working on right up until the sudden and tragic passing of Phil May in May 2020. The band, led by guitarist Dick Taylor, is sharing this new music in tribute to their iconic, fearless and trailblazing front man.

New single "Bright As Blood" see’s Phil May and Dick Taylor embrace moving new folk,  Americana and bluegrass overtones, coupled with Jon Wigg’s rootsy fiddle and Sam Brother’s hillbilly banjo that sit alongside writer, George Woosey’s hypnotic, driving guitar and a vocal performance from May that is as open and vulnerable as we ever heard from him.

Dick Taylor, The Pretty Things 
“Bright As Blood” was written by the band’s long-time bass player – George Woosey - and it’s typical of his incredible work, it captures his fascination with Roots and Americana music perfectly and was a perfect fit with the album and even gave us our title…”

Listen to new single ‘Bright As Blood’ here

The new single will be available on all streaming platforms from Friday 7th August

‘Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood’ is the culmination of the work the band had been doing, following lengthy discussions about whether they could actually create meaningful new music in a stripped back, acoustic-driven format following their retirement from electric performances on health grounds that saw them bow out with an incredible three hour, sold-out performance at The 02 Indigo in London in December 2018 with guests David Gilmour and Van Morrison.

Deciding that they could, Phil May and Dick Taylor, together with long time manager and producer Mark St. John, began work on this new album, their first in an entirely acoustic format and set about laying the foundation of what The Pretty Things would be next.

The new album, the product of these sessions, is the sound of authenticity, hard experience and the pain and longing of two artists in the unknown territory of old age. The sound of two long, long lives, lived in art and music that have always lived at the cutting edge, and that have always worked as they did at the very start, in their teenage years, with absolute honesty and total integrity…

The new album ‘Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood’ will be released on CD, gatefold 2xLP on red vinyl and digitally and is available to pre-order now. (https://theprettythings.lnk.to/BareAsBoldBrightAsBlood)

Track listing:
1. Can`t Be Satisfied [03:04]
2. Come Into My Kitchen [04:17]
3. Ain`t No Grave [03:58]
4. Faultline [04:22]
5. Redemption Day [05:22]
6. The Devil Had A Hold Of Me [04:16]
7. Bright As Blood [04:44]
8. Love In Vain [04:17]
9. Black Girl [02:37]
10. To Build A Wall [04:25]
11. Another World [03:56]
Bonus Track:
I`m Ready [03:43]

Press Quotes:
"Mr. May’s snarling vocals and rebellious persona helped make his band, the Pretty Things, an influential part of the 1960s British scene.” - The New York Times

"The man David Bowie listed as God in his address book stuck two fingers up at rules about music, sex and life itself – and made the most glorious noise doing it” - The Guardian

"May’s yowling vocals, were as ferociously potent as anything recorded during the 1960s British beat boom.” - The Times

"Although the Pretty Things did not achieve the fame of many of their peers in the UK rock scene, they were beloved by musicians, including Aerosmith and, most famously, David Bowie” - Pitchfork

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Pretty-Things-115515605226
Website: http://www.theprettythings.com/
Label: https://www.madfishmusic.com/

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA), glassonyonpr@gmail.com

Modern Cinematic Prog Ensemble Circuline To Release New Live CD/DVD/Blu-ray “CircuLive::NewView”

What do you get when you take two theatrical lead vocalists, a keyboard player from Juilliard, a versatile rock virtuoso on guitar, a zany bass player from another galaxy, and a drummer with progressive rock in his DNA? The modern cinematic rock band Circuline. Nominated for PROG Magazine’s 2016 Limelight award for best new band, Circuline has toured with Glass Hammer, repeatedly co-headlined the three-day Sonic Voyage Festival, and toured England in summer 2017 opening for IO Earth. Circuline has performed at RoSfest, Philadelphia's Liberty Music Fest, Chicago's Progtoberfest, and England’s Harmonix Festival.

“CircuLive::NewView” captures the band at ProgStock in an all-newly crafted show that will please any rock fan. In addition to soaring vocals, keyboard wizardry, powerhouse drumming, and virtuoso guitar and bass playing, you will smile and enjoy the “keyboard challenge”, “drum feature”, and other fun and entertaining moments. The album was recorded at the Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, New Jersey and was Mixed and Mastered by Alek Darson in Toronto, Canada.

Andrew Colyer - Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion
Darin Brannon - Drums, Keyboards, Percussion
Natalie Brown - Vocals, Percussion
William "Billy" Spillane - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Percussion
Alek Darson - Lead Guitar, Percussion
Joel Simches - Bass Guitar, Bass Pedals, Drums

Says Andrew, “The Concept behind this product is that for the past five years, we’ve had worldwide sales in 18 countries on six continents. Most of these fans have never had an opportunity to see us perform live. We’re producing this live CD/DVD/Blu-ray, so that fans, festivals, and booking agents around the world can see how much we’ve grown, and what we can really do, when given the opportunity to craft our own show for a big stage. So this product is meant for the fans, and for promoters. The Concept for this concert was to have a GREAT rock concert that ANYONE could enjoy. They don’t have to be ‘progressive rock fans’; if they love live rock concerts, they will hopefully have fun and appreciate this show.”

Darin adds, “What we found out after the ProgStock performance is that all the comments about the show included the words ‘fun’ and ‘entertaining’. So with that, we were successful. It’s one thing to deliver stellar performances, but adding an element of fun can help some members of the audience enjoy the show and maybe become a fan.”

Circuline has two studio albums under their belt, “Return” and “Counterpoint”. This new live CD/DVD/Blu-ray is the culmination of two years of touring those two albums, the lessons the band had learned, and the things they wanted people to see and experience. Andrew explains, “We sat down and thought about all of the great concerts we had experienced as fans, and asked ourselves, what made those shows great? What did those artists do that made the shows so memorable? What can we do to incorporate some elements like that into our own show? We wrote everything down, and got to work crafting the best show we could, in the time we were allotted. In the future, you’ll see even more new things, when we’re doing our ‘Evening with Circuline’ concert series.”

Darin adds, “The NewView show could only have happened after two or so years of being out on the road. We discussed shows that everyone in the band had seen and what were their favorite parts and included those concepts into this show. The piano challenge was something Andrew and I wanted to do since we started the band. The drum-off was something I remember seeing Gentle Giant doing, so that was inspired by them. We thought it would be more entertaining to see everybody involved in that section as opposed to just seeing me bashing away up there behind the drums!”

Here’s what the press have said about Circuline:

“Creeping, Wilson-esque atmospherics, cinematic soundscapes and modern tonal beef.....spans the classic and modern prog worlds” - PROG magazine (UK) 

“For those that like their Prog powerful and dramatic” - Classic Rock Society magazine (UK) 

“Melodic and cinematic rock for the 21st century” - Big Bang magazine (France)

“Varied melodies and styles from musical theater and jazz to classic rock and traditional prog.....nothing short of exhilarating” - Progression magazine (US) 

“Tight arrangements and catchy tunes.....plenty of hooks and diversity” - Dutch Progressive Rock Page 

“Very memorable melodies and lyrics, interspersed with passages of progressive bliss” - Prog Archives 

“Required listening for 21st century prog rock fans” - Zeitgeist, The Rocker (UK) 

“Combining the best elements of the “Golden Age” of Prog with modern widescreen melodic rock” - The Progressive Aspect 

“Dense and original.....music that touches the heart” - Prog Critique (Quebec, Canada) 

“Some of the most entertaining Prog-rock out there today” - Rock and Roll Report 

Circuline is supporting the release of this album with a “Virtual Tour” this fall, which includes four new music video releases and Facebook Live Q&A sessions. They’re also releasing a “Meet the Band” video series, a “Story Behind the Song” video series, and a “Story Behind the Album” video series. The band recently started working on their third studio album, with a forthcoming “Making of” video series while they’re doing it. The third studio album is scheduled realistically for a Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 release, with accompanying new music videos before, and live gigs afterwards.

Says Darin, “We’re planning a lot more in the way of virtual or online engagement. So join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and of course our website for news and updates about future releases and plans. The third studio record is in the works. We will hit the writing, arranging and recording for that project pretty hard come the new year. Shows are a bit ambiguous at present day.”

In closing Andrew has this to impart, “Come join the party! Have a great time! If you think you don’t like progressive rock, or ‘Prog’ as they say, you might be surprised. Some people said we had the best and most entertaining performance of the ProgStock Festival that year. If you love rock concerts, you’ll probably enjoy this show, and it might even put a smile on your face!”

“CircuLive::NewView” will be released on Inner Nova Music on October 9th, 2020.

1. Intro + Erosion
2. Black Sun
3. One Wish
4. Nautilus
5. Piano Challenge
6. Hollow
7. Return (acoustic)
8. Fallout Shelter
9. Pale Blue Dot (cover)
10. Forbidden Planet + Drum Feature
11. Inception
12. Summit
13. Stereotypes

Digital Download on iTunes, Amazon.com, and Bandcamp 
Streaming on Spotify and all streaming services 

Get Your Exclusive Pre-Order Bundle Here: 

For more information:

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Rock-Pop Review and Interview With Neal Smith For Pop 85/95 Album!

Release Date: June 1, 2020

Label: 2020 Neal Smith


Leave it to a living legend like Alice Cooper to lend us a diamond in the rough. Cooper’s drummer Neal Smith, finds himself at a crossroads of pop and rock. At 72, the rock-musician-turned-solo-artist releases a set of songs that harken back to simpler times on Pop 85/95. In particularly thinking of all that’s occurring in this world, especially with the Coronavirus, Smith finds solace and simplicity in pop melodies and lyrics with rock flares throughout. With a time warp back to the 80s, the album is a great reflection of sentimentality and flashbacks to easier times.

“If I Only Had You,” revs the album up to a steady soft-rock start. With its even tempo and words of desire and love, it reflects on what could have been. The person in question who has moved on, might just be listening around the corner. “Dying to Love You” slows up almost immediately. Typically an album contains a number of songs before a ballad or song of sadness play on. The singer is in need of that long lost love, from years gone by. That is what brought him true happiness. “Secret Eyes” give off that cool, smokey vibe. The synthesizer combined with the drums and guitar makes way for the perfect ‘80s flashback.

If you want an enticing intro, look no further than “Love Sets the Night on Fire.” The piano/keyboard, back-and-forth notation combo, pulls the listener in to acknowledge a deep emotional state and build of excitement. Essentially, we as the listeners are anxious to hear what the singer is yearning for.”Distant Drum” finds itself in the middle of this album due to its dream-sequence sound and mood. Speaking of a drum that the singer can only make out now, but wishes for it back to keep it as his own again.

This time we take samples of Journey and Modern English’s “I’ll Stop the World” when “I Wanna Be Good, But I Don’t Know How” begins. The song is a rush of energy that the album is refueled by. This allows the listener to re-engage, should she or he be dissuaded or dissatisfied by the mellow tones of prior songs. “Love Can Run, Love Can Hide” sings of how the strongest emotions can be buried or subdued as hard and deep as possible, but in the end, when it comes to love – it always finds a way to materialize. “In a Heartbeat” is a heavily synthesized creation of pure excitement and conviction. The song is a great representation of how quickly and immediate something can occur or materialize when desired heavily enough.

As though the title of the song didn’t give away that this would be a sad tune of wish and desire to come back home, “Fly Home Sweet Angel” is peaceful and somber at the same time. “I Love You to Death” is the exact opposite of the track before. It is a jolt of energy and pure enjoyment. The themes of love and reminiscence are prevalent through Pop 85/95. It plays well with the concepts of sexy, a bit of risque, and relationships both sweet and sour. Finally, “All My Eyes Can See” plays with imagery and conceptualization of what our desires and perceptions see in the world and in our own mindsets; even when it comes to a specific love or just romantic interest.

Key Tracks include: “I Love You to Death,” “Secret Eyes,” “All My Eyes Can See”

Gregg Keniston - MuzikMan.net Staff
August 7, 2020

Track Listing:
01. If I Only Had You
02. Dying to Love You
03. Secret Eyes
04. Love Sets the Night on Fire
05. Distant Drum
06. I Wanna Be Good, But I Don’t Know How
07. Love Can Run, Love Can Hide
08. In a Heartbeat
09. Fly Home Sweet Angel
10. I Love You to Death
11. All My Eyes Can See


King Crimson's 'The Elements 2020 Tour Box' 2CD Now Available For Pre-order

Release date September 4, 2020

All orders of $50 or more at the Schizoid Shop automatically receive a free 'Islands' mask

This 2-CD history of King Crimson features many extracts and tracks appearing on CD for the first time, including many of the current line-up. Packaged in a digi-pack style book case with 24-page booklet, this set contains introductory notes by Robert Fripp & sleeve notes by Sid Smith.

While this 7th release in the Tour Box series is in spirit with the earlier releases, this is also a very different tour box to its companions, and one which, as it has to stand along and represent a tour that should have been (and will occur in 2021), it also stands slightly apart.

What themes and stories should a tour box created for a postponed tour tell?

As with previous tour boxes, the 2020 Elements box covers the full spectrum of Crimsoning, this one with music and line-ups from 1969-2019. Disc one represents a mostly live/mostly new-to-CD selection of material including 4 tracks taken from the 2019 tour. Disc two, in keeping with the theme of Sid's notes, discussed below, presents pieces played occasionally by the current line-up - Exiles and Sheltering Sky, pieces from the studio - both King Crimson and Robert Fripp that were never completed, or were developed in different ways, material that never made it to a studio recording - The Errors, Dr. Diamond, Trees (extract), Guts on my Side, etc, all combine to present a convincing musical counter-history to the band.

The main sleeve notes by KC historian Sid Smith present a series of highly plausible "what if?" scenarios. Starting from 1969. his 2000 word essay traces a counterfactual history of the band had various tours not been canceled or postponed, had various members not quit or joined, following the routes and pathways a band called King Crimson could have followed had things turned out slightly different along the way.

Disc 1

1 Wind Extract
2 I Talk to the Wind (Alt 2019 Mix)
3 Moonchild (Including Cadenzas, Live 23rd Sept 2019) *
4 In the Wake of Poseidon (Greg Lake Isolated Vocal) *
5 Peace A Theme (Live 26th Oct 1973) *
6 Cat Food (Live 26th Oct 1973) *
7 Last Skirmish (Live 10th June 2019) *
8 Prince Rupert's Lament (Alt Take)
9 The Letters (Bill Rieflin isolated, edit section 1) *
10 The Letters (RF Guitars early take, section) *
11 The Letters (Bill Rieflin isolated, edit section 2) *
12 Ladies of the Road (Fripp/Singleton mix)
13 Easy Money (Live 5th Sept 2019) *
14 Fracture (Live 2016, Taken from Live in Vienna)
15 One More Red Nightmare (Live 4th July 2019) *
16 Starless (Mark Charig featured Studio 1974)

*Tracks previously unreleased on CD

Disc 2

1 The Sheltering Sky (Live 18 July 2019) *
2 San Francisco (From Champaign Urbana Rehearsals 1983)
3 Frame By Frame (Jakszyk/Harrison Pre-2019 Tour Demo) *
4 Running DAT 17 (edit) (Rehearsals from THRAK)
5 Exiles (Live June 2017) *
6 North Star (Exposure Rehearsals)
7 Breathless (Live 2018)
8 The Errors (Live 13 Nov 2017)
9 Ian, Boz & Robert (Studio Jam 1971)
10 Disengage (Exposure Rehearsals) *
11 Guts On My Side (Live 19 March 1974)
12 Dr. Diamond (Live 16 June 1973) *
13 21st Century Schizoid Man (Live Detroit 1972)
14 Trees (Extract Live 1969)
15 The Sheltering Scape (Assembled by Alex R Mundy)

*Tracks previously unreleased on CD

To pre-order: https://shop.schizoidshop.com/king-crimson---the-elements-tour-box-2020-p1859.aspx

To accompany the 2020 Elements Tour Box, the We Paint Electric Rhythm Colour tour shirt contains the dates for the 2020 shows, to be performed in 2021, with postponed written over them. Proceeds from the sales of this shirt benefit the wonderful King Crimson road crew who have been unable to work during the pandemic.This full color shirt is silk-screened on a black Hanes Beefy Tee.

To order: https://shop.schizoidshop.com/king-crimson---2020-tour-t-shirt-we-paint-electric-rhythm-colour-p1860.aspx

For more information: www.dgmlive.com

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA), glassonyonpr@gmail.com


Clarence Clemons’ Guitarist/Vocalist Billy Livesay & The Livesays To Release New Album “The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction”

Billy Livesay, best known for his work with E Street Band legend Clarence Clemons as his Guitarist & Vocalist, is releasing a new album with his group The Livesays, independently. The majority of The Livesays' new album “The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction” was recorded in 2018 and was set to be released early in 2019. Tragically, on November 2nd, 2018, the band experienced unimaginable sorrow when their drummer, Eddie Zyne, passed away from a heart attack. Eddie, who began his illustrious career as the drummer in Hall and Oates, was an original co-founding member and integral part of The Livesays.

Eddie had been so excited about the upcoming release of The Livesays’ fourth album, particularly the new songs which showcased his solid metronome-like drumming style. Losing Eddie was not only a tremendous setback, it caused the band members to cancel all of their upcoming shows and contemplate calling it quits. Instead, the band persevered and, in turn, decided to dedicate this album to their fallen musical brother Eddie Zyne.

Finding a replacement for Eddie would prove to be no easy task as he left tremendous shoes to fill. In the Spring of 2019, along came Howard Goldberg, formerly of the indie funk band “Rudy.” Says Billy Livesay, “Howard knew us from playing around South Florida through the years. He was a tremendous fan of Eddie’s, knew of his passing, and asked if he could audition for us. Much to our surprise and delight, he turned out to be a great fit. He brought a revived energy to our band. We were back up and running in a few months."

The songs were recorded in Billy Livesay's home studio in Pembroke Pines, FL, mixed by Grammy nominated engineer Steve Gordon and mastered by Grammy winning engineer Mike Fuller at Fullersound in Ft Lauderdale. The original plan was to have the song “The Rhythm of Love” be the title cut, and the album was to include songs written and recorded over a two year period after the release of The Livesays' 2016 release “Hold On…Life Is Calling.”

Circumstances changed after losing Eddie. Turmoil set in due to ongoing political unrest, the upcoming election, protests, the Covid-19 pandemic, unemployment, isolation, and having to quarantine. The general feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness, and the ever-changing dysfunctional social and political climate, inspired some fresh new songs and a reevaluation as to which songs to release. Armed with twenty songs, the band narrowed it down to thirteen that reflected a congruent theme, which gave birth to the adjusted title “The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction.”

Billy explains the meaning and inspiration behind the songs…
“When I Dream” - Everyone has some sort of aspiration; being successful playing music has always been mine. Even when the odds seem stacked against me, I have never given up on my dream. 'It may be a leap of faith but it's a leap I’m going to take, when I dream'. I’d be remiss if I did not mention that I wrote this song while mourning the loss of my bandmate Eddie Zyne who I know would be disappointed if his passing had led to the demise of the band and the end of my dream.

“Another Mile” and “Better Than You” - Many couples are quick to dissolve their relationships after disagreements. I view relationships as a constant work in progress. It’s hard for people to admit when they're wrong. Admittedly, it took me awhile, but I have learned to take the blame when I realize that I am wrong. I wrote the song "Another Mile" for my wife. It was my way of apologizing after an argument over something petty. My wife, Vicki, is also the inspiration behind the song “Better Than You.” She has stood by me and supported me throughout my career. Her mother once said that our “love affair was hanging on by a wing and a prayer.” To this day, I’m glad my wife “took that dare.”

“Can I Have (What You Have)?” -
This song was inspired by a newspaper article I read about a man convicted of armed robbery. In his own defense and to lessen his sentence, he blamed his own reprehensible behavior on having been raised by a father who beat him and a mother who was a drug addict. With pen in hand as I began crafting the lyrics, I happened to look out the window and noticed the sky had turned gray. I wrote down the line “looked out my window storm clouds coming, I don't know how long they will last.” I tasked myself with writing this particular song without a rhyming pattern, which is something that I don’t normally do.
We ended up recording this song at Power Station Studios, in Pompano Beach, FL and released a video of the recording session filmed and edited by Miami-based award winning film maker David Liz. Watch the video here:

“Book Of Rules” - One evening, while at a restaurant eating dinner, I witnessed a group of people acting asinine and causing a ruckus. The line “a jester holding court is something that I ain't” popped into my head and I wrote it down on a napkin. I went home and wrote a “Book of Rules,” a dark rocker with verses that are vignettes about how people seem to have their own codes by which they live.

“That's The Trouble With Love” actually started out as two separate songs. I was working on a song about a guy who experienced love at first sight after offering an umbrella to a girl in the rain, and another song intended to be called “Whole Lot of Trouble,” both of which included lyrics sent to me by a Nashville artist named David Graham with whom I have co-written multiple songs in the past. The concepts were similar in nature in both songs and blended together nicely into one acoustic song which sounds a bit Santana-esque.

“Better Than He Ever Was” is autobiographical in nature, but more so, it's a shout out to my musical peers who, like a fine wine, have improved with age. Too often in the entertainment industry, we are cast aside as we grow older, when in many cases, our maturity lends itself to a better, more polished performance.

“Let It Flow” is a song about addiction, inspired by a close friend’s father who was a train-riding hobo who was always down on his luck as a result of his alcoholism.

“The Rhythm Of Love” is a bluesy dance song about the magic and emotional power of love that sometimes takes control of our senses.

“There’s Something Coming Now” - My drummer and I co-wrote the lyrics to this song, inspired by the current dysfunction of our government, the upcoming election, the country-wide protesting, and overall sense of turmoil we are all feeling during the pandemic. With so much misinformation circulating, we’re all left wondering what’s coming next.

“How Can I Be?” was inspired by a close friend who went through a painful breakup with a domineering woman who cheated on him. It’s a song about love-gone-bad in a dysfunctional relationship that left a man questioning his own self-worth and trying to rediscover himself.

Billy explains why there are two cover songs on this album:
“Woodstock” - When the virus hit and I found myself quarantined, I was reflecting on how I was feeling about the current political state of the country. When the “Black Lives Matter” protests began, it reminded me of the vibe of the 60's movement and the public demand for civil rights and equality. This feeling prompted me to start noodling around with Joni Mitchell’s classic tune “Woodstock.” During a rehearsal, my bandmates and I put our own creative spin on the song. In celebration of the life and legacy of Ms. Mitchell, and because its subject matter fit in nicely with our other songs, we decided to record our version for our album.

“The Heart Of The Matter” - I have been told countless times over the years that my voice was reminiscent of Don Henley. By chance, shortly after Eddie’s passing, while The Livesays were on hiatus, I was asked to fill in for a few months with a touring Eagles tribute band called “The Long Run,” assuming the role of Don Henley. After I finished my stint with the tribute band, we had added Howard to our lineup and began playing out again. The guys in my band decided that we should cover “The Heart Of The Matter,” and it instantly became a fan favorite. It fit the theme of the songs we were compiling for our album, so we decided to record it. Since it has been thirty years since the original release of this monumental song, we opted to stay true to its original composition instead of putting our own spin on it.

Here's what the press has said about The Livesays:

“There is some exceptional music here. The sound of this really channels a lot of old school classic rock textures, but at times brings some modern elements to it. I really like this album a lot. There are no bad songs here at all.” - G. W. Hill Music Street Journal

“The kind of commercial classic rock that doesn’t make hipsters feel self conscious for liking this stuff, the voice, the tunes and the moves all merge into a swell stew of the rock we grew up with and still think is out there. Not only do you get some eloquent melodies on this disc, but you also get some thought- provoking material that will no doubt make an impact on you as a listener.” - Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville

“As singer/songwriter, lead guitarist and frontman for The Livesays, Billy Livesay, takes the pop-rock music art form to new heights with The Livesays 2016 Springsteen influenced release “Hold On … Life Is Calling.”  - Robert Silverstein - MWE3.com

“Hold On… Life Is Calling” delivers 13 chewy hunks of pop rock bliss. Without a doubt Billy Livesay has a terrific voice, impassioned and dramatic, and when it coincides with a suitably vast tune, the results are mesmerizing.” — Rocktologist.com

“Billy Livesay's soulful voice and deeply heartfelt lyrics make “Hold On …Life Is Calling” a must-have in any self-respecting classic rockers music collection” - Exclusive Magazine 

“Melodic rock fans should eat this one up. It’s an enjoyable album from a group of veteran musicians who have been around the block a time or two.” - SeaOfTranquility.org

The Livesays will release “The Heart of the Matter” as a video single on their YouTube channel and their Facebook page with a link in the caption to direct viewers to purchase a digital download of the song with a “name your price” option. Proceeds from the sale of the single will benefit the MusiCares Foundation, a charity that has provided more than $60 million in health, financial, and rehabilitation resources to fellow musicians in times of need. More info on the foundation: https://www.grammy.com/musicares.
The video link is here:

(launch 2pm, 8/05/20)

MP3 download will be available here: https://thelivesaysmusic.com/track/2434178/heart-of-the-matter

A pre-sale of the CD (signed hard copies and digital downloads) will begin on Monday, Aug. 10th, 2020. The official release date of the CD has been set for Sept 20th, 2020. As soon as it is safe for music halls and concert venues to reopen, The Livesays plan to tour in support of the release of “The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction.” The band anxiously awaits getting back in front of live audiences where they shine.

In closing, Billy has this message to impart: “During these times of turmoil, isolation, quarantining, anxiety and uncertainty, what has pulled us through is love and music. While we all have our own problems, dysfunctions, shortcomings, and varying opinions, we are all human beings who basically have the same needs and desires. Hopefully the issues we have been facing lately will lead people to take less for granted, apologize quicker, listen more and talk less, smell more roses, and just be better, kinder people. Love may sometimes be ‘a whole lot of trouble,’ but love is definitely worth traveling ‘another mile.’

The Livesays’ lineup:
Billy Livesay - Guitar / lead vocals
Jorge Laplume - Bass / vocals
Howard Goldberg - Drums
Victor "Cuqui" Berrios - Organ / vocals
Tim Murphy- Piano / vocals

For more information:
Website: The Livesays www.thelivesaysmusic.com
Website: Billy Livesay www.billylivesay.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/TheLivesays
YouTube www.youtube.com/user/TheLivesaysMusic
Instagram www.instagram.com/TheLivesays
Twitter www.twitter.com/TheLivesays
ReverbNation www.reverbnation.com/TheLivesays
iTunes www.itunes.com/TheLivesays
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/411odDnocN1WzBbx1rwr8c
To purchase The Livesays’ Music:
The Rhythm of Love and Dysfunction: www.thelivesaysmusic.com/the-rhythm-of-love-and-dysfunction
Previously released albums:
Rose Colored Glasses www.thelivesaysmusic.com/rose-colored-glasses
Faith, Hope & Love www.thelivesaysmusic.com/faith-hope-and-love
Hold On... Life is Calling www.thelivesaysmusic.com/hold-on-life-is-calling

Press inquiries: 
Glass Onyon PR, Billy James, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

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