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We Are The Catalyst - 'Delusion"

Check out this music video for new single "Delusion" by We Are The Catalyst. It is the second single from their upcoming new album "Elevation" which is set for release on September 2nd 2016.

What the media say:

"10 / 10 Mind-blowing vocals..... the most exciting prospect to emerge out of the Nordic nation in the last few years"                                                                                  - GMA

"We Are The Catalyst have set the benchmark for modern metal bands"
                                                                                     - Matt Seddon UK Promoter

"I literally cannot get over Cat’s vocals…..Incredible"             -
"13 Addictive Tracks…..Phenomenal"                                 -
"Stretching the boundaries of the rock music genre"               - Johnny Main -
"A huge avalanche....Genius"                                             - Kronus Mortus Magazine

"Simply Stunning, move over Evanescence"                          - Ozzy Osbourne (ex) Bass player Terry Nails



Looking For Liam - Take What You Need

Here is the long awaiting video from Looking for Liam on their latest track 'Take What You Need'

Brilliantly self-produced, the track above is a great example of their layered and intricate approach to songwriting, with heavier moments acting as punctuation to the more contemplative sections. It’s hugely impressive work from a band who are still only in their late teens, but show a great deal of maturity in their music.