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HEI$T returns with melodic rap and alternative number 'Lazy All Day'


The entirety of Jonah HEI$T Jurick’s life has been painted by music. Before the age of 1, Hei$t began his artistic journey by attending the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and has returned on a yearly basis ever since. Finding influence from his father, who played live music as a drummer his whole life, Hei$t began writing songs and taking vocal lessons at the age of 12. As the era of SoundCloud picked up steam, Hei$t immersed herself into his own style of smooth melodic rap and alternative pop music, taking influence from artists like Kid Cudi, Future, Leon Bridges and Mac Miller. His song ‘Romeo’ has amassed over half a million streams. Back with his newest release ‘Lazy All Day’, HEI$T will once again have you beaming from ear to ear.

Speaking about the new release, HEI$T shares, “Have you ever woken up next to someone you love and wanted to stay in the same place all day without leaving their side? That’s what this song is about. “Stay, stay-ay-ayy, stay with me, we can be lazy all day.” I woke up one morning, went directly to Ableton Live on my computer, and told myself I wasn’t going to leave my room all day. This song brings out groove, sunshine, and relaxing with your best friend or loved one. It is a fast-paced fantasy world.”

This girl creates images in my mind that I don’t want to let go of. “Stay” is essentially asking to slow down time and be lazy together. Once I finished the rough draft, I was ready to release it. At the time, I was on a beach in ViƱa Del Mar, Chile and showed my good friend and saxophonist Zach Vlessing. He immediately said to me “Jonah, this song is not finished until I play the sax.” Once we got back to the states, we headed over to Bushwick, Brooklyn to finish recording at Slide BK studios with legendary mixing engineer Invisible Will.”


Carpark release indie number 'The World Ended in 2012'


Indie outfit Carpark storm onto the scene with energetic new number ‘The World Ended in 2012’. Taken from their new EP of the same name, the EP and single is out now. Carpark are the relatable, refreshing band with Irish roots that this generation needs. Having only played their first show 6 months ago out of a friend’s garage in Belfast, they have since toured the UK supporting Lauran Hibberd and have become a featured Underground England Soundwave band alongside Yungblud, Beabadoobee, Pale Waves and Nova Twins. Named BBC Introducing Shropshire’s ‘One to Watch’, the group were also named one of Underground England’s ‘Ten Bands to Watch in 2022’.

Speaking about the exceptional new release, Carpark share, “’The World Ended in 2012’ plays upon the 2012 phenomenon and the ancient beliefs that cataclysmic or transformational events would occur at the end of 2012. The song explores the pressures of living in an ever evolving disconnected world where we experience rising feelings of inadequacy while having to deal with feelings of climate grief and uncertainty.”

Fierce, energetic, angsty yet forever thoughtful, there’s something about ‘The World Ended in 2012’ that draws you in further with each listen. An infectious number that captivates your attention, Carpark have certainly unveiled a hit here.


Kent based star Siimon reveals tribute to Coldplay's masterpiece album


One of the most successful UK bands ever, Coldplay have achieved the unachievable. Over 100 major awards including nine BritAwards and seven Grammys, over 100 million copies sold across their seven number one albums and countless hit singles, the 4 piece have now reached the 20th anniversary of their second album ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’

To celebrate the anniversary, Kent based singer-songwriter Siimon has put together a unique tribute album ‘A Rush Of Strings To The Head’ - A euphonious retake of the entire Coldplay album arranged for string quartet and piano, with SIIMON providing the lead vocal. Recorded live at Ash church in Kent towards the end of 2021, the album was produced by acclaimed producer Paddy Byrne, known best for his work with the likes of Tom Grennan, Paloma Faith, Will Young and Olly Murs. The lead track, Siimons’ rendition of the track ‘In My Place’ is melodically uplifting and beautifully composed, giving the track a unique twist whilst paying homage to the original. The album was recorded with top string quartet Solas Strings who have worked with top acts including Duran Duran, So Solid Crew, Danny O'Donoghue (The Script), Rick Wakeman and Rebecca Ferguson.

Over his career, as well as being a tribute to Chris Martin (in the first UK Coldplay tribute band Coolplay), Siimon has also celebrated a number of successes for his own music including appearances on Channel 4 and BBC radio, performing at the London O2 Arena, as well as reaching number 2 in the singer/songwriter iTunes charts, January 2021. With over 750,000 streams on Spotify, Siimon has also emmassed over 4 million views on his YouTube channel.

Ultimately being a fan of Coldplay's work, Siimon has covered much of their disocgraphy, however ‘In My Place’ is a stand out to him. This idea of unreciprocated love is expressed throughout the track and the use of the violins really help to convey that feeling of sorrow and sadness. Siimons musical talent doesn’t stop at being a tribute to Chris Martin, he is the co-founder of The Songwriting Academy which is incredibly successful helping aspiring songwriters as well as working with already established artists. The faculty of musical mentors at The Songwriting Academy have sold over 1 billion records between them.


Aguava reveals ethereal new single 'Can We'

llen Chen aka the mastermind behind project Aguava returns with invincible new single ‘Can We’ - and it will certainly get you making your way to the nearest dancefloor. Drawing on a wide range of influences ranging from Afro-Cuban jazz and bossa nova to disco and 90s house, he seeks to blend these genres into forward thinking retro grooves.

Born in Shanghai, China, Chen grew up surrounded by traditional Chinese folk music along with the works of Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven from his dad's vast collection of classical music. Receiving support from various online publications such as Acid Stag, Indie Shuffle, Stereofox, and Wonderland, along with releasing on labels such as Majestic Casual, Czech Vibes Sound and Routine Expresso, Aguava is set to have a big 2022 with his unique take on house music.

Speaking about the new release, Aguava shares, “Can We is a healing track that I made in reaction to the crazy events that occurred in the summer of 2020. I was stuck at home with my parents in quarantine at the time, and learned about the tragic death of George Floyd. I felt powerless and hopeless about the world and the hatred that was dividing us as a species. I sat down that day to make something that would soothe the pain and anxiety I was feeling; a sort of plea to the world for love to triumph over hate. It represents what I love about music as a whole; the ability to heal wounds and make the tough times a little bit better.”

SnapDibz reveals latest single 'On My Mind' - and it's a real treat!

Independent American born, Indian rapper
SnapDibz starts the new year off in the best way possible - announcing his latest release ‘On My Mind’, and it’s seriously a track you don’t want to miss. After years of creating underground music with DJ Dibz, Snap continued to create music while DJ Dibz backed out. Keeping the SnapDibz name, his first professionally produced EP “Levels,” was released in 2020 and the EP introduced SnapDibz to the world.

Speaking about the new release, SnapDibz shares, “On My Mind is a song about life. It’s about ones journey of self discovery and finding what you really want out of life. Everyone has a different view or opinion of happiness… “some just want to be alone...some just want to chase gold, want a big house with a boat” and so on.”

Talking about different desires and how some are never satisfied, ‘On My Mind’ is about chasing the stream and never giving up on your dreams. Quite optimistic, the track features a subtle melancholic vibe at its core. About trusting the universe and going with the flow of our destiny, this track is best described as empowering. 

Adding to how the track was created, SnapDibz shares, “The beat was produced by Flawless in Canada. I mentioned to Flawless what type of beat I was looking for and he delivered. After obtaining the beat and vibing to the track, the concept was created and then I sent the track to Rey for a hook. Once I had the hook I began writing my verses and recording in small town Quincy Il. So the track had a few parts that I had to coordinate.”


Matthew Joseph returns with exhilarating cover of a classic


Combining pounding electro-pop with striking fashion, Matthew Joseph is a cutting-edge artist ready to empower and entertain. With a potent cocktail of hooks, smart lyrics and dazzling imagery, Matthew keeps us engaged and eager for more. Drawing inspiration from the Princess of Pop Britney Spears, Matthew is back with his rendition of the already iconic single ‘Oops I Did It Again’.

Sharing his thoughts on the new release, Matthew Joseph shares, “After being a huge fan of hers for two decades after following the free Britney movement in ‘21 it inspired me to cover this iconic track. We took Britney and mixed it with yungblud and came up with this unique Matthew Joseph version.”

After starting his singing career a little later than he originally planned. He has managed to cram many television appearances like appearing and performing live on UKTVs Judge Romesh in 2019. Originally spotted after making the final in the open mic 2017, Matthew has since been writing his own music. He has become known for his passionate lively live performances in many prestigious venues, such as O2 London and O2 academy. 

Musically, the track is energetic and in places quite sexy, aka everything you’d want from a Matthew Joseph. Exceeding expectations that he’s built through previous releases, this electrifying release is electro pop at its best with a feisty nature. Gaining over 40,000 streams on Spotify alone, the North Wales based artist is certainly turning heads within the industry. Not only talented in the musical field, Matthew also uses fashion and imagery to make a statement, and has earned an exceptional reputation online.

Hey-Zooz releases captivating new single 'Keep It 100'


Gaining attention from Grammy-Award winner Craig King, Hey-Zooz is certainly on the right path to stardom. Storming onto the Atlanta hip-hop scene with performances during 2019 Superbowl week, Hey-Zooz has been going from strength to strength ever since. Back with new single ‘Keep It 100’, the infectious new single commands a dancefloor with the spotlight firmly on Hey-Zooz. 

“Keep It 100 is what we all want in any relationship. In relationships all we want is the other person to be honest and keep it real and at the time my relationships didnt feel like it had the honesty that I wanted,” explains Hey-Zooz - an artist on a mission to change hip-hop forever.  Bringing you up to speed, in 2019, Hey-Zooz suffered a major loss that inspired his EP Recovery where he dove into both physical and mental health. He believes that through consistency and hard work anyone can see success—no matter how difficult life gets. After releasing multiple singles, in 2021 he released his album Welcome to Life which dives into his life in both West Bank, Israel and The United States.

Mysterious, contemplative and sleazy, ‘Keep It 100’ reels you in with its playful manner. Based on the biblical story of Samson and Delilah, the beat was further made by Micah “Play Play” Cohn and Juergen “Juergyuno” Williams in Hey-Zooz’s home studio. 

Substantial and KDFoxx release thrilling new release 'Your Greatest Weapon'


Maryland-born MC, producer, artist and educator Substantial teams up with KDFoxx for one of the best collaborations you’ll hear this year. Working together on the new track ‘Your Greatest Weapon’ it’s safe to say this project is certainly turning heads across the globe. Legendary rapper/activist, Chuck D of Public Enemy referred to Substantial as “One of the great MCs of our time.” His soulful and introspective brand of rap has received critical acclaim from The Source, HipHopDX,,, and

Speaking about the new release, Substantial shares, “Your Greatest Weapon is about self-empowerment and realizing that the most powerful weapon that we have is our voice.” Adding to Substantial’s quote, KDFoxx shares, “Music is the entity that forged angels. Sing a song only few will understand, and it shall be your greatest weapon.”

In 2020, Substantial featured on The Real Folk Blues COVID-19 relief cover with Yoko Kanno, the SEATBELTS, Mason Lieberman, Mega Ran, and 40 other artists for an official Cowboy Bebop charity track in collaboration with FUNIMATION and Sunrise which reached #6 on Billboard for "World Digital Sales". For his next album, Substantial teams up with Queens, NY native, illustrator, and writer, Kenya "KDFoxx" Danino to produce an album inspired by her manga, Animal Arithmetic. ​​

Klay Cartier releases glistening new offering 'My Type'


Fresh on the scene with atmospheric new offering ‘My Type’, Klay Cartier clearly means business when it comes to music. Born in East St. Louis, Illinois and raised in Kansas City, Missouri he represents the best that the Midwest has to offer with his aggressive and playful rapping and his soft smooth singing -  Klay is destined to be one of the biggest superstars of this generation.

Speaking about the infectious new single ‘My Type’, Klay shares, “My Type is all about the current situation this generation faces which is going after the same kind of person, over and over again expecting things to be different. 

Usually our dating preferences are most likely a “type” rather than an actual preference meaning we go after someone who peaks our interest and sparks a fire in us but all to often that fire sizzles out quickly and leaves us colder and more broken than we were before, so we’re stuck in this cycle where we keep meeting the same person in different bodies because we haven’t learned our lesson and we’re not ready to go deep into that self reflection where we can actually confront and overcome this problem so instead we’re in a constant cycle of self sabotaging via dating people we know aren’t good for us. If you’re afraid to go against the grain then sadly all you’ll find is the same thing.”

A soulful experience that uses R&B and pop sensibilities to create a distinctive soundscape, ‘My Type’ is the sort of track you stick on when you’re needing a serotonin boost. Highlighting the struggle of dating today and finding the one who’s meant for us, this is a relatable number.


Infinite Eights release groundbreaking new release 'Consequence of Doubt'


Indie meets alternative rock outfit Infinite Eights are back with an electrifying new release, “Consequence of Doubt”. Having performed numerous live shows on Tampa’s WMNF 88.5 radio, the group has also been featured on Tampa’s 102.5 The Bone and 97X Local Motion. Armed with a challenging narrative that commands your full attention, the new track informs its listeners that the time for theorizing has passed.

Speaking about the new release, Infinite Eights share, ““Consequence of Doubt is a call to action: a demand for rapid, systemic change in the face of the catastrophic threats posed by climate change."

Musically, the track hears the group travel through realms of psychedelia, indie and synth-pop. Illustrating their versatility at all times, Infinite Eights feel like a guiding light amidst the darkness. Mixed by multi-Grammy nominated American producer, engineer and mixer Billy Bush (Garbage, The Naked and Famous, Neon Trees, Jake Bugg), the group are certainly in fine company with the new release.


jamie knox releases indie infused wonder 'this is not your house'


London-born songwriter and house-proud bedroom producer Jamie Knox is an artist you won’t get tired of hearing. Drawing influence from artists such as Elliott Smith, James Blake, Sufjan Stevens, Fink and Beck, Jamie could easily have his name in lights like his heroes. The isolation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic inspired a new album of material; themed around the aspiration for hope and managing the dark places your mind can go to when you’re alone. The album was written and recorded in London during the UK's second lockdown. “This was my attempt to search for new meaning in a moment when it seemed like nothing would ever change for the better. It’s essentially self-therapy through music. I felt I needed to express the conversations I was having in my own head.”

Speaking about the stunning new offering ‘this is not your house’, Jamie adds, “This song is simply about situations that you should feel safe and secure in but you just feel anxious. That constant battle that I think a lot of people relate to, where you just want to stop worrying but have no way of stopping and just want other people to understand how you feel so you don't have to pretend you're ok all the time. It's something I think about a lot. I think everyone wants to be able to tell others when they're not ok but feel they can't because it's not considered 'normal'.”

Written, produced and recorded in one room during lockdown, Jamie Knox performed all the instruments and then sent for mixing to music producer George Donoghue. Poised with indie, singer-songwriter and alternative sensibilities, ‘this is not your house’ welcomes you in with open arms. 


The Moon release ethereal pop release 'The Underground'


Music duo THE MOON consist of producers and musicians Yonatan Daskal and Nimrod Bar. Having been making beats together in Tel Aviv, Israel since 2015, the two-piece have a comfortable discography sat behind them. Both artists have performed extensively at stages and festivals all over the world and have produced albums together for distinctive artists. Now they are creating and sharing their unique found sound, in collaborations with top musicians, movers and visual artists from around the world. 

Speaking about the new release “The Underground”, The Moon shares, The Underground" was born after a lunch break we took at a natural water fountain next to our studio. When we came back to the studio, we recorded the melody of the chorus, some harmonies and painted the beat with Atmospheric sounds. Sometimes a short connection with Nature can fill you with inspiration for new sounds and musical ideas.”

Receiving praise from Apple Music editorial playlist ‘Sunkissed’ (which gained The Moon over 200,000 listeners), the duo has received support from study music playlists across Spotify too. “The Underground” is a gorgeous offering with synth-pop elements throughout that showcase the duo’s infectious electronic songwriting. Featuring vocals from Sapir Shoval, the collaboration feels like it's been sent straight from heaven.

Tina Rix is back with captivating new single 'Babe'


Nigerian, American artist Tina Rix is back with an afrobeat, dance ready anthem ‘Babe’. Armed with a seductive manner, the fun-loving contender is bathed with flirty lyricism and a sweet production. Receiving previous support from Conversations About Her, Link Up TV, Amor Magazine, H-Wing & Mystic Sons to name a few outlets, Tina, who is named after Tina Turner, is going from strength to strength with each release.

Speaking about the gorgeous new single ‘Babe’, Tina Rix shares, “Babe is a cute song for your special someone. I have masculine and feminine energy and songs like this are important to show the softer side of me. The feminine side of TIna is a great woman, mom, and lover when in a mutually respectful and loving relationship. The warrior side of Tina got to take a break when making this track and put her pretty girl clothes and shoes on, lol!”

Getting to record the female version of Xammie’s household tune, Tina’s take is flirtatious and fuelled with her distinctive afro-pop style. Stating its the simplicity of the track that does it for her, ‘Babe’ feels like Valentine’s Day has come early!


Daniel Mauro reveals bittersweet new single 'Wish You Away'


Long Island, New York based singer-songwriter and producer Daniel Mauro is an independent artist on a mission to change the pop industry forever. Releasing unparalleled pop songs completely with a DIY nature, Daniel’s known for his engaging lyrics and eccentric production. Able to give his audience a distinctive sound, his music also has a feeling that is familiar and intimate.

Speaking about the new release ‘Wish You Away’, Daniel shares, “It’s about finally taking off the rose colored glasses in a relationship and noticing the flaws. I've been in a few relationships where I find myself apologizing for things that I didn't do, and that is a feeling that I think a lot of people can relate to.”

A relatable single that describes what it’s like coming out of the honeymoon period in a relationship and seeing what it really is, ‘Wish You Away’ is a chilled, bittersweet number with moments of euphoria dashed throughout. Musically, the track is based around a simple pop structure but indicates that sometimes all you need is an endearing message and one hell of a vocal.

London based songwriter Anouska Taylor is back with new song 'Awaken'


London based soul-pop singer-songwriter, performer and vocal coach Anouska Taylor is back with a gorgeous new ballad, ‘Awaken’. Back in the UK after spending 12 years living in Melbourne, highlights from Anouska’s career as a performer include her soloist performance for the ‘Carols by Candlelight’ concert attended by over 25,000 people (Melbourne) and singing at her own sold-out Eva Cassidy Unplugged show (Recital Centre, Melbourne). As a solo artist and singer-songwriter, Anouska is now stepping into the spotlight and enriching the acoustic pop landscape with her soulful sound. 

Speaking about the new release, Anouska adds, “Awaken is a song about hope and possibility. Emerging from the darkness, allowing myself to blossom and shine.”

“Awaken” is an iconic single ballad that could easily find itself in the adult-contemporary, soul-pop charts. Musically mesmerising and able to capture your heart with her stunning vocals, Anouska’s ‘Awaken’ has star-quality written all over it. Recorded at Metropolis Studios with a string quartet and an electric guitarist, ‘Awaken’ is a beautiful serenade with layers of character.

An inspiring artist that turned to songwriting after the sudden passing of her parents, Anouska’s songwriting is personal and heartfelt. Having only started to get into songwriting at the beginning of lockdown, Anouska had spent her life singing other people’s music. As a vocal coach and teacher, this songstress’ goals are always related to the voice. Set to play two shows at St. Pancras Old Church in London on Friday 4th February 2022 - this songwriter is destined for greater things.


LA based singer-songwriter and producer Matt Moody reveals cross-genre single 'Party in the Valley

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Matt Moody’s philosophy on creating music has always been “songs first”. Harboring inspiration from heroes such as Tom Petty and Gregg Alexander, Matt’s desirable music lies somewhere between indie, pop-rock and even folk. Back with the inspiring new single “Party In The Valley”, the message behind the anthem isn’t what you’d expect.

Speaking about the new release, Matt Moody shares, “Party In The Valley is about experiencing that deep, melancholic state of depression / numbness / staleness. I decided to name it "Party In The Valley" because I thought it best captured that idea of throwing a pity-party for yourself instead of facing your emotions head on. There are so many distractions these days, it's hard to find clarity of self. P.I.T.V. was just a way for me to transform that stagnation into creation.”

A melancholic electro-pop single with layers of indie sensibilities, the track is endearing and draws you in with each listen. Self produced with further mixing done by Jim Stewart (The Happy Fits, The Lighthouse, The Whaler), ‘Party in the Valley’ certainly kicks off 2022 in the best way possible.

Lon'nie is back with glistening new offering 'Smile Back'


American singer-songwriter Lon’nie is an artist on the way to achieving stardom. Discovering his passion for 80’s rock and pop from a young age, Lon’nie adopted the happy-go-lucky style of the decades into his own musical musings with a vengeance. With his previous releases ‘Won’t Let You Go’ and ‘Dreams’, both singles have racked up to over 495,000 and 576,000 streams on Spotify alone. Known for his unique approach to gaining worldwide attention, Lon’nie looks set to continue his success with further releases planned for the foreseeable future.

Having heard the track in his imagination and rolling with it, Lon’nie knew which direction it had to go in. Speaking about the release, the artist shares,Smile Back is about you just loving the way your girl is smiling back at you, that look just lights up your soul!’

Produced by Diamondz, ‘Smile Back’ is armed with an infectious beat that will leave you heading to the nearest dancefloor. Armed with character and attitude, this will instantly leave you smiling from ear to ear.


Dora Donaldson is back with brand new offering 'You Wonder Why'


International singer-songwriter Dora Donaldson is back with her second single ‘You Wonder Why’ since moving to Malaysia. Dora is Hungarian-American-Swiss and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The product of a collaboration between two local Malayasian producers, the track was recorded and produced during one of the lockdowns in the past year. Receiving praise from the likes of A&R Factory and Roadie Music, Dora’s songwriting has certainly stepped up a gear.

Speaking about the new release, Dora shares, “This song is part of a series that I'm working on about self-growth. My previous single, “If This Is Your Love” is about recognising the difference between control and love, and finding the courage to step away. “You Wonder Why” acts as the next stage - facing the inevitable backlash for becoming your own person.”

Dreaming of her music being featured on the silver screen, Dora Donaldson’s remarkable music will leave you wanting more. “You Wonder Why” is a downtempo folk track that comes across as a breathtaking ballad. Sounding like the rebirth of Dora, hearing her music in this new light is spine-tingling. Showcasing darker themes, cinematic instrumentals and a sense of urgency, the track is about finally using your voice to say what you mean.