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Blues Giants ERIC GALES & JOE LOUIS WALKER Team Up On A Brand New Single & Video!

Los Angeles, CA - Hot on the heels of the first single release, “Old Time Used To Be,” from Joe Louis Walker’s forthcoming new album, Blues Comin’ On, comes the second single release, the superb title track. And just like the debut single featured a collaboration with fellow modern blues icon Keb’ Mo’, “Blues Comin’ On” the single offers an even bigger and more brilliant partnership with not one but TWO featured guests, blues guitar hero Eric Gales and superstar singer, The Wanderer himself, Dion! While Joe & Dion cover vocal and rhythm guitar duties, Gales take the lead, offering up some stellar riffs that add both flavor and vibrancy to the verses as well as a smokin’ hot solo. Walker & Gales even participated in a special quarantine-style video shoot for the song, filming themselves separately while Dion joined in spirit.

Check out the video here:

Walker had this to say about the track, “It’s great to have so many groundbreaking artists perform on this album. But it’s always special when Eric Gales contributes his guitar genius. It takes the song to another level!”

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Track List:
1. Feed the Poor feat. Jorma Kaukonen
2. Blues Comin’ On feat. Eric Gales & Dion
3. Someday, Someway feat. Carla Cooke & Lee Oskar
4. The Thang feat. Jesse Johnson
5. Old Time Used To Be feat. Keb’ Mo’
6. Come Back Home feat. Mitch Ryder
7. Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man feat. Waddy Wachtel
8. Awake Me Shake Me feat. Carla Cooke
9. Lonely Weekends feat. David Bromberg
10. Seven More Steps feat. Albert Lee
11. Uptown To Harlem feat. Jellybean Johnson
12. 7 & 7 Is feat. Arlen Roth & Charlie Harper

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Concert Review: Eric Gales Live At The Stationery Factory In Dalton, Massachusetts

Eric Gales In Concert At The Stationery Factory In Dalton, Mass.
With The BTUs
October 13, 2019

Dalton, Massachusetts got to witness one of the best guitar players on the planet cut loose last night. Eric Gales (AKA Raw Dawg), was on stage at the Stationery Factory, one of the newer venues in the Berkshires that I have become very grateful for. Now we have another old mill repurposed for many different uses. The building holds more than just a stage, it actually has five stages. They have performances in the Gallery, the North Room, Honor Roll Studios and at the Shire. The concert was on the main stage this evening. It also includes several businesses including a restaurant and distillery where they make Vodka and provide the concert with a nice jug of pristine water for its patrons. Which is free by the way.

The night opened with local band the BTUs to warm up the crowd. They provided an excellent set of blues-rock. You could tell they were a seasoned band that had their chops down straight away. They feature two slick guitar players that can sing up a storm and an animated keyboard player that can sing as well. To round off their band there is a decidedly younger member behind the drum kit that is always smiling. The keyboard player provided the bass with the bottom tier of his keyboard and the actual keyboard sounds with the top tier. That is quite the trick I must say!

After a short break and breakdown of the first act, we all got ready for Eric Gales. I remember getting Eric’s very first release back in the early ’90s. From that point, I did not pursue his output, a big mistake on my behalf. He now has 18 albums out! The latest release is titled Bookends. Seeing him lived showed what I was missing all these years! 

Eric is a new man. With the help of his dedicated wife LaDonna he battled his demons and kicked a long-standing drug addiction. He is very upfront about his life and feelings and man does it ever come pouring out of him through his music! He has a killer rhythm section, a bass player and two percussionists, one being LaDonna, who has a beautiful voice by the way. It is a family united, as their lovely daughter attends the merch table as well.

The venue and stage are very personal and up close, there is not a bad seat in the house, with comfortable chairs provided of course. The capacity is 500 although there was not that many in attendance. Regardless of how many folks attended there was enough of us to make some noise in response to Eric’s amazing performance. The crowd was well behaved, appreciative, and respectful of each other. I had to mention that because it's not always that way. 

Eric is a very animated and energetic performer and he plays a guitar left-handed with upside-down strings, just like that other great six-string bender named Hendrix. I have heard people say he is like a cross between Hendrix and Stevie Ray, which I could not argue. He is making a lot of headway to superstardom with his album Bookends debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts when it was released on Mascot Records (one of my favorite labels). And with Joe Bonamassa (another great blues guitarist) backing him and playing the album on his Sirius radio channel, he is finally getting some well-deserved attention.

Any good music, rock, in particular, is blues-based. Eric takes a little bit of everything - blues, rock, jazz, funk, and that creates his sound. He has a definitive harder edge to his faster moving songs and an excellent voice to match. I thought of the great Albert Collins more than once while listening to him. That is a great compliment, as Albert was the master of the telecaster.

Eric played many of the tracks off his new release including “Southpaw Serenade,” “How Do I Get You” and the matter of fact “It Just Beez That Way,” which everyone on stage was wearing on their T-Shirts, and available at the merch table. Eric got the crowd chanting that phrase as well. He owns that stage and the audience loved him.

The other thing I appreciated besides the great music was the interaction of the band members with Eric and how they watched all his cues. In particular, was the husband and wife exchanges, you can tell they really love each other and are enjoying every second of their time together on stage.

If you take a look at where Eric has performed this year it is a list of Blues Festivals all over the world. That does not surprise me in the least. He is one of the top guitar players of the genre in the world today and it was a pleasure to see him perform live and meet with him after the show.

Eric Gales is a premier act that is a must-see if you either love the blues or can appreciate a great guitar player. If that is the case, then you need to get your tickets and catch a show.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
October 14, 2019

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Renowned Guitarist ERIC GALES Brings His Fiery Brand Of Blues Rock Deep Into The Heart Of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip!

Los Angeles, CA - Blues rock phenom Eric Gales set Hollywood’s Sunset Strip on fire last year with his six-string pyrotechnics at an explosive concert performance in the legendary Viper Room. Audiences were treated to a truly spectacular concert as Gales let loose on a string of Southern fried soulful blues favorites from his back catalog including “Block The Sun” and “The Open Road” PLUS tracks from his most recent album Good For Sumthin’ including a smokin’ hot cover of The Stones’s “Miss You” featuring a special guest appearance by Good For Sumthin’ producer Raphael Saadiq (John Legend, The Roots) on bass! Now, this concert experience is coming to home theaters everywhere as a special CD/DVD combo package called A Night On The Sunset Strip to be released this July 8, courtesy of Cleopatra Blues. This one will melt your eyes and your ears!

Check out the trailer for the concert DVD here:

Eric Gales came to national prominence in 1991 when he won Guitar World’s Best New Talent award. A brilliantly dynamic performer, Gales started releasing solo albums and wowing audiences in 2001 with a style and sound that frequently reminds listeners of the late great Jimi Hendrix, whose upside down Fender Strat playing Gales emulates. No wonder then that Gales was asked to headline the extremely popular Experience Hendrix Tour joining a line-up that includes a true who’s who of guitar masters including Eric Johnson and Zakk Wylde both of whom make guest appearances on Good For Sumthin’. Gales also recently supported Grammy award winner Lauryn Hill for her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon promoting the Nina Simone tribute album Nina Revisited. Look for more releases from this extraordinary performer on Cleopatra Records!

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Make It There
3. The Change In Me
4. Block The Sun
5. The Open Road
6. Sea Of Bad Blood
7. Bass & Drum Solos / Guitar Solo
8. Swamp
9. 1019
10. Good For Sumthin’
11. Miss You

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