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The Breaking Pattern Reinvent Emo Rock With Incredible New Album "There Are Roadmaps In Our Veins"

The face of the Phoenix emo revival movement’ – The Huffington Post

Taking influences from Real Friends, Man Overboard and The Wonderyears, The band are quite literally breaking the pattern of emo rock by delivering a euphoric and almost ethereal sound through the reverb bathed guitars and heartfelt lyrics. 
The album challenges the personal struggle of a failing relationship. The band’s frontman explains: ‘The album is somewhat of a break-up album, chronicling the various stages of a doomed relationship from the moments leading up to the split until the resolution and recovery. I say “somewhat” because it is not a concept album. The songs do not tell one specific story, but are a compilation of personal experience and the stories I’ve witnessed from friends who had their own hearts disintegrated into red dust.
That being said I feel it's a catalyst through which those feeling less than ecstatic can vent and learn from, whilst also revelling in the bands clear flowing wealth of musical knowledge and experience.
My favourite track, "Let Love Go", is a strong opening to the vibe of the album and has an awesome mix of melodic guitar lines supported by complex atmospheric riffs which complement the nostalgic theme perfectly.
Having sold out many shows since their formation, their album is an opportunity to get into the loop if you've been unfortunate enough to miss out on them.