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Deadly Circus Fire: ‘The Hydra’s Tailor’ Review

In Darkness We Trust - the opening song on the album, It has sluggish tempo compared to other of the songs on The Hydra’s Tailor. But this song isn’t in shape for their genre they contain but that’s what exclusively sets up the album! 

Animal - the subsequently song in the album and is masses more precise to its genre then the earlier song. It truly helps to let the chorus stand out throughout and construct up to it! With a really intense pleasant breakdown towards the end! With a pleasant-sounding chorus but jagged warped vocals. 

Where It Lies - Has a really fine profound guitar riff sure to get blood circulating! Approximately ¾ the way throughout this song it turns time-consuming downwards to swiftness again with a chorus! Up in anticipation of the chorus at what time it becomes more pleasant! The vocals are sturdy in this song truly changes rhythm between the coarse screams and being easy on the ear!

Victim – Is the weighty song in the album! It drops into a breakdown towards the end to depart the track on a thunderous note. The first half is overflowing with profound guitar riffs and brawny vocals up until middle through when it becomes easy on the ear almost nerve-jangling!

Devil’s Opera – The riffs are grand in this song! All through the song the vocals are a great deal cleaner contrasted to others on the album in anticipation of about midstream where it starts to turn out to be more profound and up!

Rise Again – The drums being if truth be told on form setting tempo! incredibly burly vocals which set off with the guitar riff truly well in this track! The vocals yet again are comparatively cleaner in this track. They are as fine as devil’s opera!

Martyrs – Interlude

House of Plagues –Truly vigorous rhythm and vocals all through this track! This song also has an in fact good build up until the chorus. Immense chorus line in this song, on top the riff is beguiling!

Aeden - The guitar riff is exceptional additionally the drums being outstanding for making the pace in this track! The song with no trouble is the most intense and common with breakdowns in the album! 

The Hydra’s Tailor – With truly hefty vocals and pace switches completed on form this is my most wanted track from the album! The vocals in general express meaning wonderfully! Is the key song commencing the album, the album being the song that the album is named following and you can distinguish precisely why!

Turning The Tide – It has a pleasant riff and a large number of high-quality rhythm changes being completed by the guitar and drums! Has a captivating chorus as well as a grand breakdown part the way down.

Universe - is moreover the longest track in the album essentially making it an extended departure to the listeners! Is mainly the slowest pace song in the album, being fairly pleasant-sounding!

To conclude, Deadly Circus Fire – The Hydra’s Tailor is certainly an album to look out for this June the 16th!  An unbelievable album jam-packed with immense guitar riffs, outstanding pleasant-sounding clean choruses and terrific breakdowns! 



Highly Anticipated Prog Metal album on the way from Deadly Circus Fire: ‘The Hydra’s Tailor’

12 track album due on June 16th through Musicarchy Media

Described by Metal Hammer as “one of the most imaginative and formidable” prog bands currently plying their trade, Deadly Circus Fire are a London based band who thrive on getting stronger and stronger in their battle with the mainstream. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Tool, Mastodon and Deftones, mixing heavy guitars with melodious moments to create something special.

And it does take something special to turn heads at publications like Metal Hammer, as well as Classic Rock, who described Deadly Circus Fire as “one of the most striking young prog metal bands to come on the scene in the past couple of years". For a taste of what Deadly Circus Fire are all about, here’s the video for album track ‘House of Plagues’:

It’s clear that Deadly Circus Fire are a band who will make a mark on the metal music scene. They’ve already supported huge cult band Skindred on a European tour, counting it among their career highlights so far. They also previously caused quite a stir by performing in zombie clown make up.

In time though, the music of Deadly Circus Fire has evolved to speak for itself, making a huge impact both live and in the studio without the need for such on stage histrionics.

For more on the album, check out the video link below.