'Afro Chopin' By Don Laka - Review

Legendary jazz instrumentalist and vocalist Don Laka returns with an exciting release based around the works of Chopin. Don Laka is a seminal mover and shaker in the afro-jazz world and this exquisite take on one of classical music’s greats is both genre defying and interesting.

Laka has is own distinctive style entitled Kwaii Jazz, a heady mix of South African jazz  and the chord structures and rhythms of Marabi and Kwela. It is this fantastic mix that reiterates why Laka is such a brilliant artist.

The album as a whole is cohesive, well produced and instrumentality flawless. The standout track is easily Prelude No 20 (Izulu)" the harmonies and alternative take on a Chopin classic makes it just so listenable it’s hard to not listen to it.

With albums such as ‘Destiny’, ‘Supernova’ and ‘Pyramid’ under his belt this release is sure to have new and old fans alike begging for more

You can check Don Laka out here:

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