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Concert Review: Eric Gales Live At The Stationery Factory In Dalton, Massachusetts

Eric Gales In Concert At The Stationery Factory In Dalton, Mass.
With The BTUs
October 13, 2019

Dalton, Massachusetts got to witness one of the best guitar players on the planet cut loose last night. Eric Gales (AKA Raw Dawg), was on stage at the Stationery Factory, one of the newer venues in the Berkshires that I have become very grateful for. Now we have another old mill repurposed for many different uses. The building holds more than just a stage, it actually has five stages. They have performances in the Gallery, the North Room, Honor Roll Studios and at the Shire. The concert was on the main stage this evening. It also includes several businesses including a restaurant and distillery where they make Vodka and provide the concert with a nice jug of pristine water for its patrons. Which is free by the way.

The night opened with local band the BTUs to warm up the crowd. They provided an excellent set of blues-rock. You could tell they were a seasoned band that had their chops down straight away. They feature two slick guitar players that can sing up a storm and an animated keyboard player that can sing as well. To round off their band there is a decidedly younger member behind the drum kit that is always smiling. The keyboard player provided the bass with the bottom tier of his keyboard and the actual keyboard sounds with the top tier. That is quite the trick I must say!

After a short break and breakdown of the first act, we all got ready for Eric Gales. I remember getting Eric’s very first release back in the early ’90s. From that point, I did not pursue his output, a big mistake on my behalf. He now has 18 albums out! The latest release is titled Bookends. Seeing him lived showed what I was missing all these years! 

Eric is a new man. With the help of his dedicated wife LaDonna he battled his demons and kicked a long-standing drug addiction. He is very upfront about his life and feelings and man does it ever come pouring out of him through his music! He has a killer rhythm section, a bass player and two percussionists, one being LaDonna, who has a beautiful voice by the way. It is a family united, as their lovely daughter attends the merch table as well.

The venue and stage are very personal and up close, there is not a bad seat in the house, with comfortable chairs provided of course. The capacity is 500 although there was not that many in attendance. Regardless of how many folks attended there was enough of us to make some noise in response to Eric’s amazing performance. The crowd was well behaved, appreciative, and respectful of each other. I had to mention that because it's not always that way. 

Eric is a very animated and energetic performer and he plays a guitar left-handed with upside-down strings, just like that other great six-string bender named Hendrix. I have heard people say he is like a cross between Hendrix and Stevie Ray, which I could not argue. He is making a lot of headway to superstardom with his album Bookends debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts when it was released on Mascot Records (one of my favorite labels). And with Joe Bonamassa (another great blues guitarist) backing him and playing the album on his Sirius radio channel, he is finally getting some well-deserved attention.

Any good music, rock, in particular, is blues-based. Eric takes a little bit of everything - blues, rock, jazz, funk, and that creates his sound. He has a definitive harder edge to his faster moving songs and an excellent voice to match. I thought of the great Albert Collins more than once while listening to him. That is a great compliment, as Albert was the master of the telecaster.

Eric played many of the tracks off his new release including “Southpaw Serenade,” “How Do I Get You” and the matter of fact “It Just Beez That Way,” which everyone on stage was wearing on their T-Shirts, and available at the merch table. Eric got the crowd chanting that phrase as well. He owns that stage and the audience loved him.

The other thing I appreciated besides the great music was the interaction of the band members with Eric and how they watched all his cues. In particular, was the husband and wife exchanges, you can tell they really love each other and are enjoying every second of their time together on stage.

If you take a look at where Eric has performed this year it is a list of Blues Festivals all over the world. That does not surprise me in the least. He is one of the top guitar players of the genre in the world today and it was a pleasure to see him perform live and meet with him after the show.

Eric Gales is a premier act that is a must-see if you either love the blues or can appreciate a great guitar player. If that is the case, then you need to get your tickets and catch a show.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
October 14, 2019

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Concert Review: Tailwinds Music Festival In Wappinger Falls New York

Tailwinds Music Festival In Wappinger Falls New York
June 29, 2019

FEATURING: The Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Geoff Tate's Operation: Mindcrime
Black Stone Cherry
Kings X
Sass Jordan

I often wondered what it would be like to sit in on all-day/all-night rock concert. I have been to my share of concerts over the years and saw as many as 4 bands performing short sets leading up to the headliner.  But to leave at 7 am, drive 3 hours and return home at 3 am is another matter. That is one long day. I found out that is was well worth it by the time it was all over.

The first band came on at noon, one of the three local warm-ups preceding Sass Jordan. The Jason Gisser Band was excellent and the lead singer, the namesake of the band, has one fantastic voice. He reminded me of Lenny Kravitz quite a bit actually, and as far as I am concerned that is a good thing! After that set The Playback kept things going with their energized alternative rock with a punk edge then Big Guns came on to close out the warm-up sessions. They were very good as well and the lead singer was certainly a big gun himself, I thought of the first lead singer of Marillion, the gargantuan Fish. 

After the set breakdown and rebuild, Sass Jordan came on stage to kick it up a notch. The lady has been around for several years with many releases available however I never got into her music. After hearing her I am scratching my head as to why I never did. She is a great performer with just enough edge to her voice to compliment the super tight rockin’ band that supports her. After enjoying her entire set, I felt compelled to start looking into her back catalog.

Time was ticking away on this beautiful day. The threat of rain was there but the storm headed our way turned around and changed direction. The music gods were with us as the sky cleared into blue and the sun was blazing. After a few hours of that sun beating down on you, a break was necessary. And once again we were blessed with a reprieve as a cloud cover moved in and blocked out those rays. Mr. Sun would return much later in the day and provide us with a spectacular blend of colors over the mountains. 

Next up was Doug Pinnick’s Kings X. His music is different and he has a distinct vocal style that takes a bit of getting used to if you are not familiar with the music. I am familiar and actually enjoy his vocal style. The music can be a very heavy prog metal to a rock-blues edge sound. One thing you can count on in the songs are some interesting time changes. All the guitar players out there would be hard-pressed to duplicate what is being produced. Pinnick’s long slender frame and extremely long arms allow him to carry his bass down to his knees. He plays it like a lead guitar. Kings X has a large catalog of music to check out and enjoy and the concert was a taste of what there is to offer the “progressive” listeners.

By this point, the audience began moving closer to the stage and it continued to grow but not to the point of pushing us out of our seats (lawn chairs). We were about 10ft back from the stage, a perfect range to capture all the sounds and vocals. I was told at the gate they sold 1,500 tickets but it sure did not look like that many people. The capacity is 5,000 so the response to this event was pretty pathetic. It supported women’s breast cancer and the artists that were on stage were fantastic, all of them.

Now for one of the main events for many that came. Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime. Many people left after he performed which was a shame because there was more great music to come. Geoff was the voice of Queensryche and without him, they should not be bearing that name it’s as simple as that. Just my opinion on the matter. In any event, Geoff sounds fantastic and his command of the stage keeps your eyes glued right on him. He is not only singing he is playing the part of the main character in the story. The tour he and his excellent band are on this year is to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of that classic progressive metal album Operation: Mindcrime.

At one point during the performance, this beautiful blonde girl comes out on stage to sing with Geoff. I had no idea who she was. It was Geoff’s daughter Emily. She also was holding down the fort at the band’s merch table. Later on, I stopped by to say hello and asked her to make sure she told her dad that I thought that was the best Queensryche show I have ever seen. That was number 3 for me. I thought that would put a smile on his face.

Tate is as energetic and vibrant as ever and the band is tight and spot on. Basically, everything necessary to perform such a classic and musically difficult to perform recording. With twin guitars blazing away and a rhythm section that you can feel pounding right through your chest, it’s just what the doctor ordered for Mr. Tate to be in his best form. I took more pictures of that performance than any of the entire day and evening. In fact, I know CRB was the headliner but Geoff’s band could have easily been as well. No disrespect to CRB, they are fantastic, but as far as the level of musicianship and precision delivery, they are equals without question. 

After that incredible performance, what more could a music lover ask for right? Well, how about the totally kick-ass Black Stone Cherry? Now here is a band that I knew of and I never pursued their music. After hearing their performance, I am totally hooked. They put on an amazing show and it rocked the house down. I went to the local vinyl LP vendor there and grabbed the only copy of their latest release Family Tree. I spoke to one of their fans on the way to the lovely porta-potties and he informed me that was their best album and they had just played 5 songs for us. I was sold!  Anyone that likes to rock would love this band I have no doubt. For those music fans that left early, which was foolish, you missed a band in its prime cranking it out.

Now after hearing all of that loud and raucous music, I think we were all ready for something different, some tunes with a warmer blues, funky rock sound. That would be provided by The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. I picked up their new release Servants of the Sun in limited edition colored vinyl. I have yet to give it a spin but I am sure it’s great. I will buy anything they put it without a second thought.

CRB has a distinct sound and their main man Chris has a vocal style that is instantly recognizable. There is not anyone that sounds like him. I saw them several years ago when they had their first album out and completely enjoyed the show. This evening would be no exception. They made their way through thirteen songs interweaving their own blend of southern rock, blues, and country. I always enjoyed the guitar playing which reminds me fondly of the Allman Brothers. Chris looked very happy on stage, smiling frequently. There is not a lot to say from this group, Chris thanks the audience after each song then launches right into another one. They are like a well-oiled machine on stage and in the studio. They will be winding up their tour and finally taking a well-deserved break.

What day, what a night. I will never forget the experience I had hearing all that music. It was a glorious day and I hope if they have this event again and more importantly, that the support will be much better.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
July 1, 2019
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Note: All the pictures were snapped by me with my Google Pixel2 Phone.


Concert Review: Living The Dream With Judas Priest and Uriah Heep At The Palace Theater In Albany, NY

Living The Dream With Judas Priest and Uriah Heep At The Palace Theater In Albany, NY
MAY 18, 2019
 Pictures Provided By Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck’s Cellphone

This was a double bill that I have waited for months to see. This was also one of many times that I have seen Judas Priest however the first time I had the opportunity to see Uriah Heep.  I have been a fan of Uriah Heep since the 70s and have all the early studio releases along with a few when lead singer Bernie Shaw came into the picture. In addition to that, I had just picked up their most recent studio effort and 25th mind you, titled Living The Dream.  The album is excellent and their strongest in quite some time. I think they decided to reach back and take some of the elements that made them who they are along with more modern technologies and recording tools to come up with a real winner. And yes, it rocks, making them the perfect opening act for Judas Priest.

Mick Box started the band in 1970, bless his soul. He is the only surviving original member left, and it’s a good thing because they are not UH without him. He looks great with his long white hair and energetic guitar playing, which was from start to finish. He captured the audience immediately and that grew as they made their way through the new and the classic tracks.

Bernie Shaw mentioned how hard it was to go through 50 years of music in one hour but they did a fine job. I would love to see a full-length show with them at some point. I brought one of my friends with me that loves metal and has been following both bands forever like myself and you could not wipe the smile off his face all night, it was a beautiful thing to witness and just as satisfying as the music itself from my own perspective. 

Uriah Heep which is a fictional character created by Charles Dickens in his novel David Copperfield. Heep is one of the main antagonists of the novel. His character is notable for his cloying humility, obsequiousness, and insincerity, making frequent references to his own " 'umbleness." So how many of you UH fans remember how that relates to an album title? If you guessed Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble you are correct! There was a time when I had no clue how all this tied into the name of the band and that book.

While the visit was short with Uriah Heep, it was long enough to know that they are still alive and well and rockin’. It gave me the incentive to catch them live again. I really appreciate how they performed the early rockers “Gypsy,” “Stealin’” and “Look At Yourself.” 

So, the standard break started and they prepared the stage for the headliner that everyone was clamoring for. Everyone was chanting “Priest, Priest, Priest.”  That is a tradition at the concerts as all fans of the band know. As Rob Halford acknowledged, heavy metal fans and the overall community are the most dedicated group and they could not do what they do without us. It goes both ways Rob and we love the fact that you are still coming out to bring all that great music to us!

The opening song was “Necromancer” from their latest album Firepower. Rob came out in a new outfit for the number. I just had to get a pic of that and include it with this review. It was a great way to kick things off and the audience was pumped and ready for everything that they were going to dish out. I would say this crowd is very enthusiastic and partiers, I being enthusiastic minus all the partying. There was a couple behind me that polished of their share of alcoholic beverages but were still well behaved even though one of them spilled some of their drink on my head and left an empty cup in my seat. I know it sounds comical actually and that is exactly how I took it and carried on with a smile and enjoyed the entire spirit of the evening. 

Priest covered some ground, going through their early career to promoting the newest release with some cool videos as a backdrop to their juggernaut two-man tag team guitar players of Richie Faulkner and  Andy Sneap. And it goes without saying that the rhythm section of Ian Hill (bass) and Scott Travis (drums) is the foundation of their explosive sound.  The two six-string slingers have turned into admirable replacements for the legendary one-two punch of Glen Tipton and K.K. Downing.  They are great players and have assimilated the Priest cannon with dedication and fire that has kept things moving right along so we all can still enjoy their studio recordings and live shows.

They saved all the fan favorites for their encore which included, "Hell Bent for Leather," "Breaking the Law" and "Living After Midnight."

With another memorable night in the books, it makes me feel blessed to be alive and able to have the privilege of attending these great live events and provide coverage. Another big thanks to my long-time partners at Chipster PR for providing me the great seats to enjoy last night to the fullest. I was fully drenched in sweat and voicing my approval along with three thousand some fans in attendance. And that enthusiasm continued into the streets after, people were buzzing and chanting all over again.

If you’re looking for a dream come true double header metal concert you need to catch this show!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
May 19, 2019

Uriah Heep:
Grazed by Heaven
Take Away My Soul
Look at Yourself
Easy Livin'

Judas Priest:
Necromancer Intro
Heading Out to the Highway
(Take These) Chains
The Sentinel
Judas Rising
Out in the Cold
Traitors Gate
Halls of Valhalla
No Surrender
Victim of Changes
All Guns Blazing
Hell Bent for Leather
Breaking the Law
Living After Midnight


Experience Hendrix Tour 2019 Concert Review

The Experience  Hendrix Tour 2019 Concert
The Palace Theater Albany, New York
April 3, 2019

The pictures I have provided were snapped by me with my phone to give you an idea of the backdrop to the music prior to the show. That screen changed with each song and it was very trippy psychedelic colors and images that mirrored the timeframe of Jimi in his prime. -Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

The Electric Church arrived in Albany, NY last night with its all-star cast for the Experience Hendrix 2019 Tour.  The music of Jimi Hendrix continues to thrive and be embraced by fans worldwide. This is a tour I have been wanting to catch for several years now and I finally made it, and so glad I did.

The best thing that could happen to this event is the involvement of Billy Cox. Anyone familiar with Jimi’s music knows that they were friends for a long time and Billy played bass on some of Jimi’s albums. Also, with Janie Hendrix involved it makes everything legit. Also having a powerhouse rhythm section like Chris Layton (drums) and Kevin McCormick (bass) makes the entire gig more presentable and helps the other musicians blend into the Hendrix songs.

What you will witness at one of these shows is quite a display of musicianship, primarily guitar heroes having a really good time. The music of Hendrix is timeless as is his legend and persona.  With that thought in mind, how do all these current artists interpret the music of this fabled performer?

The wide array of styles with the musicians tells the tale. With Billy Cox, you have the living legend, the reigning high priest of The Electric Church. He is the only one left and he has done a great job of playing bass and singing in a live setting, as he did last evening. Having Billy as the main cog in the wheel for this presentation is key to its success.

One of my favorites, Eric Johnson, kicked off the night with Dweezil Zappa. This was the segment of the show I enjoyed the most.  Actually, anytime Eric took the stage it was enjoyable. Eric’s sound is instantly recognizable, as it is with most high-level players. One has to remember that Dweezil is excellent as well, the fact alone that he mastered father Frank’s music is an incredible feat.  One of the more consistent presences on stage was Mato Nanji.  Not a name that is as well known as some of the others but he was part of the act at least 75% of the time and he was consistently excellent emulating Jimi’s music. 

Another treat was The Slide Brothers. Calvin Cooke and Chuck Campbell. Man did those to wail away at every opportunity! The added a dimension to the music that made it all more as close to the original sound as possible. They were the X factor of the night.

One of the many high points of the evening was Johnny Lang with his powerful vocals and guitar playing. I thought his vocals were the strong point in regards to the songs covered. He is more of a straight-ahead bluesman with no tricks or fluff.  Sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered and he is a good fit for Jimi’s music. And I cannot forget the vocals of Henri Brown, who brought the sold-out crowd to its feet towards the end of the night.

Then Dave Mustaine of Megadeth came out and played. He did an admirable job with his flying V guitar. And towards the end of the show was the Three Amigos, Joe Satriani (guitar), Doug Pinnick (bass) and Kenny Aronoff (drums). Now, this was a picture I could not forget as all three do not have one hair follicle to show, if they painted themselves blue, they could pass for that other group we all know. All of that aside, this was the highlight of the evening I would think for most guitar fans. 
Kenny was a madman on those skins, he is so fast and so powerful after all these years, age has not affected him one bit. Pinnick with has bass hanging nearly to his ankles, and he can still reach it, by the way, sounded a lot like Jimi when he sang. For me, Satriani has been a favorite since his first release back in the 80s. This night however I did not appreciate him as much. The idea here I would think is to play Jimi’s music but in your own way and still keeping with the original sound as much as possible. Joe likes to use that whammy bar and make squealing sounds and such. I am not a fan of that so much. So, from my point of view, I wanted to see Joe that masterful guitar player, crank out the music of Hendrix minus all of the extra effects. He needs to save all that flashy technical playing for his own shows. This is a matter of personal taste and opinion and I am sure plenty of fans enjoyed that part of the show.

And lastly, I need to give the nod to blues legend Taj Mahal. The man is getting on in years but can still belt out the blues and play that six-string.  That is a lot of talent to witness in one concert and it is a night I never will forget.

The bottom line is respecting and celebrating the music of the greatest guitar player that walked this earth. That is the reason for the Experience Hendrix Tour. They do succeed with an amazing show that runs for 2.5 hours. It is a must-see affair. So, are you experienced?

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
April 5, 2019


Concert Review: Ghost At The Palace Theater Albany NY

Ghost At The Palace Theater Albany NY
December 13, 2018

With winter upon us in the great Northeast, it was just another night. We never have a reason to stay in because of the weather, we just go. It so happened that it was a nice evening for a drive to a Ghost concert.  We secured our tickets months ago and have been anticipating this night for months on end.

Last July I attended a “bucket list” concert, the great Iron Maiden was coming to Mansfield, MA. Opening for them was Ghost. This was a turn of a friendly card for the band, a great way to get worldwide exposure otherwise not afforded by a lesser band. They were already on the rise and the lead singer Papa Emeritus had a helluva a band (no pun intended there). At that time my prediction was that when the new year began Ghost would be headlining their own shows. So, then it happened, here we are tonight watching this incredible metal band headlining their own show, with no opener may I add.

For those of you unfortunate, tortured, misled souls that may not be familiar with Ghost, here is a bit of information I grabbed from Wikipedia.

Tobias Forge obscured his identity behind the character "Papa Emeritus". The character, which consists of Forge in a prosthetic mask and makeup can be best described as a 'demonic anti-pope'. The Papa Emeritus Character has gone through four incarnations - I, II, III, and Nihil. As of the 2018 album Prequelle and subsequent world tour, Forge portrays a character known as "Cardinal Copia," who is described as being unrelated to any of the Papa Emeritus characters and whose costume consists of either Cardinal vestments or a black or white tuxedo alongside a prosthetic mask with black eye makeup and the multi-colored eyes which had been present in each Papa character.

Ghost is quite theatrical and I expected much of what I saw. What I did not anticipate was a 7-piece band! Now the lead singer has 3 guitar players, and two ladies, who are referred to a Lionesses, on keyboards and of course the Nameless Ghouls. As with any bands rise to popularity a culture is created within and this is no exception. There were people there in the audience with the full Papa makeup and Santa Claus stocking caps and one dude was fully decked out as the Cardinal. It reminded me of the days when Kiss were on their meteoric rise and people would go out on Halloween as one of the band members. This is entertainment at its highest level as far as I am concerned.

The Ghost band is like a well-oiled machine. Seeing them two dates before the tour ends surely showed how well versed they were with their musical acumen and stage presence. Speaking of presence, Cardinal Copia has become masterful at playing to the crowd and getting a response. Many times, during each song he would yell “Are you with us Albany!” That would always get a rise in the decibel level of voices and whistles.

They opened with the raucous “Rats.” That was a perfect tone-setter for the night. I have included the official video which has over 15 million views and counting right now! There is one guitar player who is the lead, and second, that is a good match to exchange riffs with, they stand on either side of the Cardinal. In the back, you have the third guitar player who is there for a lot of background vocals, tambourine, posturing, and some electric guitar playing to accentuate the other two. The addition of the two ladies on keyboard adds that extra layer of music that at times pushes their music to the border of progressive metal. Do not fear metalheads, I did say “border,” and it is one that they have not crossed over, not yet anyway. Who knows what the future holds in the creative mind of Tobias, the master of disguise?

The setlist encompassed 3 hours and they certainly have enough material to fill that time. 28 songs were covered and it was a great mix with older material and great versions of songs from the amazing Prequelle album. My belief is that they will win the Grammy for the best metal album of 2018. They are spot and precise as any band I have heard live going their list of studio recordings.

The musicianship was outstanding all night and the transitions from the heavier songs like “Mummy Dust,” the real ass wobbler as the Cardinal coined, to the most recent rock-oriented tracks like “Life Eternal,” we got all the different aspects of this talented group encapsulated into one exciting package.

Ghost is at the top of their game now and is taking full advantage of their popularity. I do not mind paying $40 for a souvenir t-shirt to support a band that truly deserves it and they most certainly do! I hope their success continues and I would expect it would.

The difference last night and what I saw a year ago was a band with more punch, precision and extra oomph with the added members. If you like theatrical music and love heavy metal, Ghost is a sure bet to please that preference. I cannot think of a better band in the metal genre right now and would see them again without a second thought.

Set List

Act 1:
Klara stjärnor (Jan Johansson song)
Miserere Mei, Deus (Gregorio Allegri song)
Con Clavi Con Dio
Per Aspera ad Inferi
Devil Church
Miasma (with Papa Nihil saxophone solo)
Jigolo Har Megiddo (acoustic)
Pro Memoria
Witch Image
Life Eternal

Act 2:
Masked Ball (Jocelyn Pook song)
From the Pinnacle to the Pit
Satan Prayer
Year Zero
He Is
Mummy Dust
If You Have Ghosts (Roky Erickson cover) (with band introductions)
Dance Macabre
Square Hammer

Monstrance Clock
The Host of Seraphim (Dead Can Dance song)

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

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Progressive Rock Review: Circulive::Majestik

Release Date: May 18, 2018
Label: Independent

Circuline's newest release, CircuLive::Majestik, was released in May 2018. The CD captures the spontaneity and exciting prog rock sound of the band at the 13th International Rites of Spring Festival, otherwise known as the RoSfest. This is CD/DVD set; however, I am going to focus on the CD first and savor the visual version later.

I covered their 2016 release Counterpoint and can clearly remember being quite impressed. They were as good as any other top prog band I had recently heard. I also recently covered keyboard player Andrew Colyer’s release Christmas Time-Piano Improvisations, which is a big step away from the world of prog rock.
This new release really cuts to the bone in regards to their mastery of prog rock and their talents. The group members are Andrew Colyer (keyboards, vocals), Darin Brannon (drums), Natalie Brown (lead vocals), William “Billy” Spillane (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Beledo (lead guitar).

Once again, as I pointed out a few years ago, “Hollow” is their all-out prog rocker clocking in at 10:06. Hearing the live version really shows how this band can shine without the studio technologies to help. It is straightforward and what I would refer to as their epic track. Good to know that my tastes and recognition of that track has not changed. The perception of something played live is always different and hopefully in a good way, and it does not disappoint, it is a superb listen. This gets me really excited about viewing the DVD of this performance.

I like the combination of the male and female vocals It is the Ying and Yang of rock ‘n’ roll and there is a delicate balance there that must be just right for it to work, particularly in a live setting. Billy sounds reminiscent of Michael Sadler of Saga. When Billy and Natalie sing together it reminded me of the classic combo of Grace Slick and Marty Balin (R.I.P.). Those are some heavy-duty comparisons to make to be sure however they are deserving. “Nautilus” is a great track to check out and see if you can hear those influences or similarities in the vocals. In any event, all that conjecture is meant to be positive and a compliment.

CircuLive::Majestik is a great tribute to the Circuline body of work and their awesome sound. They can flat out rock, get softer or do both within one track, which is commonplace actually, and a wonderful thing. If you appreciate the changing tides of prog rock and the excellent musicianship presented then this set is a must-have.

Special Guests Include:
Harold Skeete (Ad Astra) - bass
Joe Deninzon (Stratospheerius) - electric violin

Recorded live at The Majestic Theater
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday, May 7th, 2016
13th International Rites of Spring Festival

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
November 11, 2018

Founder of:

Review Provided By Prog Rock Music Reviews

01. Who I Am (live) 07:48
02. Return (live) 05:00
03. Forbidden Planet (live) 06:36
04. Hollow (live) 10:06
05. Stereotypes (live) 04:53
06. Inception (live) 05:12
07. America the Beautiful (live) 01:23
08. Nautilus (live) 05:54
09. One Wish (live) 06:14   
10. Summit (live) 10:11   
11. Stay (live) 06:12   
12. Silence Revealed (live) 07:25



Concert Review: Judas Priest and Deep Purple Co-Headline at Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center

Judas Priest and Deep Purple Co-Headline at Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center
Opening Act Temperance Movement

Bethel Woods New York
September 2, 2018

Thousands of people made the trek to the mountains in Bethel Woods NY to see a triple header rock concert. It was one of those nights you would never forget. Deep Purple, whom I never saw live, Judas Priest and a relatively new band on the scene, Temperance Movement, would entertain for over 3 hours.

It was a long ride for us but well worth the trip by the time we got back home in the wee hours of the morning. This would be the fourth time I would see Judas Priest. I am also aware that Deep Purple is likely on their last tour and recorded their last studio album From Here To Infinite. This placed some urgency on the event for me personally. I was there to cover Judas Priest so everything else was icing on the cake.

I have to say that the venue at Bethel Woods, which sits directly across the field where Woodstock was held, is the most beautiful venue I have ever been to. I have been to a few in my day and this place is so scenic and peaceful, well not for long though. There is a little stream that runs alongside the path to the stage and a beautiful water fountain as well.  There are all kinds of food and drink vendors and some very interesting booths for memorabilia of the site and of course the swag booths to give every fan a chance to buy something from the event. I picked up a signed CD from The Temperance Movement. It is a fantastic new album titled A Deeper Cut.

So, we just made it there before the concert started and had to walk quite a way from where we parked, which would later prove to work to our advantage when leaving.  My son and I ran to our seats to catch The Temperance Movement’s opening song.

The Temperance Movement are a British blues rock band formed in 2011 by Phil Campbell and guitarists Luke Potashnick and Paul Sayer. The rhythm section consists of bassist Nick Fyffe and drummer Damon Wilson. This was a pleasant surprise to have them open for the two rock heavyweights as I have appreciated their recorded output since their inception. They really came on strong and maintained the energy level with some great playing. The lead singer is a little dynamo, jumping all over and waving his arms. I think he must have watched Jagger on stage a bit before he took the stage himself and I can hear the influence of the Rolling Stones in their sound. They had a short stay but they really made the best of every moment and think left a lasting impression on an audience that was likely unfamiliar to them.

Faulkner and Halford
Judas Priest was up next and they started things off with the title track of their new album Firepower. Rob Halford is now sporting his completely white beard and looking like the elder rocker but sounding strong as ever. Every time I see this band I am simply amazed how Halford keeps his pipes in such good shape and the range and screams he still commands are awesome.

Ritchie Faulkner is now the veteran guitar player of the band. He trades licks with Andy Sneap who fills in now for Glen Tipton. Tipton was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I was very saddened to hear this news.  It seemed strange not seeing Glen on stage with his red leather pants and guitar blazing away. Faulkner certainly has reached another level as a guitar player and he has risen to the occasion taking over a lion’s share of the lead runs. 

Halford and Sneap
So as Priest made their way through their set list I realized that this was the first time I had felt the sheer power of their set so up close. We had some great seats. When I would sit down for a few minutes I could feel the bass drum hammering away at my chest. It really was an amazing feeling. They were very loud but that is the only way to experience a Priest concert with the decibel level pinning in the red. If it hurts the eardrums well that will eventually wear off and you will be so glad you went again.
Then came rock legends Deep Purple. Ian Gillan (vocals), Ian Paice (drums), Roger Glover (bass), Steve Morse (guitar) and Don Airey (keys) are a solid veteran unit that is very comfortable on stage and in the studio.
Ian Gillan has naturally lost some range with his voice; however, he is very distinctive and he gets the numbers across quite well. Some of the fan favorites were covered like “Highway Star,” “Space Truckin,” “Lazy” and of course “Smoke on the Water” and the incredible oldie “Hush.” 

Deep Purple Bass Player Roger Glover
Deep Purple can still be a force to be reckoned with onstage and if they were not I am sure they would not be sharing a bill with the metal legends Judas Priest. There is likely a mutual respect there between the two bands. I have to give the nod to Steve Morse for still playing magnificently even though he has some wrist issues and has to wear a brace. I know the feeling and really appreciate his efforts to keep playing all of that great music.

What an amazing night and I was there. What an honor and privilege it was to attend such an event and have the opportunity to provide some coverage to perspective concert goers.

My final thought is if this show is coming to a town near you I highly recommend your attendance as this may be your last chance to see these bands play together!

September 5, 2018
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
"The original internet “MuzikMan” Reviewer since 1998!”

(All the pics I took with my phone so they are not professional, I have provided them to give people an idea of what I was watching and enjoying)

Judas Priest Setlist:
Firepower Intro
Delivering the Goods
Lightning Strike
Desert Plains
Turbo Lover
Rising From Ruins
Freewheel Burning
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Hell Bent for Leather

Metal Gods
No Surrender
(first time w/o Glenn;… more )
Breaking the Law
Living After Midnight

Deep Purple Setlist:
Mars, the Bringer of War
(Gustav Holst song)
Highway Star
Pictures of Home
Strange Kind of Woman
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Uncommon Man
Knocking at Your Back Door
Keyboard Solo
(incl. "The Star-Spangled Banner")
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin'
Smoke on the Water

(Joe South cover) (incl. "Peter Gunn Theme" intro)

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