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Healthy Junkies Album Review For 'Box of Chaos'

Healthy Junkies are back with their vigorous new record ‘Box Of Chaos’, a punk album that perfectly puts the legacy of late 70s London rebellion into the 21st century. ‘Box Of Chaos’ is a compelling affirmation that the fight against political exploitation isn’t over yet and that music is yet again the strongest weapon against it! Songs like ‘Watch Out’, ‘Rebellion’ or ‘I don’t give a damn’ form the powerful statement of a younger generation that is sick of public surveillance and social injustice. ‘Box of Chaos’ is a record that puts punk rock back at the forefront of political debates – and therefore a much needed one. 

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Healthy Junkies’ Album ‘Box Of Chaos’ Review

Healthy Junkies’ new album ‘Box Of Chaos’ is an energetic blast of punk perfection. With this record the Londoner rock band has kicked off the year 2016 in style and full of social commentary. Shouting the lines “You’re such a hypocrite, I really hate you” in the dynamic track ‘Hypocrite’ reminds on early Nirvana takes with a rawness that is most endearing and powerfully honest. Another favourite is ‘Rebellion’, a song with Phil doing the lead vocals. Underlined by vocal harmonies and a determined melodic progression the track is a straight up cry for resistance towards oppression from government and whoever else might be in the way of our personal freedom. The feeling of oppression also comes across in a more sentimental way in the last song ‘Captive’. All in all, ‘Box Of Chaos’ is a well rounded piece of work.


17th March @ Lady Luck, Canterbury
2nd July Rebellion bar, Manchester



Healthy Junkies 'Box of Chaos' Review

Healthy Junkies are a band that lives, breathes and suffers punk rock. This is most evident in their latest album ‘Box Of Chaos’, a truly magnificent ode to the manic depression that plagues the residents of a 21stcentury world.

Although full of social commentary about how screwed this planet is in songs like “Watch Out” or “Captive” Healthy Junkies don’t drown into a nihilistic kind of self pity. Instead, they are punk rock enough to scream “I don’t give a damn” and “Je suis free”, demonstrating that our day and age isn’t necessarily an easy one to live in but that ultimately they’re going their way regardless – and that’s brilliantly inspiring!