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Slovakian duo Dennyiah reveal indie infused contender 'Autumn 2015'

Slovakian indie band Dennyiah will quickly become your new favourite duo in their electrifying new release ‘Autumn 2015’. Produced by Nicolas Hard (Snarky Puppy, Becca Stevens), the new pop ballad will certainly win the heart of a nation. A household name in their hometown, the two-piece have over 190,000 streams on Spotify alone. Following in the successful footsteps of their 2020 full length album ‘Human Aspect’, Dennyiah have become a true asset in the Slovakian music industry, winning over a dedicated legion of fans.

Speaking about the powerful new release, Dennyiah share, “This song is about one of the biggest lessons I ever learnt. I was in a relationship with a man that I madly fell in love with. Very shortly after we got together, I completely changed my life for him, for our love. Gradually, I became convinced that my life’s only worth, because I share it with him and I live for him. I lost myself. 

I completely gave in and let my whole being and essence drown in that idealised absurd idea. I even let him mentally torture me and few times even physically. This song is a testimony to all the things I went through and how I survived. This song helped me to see a different angle and gather the last pieces of strength I had after all of it. It’s not a heartbroken song, it's a healing and surviving song and a proof of a first step towards self- love and self - acceptance. I am not a victim. I am a student of my own mistakes and I took every lesson to make it into something positive. All of the feelings of betrayal, despise, hatred, neglect, fear, self - loath taught me how much I need to be worthy for myself and not to anybody else - ever !”

Composed of lead vocalist Denny and guitarist Lubos, this spine-tingling collective fuse pop, soul, country and blues to create their signature sound best described as ‘human pop’. ‘Autumn 2015’ exceeds all expectations you may already have, and sounds like the offspring of Adele. Bringing a brooding, heartfelt atmosphere to the table, ‘Autumn 2015’ could easily find itself in the same vein as James Bond movie themes. The ultimate breakup track, Dennyiah’s new single is a tear-jerking masterpiece.

Both finding each other in a time of need, the musical soulmates both bring their individual ideas to the forefront in the cinematic new release. Set to take to the stage, Dennyiah are back on the road for a tour of Slovakia and Czech Republic in September, and if
the new single is anything to go by, get your tickets now - before they sell out!