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Mark L. Oakes Releases New Video For 'Shredded Jeans'

Belgian singer-songwriter, engineer and producer Mark L. Oakes releases the ideal soundtrack for a karmic road trip with his debut album ‘Call Me The Moon’.
Stream ‘Shredded Jeans’ from the album here:

Mainly tracked at Mark's home studio in the heart of the Ardennes, the record has been finalised with the help of Londoner cellist Ben Trigg and mastered by Grammy award winner Gavin Lurssen in Los Angeles.

The shadows of Oakes' idols are never far and it's easy to imagine his boundless admiration for the likes of Neil Young, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Tucker Zimmerman and Ryan Adams.
While singles ‘Shredded Jeans’ and ‘Friend From Above (Sleepless Spouse)’ are tinged with soft melancholy, tunes like ‘Aloof Again’ and ‘None Of These Roads’ will lead you straight to a risky, bitter ground.
Travelling between Europe and the United States with a bag full of projects, Mark sees ‘Call Me The Moon’ as the silver thread out of the vague existential maze.


The Breaking Pattern Reinvent Emo Rock With Incredible New Album "There Are Roadmaps In Our Veins"

The face of the Phoenix emo revival movement’ – The Huffington Post

Taking influences from Real Friends, Man Overboard and The Wonderyears, The band are quite literally breaking the pattern of emo rock by delivering a euphoric and almost ethereal sound through the reverb bathed guitars and heartfelt lyrics. 
The album challenges the personal struggle of a failing relationship. The band’s frontman explains: ‘The album is somewhat of a break-up album, chronicling the various stages of a doomed relationship from the moments leading up to the split until the resolution and recovery. I say “somewhat” because it is not a concept album. The songs do not tell one specific story, but are a compilation of personal experience and the stories I’ve witnessed from friends who had their own hearts disintegrated into red dust.
That being said I feel it's a catalyst through which those feeling less than ecstatic can vent and learn from, whilst also revelling in the bands clear flowing wealth of musical knowledge and experience.
My favourite track, "Let Love Go", is a strong opening to the vibe of the album and has an awesome mix of melodic guitar lines supported by complex atmospheric riffs which complement the nostalgic theme perfectly.
Having sold out many shows since their formation, their album is an opportunity to get into the loop if you've been unfortunate enough to miss out on them.


‘Space Metal’ Outfit, Orca, Release New Debut Album, Universe

New genre alert! ‘Space Metal’ is the fresh new label being pushed by these UK-based alt-rockers.
Influenced by bands such as Tool and Deftones, Orca’s latest album contrasts planet-sized riffs with softer moments of eerie zero-gravity ambience. Frontman Christian Edwards provides soaring vocals over the top. The result is both atmospheric and hard hitting.
Highlights include lead single ‘Amber’, with it’s plummeting chugging mid-section and epic outro, and ‘Swimming Upstream’, which starts with brooding clean guitars before exploding into a climax of dissonant riffs, including some groovy bass slides.
Each track is well-paced and excitingly unpredictable.
Check out the single ‘Amber’ below:


Instrumental Rock Project The Soft Shades Release Brand New Album ‘Keeper Of The Groove’

Album set for release on 22nd April 2016

‘Keeper of the Groove’ is the second post rock album to be released under the prog rock instrumental project The Soft Shades. The musical project was put together by Dimitry Gubsky in 2011. 
Following on from the success of the 4 track EP released in November, The Soft Shades are now ready to release the full instrumental album and the end of April.
Founder Dimitry, has been passionate about music his whole life, he started learning how to play the accordion when he was just 7 years old. He has gone onto play and tour in lots of different successful bands in Europe as well as being involved in lots of different musical projects in his home country of Ukraine.  In 2012 he played at Euroblast in Cologne with his previous band ‘Joncofy’. After being in lots of different bands,  Dimitry wanted to create a new style of prog & metal instrumental music where he was involved in every aspect of the project from creating the music, writing the scores to producing and recording it all together for the album. It is very much his project that he had wanted to create for a really long time but wasn’t able to in his bands previously.
Each track on the album is highly original and a reflection of a different experience and emotion. At times the music is very cinematic with an intense feeling that you are waiting in anticipation for what is next to come.
Dimitry has spoken about the different influences behind the album;
“Everyday mood is what influenced the album, the track titles on the album show in some way what exactly inspired me for each song and all personal to experiences in my life.”
Highlight tracks include ‘First September Weekend, Sky Flares and November Storms. Another popular album track is ‘When This Day Comes’. This song was created to reflect the feeling you might feel on a Monday morning and thinking about going back to work after a perfect weekend off. It is a melancholic song that Dimitry has portrayed beautifully to reflex this mood.
The whole album is an exploration into the immersive world of rock, metal and instrumental music. The atmosphere over the 11 tracks perfectly encapsulates Dimitry ’s idea of exploring moods and experiences he has had in his life. The tracks are so powerful in portraying a message and captivating the listener that there is absolutely no need for words. The tracks vary from big rock guitar riffs and drums to an industrial eerie sound on tracks like ‘November Storms’ and ‘The Fall’. This combination of tracks on the album using familiar musical elements in different ways proves to make a very powerful and enticing listen.

Listen to a selection of the album tracks here- 

Album track listing:
1 Mountain Dreaming  4:22
2 Keeper of the Groove  5:23
3 Ghosts on the Lake  4:18
4 Spring Castles  4:23
5 Sunshine on the Riverside  2:22
6 First September Weekend  2:58
7 The Fall  2:46
8 Skyflares  3:37
9 When This Day Comes  3:57
10 November Storms  4:08
11 Hectic Nightshades  3:15
TOTAL          41:30

The Soft Shades "Keeper Of The Groove" Album Review

This is an instrumental post rock project done right in almost every way; the ambience is subtle in places and at other times leaves you on the edge of your seat and questioning what is coming next. It is a cracking record that truly embraces everything an instrumental rock band should encompass, this is evident on tracks like “The Flare” and “First September Weekend”

My overall favourite track which feels like the lead track is “When this Day comes” and this is definitely a track that makes you think and allows your mind to wonder with possibilities.

That is the exciting element with instrumental bands, as a listener you can create the ambience and mood yourself, regardless of what the bands initial intentions were, everyone who listens to this album will take something different from this.

It is an absolutely stunning piece of work and music project and definitely a musical experience I would recommend!

The album is set for release on 22nd April

Bandcamp -


Nigel Thomas New Album 'Travelling Man' Review

Nigel Thomas is making his own distinct brand of indie rock with nods to his old projects and seminal bands such as Stone Roses and Oasis. He found fame in cult band The Foxes in the back end of the Noughties but in his new album ‘The Travelling Man’ he claims ‘I leave it all behind, I left you all behind’.

These biting words are the backbone to the album which is actually quite nostalgic in sound. Rock and Roll may supposedly be the idea but this time it has a deeper meaning. After ‘Fever’ the evocative song recalling his struggles with mental health, its straight on to an equally cheerful topic with ‘Anne’ dedicated to Anne Frank and her Diary that’s not quite what you’d expect.

Thomas spits out how he is a ‘sinner, strummer, drinker and lover’ in the title track of the album which is reminiscent of Frank Turner’s defiance.

The album is an interesting mix of nostalgia and fighting to move on but Nigel Thomas gives his own view of his future, singing, ‘I won’t know where I’m going, till I arrive’. He uses his voice to satirise as well as sympathise in this attention grabbing collection of songs.


Nigel Thomas - Travelling Man Review

Nigel Thomas’ is making Britpop for the modern day. Drawling vocals and powerful guitar builds are striking on this brilliant new album from Nigel Thomas named ‘Travelling Man’.
Listen here:

Powerful and emotive sounds run throughout this fresh collection of songs that not only give an insight into Thomas’ personal reflections on life but give a relatable view of day to day life in a beautiful way that evokes the passion of legends like Oasis and Blur. 

The title track is a dreamy song full of waves of The Beatles with brilliant guitar work and nostalgic harmonies sweeping the listener along.  Songs like ‘Drift’ use strings reminiscent of Nick Drake but with biting lyrics that perfectly counteract the soft melodies.

Overall the album is a gripping listen that demands attention and respect, with plenty of great songs to get your teeth into.


Lazlo Device Bring Greatness Back To British Indie With ‘Duelism’ Album

A London four piece on the rise ready for March 12th album launch

When a new band are being compared to the finest in British indie over the last two decades, then you should already know that they will be a force to be reckoned with. Lazlo Device are a four piece from London who have already been likened to Elbow, Arcade Fire, Alt J, Blur, Tool,  Joy Division,  Radiohead and more. With their very own brand of hypnotic, ethereal indie-rock, they are quickly picking up momentum and new fans in equal measure.

Having already supported the likes of 10cc and Finley Quaye in huge UK shows, Lazlo Device are now ready to make their mark. It all started with two previously released EPs, which quickly established their subtle, infectious sound. Now, following the ‘Looking Glass’ single release (see the video below), their ‘Duelism’ album is set to take them to new heights.

‘Looking Glass’: 

The album launch on March 12th at the Barfly, London will be the final culmination of what the band describe as “4 years of hard bloody work”. That hard work has resulted in a well-rounded blend of melodic guitar, distinctive vocals and superb production which makes up the ‘Duelism’ album.

On first listen, it’s immediately clear that this album comes from a confident band sure in their footing. From the very first melodic guitar tones of opening track ‘Gunslinger’, this is dripping with swagger and style. And once those drums kick in, a motor is underway that doesn’t stop until the final chords of the excellently twisted ‘Raining Sun’, complete with electronica overtones. In a way, these bookends typify the variety on offer from Lazlo Device – from straight up rock to 80s tinged synth sounds.

In between tracks like ‘Uncertain Beginnings’ show a lighter side thanks to the classical style piano section overlaid with that superb distinct vocal. Then later there’s ‘Momo’, which is almost surf rock in its laid back nature. These are just a few examples from an album chock full of creativity, ideas and quality.

It’s an LP that’s made to turn heads, and with the likes of Dominic Howard (Muse) and Howard Donald (Take That) already among their fans, the scene is set for the album to make a real impact. If further proof is needed, they have also garnered the attention of pop legend Neneh Cherry, who recently  attended one of their gigs. Their music is also about to be featured on a forthcoming BBC documentary about the Black Panthers.

It’s all set up to be a huge year for Lazlo Device, and it all starts with the ‘Duelism’ album.


Marcus Nand Album Review

After recording guitar solo for Rod Stewart, Marcus Nand is back with own solo album ‘Time And Tide Wait For No Man’. With sweeping melodies and delicate guitar rhythms this album whisks you along into whichever land Marcus is venturing to this time.

The title track offers Marcus’ heartfelt thoughts and reflections on life, luck and love which, as commented on by Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters), is performed ‘in an honest way, which is rare these days’.  Marcus brilliantly mixes this in an uplifting way, allowing you to be taken with the melody.

Listening to the album, you can hear Marcus’ mixed influences being drawn upon. The track ‘Everything’ features beautifully intricate flamenco guitar work which fits perfectly with the passionate vocals. The eerie track ‘You Become My World’ reveals another side to Marcus Nand’s eclectic album with Indian influences being prevalent here. In fact, the album gives you an insight into the man behind the music; with travelling, motorcycling and sailing being his passions, the songs definitely create the feeling of enjoying the journey of life. 

Overall this album is a heartening, as well as catchy, performance of Marcus’ skills in both songwriting but most strikingly, in his pure talent as an experienced musician. 

The album ‘Time And Tide Wait For No Man’ is out on 22nd April 2016



Healthy Junkies Album Review For 'Box of Chaos'

Healthy Junkies are back with their vigorous new record ‘Box Of Chaos’, a punk album that perfectly puts the legacy of late 70s London rebellion into the 21st century. ‘Box Of Chaos’ is a compelling affirmation that the fight against political exploitation isn’t over yet and that music is yet again the strongest weapon against it! Songs like ‘Watch Out’, ‘Rebellion’ or ‘I don’t give a damn’ form the powerful statement of a younger generation that is sick of public surveillance and social injustice. ‘Box of Chaos’ is a record that puts punk rock back at the forefront of political debates – and therefore a much needed one. 

Listen Here;


Healthy Junkies’ Album ‘Box Of Chaos’ Review

Healthy Junkies’ new album ‘Box Of Chaos’ is an energetic blast of punk perfection. With this record the Londoner rock band has kicked off the year 2016 in style and full of social commentary. Shouting the lines “You’re such a hypocrite, I really hate you” in the dynamic track ‘Hypocrite’ reminds on early Nirvana takes with a rawness that is most endearing and powerfully honest. Another favourite is ‘Rebellion’, a song with Phil doing the lead vocals. Underlined by vocal harmonies and a determined melodic progression the track is a straight up cry for resistance towards oppression from government and whoever else might be in the way of our personal freedom. The feeling of oppression also comes across in a more sentimental way in the last song ‘Captive’. All in all, ‘Box Of Chaos’ is a well rounded piece of work.


17th March @ Lady Luck, Canterbury
2nd July Rebellion bar, Manchester



Mechanical Man Album Review

Mechanical Man’s powerful and ultimately enthralling eponymous eight-track album is taking metal rock to a new level. Whilst adding interestingly refreshing elements of brief and almost jaunty piano interludes this body of work manages to remain within the spheres of the muscular riffs and soaring vocal energy that usually form the attributes for great metal records.

Having shaken up the music scene in Russia, this band is introducing a splendid reinvention of traditional metal sounds. With outstanding tracks such as ‘Madhouse’ or ‘Queen Of The Night’, the five piece has created an album which easily touches upon the genius of bands like Metallica or Black Sabbath. Mechanical Man have proven an outstanding ability to fuse melody with the gripping force of hard rock.

The album ‘Mechanical Man’ will be out on 30thJanuary 2016.


Healthy Junkies 'Box of Chaos' Review

Healthy Junkies are a band that lives, breathes and suffers punk rock. This is most evident in their latest album ‘Box Of Chaos’, a truly magnificent ode to the manic depression that plagues the residents of a 21stcentury world.

Although full of social commentary about how screwed this planet is in songs like “Watch Out” or “Captive” Healthy Junkies don’t drown into a nihilistic kind of self pity. Instead, they are punk rock enough to scream “I don’t give a damn” and “Je suis free”, demonstrating that our day and age isn’t necessarily an easy one to live in but that ultimately they’re going their way regardless – and that’s brilliantly inspiring!


Bentley Jones The Rebellion Review

Pop star and social magnate Bentley Jones returns with new sonically triumphant album ‘The Rebellion’. Mixing classic rock with pop sensibilities, interspersed with dance inspired beats, Bentley is carving out a new genre all of his own.

The album is brazen mix of Bentley’s previous work and an exploration into a totally new sonic landscape. Articulate, brilliant and haunting this album is both emotive and evocative with nods to the likes of Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris and Katy Perry.

The Rebellion’ is a slick, cohesive release with a statement of intent. Featuring a lead single of the same name, the whole album showcases a mature, confident songwriter who knows what he wants and will break down walls to get it.

‘The Rebellion’ is available worldwide on November 6th

For more form Bentley check out the links below:
TWITTER:             @Bentley_Jones


Jupiter In Velvet 'The World Didn't Start With U' Album Review

Jupiter in Velvet is a singer/songwriter, multi instrumentalist with a  passion for classic rock in the style of Aerosmith and Steve Vai. His upcoming single ‘The World Didn’t Start With U’ is a hard hitting rock track exploring multiple emotional themes. It is a great rack that conveys a lot of emotion and energy.
The musicality of the piece is frankly brilliant. The squealing guitar interspersed with booming bass and a driving rhythm section lay a fantastic foundation for his soaring vocal melodies.
Watch the video here:

‘The World Didn’t Start With U’ is taken from an LP of the same name which will be available later this year.
Check him out below:


Don Laka New Album AFRO CHOPIN Review

Don Laka promises to take Jazz lovers on a musical odyssey with his new take on classical Chopin classics.

A multi platinum selling artist, accomplished classical guitarist and self taught pianist LAKA is known as one of the most innovative artists/producer in South Africa.

The new album has spawned a single entitled Prelude No 20 (Izulu) which is a dynamic song featuring elements of classical jazz and afro music, creating a rich blend of differing genres and a perfect lead track to an already very strong album.

Listen to "Prelude No 20 (Izulu)" taken from the album here:

Don Laka is heading over to the UK from South Africa to play a special show at The Half Moon Putney.

Check him out below:


“Walking Underwater Pt 2” By Johnny Wore Black

“Walking Underwater Pt 2” is the latest full length release by the dark and brooding Johnny Wore Black. JWB has utilised the talents of producer David Bottrill (Stone Sour) and Megadeath bassist David Ellefson in crafting this album and their talents really shine through. The release is an interesting mix of metal and prog intertwined with alternative rock which is testament to the eclectic tastes of its creator.

The album comprises of singles “A Cut Above”, “A Gift of Desperation” and “Noise” and 7 brand new tracks. All the tracks are relatively similar in nature with soaring distorted vocals rising above driving guitars and crushing bass lines. The opening track Firefly sets the tone for the rest of the album. The continual pounding of the lower frequencies gives a warm cushion from where to explore. Fallen Angels has an almost metal like quality to it, something that prevails throughout the rest of the album. The standout out song of the release is without a doubt “Comfy Slippers.” Reverb laced vocals and guitars give an almost ethereal quality to the track which leads on to majestic power chords. The faultless combination of thought provoking lyrics and musical hooks make this track in particular, irresistible.

The release as a whole is confident and beautifully produced. Sonically, it assaults the senses leaving the listener feeling both drained and reinvigorated at the same time. It is an acquired taste musically but offers all the essentials of great rock music; hard hitting, driving songs with fantastic lyrics.

Watch the video for 'Comfy Slippers' here: 

“Walking Underwater Pt “  is available worldwide now - 

Twitter: @johnnyworeblack


Deadly Circus Fire: ‘The Hydra’s Tailor’ Review

In Darkness We Trust - the opening song on the album, It has sluggish tempo compared to other of the songs on The Hydra’s Tailor. But this song isn’t in shape for their genre they contain but that’s what exclusively sets up the album! 

Animal - the subsequently song in the album and is masses more precise to its genre then the earlier song. It truly helps to let the chorus stand out throughout and construct up to it! With a really intense pleasant breakdown towards the end! With a pleasant-sounding chorus but jagged warped vocals. 

Where It Lies - Has a really fine profound guitar riff sure to get blood circulating! Approximately ¾ the way throughout this song it turns time-consuming downwards to swiftness again with a chorus! Up in anticipation of the chorus at what time it becomes more pleasant! The vocals are sturdy in this song truly changes rhythm between the coarse screams and being easy on the ear!

Victim – Is the weighty song in the album! It drops into a breakdown towards the end to depart the track on a thunderous note. The first half is overflowing with profound guitar riffs and brawny vocals up until middle through when it becomes easy on the ear almost nerve-jangling!

Devil’s Opera – The riffs are grand in this song! All through the song the vocals are a great deal cleaner contrasted to others on the album in anticipation of about midstream where it starts to turn out to be more profound and up!

Rise Again – The drums being if truth be told on form setting tempo! incredibly burly vocals which set off with the guitar riff truly well in this track! The vocals yet again are comparatively cleaner in this track. They are as fine as devil’s opera!

Martyrs – Interlude

House of Plagues –Truly vigorous rhythm and vocals all through this track! This song also has an in fact good build up until the chorus. Immense chorus line in this song, on top the riff is beguiling!

Aeden - The guitar riff is exceptional additionally the drums being outstanding for making the pace in this track! The song with no trouble is the most intense and common with breakdowns in the album! 

The Hydra’s Tailor – With truly hefty vocals and pace switches completed on form this is my most wanted track from the album! The vocals in general express meaning wonderfully! Is the key song commencing the album, the album being the song that the album is named following and you can distinguish precisely why!

Turning The Tide – It has a pleasant riff and a large number of high-quality rhythm changes being completed by the guitar and drums! Has a captivating chorus as well as a grand breakdown part the way down.

Universe - is moreover the longest track in the album essentially making it an extended departure to the listeners! Is mainly the slowest pace song in the album, being fairly pleasant-sounding!

To conclude, Deadly Circus Fire – The Hydra’s Tailor is certainly an album to look out for this June the 16th!  An unbelievable album jam-packed with immense guitar riffs, outstanding pleasant-sounding clean choruses and terrific breakdowns!