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Australian indie-pop artist Liam Cooper unveils single 'Another Lonely Night'

An artist whose musical career has always been written in the stars, Liam Cooper is back with brand new single ‘Another Lonely Night’. Based in Sydney, Australia, Cooper creates a distinctive soundscape that’s instantly recognisable as his own. Produced by Sean Carey (ex Thirsty Merc Guitarist, 20 Good Reasons, In the Summertime), the indie-pop infused number was engineered at Church Street Studios. 

Speaking about the emotive new single, Liam Cooper shares, I went through a period of time where I was away from my wife for the longest time we had ever been apart. This is the story of the nights I spent sleeping on my own, the days I spent drinking trying to pass the time and all the things I did to try and be closer to her. It was written on one of my first cruise ship contracts as a guest entertainer where I was flying all over the world to different cruise ships performing my show, Kings of the Keys.”

Following in the footsteps of previous successful single ‘Out of the Blue’ (which has gained over 11,000 streams on Spotify alone since it’s release in May), ‘Another Lonely Night’ looks to be another hit for Liam. Taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Lonely Nights’, out September 2021, the new anthem sounds like the lovechild of Brandon Flowers (The Killers) and Coldplay. A timeless offering that comes across as the perfect introduction into the mind of Liam Cooper, ‘Another Lonely Night’ is comforting and a blessing in disguise.

Surrounded by music from a young age, Liam’s musical journey began with an early education in classical piano, before finding his feet as a songwriter and performer during his time at Wollongong High School for the Performing Arts. Liam relocated to Sydney to pursue music and it wasn’t long before he found himself touring the country, and also internationally too. 


New Video Release - Ashely Iona - 'Thunder Come'

New video 'Thunder Come' by rising pop star Ashley Iona

Combining a compelling ear for storytelling and a mesmerising vocal tone, Ashley Iona comes through with a fresh sound comparable to the likes of Florence and the Machine, Sia and Chet Faker. Currently based in Los Angeles, she has previously lived in countries across the globe from Australia to the UK to Uganda and moved more than 20 times in her life. 

“I wanted the video to be a journey – explains Ashley – I wrote the song when I was coming to terms with where my life was and I had this urge to be brutally honest with myself. It also coincided with 3 days of Thunderstorms in LA, which never happens.

Rain can be really cathartic, especially when you’re not used to it, so when I was thinking about the video I wanted it to be very tied up with nature to give the audience a similar feeling.
I saw some of Alex’s artwork at a friend’s house and got in touch with him to see if we could make something like an ‘otherworldly journey’…”

She adds: “We used light orbs rolling their way through spaces and put the viewer within the camera frame. We made the environments familiar but also completely fabricated and unique, because it’s landscape that’s meant to exist in your mind.

At the end of the journey the orbs return to the same structure that was once in a barren desert, because sometimes the biggest challenges we face are what inevitably make us richer people and force us to know ourselves from the inside out. I’d love to do a real life version of this video some time.”

Watch the video for 'Thunder Come' here:


The Violence Of Ice By Rhett May

Melbourne songwriter releases string of new tracks with guitar led rock song on 2nd October.

Primarily influenced by the classic song writing of John Lennon, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Rhett May is a rock writer who has moulded his own sound over several decades in the industry. His self-produced rock is simple, raw and home-made – without over-the-top production but with plenty to say about May’s take on the modern world.

 Having spent a large part of his childhood in Calcutta, India, his guitar led songs are infused with the sounds of the Indian streets, giving his music a different flavour to the majority of current, cookie cutter rock music. By blending classic sensibilities with a twist of Indian culture, he has created a string of upcoming singles, the first of which will be

‘The Violence of Ice’ – out October 2nd.