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Alice Cooper In Concert At The Palace Theater

 Alice Cooper In Concert At The Palace Theater

Albany, New York

September 16, 2022 

It has been ten years since I attended my first Alice Cooper concert. It never seems that long. Going to one of my favorite venues always makes the experience more complete. The Palace Theater in Albany, New York, is a beautiful structure, and I have attended many shows there over the last twenty years. It reminded me of some of the shows back in the 70s, just crawling with people, and it certainly looked sold out. I saw a few couples with very young children, so the cross-section of age groups was enormous.

Alice Cooper has managed to stay relevant since his career began, and this night he would prove once again why he still is. At 74 years old, he is simply amazing, considering all the mountains he has had to climb. Overcoming alcoholism and remaining married to the same person since the 70s are two miracles worthy of note. His wife is a part of the show as well. I find him inspirational and can tell myself what a great example of energy and steadfastness he is and model myself after that, all the while hoping that I, too, can be that active when I reach my seventies.

There was no opening act, and the show started a tad late, after 8 pm. Alice has a fantastic band behind him, which is no surprise for a living legend on tour. I got some great pictures with my phone, and as you can see by the first photo, so many others probably did.

Alice has an average voice but works well with the music. He supersedes what he lacks in the vocal department with a visual stage presence and acting performance adapting to each character that is the subject of every song. There is nothing flashy like flames or loud explosions; you get a giant Alice-lookalike ghoul, the massive blown-up Billion Dollar Babie, and several other characters like a hunchback and an executioner for the famous guillotine scene. Plus, Alice, in a bloodied shirt and straitjacket on Alice ("Steven" from Welcome to my Nightmare) is being taken away by two orderlies from the insane asylum with large baby heads. There is a lot to take in, and if you know the music, it all comes together and makes sense.

I thought it was a great show from start to finish and the best performances, as far as I am concerned, were "Go To Hell" and "Billion Dollar Babies." There were just a few songs on the set list I was not familiar with.

The king of shock rock is now mild compared to what you may see on stage these days. However, it is very entertaining, and now as we get closer the Halloween, it seems appropriate. I found tremendous enjoyment and humor in what I witnessed and had a blast taking so many pictures when I usually take a few. Everyone has a dark side; it takes a great performer like Alice Cooper to bring that out and get you on your feet, hooting and hollering. Some people may say I have a sick sense of humor (and I will not deny that), but what remains most important to me is the entertainment and some excellent rock 'n' roll, and if that is what you seek; you shall find it at an Alice Cooper concert.

Keith “MuzikMan” Founder

September 18, 2022


01. Nightmare Castle

02. Feed My Frankenstein

03. No More Mr. Nice Guy

04. Bed of Nails

05. Hey Stoopid

06. Fallen in Love

07. Be My Lover

08. House of Fire

09. Under My Wheels

10. He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)

11. Go to Hell

12. I'm Eighteen

13. Poison

14. Billion Dollar Babies

15. Roses on White Lace (Preceded by Kane Roberts guitar solo)

16. My Stars

17. Devil's Food (band only)

18. Black Widow Jam (including drum solo)

19. Steven

20. Dead Babies

21. I Love the Dead (band only)

22. Escape

23. Teenage Frankenstein

24. Encore: School's Out



Blue Oyster Cult In Concert At The Egg In Albany NY

Blue Oyster Cult In Concert At The Egg In Albany, New York

March 4, 2022

Tonight was a night to remember for long-time fans and the newly indoctrinated for the legendary Blue Oyster Cult. The two remaining original members, Donald Roeser (Buck Dharma) on lead guitar and vocals and Eric Bloom (guitar and vocals), both well into their 70s now, show no signs of slowing down. They were terrific, and it looks as though they have not lost a step with their performances. It was over two hours of music with no breaks.

The remaining members and rock-solid contributors, Richie Castellano (keys, guitar, vocals), Danny Miranda (bass, vocals), and Jules Radino (drums), do an excellent job supporting the two core members. Most fans know of these great musicians on their last recording, The Symbol Remains. I took note of Richie's multitude of talents. He is a whirlwind of activity and energy and showcased his powerful vocals on "Tainted Blood." I would be looking at him to start a band once his time is through with B.O.C.
A significant part of this night was that to the date; it was the 50th anniversary of their self-titled first recording. After covering "Transmaniacon MC" and "Before the Kiss, a Redcap" Eric informed the audience of that historic moment in time and the story behind "Before the Kiss, a Redcap," which I found very interesting. You can go to a show and find out; you may be surprised.
B.O.C. covered much ground, including some choice tracks from the 2020 release The Symbol Remains , their first album in 20 years. I was delighted, and it was far too long to wait for many of the faithful, but they made it count.
One of the most satisfying moments was hearing "Harvest Moon," a tremendous melodic and hypnotic track similar to "Don't Fear The Reaper." One of the cuts from their underrated release Heaven Forbid. That was their curtain closer until the fantastic encore of "The Alchemist" and "Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll."
There were so many memorable moments, including Buck's shredding and getting down on the floor on his knees. He was bending those strings as if 50 years had not passed, making it look easy. Eric and Buck sounded good and were always perfectly matched on every song. When "The Alchemist" started, Eric came out in a brown hooded monk robe during the encore. With a book casting his spell on the band and the crowd, he sang the words and shouted, I am the alchemist, and I am the sorcerer!
Some of my other favorites were "Burnin' for You," "Train True (Lennie's Song)," and "E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)." The entire set was great. However, those were some of the highlights of the evening.
It was the sixth time I had gone to a B.O.C. concert since the 70s (when they only had three studio albums out). I saw two shows in Albany at The Palace. One was when Bob Seger opened for them (before he got huge with his live album that year), and Tommy Bolin opened for them around a year later. Bolin died a few months later of an overdose. Then there was the legendary Black & Blue Concert with Black Sabbath in the early 80's at Lebanon Valley Racetrack and the subsequent riot, killing some people.
I have a history with this band, as I am sure many of the grey hairs can attest and tell a few stories. If you have not gone to a B.O.C. concert, make sure you do before they hang it up for good. You never know what tomorrow brings, and the band's elder statesman may not be around much longer. They may decide to retire, and how many great ones have we lost around the age of 70 over the last few years? It is something to think about music fans.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
March 5, 2022

Transmaniacon MC
Before the Kiss, a Redcap
Golden Age of Leather
That Was Me
Burnin' for You
Dancin' in the Ruins
Harvest Moon
E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
Buck's Boogie
Tainted Blood
Train True (Lennie's Song)
Then Came the Last Days of May
The Noodle
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
The Alchemist
Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll


World-New Age-Rock Review: Blackmore’s Night-Nature’s Light

Release Date: March 12, 2021

Label: Ear Music


Nature’s Light is Blackmore’s Night 14th album and six years since the release of their last studio album All Our Yesterdays. I can say to those that would ask “Was it worth the wait?” I would say it was. I would also add that this is some of their best work to date. Musically it is mostly what one would expect from the band and lyrically, and with the title, they are coming from a new age and nature premise.

The idea behind the title of the album and what you will find in the tracks will enlighten the spirit. The thoughts of nature being the true queen in all its glory with the changing of the seasons. And all of the natural occurrences around us that should be appreciated every day. For instance, I stepped outside on this rainy day to let our dog out and I was watching a beautiful cardinal chirp and jump from branch to branch, going higher each time, and then over to the next tree. Simple things, but so enjoyable to watch nature at work and all the gifts she presents to us daily. I choose to take it all in with a great appreciation and joy. This is the kind of lyrical content and accompanying music that validates all of those feelings and keeps things in proper perspective. I do not need music to remind me of the wonder and respect I have always had for Mother Nature; however, it certainly is a nice reaffirmation of how important and blessed I am to be alive to enjoy it all.

Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night are an amazing husband and wife team. To open the CD booklet with all of the lyrics and to see the picture of Ritchie looking up at Candace smiling is a wonderful thing. How many pictures has anyone seen with him smiling? He is one serious man and I get that. It was just nice to see that kind of loving interaction between the couple.

“Once Upon December” kicks things off and gets the proceedings started. There is an entertaining mixture of world-rock-new age that unfolds, and it is something that always makes my heart smile and invigorates my spirit. The following track “Four Winds” is full of the color and energy that only Richie and Candice can coax out of their supporting casts and instruments. And it sure sounded like an upbeat choice for a single release, currently they went with the title track, which is just as good.

“Feather In The Wind” comes at you with a much faster pace with high energy, it is what I would call good mood music. My definition of that in this context would be that it makes my feet tap and puts a smile on my face.

There are two fantastic instrumentals on this album as well. “Darker Shade Of Black” features some fiery leads from Richie, which I always appreciated and some non-verbal vocals that are very high and heavenly. The heavenly part does not go along with the title of the track but that is what my ears heard. The other remarkable instrumental “Der Letzte Musketier” (translated The Last Musketeer), features Richie with an atmospheric bluesy electric guitar run which is supported by a rock-solid rhythm section. This was my favorite track from an overall musical perspective without any vocals. It reminded me of some of the leads Richie would play on all of those great Deep Purple albums, which I still treasure after all these years.

Getting back to nature, “The Twisted Oak” reminds us all of “Finding the peace of mind I have left behind.” If you stop and think for a minute how true that is, don’t we all leave behind any peace of mind we may have gained once we are back to the daily grind of work and stress? These are well thought out lyrics with a magnificent blend of music to drive home the answer with a resounding yes! This leaves no doubt in my mind as Candice sings - all in the glory of “Nature’s Light.” So, check out that light that is brought out in everything that surrounds you.

“Wish You Were Here (2021)” is another bluesy track with Richie setting the music afire with some fine six-string work to support the beautiful vocals. “Going To The Faire” is light and airy like a renaissance fair where you can step into a portal of time and let the worries of life melt away for a day. In that timespan you can enjoy the fact that “spring as sprung,” as Candice sings in only the special way that she can delivering the message in a song.

“Second Element” closes out the recording with some beautifully played acoustic guitar and yet another electric guitar run to remind us all that Richie Blackmore is one of the greats and that still has the mojo to deliver when needed.

Nature’s Light is a welcome return for Blackmore’s Night and will surely be enjoyed by fans all over the world. They have over a quarter of a million followers on the Spotify platform alone so far. This is one album you simply cannot miss this year. For a variety of music and uplifting lyrics, this is one of the best of 2021 and will remain a favorite for me throughout the year.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
February 25, 2021

Track List:

01. Once Upon December
02. Four Winds
03. Feather In The Wind
04. Darker Shade Of Black (instrumental)
05. The Twisted Oak
06. Nature's Light
07. Der Letzte Musketier (instrumental)
08. Wish You Were Here (2021)
09. Going To The Faire
10. Second Element


Progressive Rock Review: Steve Hackett-At The Edge of Light

Steve Hackett Website:
Release Date: January 25, 2019
Label: Inside Out/Sony

Steve Hackett just released At The Edge of Light on the Inside Out (Sony) label. I was sent the CD/DVD but decided to purchase the LP for additional listening pleasure. I am glad that I did. The album is a two-LP 180-Gram set with a CD included. This is something you get from most of the Inside Out vinyl so you get the best of both worlds and it's worth the price tag.

Hackett is a legendary figure in progressive rock and has a lot of music out there to dive into. With his Genesis days (while brilliant) long behind him, he is always moving forward and creating interesting music for longtime fans and new disciples to consume. I personally have not gone too far into his catalog, although I feel it is time for that to change.

I think Mr. Hackett is extremely underrated because his music has never been mainstream or commercial in any way. That is just fine with his audience in the prog sphere. 

At The Edge of Light is two platters, 3 sides of music, and the fourth side has the etching of the lighting on the cover with the man standing there looking at it with the inscription “Turn and Face Whatever You Fear Most.” Keep that in mind as you listen to the music and read the lyrics found on the inner sleeves of the album jacket (yes food for thought).

Side one opens in grand style with epic sweeping music and some fine vocals offered by Hackett. I have always looked at him as a guitar hero but the man is equally adept with the vox humana. This is a very eclectic group of songs ranging from prog rock, flat out rocking segments, blues, and world. It has it all and very well done I may add.

Side two starts off with “Underground Railroad.” Hackett’s tribute the trials and tribulations of slaves. It starts off bluesy then leads into a spiritual/gospel type sound and feeling then transforms into an all-out rocker. The changing tides of the music in a sense must have fit the all-encompassing emotions a slave had reaching freedom at last through those dangerous passages. “Shadow and Flame,” is one of the more colorful tracks with world music infused into rock featuring the Duduk, which creates a drone, and the very recognizable Sitar. 

Side three opens with “Hungry Years.” The track features some great harmonies and catchy runs that sound radio ready, however, that leads to some strong stinging leads from Hackett and some sturdy bass lines to keep that train rolling down the line. After all of that, it fades out then you move on to the next two tracks, which are significant instrumentals musically and thematically.

“Descent” has the resounding and rhythmic beats of marching soldiers off to war or making the “Descent” into that literal hell. Then all of that driving force folds into the “Conflict,” which is earmarked with a whirling dervish of sounds and more masterful lead guitar by the maestro Hackett. Then the fitting curtain closer “Peace,” after the “Conflict.”

So, you see there is a definite theme here that Hackett is presenting. I think what he is saying through music and words is what we are seeing worldwide. The wars, confusion, and atrocities of man that continue to this day are thought of while reading the lyrics and listening to the music push those words to the forefront of your mind. And perhaps for those tortured souls among us, who are raging their own wars with internal emotions that nobody knows but them. 

But yet we all stand At The Edge of Light, a few steps away from that dark chasm that surrounds us. The true nature of man is at the center of the light and that thought gives us all hope as we listen to the musical prophets of the world. Steve Hackett has created a beautiful album that is diverse musically and lyrically. I do not think fans could have hoped for a better album. This work speaks highly of a man with superlative talents and a message to deliver.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-Prog Rock Music Talk
February 3, 2019

Founder of:


Side 1:
1. Fallen Walls and Pedestals
2. Beasts In Our Time
3. Under The Eye of the Sun

Side 2:
4. Underground Railroad
5. These Golden Wings
6. Shadow and Flame

Side 3:
7. Hungry Years
8. Descent
9. Conflict
10. Peace

Side 4 :
Etching - “Turn and Face Whatever You Fear Most"  



Featured Track-My Creative Laziness-Just Great

My Creative Laziness (Ricardo Flores) sounds like he got some energy and put it to good use by recording a jumpy track called "Just Great."

I think the track really is "Just Great." It has an alternative garage rock kind of sound that I really enjoy. 

Tracks like this prove that less is more and Rick shows how its done with riffs that reminded me of Weezer.

The man definetly has talent and knows how to channel that laziness! So yes, his "creative laziness" did work out well with this snappy track!

Give it a listen and see what you think. If you feel its "Just Great," then leave your comments.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck 


My Creative Laziness is my solo artist name. I like to record using a multitrack and have been doing so since...long long long. My music is... well me.


Lasso Moon Release New Single Kimota Codeine

New alternative rock group Lasso Moon merge major Liverpudlian bands BROKEN MEN and SANKOFAto release the love song to the drug codeine ‘Kimota Codeine’. Taking influence from PixiesSonic Youthand Nick Cave, Lasso Moon has a minimalistic sound to create more honesty in their music. The single is being released alongside a homemade video that took inspiration from Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Down By Law’, which was filmed in black and white with one static shot.

Watch the music video for ‘Kimota Codeine’ here:

The minimalistic modern guitar sound mixes genres of hard rock, grunge and punk to form a raw honest style like no other. Lasso Moon aim to say something with their music and with ‘Kimota Codeine’ the track explores the theme of transformation, particularly in reference to codeine and how it numbs the stress of modern life. The theme is mirrored in the music video, which shows front man Bobby Westheadsearching for a distraction, conveying that no one gives time to art anymore due to the constant diversion of the internet.

‘Kimota Codeine’ was engineered and co-produced by James Mellor at The Motor Museum Liverpool, where artists such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Jake Bugg recorded.



The 109s, Deliver White-Knuckle 12-Track Debut Album

Hampshire-based four-piece, The 109s, are here to put rock riffs back where they belong: loud and high in the mix, clawing and stomping their way through the speaker cones to grab listeners by the throat and pummel them into submission . . .

The 109s have taken everything good about Zeppelin, Sabbath, Royal Blood, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, MC5, The Stooges, Soundgarden and The Black Keys, and distilled from it a 100-percent-proof moonshine-mash that is all their own - a heady brew that kicks like a mule, burns like a mother, but has everyone asking for seconds . . .
The fantastic power of the band's music is led by vocalist Damian Shelley’s strong but nuanced delivery and impressive vocal harmonies, while lead guitarist, Matty Pritchard's short, high-octane solos reference everyone from Jimmy Page to J. Mascis.

Of course, none of this would be real rock if there wasn't a stunning rhythm section (Pete Smith, bass, and Steve Collings, drums) who deliver the precision-power and flair of legendary pairings such as John Bonham and John Paul Jones, or Keith Moon and John Entwistle.  

The band's song arrangements are always original and surprising, wringing every droplet of dynamism and groove from a single riff, before strutting seamlessly through a flurry of exciting changes that are strung together with the delicacy of dewdrops on a cobweb.

High octane blues rock - very much my thing! Now I just need to see you do it live some time!” – Award winning crime novelist, Ian Rankin

A multi-talented artist, lead guitarist, Matty Pritchard, is also an author and member of the UK Crime Writers Association. He has published three novels in the UK to date - Scarecrow, Broken Arrow and Werewolf -  under the name Matthew Pritchard, and was nominated for the CWA's Gold Dagger Award.

The 109s' eponymous debut album is due out October 7th



The Soap Girls - Bad Bitch Video

South Africa’s two most beautiful ‘musical rebels’ are releasing ‘Bad Bitch’ after a vicious attack by a venue owner whilst they were performing on stage.

The Soap Girls are …. raw, real, gutsy, innovative and thoroughly … trendsetting.  After selling soap in the streets performing as kids they are completely natural on the stage, their live sets are perfected and they definitely are the talk of the town wherever they go!

Currently the girls are touring the UK a continuation of their tour from last year promoting their raw album Calls For Rebellion and they head out to include Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy during the month of September/October whereafter they will return to finish off the tour in the UK till November. 

Check out the UK and European Tour dates for the rest of the year –

Watch the video here for ‘Bad Bitch’ – 


Bull Funk Zoo Releases Explosive And Unruly Second Album 'Dangerous Radio'

Following the release of his fiery and ballsy singles 'Would You' and ‘Burnin’, Bull Funk Zoois on a parade and ready to take the rock industry by storm. Raw and uncompromising, ‘Dangerous Radio’ is BFZ's blindfolded rollercoaster ride of rock, funk, blues, sex and the news, all the while tipping his hat to masters like Jimi Hendrix, Chilli Peppers, Range Against The Machine, Clutch, Frank Zappa and the Sex Pistols.
While previous collaborations featured Eslam Jawad -M.C (former Gorillaz and Wu Tan Clan) and Hamdan Al-Abri,  ‘Dangerous Radio’ sees Assaad Lakkis a.k.a. Bull Funk Zoo performing and producing the whole album himself. Assaad describes ‘Dangerous Radio’ as a big bad bull rocking out, fornicating & wildly stompin' the blues to rubble. Hendrix havin' a drink with Tom Waits & RATM decided to tear it up.

Listen to Whiskey taken from the album:

Bull Funk Zoo’s debut album was recorded in 2013 and got the highest ratings for an unsigned band’s record by Rolling Stone. In the Middle East, he has made a name for himself, playing in front of up to 30,000 people at concerts, supporting the likes of Sting, Sade, Timbaland and others. Bull Funk Zoo is continuously working on new material, videos and other creative endeavours. He says: "Creativity is my drug of choice, it has got me in a vice.”
Assaad was born in Dubai after his parents had to escape the devastating war in Lebanon in the 70s. As a young boy, music always played a big role at home, which had Assaad growing up to the sounds of James Brown and various Motown artists. When he first saw Kiss performing on TV, the energy of rock’n’roll both intrigued and scared him. Enchanted by the magic of it all, he soon discovered bands like Soundgarden, Megadeth, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jeff Beck, broadening his musical horizons and leading him to constantly crave new experiences.
At the age of 17, he moved to the US for a few years to attend university, and dig further into unknown musical realms. During this time, he also discovered punk rock and jazz, which soon lead him to realise that the mentality of these genres fitted in perfectly with his own worldview.  Both in music and life, Assaad is a free spirit who is willing to cross boundaries in order to expand his mind. He surrounded himself with like-minded people such as the spoken word artist Eric Bailey and Glen Burris, a well-known horn player who played and recorded with Miles Davison “Man With The Horn”.
“Bull Funk is the ideal description of the music; it's got attitude, heart, grace, and it’s in-your-face. The Zoo is the Bull Funk collective, hence Bull Funk Zoo.”
Dangerous Radio is out September 12th


Watch The New Promo Here


We Are The Catalyst - 'Delusion"

Check out this music video for new single "Delusion" by We Are The Catalyst. It is the second single from their upcoming new album "Elevation" which is set for release on September 2nd 2016.

What the media say:

"10 / 10 Mind-blowing vocals..... the most exciting prospect to emerge out of the Nordic nation in the last few years"                                                                                  - GMA

"We Are The Catalyst have set the benchmark for modern metal bands"
                                                                                     - Matt Seddon UK Promoter

"I literally cannot get over Cat’s vocals…..Incredible"             -
"13 Addictive Tracks…..Phenomenal"                                 -
"Stretching the boundaries of the rock music genre"               - Johnny Main -
"A huge avalanche....Genius"                                             - Kronus Mortus Magazine

"Simply Stunning, move over Evanescence"                          - Ozzy Osbourne (ex) Bass player Terry Nails



Review - Exhilarating Belfast Rock Band 'Irontown Diehards' With Their Self-Titled Album

With all players having played in top rock and metal bands of Northern Ireland they aren't to be taken lightly. Their albums lead track "Fly High" displays their experience and immense ability to utilise their past experience to create a new sound that possibly even has Alter Bridge (one of their influences) running for their money. With a full yet spacious introduction the tracks grows to an uplifting and heavy chorus with a particularly strong vocal line soaring over the top of some fantastic guitar.
With their Victorian-esque outfits, theyre definitely an original band breaking out of the conventional rock/metal aesthetic, perhaps inspiring a new generation of musicians to branch out beyond the current revival of vinyl sales.


Watch/listen here:


Japanese Fighting Fish Release Smashing New Single 'For Queen Marilyn'

'What a glorious noise.' The Tom Robinson Show, BBC 6 Music
Japanese Fighting Fish, four lads who anchor their boat in London, are bringing fun back to rock with their electrifying new album ‘Swimming with Piranhas’, plunging us knee-deep into ferocious riffs then pulling us out again with soaring vocals from frontman Karlost. 


Live Dates:

LONDON Upstairs at the Ritzy (Acoustic) 18.6.2016
BRADFORD Trap Door @ The University of Bradford24.9.2016
BRIGHTON Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar 28.9.2016



The Colossal Heads Release New EP ‘Mammoths’

Revelling in the heavier side of indie rock, The Colossal Heads are a group on the rise who have been compared to artists such as Queens of the Stone Age, Incubus, Modest Mouse and Nirvana. These are not bands whose names should be taken lightly in terms of comparison – thankfully The Colossal Heads do them justice.
Those bands rose in the 90’s and early 2000’s due to a rock genre that had gone from being anti-establishment to part of the norm. In recent years the cycle has started again, and The Colossal Heads are here to shake things up once more. To offer further proof, check out the album lead track ‘Mammoths’.
Engineered by Louis Cressy, the EP (and single) are a timely reminder of the power that rock music can have.
Another vital part of any musical success is a propensity for hard work, an area in which The Colossal Heads excel almost as much as their song writing. In a prime example, they toured from New Orleans to California from May-June 2015, living out of their Toyota and sleeping on floors along the way. This grass roots approach carries over to their methods of promotion as well. Relying on Facebook, local radio and word of mouth, the band has continued to develop and grow their fan base as their music has become increasingly assured.
‘Mammoths’ is the final result of this evolution, an EP which steps outside of the box and shows how complacent rock music has become in recent times.

Pink Fireball Release Retro New Single ‘Turn Around’

60s rock single with a modern indie twist out May 6th Pink Fireball are a raw, upcoming four-piece with energy to burn and a genuine flair for song writing. Based on a contemporary indie foundation, their sound is embellished with flowing psychedelic aspects from the 60s which give them a uniquely fresh edge. New single ‘Turn Around’ is out May 6th and perfectly showcases this blend of the old and the new. It all started with an infectious guitar riff and grew from there into the off kilter indie treat it has become. Also worthy of note is the horn section – not common in the rock genre in recent years, the band took inspiration from retro movie soundtracks such as Mission Impossible, James Bond and Batman to add this extra flavour to the tune. The animated video is a superb companion to the track as it takes a trip through 60s sci-fi and beyond – you can check out both the track and the clip below.

The video itself is yet another fine representation of the band’s outlook and creativity. Created on construction paper, it was developed through painstaking stop motion. It took hours to create the few minutes of footage for the video, which typifies the dedication and attention to detail Pink Fireball are capable of.
‘Turn Around’ sets a high standard for a band who have the potential to go a long way in the music industry. And with an album being recorded in London, 2016 is likely to represent a huge step forward for Pink Fireball – a band who certainly deserve wider acclaim if their high level of creativity and wit is anything to go by.


Pink Fireball - Turn Around (Video Feature)

60s rock single with a modern indie twist out May 6th Pink Fireball are a raw, upcoming four-piece with energy to burn and a genuine flair for song writing. Based on a contemporary indie foundation, their sound is embellished with flowing psychedelic aspects from the 60s which give them a uniquely fresh edge. New single ‘Turn Around’ is out May 6th and perfectly showcases this blend of the old and the new. It all started with an infectious guitar riff and grew from there into the off kilter indie treat it has become. Also worthy of note is the horn section – not common in the rock genre in recent years, the band took inspiration from retro movie soundtracks such as Mission Impossible, James Bond and Batman to add this extra flavour to the tune. The animated video is a superb companion to the track as it takes a trip through 60s sci-fi and beyond – you can check out both the track and the clip below.



The Soft Shades "Keeper Of The Groove" Album Review

This is an instrumental post rock project done right in almost every way; the ambience is subtle in places and at other times leaves you on the edge of your seat and questioning what is coming next. It is a cracking record that truly embraces everything an instrumental rock band should encompass, this is evident on tracks like “The Flare” and “First September Weekend”

My overall favourite track which feels like the lead track is “When this Day comes” and this is definitely a track that makes you think and allows your mind to wonder with possibilities.

That is the exciting element with instrumental bands, as a listener you can create the ambience and mood yourself, regardless of what the bands initial intentions were, everyone who listens to this album will take something different from this.

It is an absolutely stunning piece of work and music project and definitely a musical experience I would recommend!

The album is set for release on 22nd April

Bandcamp -


Free From Gravity Are Set To Release New Single

Portsmouth rockers Free From Gravity are about to release their wonderfully positive message of overcoming life struggles in a melodically addictive new song called “The Long Road”.

Blending in perfectly elements of classic rock from the 60s and 70s with the more chilled out 90s interpretations a la Bluetones the song has already become quite a sensation in the online community. Music blog Go Hard Magazine has described the lyrics as “emotional, compassionate and inspirational” while music website JamSphere reads: “I don’t know if Vince Barnes has studied music, but he is clearly evolving from a songwriter into a true composer, and the result is extremely satisfying.”

Listen here: 

“The Lond Road” was inspired by Vince’s mum’s battle with cancer which she bravely overcame. As a reminder of the hardships life can put on people, it is ultimately a confirmation of positivity and optimism, encouraging anyone who is in recovery to stay strong. Many of the band’s fans can relate to the lyrics and singer Vince remembers a sober alcoholic coming up to him once after gig, telling him how much the song means to him.

Free From Gravity are no strangers to great live performance, having played in front of up to 4000 people in the past and getting a couple of hundred Spanish fans singing along to their songs at a gig abroad. Apart from the success they have accomplished with their own concerts, the four-piece, consisting of Vince Barnes, TJ Jackson, Jason Gray and Lewis Trickett, has supported bands such as the Pat McManus Band or Mark Morris of Bluetones and worked with people such as Andy Mitchel of The Yardbirds. 

The band, whose name was inspired by a WonderBra advert which said “Free Yourself From Gravity”, is showing
resemblance to some of the major players in 20thcentury music ranging from The Eagles to The Who. Next to being excellent songwriters, instrumentalists and performers Free From Gravity are a group that adopted an approach to getting their music heard which is driven by passion and a go-getting spirit. “We perform guerrilla gigs where we pitch up and play at a venue or on the street. We are handing out flyers as we play”, explains Vince who is a professional when it comes to DIY and self-promotion.

With a combination of this kind of work ethic and a dedication to good songs the lads are on a steady and way up!

Live Dates:

July 2nd - Hoefest in Waterlooville (near Portsmouth)