Jupe – Rocket Single Review

‘Rocket’ is the latest single from Irish pop troubadours Jupe. The band crafts a seamless brand of pop rock that has a wide appeal and is their ticket to worldwide stardom.

“Rocket’ has an infectious groove and am easy to listening to vocal line. It’s not anything dazzling but in terms of pop it does standout from the rest of nonsensical boy band aesthetics.

The tune has a great groove, the musicians are tight with the drums and the bass laying a solid foundation from which the vocals can bounce of. The synth adds a level of power pop to the track giving it a bit of an 90s RnB feel.

The band have got a distinct sound that in theory could propel them to a more engaging and wide audience. Time will tell if Jupe can make it happen.

Rocket is to buy on iTunes now


Twitter: @JupeMusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jupe-official

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