Instrumental Track Review: Bill Leslie-Gaelic Ghost

Inspiration for music can take many forms. With the release of Bill Leslie's new album Across The Water the energy was gathered by taking a trip to Ireland. 

"Gaelic Ghost" is the subject of interest on this feature. Leslie and his band take you on a journey across the pond to another land, one with an ancient history, rolling green hills and beautiful sites and sounds. Yes, the Emerald Isle is given a wonderful tribute in this enchanting track.

Tender notes from acoustic guitar lead the way as other instruments join in it becomes a celebration of life and all its glory. The flute is alluring as it can be when it mesmerizes and pulls you in like the tides of the ocean.

"Gaelic Ghost" was the perfect selection from Bill to introduce you to his new release. Have yourself a good listen and let it sweep you away...enjoy the ride!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Bill Leslie: 

A trip to Scotland and a concert by the contemporary Celtic group Nightnoise paved the way for my music genre today. I heard someone play the Celtic whistle on the side of the road near Inverness and fell in love with the haunting sound. No one in Raleigh could teach me how to play the whistle so I taught myself using books, cassettes and videotaped instructions. I bought a multi-track recorder and began laying guitar tracks. I blended guitar with whistle and piano tracks. Soon I built a full-fledged studio at my home. I co-founded a Celtic fusion band Bragh Adair featuring guitar, whistle, violin, piano, bass and percussion. We played for nearly four years and produced two wonderful albums "Grace in Stone" and "The Hunt" which can be purchased on this website. We had some outstanding concerts at Meymandi Hall, Grandfather Mountain, Johnston County, Cary Academy and Red Springs. It was very sad when the group featuring Mary Page Johnson and Kerry Johnson folded in 2002. They are terrific musicians.

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