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Japanese Fighting Fish Release Smashing New Single 'For Queen Marilyn'

'What a glorious noise.' The Tom Robinson Show, BBC 6 Music
Japanese Fighting Fish, four lads who anchor their boat in London, are bringing fun back to rock with their electrifying new album ‘Swimming with Piranhas’, plunging us knee-deep into ferocious riffs then pulling us out again with soaring vocals from frontman Karlost. 


Live Dates:

LONDON Upstairs at the Ritzy (Acoustic) 18.6.2016
BRADFORD Trap Door @ The University of Bradford24.9.2016
BRIGHTON Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar 28.9.2016



All This Noise – ‘Seven Billion Like You’ Single Review

“Seven Billion Like You” is the latest offering from West London outfit All This Noise. The track is a perfect mix of 80s synthesised majesty and chugging alternative rock guitar. The sound can only be described as a cacophony of different influences inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Depeche Mode and The Verve.

One of the most streamline releases you will hear this year, “Seven Billion Like You” manages to appear complex and simple at the same time. Jagged drum beat rhythms and sparse guitars interweave through anthemic synths to create something very original and a pleasure to listen too.

The b-side ‘The Return’ adheres to the pigeon-holed genres of the previous but track manages to establish itself as its own separate entity with monotonous drones and squealing guitars bouncing off thundering drums and ripping bass playing.

This single is a textbook example of musical mastery and originality. “Seven Billion Like You” is out now.

Check them out here: