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Concert Review: Martin Barre At The Worthington Country Club

                     Martin Barre Concert-A Brief History of Jethro Tull

The Worthington Country Club, Massachusetts

June 18, 2023

Nestled in the country along Route 143 off Worthington Road in Massachusetts is the beautiful Golf Links, owned by David and Helen Pollard. It was my distinct pleasure to attend the concert being held there with Martin Barre. For a few reasons: I knew the Pollards very well and had worked for them for five years in the early 2000s. And I had not seen them in 14 years! Secondly, I am very familiar with Martin’s guitar playing with Jethro Tull, covering several of the reissues of their group’s studio recordings over the years, seeing them play live with the band, and providing coverage before he departed on his solo career. With that in mind and being able to see some old friends, I had been anticipating this event for months.


We had a beautiful clear blue sky with the sun shining to usher in this rock legend; however, as the night rolled on, it got a bit nippy, and Martin was warming his fingers to keep them agile.

Martin Barre is one of the finest guitar players in the world and has been for many decades. Now in his 70s, he has not lost a step in showcasing his six-string virtuosity. I was to realize this fully last night as he made his way through two lengthy sets. His band consists of Dan Crisp (lead vocals/keyboards), Alan Thomson (bass), and Darby Todd on Drums. The lead singer bares a remarkable resemblance to a younger Phil Collins. That is what I recognized in short order. And besides that, after belting out the first number with authority, he did a complete turnaround. He sang like a young Ian Anderson, including all the facial expressions and mannerisms of the Jethro Tull mastermind and leader, writer, singer, and musician.


Another surprise may have been Martin being an accomplished flute player. I had known this, but many in attendance were surprised. The crowd expressed their delight as Martin handled his second instrument quite well. Quite honestly, and even though I still enjoy Jethro Tull to this day, Ian has lost his voice due to age and wear and tear, and nobody ever could replace Martin on guitar. It has not been the same since he left the band.


This night I relived the good old days with Martin wailing away and rocking the crowd and Dan Crisp doing a splendid job with each song from the Tull catalog. There are so many outstanding Tull albums and much ground to cover. Martin and his band are tight and did a marvelous job recreating all the music. Even Ian Anderson would be impressed.


The first Tull album I got was Warchild back in the day when there were record and CD clubs that no longer exists. It still stands as my favorite album. Now there are many different choices if you are a vinyl enthusiast to choose from. Hearing them play “Warchild,” “Back Door Angels,” and “Sea Lion” was a treat for the ears and senses. And of course, there are many of the favorites that the audience recognized immediately, such as “Bouree,” “My God,” “Thick As A Brick,” and many more, including the all-out rocking encore numbers “Locomotive Breath” and “Teacher.” Martin and the band ended the show on fire, cranking out those two prog rock classics. Fitting, it ended with plenty of fireworks from Martin’s guitar.


It was another night for me to remember, and an honor to be able to see the show and report on it. Thank you, David and Helen, for the night that will forever be in my consciousness and for giving this old rocker a smile from the inside out.


If you like the beauty of nature and outdoor music, visiting the Worthington Golf Club this summer is a must. Look at what is on tap for the rest of the season and get your tickets here:


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

June 19, 2023

First Set:

Look Into The Sun

Someday The Sun

Cat’s Squirrel

We Used To Know

Serenade To A Cuckoo



Bass Solo

Back To The Family

Nothing To Say

My God

(chat) Thick As A Brick

Passion Play


Black Satin Dancer

Back Door Angels

(chat) Warchild

Sea Lion


Set Two:

Acres Wild

Jack Frost

(chat) Under Wraps Acoustic

Under Wraps Electric

Protect And Survive

Watching Me

Fallen On Hard Times

Too Old To Rock & Roll

Slow Marching Band

Locomotive Breath



Acoustic Instrumental Review: New Latitude-Nature of Things

Release Date: May 17, 2023

Label: Independent


New Latitude’s most recent release Nature of Things, is an acoustic instrumental five-track EP.

The Musicians are Dave Erickson (acoustic guitar), Jim Carr (acoustic guitar), Bob Strickland, Kim Stone (upright bass), and Steven Schumann (cello). 


Led to Believe” starts, and the sounds are like a warm summer breeze gently caressing your face. It is instrumental jazz, like the quiet storm of smooth jazz. 


“Invisible Frame” follows in the same manner. However, it is a more straight-ahead acoustic track with a soft rock touch. Some nice acoustic guitar and picking is the feature here. It ends with the sound of a cymbal closing it out elegantly as possible. 


“Tribute” continues to show the magnificent guitar duo of Dave Erickson and Jim Carr. The two gents form an irresistible groove like a breeze over the ocean as it cools the hot sun on the beach. I understand that the track’s title does not translate to my interpretation. However, that is what I felt and envisioned while listening. It’s my “Tribute” to their work.


“Circumstances Have Changed” reaches back to the jazz roots with a Latin flavor that is very pleasant to hear. These two men know how to create a beautiful and satisfying sound with their acoustic guitars. And I must say I enjoyed the diversity and changes within all the tracks. That is how you can showcase your talents appropriately and in good measure. They do it with such class and precision; this track exemplifies that.


“Softer Than Silence” closes out this gorgeous EP of instrumental mastery. It is simply acoustic guitars doing their dance with each other. I think that was a great choice; keep it straightforward to end it all with a gentleness you will remember. 


Their rhythm is exceptional and leaves you with a smile, knowing you can revisit it all and feel the same way. That is all any artist could ask for, an attentive and appreciative audience that knows their music will brighten and soothe their souls. 


Nature of Things delivers on all the most critical points, excellent musicianship, production, sound, and tastefulness for anyone to enjoy. It is diverse enough to catch the ear of any serious music listener, and it certainly has a crossover appeal that will serve them well.

Keith “MuzikMan” Founder

June 12, 2023

Track Listing:
1. Led to Believe (3:53)
2. Invisible Frame (3:38)
3. Tribute (4:19)
4. Circumstances Have Changed (3:45)
5. Softer Than Silence (3:11)


Instrumental Jazz Review: Manuel Muzzu-From T(h)ree To Four

Release Date: March 12, 2023

Label: Independent


From T(h)ree To Four is Manuel Muzzu's fourth studio album. It has been five years since I covered New Stories-Old Hands.


For those of you who may not be familiar with Manuel's story, he lost the use of his fingers on his right very early in life. His love for the bass and overcoming his disability is one of the miracles of his life. He endeavored to play as anyone else would typically and somehow adapt a style that worked for him.


You only record four albums if you can create palatable music and sound professional. For that matter, Manuel's talent is above average. Using the bass as a lead instrument is not uncommon but infrequent. With that fact in mind, it makes what he has accomplished more remarkable.


I have heard my share of the greats over the years and enjoyed the privilege of covering their music. Manuel's sense of rhythm and fluidity gives his instrument room to breathe and adjust to the music behind him. He has a host of additional musicians contributing, including synth, piano, trumpet, saxophone, flugelhorn, guitar, and drums. A complete ensemble to fill in the missing spaces to make each composition complete and allow his bass to lead the way.


What you will hear are various shades and colors of the jazz spectrum. "Punky Funky," my favorite track, is jazz-funk, while "Jeff's Style" is smooth jazz. Jumping from one style to another is impressive, and most importantly, you can keep your audience tuned in and waiting in anticipation for the next track. I like a wide range of jazz and subgenres. It holds many aspects that keep me engrossed in what I listen to. It creates a sense of wonderment about the talent you are hearing and how eclectic one genre can be. Jazz is a complex type of music that draws from many sources, including the blues. The ability to shape and mold those resources requires talent and patience to give birth to the varied tracks you will hear on this recording.


"Salsamba" is another instance of a complete change in direction to the energetic salsa and samba sound. Two different jazz styles merged, which is more challenging to create with a good flow. Manuel is exceptionally talented at diverting to any kind he desires. He does it all with a successful blend of his supporting instruments and an excellent bass command.


From T(h)ree To Four is an album that any jazz lover will appreciate because it crosses into many different styles. If you genuinely love jazz, you will understand this consummate representation of the genre. Anyone seeking exceptional instrumental jazz will find their way to this recording, not to mention those seeking a hero and an example of overcoming all the odds to do what he loved and shine brightly. Manuel Muzzu presents the miracle of a man's courage and persistence through twelve tracks you will thoroughly enjoy.


Keith “MuzikMan” Founder

June 6, 2023


01. LAST ONE (6:19)

02. ON MY SIDE (4:40)

03. PUNKY FUNKY (5:09)

04. LOST IN (8:25)

05. JEFF's STYLE (4:14)

06. SALSAMBA  (5:49)

07. RIGHT NOW (6:36)

08. URBANOISES  (4:56)


10. M'I ?  (4:15)


Americana Review: PD Adams-This Curious Wonder

Release Date: April 7, 2022

Label: Independent


PD Adams (AKA Paul Adams) released the album, Curious Wonder. Forty years is a long stretch to put the unknown side of your music out to your admiring public. With many genres explored successfully over the years, PD still needed to prove one thing to himself, that he could release an Americana album with a good response.

From the start, I noticed that his voice reminded me of a combination of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. He is very seasoned as a musician and singer, which becomes readily apparent when “Sometimes I Feel” starts.

Besides PD Adams (Paul Adams) on guitar, harmonica, mandolin, dobro, and voice, Elizabeth Geyer provides flugelhorn and vocals that add and echo Paul’s vocals. Andy Hatfield plays some fine mandolin to give the tracks a roots bluegrass element, and Bradley Harper makes more country and blues with his steel guitar. The combination of these instruments and musicians makes for a perfect blend.

If you look at all the pictures provided by the artwork, it tells a story that connects to the tracks and their stories. This is a kind of Americana with truth and soul. You know the words sung mean something, and it relates to a real human being and his experiences. One man’s curiosity and wonderment made this music and lyrics come alive.

“Winter’s Year” is one of the most touching songs. It brings the season of winter and the Holiday some of us celebrate on the 25th of December back to life. The feeling and the grace with which it is presented will touch you. And, of course, it emphasizes the words effectively, as it does throughout this release.

“Freaks” is a protest to those who need awareness to watch out that they will “become just like them.” Those freaks of heavy burden need to release the chains that hold them down. The rhythm of the track is one of the best on the album. Regardless of the profound lyrics, it is toe-tapping and enjoyable.

I also loved the slide guitar on “Western Wind,” it is a fine country and Americana number that will stay with you long after the last note is played.

Those are a few highlights of a recording that provides great heartfelt lyrics and superb musicianship. An acoustic strumming on nearly every track lays the groundwork for all the other instruments to build upon. That constant rhythm is simplistic, but the most crucial point is how the music takes off from that point.

The other intrinsic element is PD’s vocals. The way he delivers the lyrics is so passionate and authentic. The rough edges of his style are perfect for the music and ensure a listener feels every word. Yes, this all works beautifully. You can relate to this recording if you have ever felt Curious Wonder before. And more importantly, if you enjoy the country, Americana, blues, and sing/talk style of vocals, you will be fully engaged on this album.

Keith “MuzikMan” Founder

April 18, 2023


01.Sometimes I Feel 04:12 

02.Man At 4th & Vine 04:51 

03.Spark 03:57 

04.You Are Not That 03:59

05.I'm Alone 04:12

06.Winters Year 04:17

07.Freaks 04:17

08.Western Wind 04:26

09.Old Faded Photo 04:26

10.Songbird 04:04

11.Somewhere In Time 04:19

12.The Picnic 02:01


Featured Artist: Todd Mosby-Georgia's World Track Review

Artist: Todd Mosby

Title: Georgia's World Track Review

Genre: Jazz

Todd Mosby's "Georgia's World" is an excellent instrumental jazz tune. It brings me back to why I love this genre so much. And then the wordless female vocals reminded me of a few Al DiMeola recordings I was into back in the 80s—sweet memories of opening a new door of fascinating music.


The picturesque "Georgia's World" is a tribute to Georgia O' Keefe's life and times in New Mexico. This beautiful musical painting will speak to those with the soul of the artist making his interpretation of another legendary figure that put her thoughts and heart on canvas.


Now we have a musical canvas created by a talented guitar player with a vision and flair for creating colorful notes that you can float on like a billowing cloud.


"Georgia's World" takes you into another space in time, a different world or mindset that only music can deliver. That circle completes from one artist to another, and we, as listeners, enjoy the collaborations.

Keith “MuzikMan” Founder

April 6, 2023

More About Todd Mosby:


Instrumental composer, songwriter, and Imrat guitar innovator Todd Mosby is a storyteller and a landscape artist. He uses the guitar to whisk listeners away to a borderless realm where jazz, jazz fusion, North Indian classical, classical composition, bluegrass, bossa-nova, and folk-rock create transporting and transformative experiences...READ MORE...


New Age Ambient Instrumental Review: Stephen Peppos-Celestial

Release Date: February 20, 2023

Label: Independent


will be the fifth release from Stephen Peppos that I have enjoyed listening to. His new-age ambient journeys are the musical chicken soup for the soul we all need.

There are eighteen tracks on Celestial. You get the complete treatment of the new age ambiance he so expertly produces album after album.

Ce·les·tial-Positioned in or relating to the sky or outer space as observed in astronomy: "a celestial body"

That is the primary term and title of this album. And beautifully illustrated on the cover art with a giant bright moon behind a tree. It was likely the stone age when the moon was that close to the earth, and what a sight that must have been!

I had always had a fascination with astronomy going back to when I was a little boy. That interest has never waned. It has become stronger over the years. I always look to the stars to feel a sense of wonderment about what kind of life could be millions and billions of miles away. It makes you feel small in the big picture of the universe.

Music makes a person feel whole, and at times the sounds put you into a trance-like state or in the space of meditation. Whatever your choice, instrumental music filled with synths, color, the tinkling of bells, etc., presented on Celestial, will allow you to move on to a different level of freedom and existence. For my tastes, that is very important to find that release point where the thoughts of the day melt away, and the focus is on the music alone.

If you are looking for calm, serenity, and the magic healing powers of music, it's time to take a trip on the "Celestial Highway." That is how this recording starts with that track, and it is a beautiful introduction to what you will hear and experience along the way. Track by track, you can take the journey with Stephen and listen to (what I call) experiential music. You, the listener, decide how the door opens and closes on this recording.

There are stars and galaxies so far away that we will never discover them, even with the most powerful telescope. Here is your chance to create your universe with the sounds to soothe and penetrate your being. Your mind and body become one with the music, and you can discover new worlds within your mind's eye and realize you could not go during a typical day without the help of this music. That is the point of music such as this, to step away from the norm and experience something out of the ordinary, relax, and recharge those batteries for another day.

Celestial gave me pause to reflect. All the layers of ambient keyboards reminded me of some of my favorite artists, such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and similar groups. 

As all artisans were appreciated thousands of years ago, they are still today. People like Stephen Peppos are an intrinsic part of our lives and help to enhance our world. So, please sit back, listen, and let the chaos of our planet and perhaps your day, disappear with music from Celestial.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
March 16, 2023

01. Celestial Highway
02. Night Sky Revealed
03. The Sun Sphere
04. Ambrosia
05. Celestial Interlude part 1
06. Look To The Quivering Sky
07. Celestial Longing
08. Fields Of Stars
09. The 4th Dimension
10. Celestial Interlude part 2
11. Heavenlies
12. Celestial Joy
13. Wonder
14. Beautiful Cry to the Universe
15. Celestial Interlude part 3
16. Celestial Dawning
17. Celestial Traveller
18. Celestial Dance



Rock Instrumental/Vocal Review: Lance Reegan-Diehl-Maniacal Cavern

Release Date: March 8, 2023

Label: Independent


It has been 15 years since I covered a Lance Reegan-Diehl album. That is a mighty long stretch. When the man decides to release an album, which has been since 2011’s Uploaded, he makes it count.


So now Maniacal Cavern has arrived with a determined-looking guitar player staring at you on the front cover. Lance’s Cavern is his home studio, which has served him well for decades.


So off we go into another instrumental rock album? Well, not quite. After the lengthy break-out lead-off track “Crying Nut,” clocking in at a hearty 9:19 of some fine guitar lines (what I always would expect), the next track, “Don’t Look Back,” features some AC/DC-like vocals for a quick change of pace. The shortest track is 4:11, so there is no skimping on content.


“Friction” is another rocking vocal track. The rhythm section hums right along, and the pace shifts back and forth with odd time signatures. It is a genuine progressive rocker with some tough-edged vocals to express the meaning entirely. The shift from pop-rock to hard-edged progressive rock is interesting. It was like listening to three different songs in one.


“Luna Glow” continues with the vocal tracks. I am not used to this on an LRD album. So far, it’s working. The guitar playing is so good that he can’t go wrong. 8:05 is some time to stretch things out; Lance and the band utilize the time wisely. 


“Made of Wood” is an absolute cracker. It’s Lance doing what he does best, making love to those six strings. The guitar is finite and precise, and as we rock along, little funky piano changes the pace briefly, albeit very briefly, then back to the flat-out rocking we love to hear.


“Praise An Upper Lip” is another progressive track, instrumentally speaking. The time shifts can be dramatic at times. I am impressed with how Lance plays in many places (or different paces and styles) within one track. It takes guts to take a chance, and you must rely on your raw talent to get to the other side and do so successfully. It is one of my favorites for the variety and the challenges he pushes himself to reach. It always reaches an incredible apex with his guitar screaming. Love it.


“Seven Of 4” is one Metallica fans would enjoy as the shredding begins immediately and then morphs into more tasteful muted licks. Then they return to harder-edged fat chords and shredding; if you like six-string pyrotechnics, you will love this track. I did. I like the ode to Rush with that short burst of echoing guitar a little after 3 minutes. So many influences are flowering here. Epic.


“Sleepy Wheel” is a superb instrumental track. There is nothing here not to like. This probably is one of the best I have ever heard from Lance. Everything great about his playing is on display in this. There are tastefully done moments, get-down dirty points, and a funky backbeat. It’s all here for guitar enthusiasts to suck in and discuss in depth the transitions this player goes through.


“Slow Jam To Mars” is what it says it is, well, with some fast playing. It’s more of the bottom end that is slow jamming while Lance holds nothing back. This album continues to get stronger as you progress through the tracks. At times you get reminded of the power of Black Sabbath and the smooth, precise playing of David Gilmour. So good and fun to listen to.


“Take Off The ‘G’ String” continues with Lance on fire and in a completely focused groove. The jaw-dropping command of his instrument is truly a wonder to hear. This is a man I would love to see play live. It mainly displays as you will listen to this track. He makes that guitar sing and cry with joy. He owns this one. Maybe some memories of Eddie Van Halen in his prime will come to mind. Guitar and man take flight into the stratosphere.


“The One (Album Version)” brings back the vocals with fine guitar. It is a big step away from the previous tracks focused on the artist’s technical abilities as a player. This opens the door to new ventures with vocal tracks at a slower pace. It is so different that it sounds out of place after rocking your ass off track after track for a while, anyway. It was well done, though; a very tasteful guitar worth waiting for, then an apex at the end that is very satisfying. You can see it as a respite from the relentless attack on your senses presented prior (well, somewhat), which I loved.


So here we are at the end of this fantastic aural journey I thoroughly enjoyed. “What A Rush” indeed. And an acceptable way to close this excellent recording. Per usual, Lance gives it his all and lets his fingers do all the talking. The music is so melodic and beautiful. Some of his most vital work firmly closes the curtain, reminding me why I always loved his music.


If you have yet to hear Lance Reegan-Diehl, you are cheating yourself on a fantastic journey through the abilities of the guitar and how eclectic it can be (depending on who is playing). Now that you know who he is, check out this album and past releases; you will not be disappointed.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-TFOV Founder

March 8, 2023


01. Crying Nut

02. Don’t Look Back

03. Friction

04. Luna Glow

05. Made Of Wood

06. Praise An Upper Lip

07. Seven Of 4

08. Sleepy Wheel

09. Slow Jam To Mars

10. Take Off The ‘G’ String

11. The One (Album version)

12. What A Rush


Cinematic Instrumental Review: Christopher Caouette-Tale of the Oakenwish

Label: Independent

Release Date: October 18, 2022


If you have an imagination that is an open door, and all you need is the right music to set it free, I have the correct medicine for you to take. Tale of the Oakenwish from Christopher Caouette is the creator of this magical journey of sound and color.

My introduction to Christopher was this Did you know you’d be going to a movie theater today? No? Yes, yes, you are. Get ready to feel like you’ve fallen into the middle of a movie like Lord of the Rings or a show like Vikings! 

Well, it could not have been more accurate; this is like a soundtrack for a movie, perhaps the one already in your mind, just waiting to be animated by the right sounds. Or is it for a film you saw that you could never forget? It could be either of those or something entirely different; whatever it may be that you have trapped inside your mind or deep in your soul, this music will draw it out.

There is only one vocal on this recording featuring Lindsay Schoolcraft; all the other tracks are epic instrumentals. Although the basic tenets of the new age mindset may have been a foundation, I would define it as cinematic instrumental. Nor is this meditation music; it is much too exciting to fall into that category. 

The first nine tracks bring you to another world, a time a place only found in ancient tales, deep in the forest where the sprites and fairies hide where nobody can see them or discover them. It is the excitement of a journey into a lost civilization where all the secrets of humanity are waiting, with all the keyboards and wordless vocals pushing the music to the highest heights imaginable. 

Christopher is the magical wizard that pulls you into his storybook set to music. The production values are very high; hence, the sound will immerse you into the world found in the music. If you feel you need a getaway of fantasy to a place far away, then a Tale of the Oakenwish will get you there in a matter of minutes. It was one of the most entertaining listens I have had this year. By the time it is released, the special Holidays will be underway in a matter of weeks, and it will get you in the right mindset to pull away from this world into another.

Keith “MuzikMan” Founder

October 3, 2022


01. Flight Of Cedarsong

02. Forest Of Wishes

03. Oakenwish

04. Forest Of Mist

05. The Fae's Gift

06. Kisyra's Dream

07. I May Be One (Album Version Feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft)

08. Valor

09. Lament Of Cedarsong

10. Tale Of The Oakenwish Continuous Mix


Pop Rock Review: Jeff Fowler-Live At The Mint

Release Date: April 29, 2022

Label:  Get It! Records, LLC


Any artist that has success has a solid core group behind them. Rick Wakeman said when he met David Bowie, the best advice he could have given him was that you get musicians that believe in what you are doing. I think in the case of Jeff he was able to do that on Live At The Mint.

The voice and music need to mesh and have excellent production values to be fully realized when recorded then released to the public. Ok so another box is ticked, the production is very good and and nice and clear.

Jeff has a very smooth delivery, perfect for covering pop-rock tunes of his own and some covers with a tasty encore medley with many fan favorites. His vocal approach is very comforting and it suits the tracks he performs.

Tracks like “Firefly” provide a good example of that particular sound. Think of the soft touch of a Christopher Cross at his peak or hints of Sinatra in his delivery. Frank was one of the greatest and his range was limited, he did not belt out a song, he was smooth and purposeful. That is how I would look at the way he makes a song come alive on stage. Even when he raises the bar towards the end of “Goldfish Girl” he gets to a certain point, lets it go, then moves to the next phrasing.

The audience interaction is always a key component in any live performance and then if it’s recorded to be released as a live album, even more so. You can tell without being there that Jeff has the attention of his audience and is really enjoying mixing it up with them.

I have to hand it to the supporting band with the way the music is behind Jeff when he sang, it did not drown him out nor did he have to compete with an instrument hitting the needle in the red on VU meter. That is very important for the singer and obviously the person running the mixing board for sound had their act together.

When “True” started it brought back memories of the 80s. What a great tune that is and album. Spandau Ballet was a unique name for a band. I remember I had that album on cassette. The background vocals on this were excellent by Sharon Youngblood. It is was very well done and the musicianship was spot on. So, kudos for covering a classic track with proper representation. It makes me wonder now what it would sound like on vinyl. It takes some wherewithal to cover Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” I was surprised how well it was done.

My favorite track was “So Far,” the only rocker on the entire set. With such a fully capable band I think it would make sense to do more tracks like that. Just my thoughts and opinion of course.

Live At The Mint was team effort and that is why I felt it necessary to list all the contributors. Jeff Fowler is the not kind of artist that is going to rock the house but if you are in the mood for an evening of fun and some easy listening with pop and rock elements you will enjoy his music.

On a side note…Jeff since you are a lawyer how about doing a parody on a fictional court case with members of the circus as your jury and you sing your defense case to them? If anything, it would make a very entertaining video!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
April 29, 2022

Jeff Fowler: vocals, keys
Wes Styles: guitars, music director
Eli Hludzik: drums, percussion
Jesse Stern: bass
Ryan Brown: percussion, glockenspiel
Brad Snow: additional keys, guitars
Dennis Clark, Kitten Kuroi,
Sharon Youngblood: background vocals
Kitten Kuroi: background vocals

01. The “Fowler Vibrations”
02. I’ll Try
03. Intro – Shout out to yogis!
04. Here’s to You
05. Intro – The Englebert-Humperdink jacket move
06. Firefly
07. Goldfish Girl
08. Intro –Mr. Mason Man
09. Mr. Mason Man
10. You Have a Way
11. True
12. Intro
13. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
14. Intro
15. So Far
16. Encore Medley:
Turn It On Again
Is She Really Going Out with Him?
I’d Do Anything for Yo
Encore Medley Genesis, Joe Jackson, Rick Springfield (Live)


Concert Review: Lonestar At The Colonial Theater



Lonestar In Concert At The Colonial With Whiskey City
April 1, 2022
Pittsfield, MA.

After two years, it was nice to return to the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It always feels like home there to me. That beautiful theater has hosted some great performances over the years; I have witnessed many.

Lonestar came for a visit, and it was not an April fools' joke.

Before we got to see those famous country artists, we were treated to an excellent local opening act. Whiskey City. Randy Cormier (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Beth Maturevich (Lead Vocal), Dale Zavatter (Bass), Abe Guthrie (Keyboards / Vocals), a new addition to the band, Darrin Todd (Lead Guitar / Vocals), and Frank Algerio (Drums) fill out their great sounds. They encompass a polished and exciting musical formula that includes some of their original tracks and covers.

The musicianship and some of the bands harmonizing throughout the evening were outstanding.

This band was the perfect opener for Lonestar, and there could not have been a better choice. Their originality for a local band is miles ahead of other acts in the area, and they have plenty of their material that stands up well. I have to say that I heard songs that could easily be a hit and something you would listen to on the radio. I am proud to say that Whiskey City is a product of the Berkshires.

Their performance was exemplary, and I got those good-feeling goosebumps a few times during their songs. Randy and Beth are quite a pair of powerful vocalists and animated performers, and I appreciated every moment they shared with us. Only two of the songs out of ten were covers; the rest were original material.

Set List:
01. Greatest Show on Dirt
02. Concrete Rodeo
03. Wasting Time
04. Hate Myself For Loving You (cover)
05. It's The Women
06. Who in The World
07. You're The Reason This Drinks In My Hand
08. Hell of a Lotta Friday Night Ago
09. When Will I Be Loved (cover)
10. Love You Like Crazy

After a great reception and opening show, the audience got a break to stretch their legs and get something to drink. I believe the venue was real close to being sold out. It was the first time they had drinks and food set up on both ends of the main floor to accommodate the audience (at least when I attended).

Now it was time for the legendary opening band to arrive. Lonestar is Dean Sams (keyboards, acoustic guitar, background vocals), Michael Britt (lead guitarist, background vocals), Keech Rainwater (drums), and Drew Womack (lead vocals, guitar).

Lonestar is one of the most successful country crossover bands of all time. They have sold 10 million records with 10 number 1 singles. For fans of the band's catalog, they will be doing a top ten redo of their hits in the studio with plans to release the album in the fall.

Lonestar is excellent live. They are seasoned musicians that can present their well-known catalog of hits with precision and accuracy. You could feel the excitement and anticipation before, during, and after every song. They never took a break; many songs segued into the next.

I took a moment to go to YouTube to watch the original track and video of "Amazed." To date, it has over 56.5+ Million views. I am "amazed" but not surprised. And that is the one song that I thought would be the encore; however, what we got was very good.

I have to be honest; country is not at the top of my list for my concert attendance, but this once again showed me what a great show I may have missed. I am glad I was there to see all the outstanding musicianship and lead vocals, and harmonies that were so outstanding. Gradually my interest in country-rock crossover has grabbed my attention. It takes an impressive group of musicians to change my mind about something, and it was easy to believe in Lone Star right from the start.

Some of my favorite songs were "I'm Already There," a real tear-jerker about a veteran away from their family. Any time there is a song about our heroes of the military, it touches my soul in ways I cannot explain. I am a vet, and my father was also in WWII, so I am sure that has a lot to do with my reactions.'

"Walking In Memphis" and "Amazed" were some of the highlights of the evening, to be sure. The encore was a lot of fun and presented impressively. A montage of songs from past hits and a tribute to the passed on artists like Tom Petty, Dusty Hill (ZZ Top), and several others got a few minutes to spotlight the audience was standing and singing along.

I am re-energized now about live events at The Colonial and hope that more acts like Lonestar will be visiting us in Pittsfield, MA, soon.

A shout goes out to all the staff there for providing excellent seating for my coverage and all the selfless volunteers who assists us with any questions or help with finding our seats.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
April 2, 2022

01. What About Now Intro
02. You Walked In
03. Tequila Talkin'
04. Runnin' Away
05. Smile/Tell Her
06. Coming Home
07. Mountains
08. Everything's Changed
09. Whatever Comes First
10. Fancy Like/Intros
11. Hope You Dance
12. Shes Got It All
13. Front Porch
14. Mr.Mom
15. Already There Intro
16. Already There
17. Walking In Memphis
18. Home Cryin' To Me
19. No News/Get Back
20. Amazed Intro
21. Amazed
22. Rock Medley 22


Blue Oyster Cult In Concert At The Egg In Albany NY

Blue Oyster Cult In Concert At The Egg In Albany, New York

March 4, 2022

Tonight was a night to remember for long-time fans and the newly indoctrinated for the legendary Blue Oyster Cult. The two remaining original members, Donald Roeser (Buck Dharma) on lead guitar and vocals and Eric Bloom (guitar and vocals), both well into their 70s now, show no signs of slowing down. They were terrific, and it looks as though they have not lost a step with their performances. It was over two hours of music with no breaks.

The remaining members and rock-solid contributors, Richie Castellano (keys, guitar, vocals), Danny Miranda (bass, vocals), and Jules Radino (drums), do an excellent job supporting the two core members. Most fans know of these great musicians on their last recording, The Symbol Remains. I took note of Richie's multitude of talents. He is a whirlwind of activity and energy and showcased his powerful vocals on "Tainted Blood." I would be looking at him to start a band once his time is through with B.O.C.
A significant part of this night was that to the date; it was the 50th anniversary of their self-titled first recording. After covering "Transmaniacon MC" and "Before the Kiss, a Redcap" Eric informed the audience of that historic moment in time and the story behind "Before the Kiss, a Redcap," which I found very interesting. You can go to a show and find out; you may be surprised.
B.O.C. covered much ground, including some choice tracks from the 2020 release The Symbol Remains , their first album in 20 years. I was delighted, and it was far too long to wait for many of the faithful, but they made it count.
One of the most satisfying moments was hearing "Harvest Moon," a tremendous melodic and hypnotic track similar to "Don't Fear The Reaper." One of the cuts from their underrated release Heaven Forbid. That was their curtain closer until the fantastic encore of "The Alchemist" and "Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll."
There were so many memorable moments, including Buck's shredding and getting down on the floor on his knees. He was bending those strings as if 50 years had not passed, making it look easy. Eric and Buck sounded good and were always perfectly matched on every song. When "The Alchemist" started, Eric came out in a brown hooded monk robe during the encore. With a book casting his spell on the band and the crowd, he sang the words and shouted, I am the alchemist, and I am the sorcerer!
Some of my other favorites were "Burnin' for You," "Train True (Lennie's Song)," and "E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)." The entire set was great. However, those were some of the highlights of the evening.
It was the sixth time I had gone to a B.O.C. concert since the 70s (when they only had three studio albums out). I saw two shows in Albany at The Palace. One was when Bob Seger opened for them (before he got huge with his live album that year), and Tommy Bolin opened for them around a year later. Bolin died a few months later of an overdose. Then there was the legendary Black & Blue Concert with Black Sabbath in the early 80's at Lebanon Valley Racetrack and the subsequent riot, killing some people.
I have a history with this band, as I am sure many of the grey hairs can attest and tell a few stories. If you have not gone to a B.O.C. concert, make sure you do before they hang it up for good. You never know what tomorrow brings, and the band's elder statesman may not be around much longer. They may decide to retire, and how many great ones have we lost around the age of 70 over the last few years? It is something to think about music fans.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
March 5, 2022

Transmaniacon MC
Before the Kiss, a Redcap
Golden Age of Leather
That Was Me
Burnin' for You
Dancin' in the Ruins
Harvest Moon
E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
Buck's Boogie
Tainted Blood
Train True (Lennie's Song)
Then Came the Last Days of May
The Noodle
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
The Alchemist
Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll