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Indie Rockers RED HOT SHAME Defy Convention with Their New Album YOU CAN’T MAKE ME

Eureka, CARED HOT SHAME is a Northern California-based indie rock group fronted by singer-songwriter Xeff Scolari and his fluctuating lineup of musical cohorts. For their sensational new album YOU CAN’T MAKE ME, Xeff Scolari recorded with frequent collaborators Steven Pitsenbarger (vocals, percussion), Ryan Wilson (guitar), Spencer Kennedy (bass, drums, keys, vocals), and Mark Bennet (harmonica), a lineup that brings an energy and excitement to RED HOT SHAME that Xeff could not accomplish alone. Adding to their ever expanding catalog of imaginative visual media, RED HOT SHAME also released music videos for their new tracks “Stone” and “Vampire Empire” ahead of the album’s December 1, 2023, release date.

Xeff Scolari recorded, mixed, and mastered YOU CAN’T MAKE ME at his own Shameful Studio collaboratively with the whole group. They tried some new things on this record to make it more representative of how the band sounds live; on some previous releases the material was developed largely in the studio, but on this new album they were able to begin recording with the songs already fleshed out and developed across months of performances. With less layering and more live in-the-room recording, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME better captures the wild ride feel of a RED HOT SHAME live show.

YOU CAN’T MAKE ME features striking album art by Jeff Jordan, known for his work with The Mars Volta. Reminiscent of Gulliver, the band’s signature giant chick is unsuccessfully tied down by likenesses of the band. Look closely and you’ll see many of the band’s friends and fans represented amongst the captivated onlookers. In fact, the album’s title YOU CAN’T MAKE ME comes from a playful joke between Xeff and his friend Linda (she’s the fairy godmother on the cover), who would taunt each other with the phrase.

Over the years, RED HOT SHAME has included a range of talented multi-instrumentalists who add layers of sonic textures to the group’s releases, at times including horns, vintage mellotron, or even accordion. The group began in 2017 when it was just Xeff Scolari with a few guest tracks by some close friends like Steven Pitsenbarger and James Terris on the debut release Curiosity. In 2021, RED HOT SHAME released the follow up album Sounds Like, which also featured Chad Johnson. Their last album My Satellite (2022) also included Rick Fugate (drums) and James Terris (keys), starting with a literal bang on the opening track “Liftoff” and from there soaring into musical outer space.

A resident of Eureka, CA, lead vocalist and songwriter Xeff Scolari has played in several other local bands including Colorblind, Acoustic Gypsies, Sugardaddy, and Chowderhead, the last of which was on the Magnetic Oblivion Records label. Throughout 2020 he created and launched Shelter N Play, an online virtual open mic with musicians signing up to perform 15-minute sets from all over the country, a hugely valuable resource to the musical community throughout the pandemic. These also helped Xeff to further hone his own vocal and songwriting chops, and it was actually through the Shelter N Play open mics that Xeff met bassist Spencer Kennedy and guitarist Ryan Wilson, a fortuitous meeting indeed.

Xeff Scolari has been singing together with Steven Pitsenbarger for so long that it feels like instinct, a vocal blending that is rich with decades of collaboration and friendship. Steven Pitsenbarger was a member of the San Francisco bands RhythmChaos, and Machine Shop, and has been making music together with Xeff since the late 80s. The only core member of the band that doesn’t live near the rest, Steven collaborated on many of the songs via email, sending tracks back and forth to Xeff. Together they also have another band known as Vanity Project.

Guitarist Ryan Wilson’s inventive stylings bring the RED HOT SHAME sound to life. They call his pedalboard “the spaceship” because of all the crazy sounds he wields with it. He also performs with bassist and multi-instrumentalist Spencer Kennedy in another group called Stable Vices, who were regulars at Xeff’s Shelter N Play open mics. Mark Bennet and Xeff are old friends who met on the open mic circuit. They’ve performed together for years, and Mark is featured on multiple RED HOT SHAME tracks.

Keep an eye out for a new music video for their song “Sophie” along with a four-song RED HOT SHAME EP in early 2024 tentatively titled “Scratched Tracks” and featuring one song from each of their four albums that was left off. The new RED HOT SHAME album YOU CAN’T MAKE ME is available December 1, 2023!

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PARDON THE INTERRUPTION Exudes Raw Energy and Pure Joy on Their New Sophomore Album HOT N’ FRESH!

San Francisco, CA – Roaring out of the fog-shrouded hills of Sonoma and drowning out the chatter, prog-pop troubadours PARDON THE INTERRUPTION (aka PTI) are taking their place and asserting their voice in the storied musical conversation of the San Francisco Bay Area. Available worldwide April 14, 2023, PTI’s sophomore release HOT N’ FRESH finds the band in full stride with nine original tracks mining every corner of the indie-pop-funk spectrum, always with a self-effacing smile and a nod to the progressive rock of the ’80s and ’90s that is the quartet’s uniting influence.

With a powerful energy and a unique sound, PARDON THE INTERRUPTION is a 4-piece fusion outfit that creates original music pulling from genres including rock, roots, funk, soul, ska, reggae, and more. One foot is planted firmly in the past, paying homage to some of the most singular and iconic artists of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. The other is stepping boldly forward, producing original material that is at once nostalgically familiar while also entirely modern and unique. But the nuanced complexity of their music never overshadows the raw energy and pure joy that characterize PTI’s live performances, perpetually keeping audiences glued to the dance floor and ready for more. It’s undeniable fun. It will make you dance. It’s like a perfect pepperoni pizza. It’s HOT N’ FRESH!

Band leader, lead singer, and guitarist David Noble has assembled three of the finest, most versatile session musicians in Northern California, and as PARDON THE INTERRUPTION they have fostered a cohesion that transcends music. PTI’s love for each other and for their craft is visceral. You can feel it. Engineer/co-producer Sean Beresford captured that same energy in the sessions that laid the foundation for the HOT N’ FRESH album, recorded live with minimal overdubs at Calliope West in San Rafael, CA.

David Noble is a San Francisco native who has made stops in Denver and L.A. and is himself among the top echelon of Bay Area guitar-slingers when not fronting PTI with groups like Wreckless Strangers and Poor Man’s Whiskey. As a child of the ‘80s, Noble’s writing successfully synthesizes his love for pop legends like David Bowie, Talking Heads, and The Police with groundbreaking Bay Area art rock/ska artists like Mr. Bungle and Fishbone — deeply personal and deceptively intricate songs sugar-coated with accessible and catchy hooks.

Bassist Rob Fordyce (Peer Pressure, The Ring, Big Brother and the Holding Company) is a force of nature. Yes, he brings the funk, but that descriptor is far too narrow. Fordyce’s propulsive groove and unstoppable enthusiasm are the engine of PTI, the heart and the soul that power the machine, and his explosive chops rival the best the Bay Area has to offer.

Drummer Rob Hooper (aka The Other Rob) may be the most in-demand Americana drummer in Northern California, bringing his gravitas, experience, and rock-solid beats that were honed and hard-earned over decades in Austin, TX, where he worked with Jimmy Dale Gilmore, The Resentments, Carolyn Wonderland, and countless others.

Jamison Smeltz (D8FeX, mRthKon, Ten Ton Chicken) is George’s brother. (Just kidding!) He’s the wild card — the joker — playing an eclectic array of instruments with jaw-dropping proficiency. Smeltz melds the art-pop sensibilities of Bowie and Prince with his shameless love for progressive rock icons like Yes who first inspired him to take up…the saxophone? Yup, that’s Jamison!

With each show PARDON THE INTERRUPTION is demanding the attention of fans of funk, pop, ska, jam, prog, and just plain rock n’ roll. Their new album captures a band at the peak of their skills and creativity, poised to break into major venues and festivals nationwide. Best to catch them while they’re HOT N’ FRESH!

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Singer/Songwriter Aaron Rothko To Release Introspective Second Album “Joymaker”

Aaron Rothko is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally from New York, now living in New Orleans. He will be releasing his second album of introspective songs titled “Joymaker” on October 23, 2022.

Says Aaron, “The year leading up to the realization of this album was marred by grief, isolation, and illnesses both physical and mental. And yet, it is a year I look back upon incredibly fondly. It’s a year where I found an unexpected new home, falling in love with and in New Orleans, and learned more than I had in all four years of college (granted I never did the reading). ‘Joymaker’ is my way of making sense of having these incredibly positive and negative experiences in such a small span of time. The album follows no linear timeline, nor does it split this part of my life into good and bad; rather, it views it as a whole. There are no days where I only grieve, just as there are no days where I only feel secure, happy, and at home. These feelings coexist in me, they coexist in the album, and they coexist in each song itself.

This mix of powerful emotions is what led me to the idea of the ‘Joymaker.’ Someone who, even when gone, has such a strong presence and impact on one’s life, that they still bring happiness just by thinking of them. The loss of someone important can be devastating, but one’s life is better just for knowing them, and even in grief, one can still find joy. ‘Joymaker’ aims to find the beauty in these painful and difficult moments in hopes of allowing oneself some celebration as well.”

“Joymaker” is dedicated to Aaron’s late Grandmother, who was an incredibly talented artist. She was always encouraging of his pursuit in music, and proved that great art could come from anywhere. As soon as he started recording, Aaron knew he wanted to use one of her paintings as the album cover. Aaron explains, “I initially chose one of my favorite paintings of hers, a close-up of a lit match that hangs over my Grandparents’ fireplace. But I later came across the print that I ultimately chose as the cover: an image of a woman staring out the window at a pine tree. Such a simple piece, but it stuck with me. It seemed only fitting—a piece I never saw until after she died that was able to change my mind and deeply impact me. I’m still learning new things about her, and her importance and influence in my life stays constant. The design of the lettering on the cover was done by my cousin, Sean Cohen, who like our Grandmother, is also an incredibly gifted artist. We both knew that creating art, and working with one another would be the best way to honor her, and he jumped on the idea without hesitation.”

Aaron Rothko played music starting from a young age, and fell in love with songwriting as a teenager. Rothko began writing more seriously in his time at college, where he started to hone his songwriting skills and developed his own style and sound. Rothko’s music is best described as soothing and melancholy, with rich guitar sounds and heartfelt lyrics that utilize clever wordplay. ‘Joymaker’ is Rothko’s second full-length album, his first being ‘Man In The Tall Grass’ (2021), as well as a six song EP titled ‘Except/I Love You’ (2020). When not recording, Aaron is a music teacher, home gardener, and a proud dog dad. He studied Jazz Performance on Upright Bass at Vassar College, where he graduated in 2020.

In closing Aaron had these words to say about “Joymaker,” “This is an album mostly of introspection, and insight that I’ve found for myself might not be true for everyone. But I encourage everyone to do some self-reflection, and consider the ones around you. Go to therapy. Call your mother. Donate to abortion funds and vote.”

Track list:
1. Joymaker—lyrics and music by Aaron Rothko
2. Jo Our Girl—lyrics and music by Aaron Rothko
3. Gentlemen—lyrics and music by Aaron Rothko
4. Quite Some Time—lyrics and music by Aaron Rothko
5. (Slow Down), Skylark—lyrics by Aaron Rothko, music by Aaron Rothko and Rachel Snyderman
6. I Miss New York in Fall—lyrics and music by Aaron Rothko
7. Words to Myself—lyrics and music by Aaron Rothko
8. NYNO—lyrics and music by Aaron Rothko
9. Ancient Egypt—lyrics and music by Aaron Rothko

All songs mixed by Aaron Rothko, except Gentlemen, which was mixed by Aaron Rothko and Tieren Costello.

Mastered by Michael Harvey, NOLA Recording Studios

Album artwork by Rita Cohen. Design by Sean Cohen.

Release Date: October 23rd

For more information:
Instagram: aaron_rothko_official
Facebook: Aaron Rothko Music


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Richmond, US-hailing indie R&B artist Santi Castro reveals hopeful new single

Richmond, US-hailing indie R&B artist Santi Castro has consistently proven to be the total package. Going from strength to strength with his previous releases, ‘Hope’ is the latest offering from Santi. A track that describes new beginnings, the track resides in a gorgeous pop-soul soundscape. Santi brings us an artists recount of positivity and endeavour in navigating the inbetween times.

Speaking about the new release, Santi shares ““Hope” depicts my current real life situation in high resolution. No tricks, no flash just the fire. It is a reflection to pass on the lessons learned and to acknowledge the next chapter, which might open before the last was properly closed. The feeling is that everything will come and now it is certain, but it came from hope.”

Adding to how the track was created, Santi explains, “I started with the keyboard parts and then built the drum groove and bass parts. Immediately after, I wrote the verses and pre chorus. I recorded what I had and listened back until I started hearing a chorus that could tie everything together. I recorded the chorus and bridge next, adding harmonies and details. It was a great session the whole song took about 3 hours.”


Irreverent Rockers Ex Norwegian To Release 13th Album “Spook Du Jour”

Thirty minutes. A dozen songs. Ex Norwegian's album No. 13 brings it. Faithful to its tuneful and irreverent brand, the aptly named “Spook Du Jour” features the moody art rock of “Thot Patrol,” alongside tracks like “Burn It” and “Vicious Cycles” that can trace their influence back to Bowie and The Velvet Underground.

For 15 years, Ex Norwegian, with band mainstay Roger Houdaille, has been delivering quirky lyrics combined with an eclectic approach, while successfully resisting the momentary trends to create a more perennial sound.

“Spook Du Jour” is indeed another win for their catalog with plenty of choice cuts - from the driving glam-meets-Krautrock of “For Your Conveniences” to the Bolan-esque charmer “Ciancia.” On an early 90’s alt-rock mixtape, “Teen Bakery” wouldn’t be out of place.

The albums’ straightforward instrumentation and organic arrangements create a vintage rock vibe with enough freshness and individuality to stand out.

At times, the melodies effortlessly stream out and chords go where they should. At other times, the album breaks out of the expected formulas with more adventurous compositions like “Paging Lisa” and the album's finale “Center Mario” reminding listeners that the band is not immune to oddity.

Released via Think Like A Key Music worldwide on CD, LP and streaming platforms.

Teen Bakery
Vicious Cycles
Burn It
Thot Patrol
Paging Lisa
Crazy Paving
Fresh ATM
For Your Conveniences
Save For No Future
Center Mario


An arcane and adventurous indie rock band that mixes classic songwriting with popsike, garage prog and power-pop hailing from sunny Miami Beach are unlikely contenders to be named after a Monty Python sketch; yet the musical collective Ex Norwegian indeed are. The band is led by founder Roger Houdaille, who is responsible for their effortlessly catchy songs spanning across a constant stream of DIY releases. Drawing inspiration from the likes of the Kinks, Badfinger to Amon Düül 2, Family – the music and ethos of the 60s & 70s lives and breathes in their extensive catalog – from retro slacker garage jams, to quirky, deconstructive pop songs.

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So-Cal Indie Rockers The Grinns Release New Single “Conan O’Brien" From Forthcoming EP “Let’s Go Out”

Indie garage band The Grinns will be releasing their new single “Conan O'Brien” on February 24th from their forthcoming EP “Let’s Go Out” (March 18).

Known for their live performances, The Grinns are the best band you’re about to hear about. Emerging out of the bustling indie garage scene of sunny Orange County CA, The Grinns have carved out a unique path for themselves. Initially embracers of styles typical to the surf rock / indie garage scene, The Grinns have always been pop musicians at their very core. Even after diverting in several stylistic directions, their music mentality has remained integral to their function as a group.

Composed of singer Joey Sci-Fi, guitarist Francisco Jorquiera, drummer Frederico Hadyka, and producers/multi-instrumentalists Ramtin Khoee & Mike Perry, The Grinns have no limits when it comes to the music they’ll create…

Whether you’re jumping off a stage, running from the police or sipping tea, this is music handcrafted for your moment, wherever you may be.

Let’s Go Out” EP:

A brash, slow-rolling groove of art-funk swagger. Letting go of your worries, surrendering to the music, letting the good times roll. Feeling on top of the world, feeling like a King/Queen. A party song.

An intense, driving statement-piece, bursting at the seams with jittery disco-pop. Caffeine, coca-cola, & anything else that is derived from the cocoa plant. About feeling so entranced, so enamored & in love with somebody, you don’t know what to do with yourself. If OUR HOUSE OUR RULES is the party, then EEYORE is the party-drug.

Fun, happy & confident. Like going outside & feeling like the coolest person to ever breathe. A road trip with your friends, wind in your hair, smiles-all-around type of way. Although the lyrics for this one are currently under construction, the overall theme involves the feeling of confidence & swagger when putting on new clothes & shopping. The thrift-shopper’s anthem. Feeling so awesome, you feel like Conan O’Brien.

A dark-ish & lowkey jam, pulsating with soft funk & drop-of-a-pin sensation. Sunglasses indoors. Rolled up cigarettes. You need to know the password to get in here, this club is the most exclusive in town. About feeling on-the-fence about a certain affair. Do we stay right here and keep it fun & casual, or do we take this to the next level, gamble it all for something even steamier. I don’t know the answer. That’s why I wrote this song.

In support of their new EP, The Grinns will be playing select tour dates in March.

3/11 - The Roxy - Los Angeles, CA
3/21 - Cornerstone - Berkley, CA
3/23 - Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA
3/25 - Valley Bar - Phoenix, AZ
3/26 - Let's Go Out EP Release Show - Soma - San Diego, CA


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Slovakian duo Dennyiah reveal indie infused contender 'Autumn 2015'

Slovakian indie band Dennyiah will quickly become your new favourite duo in their electrifying new release ‘Autumn 2015’. Produced by Nicolas Hard (Snarky Puppy, Becca Stevens), the new pop ballad will certainly win the heart of a nation. A household name in their hometown, the two-piece have over 190,000 streams on Spotify alone. Following in the successful footsteps of their 2020 full length album ‘Human Aspect’, Dennyiah have become a true asset in the Slovakian music industry, winning over a dedicated legion of fans.

Speaking about the powerful new release, Dennyiah share, “This song is about one of the biggest lessons I ever learnt. I was in a relationship with a man that I madly fell in love with. Very shortly after we got together, I completely changed my life for him, for our love. Gradually, I became convinced that my life’s only worth, because I share it with him and I live for him. I lost myself. 

I completely gave in and let my whole being and essence drown in that idealised absurd idea. I even let him mentally torture me and few times even physically. This song is a testimony to all the things I went through and how I survived. This song helped me to see a different angle and gather the last pieces of strength I had after all of it. It’s not a heartbroken song, it's a healing and surviving song and a proof of a first step towards self- love and self - acceptance. I am not a victim. I am a student of my own mistakes and I took every lesson to make it into something positive. All of the feelings of betrayal, despise, hatred, neglect, fear, self - loath taught me how much I need to be worthy for myself and not to anybody else - ever !”

Composed of lead vocalist Denny and guitarist Lubos, this spine-tingling collective fuse pop, soul, country and blues to create their signature sound best described as ‘human pop’. ‘Autumn 2015’ exceeds all expectations you may already have, and sounds like the offspring of Adele. Bringing a brooding, heartfelt atmosphere to the table, ‘Autumn 2015’ could easily find itself in the same vein as James Bond movie themes. The ultimate breakup track, Dennyiah’s new single is a tear-jerking masterpiece.

Both finding each other in a time of need, the musical soulmates both bring their individual ideas to the forefront in the cinematic new release. Set to take to the stage, Dennyiah are back on the road for a tour of Slovakia and Czech Republic in September, and if
the new single is anything to go by, get your tickets now - before they sell out!


Australian indie-pop artist Liam Cooper unveils single 'Another Lonely Night'

An artist whose musical career has always been written in the stars, Liam Cooper is back with brand new single ‘Another Lonely Night’. Based in Sydney, Australia, Cooper creates a distinctive soundscape that’s instantly recognisable as his own. Produced by Sean Carey (ex Thirsty Merc Guitarist, 20 Good Reasons, In the Summertime), the indie-pop infused number was engineered at Church Street Studios. 

Speaking about the emotive new single, Liam Cooper shares, I went through a period of time where I was away from my wife for the longest time we had ever been apart. This is the story of the nights I spent sleeping on my own, the days I spent drinking trying to pass the time and all the things I did to try and be closer to her. It was written on one of my first cruise ship contracts as a guest entertainer where I was flying all over the world to different cruise ships performing my show, Kings of the Keys.”

Following in the footsteps of previous successful single ‘Out of the Blue’ (which has gained over 11,000 streams on Spotify alone since it’s release in May), ‘Another Lonely Night’ looks to be another hit for Liam. Taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Lonely Nights’, out September 2021, the new anthem sounds like the lovechild of Brandon Flowers (The Killers) and Coldplay. A timeless offering that comes across as the perfect introduction into the mind of Liam Cooper, ‘Another Lonely Night’ is comforting and a blessing in disguise.

Surrounded by music from a young age, Liam’s musical journey began with an early education in classical piano, before finding his feet as a songwriter and performer during his time at Wollongong High School for the Performing Arts. Liam relocated to Sydney to pursue music and it wasn’t long before he found himself touring the country, and also internationally too. 


Anthony W Rogers’ babyflow Releases Debut Album “Oblivious”

A nod to “The Who Sell Out”

Independent label Wildflow Records and Anthony Rogers announces the release of the wild debut album from babyflow. entitled “Oblivious.” The album is available on the full range of digital and stream services and is available again on limited edition vinyl, in keeping with all releases thus far on Wildflow. “Oblivious” marks the first time Rogers has released an album under another name, evidently, like everything else these days, a side effect of the Covid experience.

Rogers remarks “This is a wild one. We intended an even more collaborative album which got shut down 2 songs in March. After that, it wasn’t until August that we had the Lillers come back in separately to finish the vocals. Since there were a number of tracks with vocals other than mine, it was entirely appropriate to put this under another name. Blake significantly stepped up writing wise and the others-especially the Liller brothers left a big imprint on the final product. Then of course the craziness of the commercials and format. Made sense to me.”

Marketed as “an indie solution for the Covid/Trump hangover,” “Oblivious” is the fourth full length release (#3 on Wildflow) by Appalachian indie artist Anthony W Rogers. In addition to Rogers, babyflow features the usual contributions from Rogers’ children Blake (Audrey) and Joe Rogers as well as heavy contributions from brothers Aaron and Sean Liller, and musical contributions from local musicians/friends Pierce Miller and Bryson Bush. To complete the family circle, the iconic full on unforgettable sun cover art was painted by artist Lisa Rayden-Rogers, wife of Anthony/mother of Blake and Joe.

Most mischievous of all is that “Oblivious” features seven songs/six commercials weaving in and out of the album imitating the construct of the great classic late 60’s record, “The Who Sell Out.” But babyflow’s commercials all reference modern 2020 fictious products /places (Covid Beach, Invisible Mask, No Test Health Insurance). “The idea came from a discussion with my son, Joe about what funny products you could come up with.” Anthony says, “We landed on Invisible Mask and we were off to the races. I put the other planned tracks away and we finished it up like this. Fun to weave these in.”

The album itself is a journey from the dark caustic opener “Daddy Got Played” (a finger wagging at the collapse moral and ethical standards of the Southern Christian contingent) to the light-the hopeful optimistic promise of closer “Rain Cloud”, a ballad written for and first performed at the inaugural Mineral County (WV) Music Festival in summer 2019. The record also features the first recorded solo composition from Blake Rogers, a high school junior, in the form of the instrumental second side opener “William Burns” - a mature and subtly placid reminder honoring the victim of the last known lynching in the local Western Maryland region in 1907. The album liner notes remark of this track, “it is our duty to never forget.” “Blake also was the principal/genesis writer on ‘Substitute For Science,’ ‘3 for $12.99’ and ‘Karen for Hire.’” says Anthony.

Anthony recorded solo two of the album tracks, “Wrong” and “Wish Away.” “Wrong” is a poppy playlist ready remake/update of a track originally intended to be included on the 2015 solo album of the same name. He says, “Originally the first version of wrong referred to the existence of time. Now with the new version, I’ve come to agree with Chris Dedrick/Free Design… the wrong is outside us.”  “Wish Away” concerns the personal desperation felt across the country from the early days of the pandemic. “Ok, so we know we can’t go back to how it was before” says Rogers, “so let’s dream and find the better way.” Other standout tracks include “Greaser” (a Brown Sugar-ish/Black Crowes style tribute to individualism) and “Listen (concerning BLM and the breakdown of civil discourse from an unrecognizable uninformed segment of society).

To many, the unique and most exciting part of the project will be the commercials-a humorous yet serious commentary of the state of America circa 2021. “Covid Beach” - a Dick Dale/Jan and Dean panache to a mask less paradise; “Substitute for Science” and “3 for $12.99” - with the “bleach tab “phenomena”; “Invisible Mask” - the dangers of being smart in dumdum culture; “NTHI” - a no test health insurance and “Karen for Hire,” a Sparks (Mael brothers) influenced tribute to the homemakers from hell club, who like to “fix things.” “I have no doubt that if these are heard they would be extremely useful and attractive form of comic relief for college stations across the country. The originals on sell out were used as bumpers everywhere. I think ours are just as funny.”

Anthony W Rogers is a veteran of both the local and DC music scenes, and has (many lifetimes ago in a different world) played to thousands over the years in his DC area bands Ten Below and The Now. Rogers has released three solo albums prior to “Oblivious”: 1993’s “Indentifiction”; “Wrong” in 2015; and “One Day (a Journal)” in 2018. “I’m always happy and satisfied to fly a bit below the radar. I know what we’re doing is good. Every record is just me dropping my pebble into the lake. I think my younger cohorts this time out are decidedly less apathetic as me so I hope for their sake more people hear this one.” “Oblivious” was recorded, produced and mixed at Anthony’s own Lakes Edge studio. The latest project was also the first to be mastered by DC area legend and multi-Grammy winner Greg Lukens at his Virginia facility.

Babyflow’s “Oblivion” album, following in the vein of the last two Wildflow releases - will be available on limited edition vinyl and is available currently for digital download worldwide and streaming services on the Wildflow imprint. Previous releases “Wrong” and “One Day” have previously garnered much critical praise from reviewers in the US and across Europe and are also available digitally and vinyl. Rogers first CD release in 1994, “Identifiction” remains currently out of print.

1. Daddy Got Played
2. Substitute for Science
3. Wrong
4. Covid Beach
5. Greaser
6. 3 for $12.99
7. William Blake
8. Invisible Mask
9. Wish Away
10. NTHI
11. Listen
12. Karen for Hire
13. Rain Cloud

2021 Wildflow Records


To purchase digitally:
Stream on YouTube:
Soundcloud page:

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Hollywood, CA-November 24, 2020 - Säm Wilder’s first project, Homebound, is an eight-track EP, composed of songs he wrote while in the US. He experiments with his many voices in music driven by a wide range of instruments, including synth keys, bossa nova samples, electric guitar, and larger-than-life vocal harmonies. Lead singles “Overtime”, “Fiending”, and “Sunlight” were just a taste of his unique approach to music. 

All tracks on Homebound could be classified as pop, but Säm keeps finding original ways to showcase his understanding of arrangement and progression throughout the EP, leading to every track having a different form of innovative songwriting and structure. With the number of unconventional elements in the songs, Homebound could easily be labeled as a genre-bending effort, with mixes that sound massive and radio-ready. Säm Wilder shows how wildly eclectic he can be here, and that’s working in his favor to establish a unique sound we’ve never heard before.

The message of Homebound can apply to everyone who has been affected by being stuck in their own house or away from their family because of quarantine. The main theme is perseverance found in the helplessness of things beyond your control.

On Homebound, Säm sings about being away from those you love, confused by the position you’re in, but never portray any real hopelessness. Instead, e.g. on the closer “Bring it Home,”Säm sings about how he can’t give up, and that he will relentlessly keep pursuing his dreams, regardless of any unexpected circumstances. Säm hadn’t seen his family in years, but he knew he would one day. The same can be said to everyone bound to their home by today’s pandemic – bide your time and don’t lose hope. Eventually, you’ll get what you’ve been waiting for.

Homebound speaks to us all musically and lyrically. It is a release you should not miss out on this year.

Contact: Peter A. Barker



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Hollywood, CA-November 24, 2020 - Säm Wilder’s first project, Homebound, is an eight-track EP, composed of songs he wrote while in the US. He experiments with his many voices in music driven by a wide range of instruments, including synth keys, bossa nova samples, electric guitar, and larger-than-life vocal harmonies. Lead singles “Overtime”, “Fiending”, and “Sunlight” were just a taste of his unique approach to music. 

All tracks on Homebound could be classified as pop, but Säm keeps finding original ways to showcase his understanding of arrangement and progression throughout the EP, leading to every track having a different form of innovative songwriting and structure. With the number of unconventional elements in the songs, Homebound could easily be labeled as a genre-bending effort, with mixes that sound massive and radio-ready. Säm Wilder shows how wildly eclectic he can be here, and that’s working in his favor to establish a unique sound we’ve never heard before.

The message of Homebound can apply to everyone who has been affected by being stuck in their own house or away from their family because of quarantine. The main theme is perseverance found in the helplessness of things beyond your control.

On Homebound, Säm sings about being away from those you love, confused by the position you’re in, but never portray any real hopelessness. Instead, e.g. on the closer “Bring it Home,” Säm sings about how he can’t give up, and that he will relentlessly keep pursuing his dreams, regardless of any unexpected circumstances. Säm hadn’t seen his family in years, but he knew he would one day. The same can be said to everyone bound to their home by today’s pandemic – bide your time and don’t lose hope. Eventually, you’ll get what you’ve been waiting for.

Homebound speaks to us all musically and lyrically. It is a release you should not miss out on this year.

Contact: Peter A. Barker



Listen and Purchase Homebound:

Address: Spin Move Records-Santa Monica, CA


Indie Rock Review: My Morning Jacket - The Waterfall II

Release Date: July 10, 2020
Label: ATO

The first trip over The Waterfall in 2015 was a comfortable, if not sleepy ride. The landing was soft with a return to the band's trademark sonic weightlessness, countrified arpeggios, and soaring vocals, which brought bastions of bohemians to their shows in the early 2000s.  In this regard, The Waterfall was a refreshing yet largely forgettable trip down the river.  For me, The Waterfall II stays in the groove, yet takes more chances.  Although these songs were conceived and recorded in the same sessions at Stinson Beach, California, in 2015, there's something about II that feels more carefree and unhinged.  

Such is the nature of My Morning Jacket fandom.  One man's Tennesse Fire is another man's Circuital.  The taste of their followers is diverse, and much like The Grateful Dead, it is rare that any two fans agree on their best album.  My personal belief that Evil Urges is among their best work is shared by few and ridiculed by others.  No matter where you stand, all MMJ fans will agree, their studio work is but a framework for their live performances. Listening to The Waterfall II, I couldn't stop imagining what these songs would sound like live and in living color.  

What comes off the record as cautious and cliched refrains paced with pauses and pulses of electric guitar, comes off live as a rocketship toward another sonic dimension.  The pacing and texture of the studio work allow for experimentation on stage.  The pauses are filled will blazing guitar solos, the cliches ring like a bell of truth in the night. The band's chemistry forms and a masterclass jam band emerges and resonates.  

One such song from The Waterfall II is the brilliant "Wasted," which comes upon you like a sunrise saturating the listener in light and sound.  A chorus of "Ohhh" s punctuate a series of deep riffs before the prophetic vocals of Jim James ride over it all. "You've been wasting too much time lately. You've been gone. An illusion then, but one more pressing." At 2:42, a guitar solo kicks in that will make you stand up to absorb the glory imagining the band 20 feet away from you on stage on a hot summer night. When the demons are exorcised, you'll feel the air grow colder and watch the sun as it sets in the distance. Few bands hold such power.  

"Beautiful Love (Wasn't Enough)" keeps the freewheeling spirit going. The soulful lyrics strike a nerve, and the guitar work, which sounds like new sneakers twisting on a wooden gymnasium floor, is unlike anything I've ever heard. 

"Magic Bullet" borrows a funk groove that Bootsy Collins would be proud to lay down.  Again, a squealing guitar takes over the show mid-way, and the completely takes over as the song fades to black. "Run It" adds a gospel chorus over a dancing piano melody. "Can't try much harder to get back to water, gonna get back hotter, get back, get back to water.  Set my mind free."  

There are other strong tracks on this album, yet these four stand out as the gems. They are innovative, and if they sound this good on the album, I can't wait to hear them live.  Some sleepier Jim James solo-ey type tracks found their way onto the record, and that's to be expected.  You can't have the chicken without the grits.  If I had my way, I'd keep James focused on collaborating with this skill group of musicians that have built undeniable chemistry and sound unique and incredible, rather than chasing ideological butterflies in the church of his solo career.  

Overall, I'm thankful that these songs have been packaged and released. My Morning Jacket sounds as powerful and innovative as ever. The band toured in the summer of 2019, and James described the shows as among his favorite MMJ performances. He said the group worked through some of their personal issues in advance of the shows.  More good news coming out of this release is James announcing the band has a fresh full-length, all ready to go. Keeping true to its live performance prowess, it's been said that the new album won't be released until the band can tour immediately behind it. This will eventually happen!  

- Tom Endyke | Guitar & Pen



Indie-Rock Review: Best Coast - Always Tomorrow

Release Date: February 21, 2020
Label:  Concord Records
Following a five-year hiatus after their critically acclaimed 2015 release California Nights, the low-fi beach-goth California duo have returned with Always Tomorrow. A less ambitious, yet more cutting and intimate collection, Best Coast deliver their trademark plainspoken lyrics and 60’s flower power-pop musicianship to pleasing effect.  

Bethany Consentino’s vocals emit a Suzanna Hoffs soulful and sunburnt vibe while guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno’s guitar work cleverly sets the scene, never outshining the vocals or breaking the shared bond.  

When the focus is on a simple groove and soulful melody, the sonic experience really escalates. Tracks like “Roller Coaster,” “Everything Has Changed,” and “True” exemplify this focus. “Master Of My Own Mind” is a standout track reminiscent of 2015’s hit “Feeling OK.” The lyrics are positive and inspiring, evoking the struggle and ultimate overcoming of one’s own demons and low self-esteem. It also includes some very clever tempo changes which, when combined with the different pop textures of the song, make it a compelling listen.  

There are also moments when Always Tomorrow seems a bit too ambitious. When you put too many different fruits in a smoothie, you end up unable to identify which individual fruits are in it. It ends up being a fruit smoothie. Songs such as “Graceless Kids,” “Different Light,” and “Make it Last” suffer from one too many ingredients. When Best Coast use fewer ingredients, the end result is the tastiest of treats.  

As a whole, Always Tomorrow is a terrific album. The music and lyrics accompany each other like best friends, and the infectious hooks sink deeper into your consciousness after every listen. This reviewer especially enjoys and respects bands who take a revisionist approach to modern music. At their best, Best Coast taps into the surf and pop sensibilities of the ’60s and ‘70’s and inject a female perspective, which was so rare during that time. What that means for their fans is that we get to realize what it would be like if female artists had more opportunity back in the day. It may have unearthed bands like Best Coast to give fans of the Beach Boys, The Four Seasons, and others a unique and visceral alternative. 

- Tom Endyke | Guitar & Pen


British Indie Rock Band The Loft Club is Breaking Out of the UK and Germany into the US!

Studio City, CA - Lightyear Entertainment, after initially releasing the debut EP, “Heart’s Desire” from England’s The Loft Club in October, 2016, and a Niklas Ibach remix of the title track in November, is pleased to report that the band has now exceeded 200,000 spins on Spotify, with over 70,000 monthly listeners, has been added to a number of significant playlists, and is gaining a growing number of listeners and followers in the United States.

British indie band The Loft Club are an Exeter-based quintet, consisting of Daniel Schamroth, Jamie Whyte, Kieran Chalmers, Amy O’Loughlin and Dan Wright. Purveyors of stomping, heartfelt, sixties tinged guitarpop, their sound has been compared to Buffalo Springfield, Fleetwood Mac, The Byrds, Ryan Adams and Noel Gallagher.

One British blogger, Listen With Monger, said early on “Essentially, this is the music that the Beatles would have produced if, instead of getting introspective in India, they’d gone to the Mid-West with a burnt out double decker and gone native for a few months. The remix, by producer Niklas Ibach, turns the spirit of the song on its head and…we are treated to a floaty, airy slice of Zero 7 meets Above & Beyond in chill out mode which is no bad thing. So, here we have a talented band with a great single.”

Lightyear CEO Arnie Holland said: “The Loft Club demo showed up with no introduction last summer, and by a stroke of luck, I decided to listen to it anyway. Within 30 seconds I was hooked by the melodies, harmonies, and infectious beat.”

Sky Spooner, Lightyear’s VP of A&R said “The initial plan was to let the band organically grow in its home territory of the UK. But now we’re seeing signs that their followers are spreading worldwide. We’re starting to see spins in the U.S. as well; Manhattan and Los Angeles are in the top ten worldwide markets now. ”

The Loft Club is available worldwide on the Lightyear label through Caroline/Universal Music Group.

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Lightyear Entertainment, a distributor of independent films and music, was founded in 1987.