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Energetic New Funk-Rock Track From Dubai One-Man-Band Bull Funk Zoo

Funk rock singer, guitarist and producer Assaad Lakkis (aka Bull Funk Zoo) is Dubai’s latest brilliantly balmy one-man-act. His latest single ‘Would You’ is a psychedelia-infused mixture of raw guitar grooves and slovenly vocals.
Taking influence from artists as wide-ranging as Earth Wind and Fire, Frank Zappa and Megadeath, the artist has crafted his own unique sound. The Middle East have already embraced him, crowds of up to 30,000 people attending his shows. An album in the pipeline, the musician now turns his sights to the rest of the world.



Debut EP, ‘Science’, From Dazzling Singer-Songwriter Rachel Myalls

Following the break-up of her previous band Cymbeline, London-based artist Rachel Myalls has chosen to pursue a solo career as a singer-songwriter.
This delicate blend of folk and blues serves as her first solo EP and sees her exploring the complications of being in a relationship to an intimate backdrop of acoustic guitars. Myalls draws influence from singer-songwriters such as Dolly Parton and Tim Buckley. Her lyrics are vivid and heartfelt, sung in a refreshingly British-accented tone. Highlights include lead single ‘Science’, which touches on the explosive chemistry of a short-lived relationship and ‘Horses’, a track about proving one’s love set to some driving percussion.



Single Review - Becca B 'Ready and Waiting'

‘Ready and Waiting’ by the brilliant RnB singer Becca B is a great new track with clear mainstream potential. Hinting at the style and music of artists like Jason Derulo or Rihanna, the singer from Nottinghamshire has clearly proven that she is on top of her game. Becca B’s vocal maturity and heartfelt interpretation are underpinned by a clean production and a catchy melody. The song is additionally rounded up with a refreshing rap interlude by MceBisi. Becca B shows that the topic of innocent flirtations and the waiting process that comes with it are never really out date and always worth a good song.

The single “Ready and Waiting” is out now!



Neil C Young 'Trio' Review

Neil C Young’s newest EP ‘Trio’ is a record that will please both Jazz fans and general music lovers alike. The man, whose name is easily confused with you-know-who, is a true explorer of modern Jazz guitar. Trio is a salute to the fusion of soul, rhythm and progressive guitar rock.

A personal highlight is the song ‘Aguas Calientes’ which evokes the freshness and dynamic that’s usually at the very heart of Jazz. It’s a funky, upbeat track that is underlined by a smooth vibe which gets you into the groove.

The EP is out January 22nd

Listen here:



Bentley Jones The Rebellion Review

Pop star and social magnate Bentley Jones returns with new sonically triumphant album ‘The Rebellion’. Mixing classic rock with pop sensibilities, interspersed with dance inspired beats, Bentley is carving out a new genre all of his own.

The album is brazen mix of Bentley’s previous work and an exploration into a totally new sonic landscape. Articulate, brilliant and haunting this album is both emotive and evocative with nods to the likes of Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris and Katy Perry.

The Rebellion’ is a slick, cohesive release with a statement of intent. Featuring a lead single of the same name, the whole album showcases a mature, confident songwriter who knows what he wants and will break down walls to get it.

‘The Rebellion’ is available worldwide on November 6th

For more form Bentley check out the links below:
TWITTER:             @Bentley_Jones


Sinfiction – ‘Ugly Baby’ Review

I was initially sceptical about this track. It’s not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing name for a single ever but thankfully my fears were unfounded. The track is a masterful example of well executed indie rock. A grooving lofi bass complements the rhythmic strumming of the acoustic guitar. The vocals are loose and sleazy, they literally drip through the mix creating a splurge of noise and hooks. It is a complete triumph from start to finish. The guitar work alone is worthy of praise, differing tones and timbres seem to stretch out across the whole piece giving it a unique feel. This is definitely a band to watch, intently.


Check out the single below: