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Beautiful People “If 60’s Were 90’s” Box Set Featuring Sampled Guitar Riffs, Lead Vocals & Word Raps From Guitar God Jimi Hendrix


The cleverly titled “If 60’s Were 90’s” by the band Beautiful People, is a truly unique and seminal record.

Beautiful People are a bunch of movers and shakers from London's Acid House Scene, who have a highly developed fascination with the music of Jimi Hendrix, emphatically not a ‘Tribute’ band in the style of the Bootleg Beatles or the Australian Doors, Beautiful People have used sampling technology to virtually recruit Hendrix into the groups line up.” - David Sinclair, Billboard Magazine

Consisting of over fifty guitar riffs, vocal cut outs, out- take lead breaks, and word raps from guitar god Jimi Hendrix, “If 60’s Were 90’s” also features spoken steals from Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell, 60’s blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield and a party called the “Milky Way Express” that included the one and only Frank Zappa. Like some Groovy Psychedelic time-machine cruising the Hendrixphere, Beautiful People pluck from over 30 different Hendrix recordings, writing nine new songs creating an... “Ambient Dance Dream Tribute” (Kris Needs, NME)… of … “Super Psychedelic Baggy Indie dance with Orb like overtones..” (Ian McCan, VOX) creating a sound that arguably helped kick off the rock dance crossover phenomenon of the early 90’s, bringing guitars back into dance music while still retaining the psychedelic rock majesty of one of the greatest guitarists of the 20th Century.

It all began when Singer/ Guitarist turned Acid House promoter Duncan Elder AKA Du Kane teamed up with Keyboardist/Studio Tech Whizz Luke Baldry, and created a one-off Hendrix sampled house track that found its way to Eric Clapton. Eric initially wanted to release the track but on managerial advice generously passed it on to Alan Douglas, (who ironically had been looking for an “environment” for the sampling of Hendrix at that time.) Douglas gave the gig to Kane and Baldry, the boys decided to name the band after Kane’s Acid House promotion company “Beautiful People” a name inspired by and attributed to author Ken Kesey and his team of 60’s Merry Pranksters. The album was completed in July 1992 with live drums recorded by Robin Goodridge (later of BUSH fame) and first released in 1993 on Castle Communications Essential label with remixes by Killing Joke bassist and Legendary producer YOUTH (Pink Floyd, Verve, U2.) The album was generally well received even if the idea of it did freak out some purists, but it proved to be a grower. The New York Post called it “An inspired bit of Grave Digging.” In 1994 Beautiful People toured Europe supporting HAWKWIND then on the personal request of Noel Gallagher toured the UK on the OASIS “Definitely Maybe” tour.  

After securing an American deal with Continuum records Beautiful People racked up a number #1 and number #3 in the US dance chart with “If 60’s Was 90’s,” and “Rilly Groovy” (the former with accompanied video featuring Jimi’s son James Sunquist, aka Jimi Hendrix Jnr,) “Rilly Groovy” which was also placed in the opening credits for the movie “P.C.U” (a Grunge Era National Lampoon’s Uni flick starring Jeremy Piven and David Spade), as well as “If 60’s Was 90’s” being added to the movie soundtrack of “Prefontaine” starring Jared Leto... With a huge American Tour booked and the single about to be released to the mainstream chart, everything was looking good when out of the blue their American Label Continuum went bankrupt ...everything halted and the album was frozen.  

...And this Cult favorite was lost in a 90’s ethereal mist...

That is... until now...Out on Gonzo MultiMedia in box set form, and for the first time on (Purple) Vinyl is the whole remastered album, a triple CD selection of the best remixes by YOUTH, PM DAWN, Ben Mitchell, and Astralasia amongst others, a remastered CD of the album, also a DVD of all the bands Live TV performances, music videos, an interview with Alan Douglas, as well as a scrapbook coffee table book put together by Ian Brown and Fall. Producer Mike Bennett, with Du Kane telling the whole story with pictures and testimonials from members of the Darkness, Happy Mondays, The Fall, Sub Sub, Wishbone Ash, Sisters of Mercy, Oasis, Spiritulised, Steve Etherington, BUSH, Primal Scream, blues guitarist Will Johns, Fuzz Box, The Dust Junkys, and Hendrix photographer Karl Ferris commenting on how much influence “If 60’s Were 90’s” had on them personally, and on the music that followed, proving that Jimi Hendrix was still showing the way to another generation twenty five years after his tragic passing, and still inspiring future generations.

It’s an album to dream to... or just play spot the lick ...and the closing ‘The Sea’...Eventually incredibly combines the beautiful intro of ‘Hey Baby’ with those stoned vocals of Electric Ladyland. It’s as if Jimi just got up and walked into the studio yesterday.” - Record Collector

“Listening to this album it is obvious it was made with the utmost fact somewhere or other Jimi is probably smiling” - Guitarist magazine

“Mixing previously unheard slabs of Hendrix into an Ethereal Post Rave haze will appeal to psychedelic warlords of all ages” - Melody Maker

“Sounds like the ghost of Jimbo is its executive producer”- SELECT MAGAZINE

“The fact that Jimi’s 60’s freakouts are still lightyears ahead of what passes for rock in the 90’s is not wasted on this group...An ambient dance dream tribute” – NME

“You get the sense Beautiful People do actually know and love Hendrix’s music’s a great record both cheeky and elegant” - TIME OUT

Loved if 60’s Were 90’s a hidden Gem...and a welcome relief from Brit Pop” - Billy Duffy (Guitarist - The Cult, Dead Men Walking)

“One of my favorite bands of the 90’s. It’s great to hear If 60’s Were 90’s is out again... Historic!” - Kenney Jones (Drummer - Small Faces, The Faces, The Who and Jones Gang)

“A right Royal Hendrix Groovathon!” - Toby Toman (Drummer - Primal Scream, Nico)

“Beautiful People were massive in Manchester...It was Perfect as purist Hendrix fans loved it and another generation in the indie scene lapped it up too... and not a duff track on it!” - Nicky Tunes (Dust Junkys and collaborator with the Fun Lovin Criminals)

“I played all the Live drums on this Jimi inspired dance /rock crossover record... I gave a copy to Gavin Rossdale and he was so impressed he called me early the next morning about doing an audition for BUSH!” - Robin Goodridge (Drummer - Beautiful People, Spear Of Destiny, BUSH, Ellis)

“When I first heard the ‘Beautiful People - If 60’s was 90’s’ album,

I was Blown Away with how they respectfully fused Jimi Hendrix’s music with their modern Electronic Beat and played along perfectly with him as if he was there in the group! And therefore, I absolutely know that he would have loved it and would have wanted to Jam with them...” - Karl Ferris (Photographer & Designer of “The Jimi Hendrix Experience” 1967-1968 US Album Covers:“Are You Experienced?” and “Electric Ladyland”)

“Wow when of my favorite remixes, I remember hearing it as the closing track on a beach on a 20k rig with 2000 freaks going crazy just after dawn, dolphins were flippin, naked beautiful people in the waterfall... Certainly one of the best and most memorable experiences I’ve ever had...” - Youth (Bassist for Killing Joke and Producer for Pink Floyd, The Verve, Paul Mcartney and many more.)

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Rock-Blues-Psychedelic: Jimi Hendrix-Songs For Groovy Children (The Filmore East Concerts)

Release Date: November. 22, 2019
Labels: Experience Hendrix L.L.C., Legacy Recordings

Come one, come all. Groovy children unite! Today we are talking about the king of guitar himself, Mr. Jimi Hendrix. His record company recently created a tribute box set called Songs For Groovy Children, which includes his classics and unreleased live performances across five CDs. The best part about live albums is that the artist can’t hide behind the vocal effects. There are no retakes, no breaks, and no time to think things over. It’s just the artist, the audience, and 10 feet in between.

Disc one is comprised of songs that we’ve heard before. “Lover Man” has an iconic riff that makes you wonder how someone’s fingers can move that fast. The smooth transitions in this song between sections and the sound quality of the electric guitar are crazy good. He pulls out all the stops with the tremolos, pickups, and loads of vibrato.“Bleeding Heart” takes us down south with soulful vocals and the bluesy bass line. It's the kind of song that you expect to hear in a dimly lit cajun-themed bar. “Izabella” has a lot of flavor to it. You don’t even have to like rock music to appreciate the raw talent of Hendrix’s playing.

Disc two has the bulk of new/remixed songs. “Changes” comes up on four of five of the CDs. Each version has a unique sound to it, almost like how a filter changes the tone of a photo. We also see different variations of “Stop,” “Power Of Soul,” “Machine Gun,” and a few others. “Auld Lang Syne” starts with a clip from the original song. The crowd goes wild as Hendrix starts to play his version of the song on guitar. The concert took place on New Years' Eve/Day, so it is fitting to include this one in the mix.

There is a Woodstock element to disc three. The songs were recorded in the ’70s, so it makes sense that they would have the authentic groove. “Changes” has a moment near the end where Hendrix preaches to the audience, and they go crazy with whistles and chants. He had a significant impact on people of all ages and continues to change young lives today. For the '70s, the live tracks sound like they were recorded in a professional studio. Yes, the Equalization is slightly off, but it's difficult to get it right with thousands of screaming fans in the recording.

Disc four has more of that cross over that we saw from the previous discs. I for one am a Hendrix fan and will never get tired of listening to his songs. It's a shame that he passed away at such a young age. It would have been incredible to see how far he could have come if he had lived another 50+ years. Hendrix took songs to new heights. "Machine Gun" has an interesting mix of colors in it. There isn't a great way to describe it. You would have to listen to it to understand it.“Steal Away” is more mellow in sound. It’s an easy-listening song that would be perfect for a busker to perform. Its simplicity is perfect for people who want to learn how to play a Hendrix song.

Disc five flows better as a set. "We Gotta Live Together" involves the crowd. They are instructed to clap their hands with the beat of the song. I love that Hendrix's team left in clips of his interactions with the audience. That is how you know that he was a true performer. A lot of acts nowadays don’t have the flair and style that Hendrix had. Hendrix puts a cool spin on his cover of "Wild Thing" by The Troggs. It feels less boy band and a more mature rock. "Purple Haze" is the last song you'll hear on the set. It is thought that Hendrix is referencing psychedelics in his lyrics, which wouldn't be a shock. It ends the CD with lyrics that give you something to think about. I guess that's why they call it "The Jimi Hendrix Experience."

Hendrix is beloved all around the world because you don’t need to speak English to understand the language of music. The dynamic range that comes from his guitar is insane. Though Hendrix wasn’t much of a singer, it is impressive that he managed to sing while he shredded. Most of Hendrix’s fans have their favorite songs and it was a smart move for his record label to release the best takes of his live songs. The 5-disc set (43 songs) retails for $60, and the vinyl set retails for $120. Each album has collector’s photos of Hendrix performing. It has been about 50 years since Hendrix passed away. His music is celebrated globally, and clearly, there is still a market for his songs. Jimi Hendrix is a household name. You can buy tour tickets to see other guitarists play his songs, and many people do. Which is a testimony that Hendrix is still changing lives from the grave.

Lily Clark – Berklee College of Music Intern
November 9, 2019

Reviews Provided By:

12/31/1969 1st Set:
01. Power Of Soul               
02. Lover Man               
03. Hear My Train A Comin’       
04. Changes                
05. Izabella                
06. Machine Gun               
07. Stop                           
08. Ezy Ryder               
09. Bleeding Heart            
10. Earth Blues               
11. Burning Desire           

12/31/1969 2nd Set:
01. Auld Lang Syne%           
02. Who Knows%               
03. Fire                   
04. Ezy Ryder*               
05. Machine Gun%               
06. Stone Free               
07. Changes*               
08. Message To Love*           
09. Stop*                   
10. Foxey Lady                

1/1/1970 1st Set:
01. Who Knows               
02. Machine Gun               
03. Changes+               
04. Power Of Soul%                   
05. Stepping Stone%            
06. Foxey Lady+                
07. Stop%                   
08. Earth Blues+               
09. Burning Desire%               

1/1/1970 2nd Set:
01. Stone Free%               
02. Power Of Soul#           
03. Changes#               
04. Message To Love#           
05. Machine Gun%               
06. Lover Man*               
07. Steal Away*               
08. Earth Blues%               

DISC FIVE:01. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)%       
02. We Gotta Live Together#       
03. Wild Thing%               
04. Hey Joe*                                          
05. Purple Haze*               

*previously unreleased
+ first time on CD/LP/streaming (previously only available as part of concert film)
#longer, unedited versions of previously released material, and newly remixed
% back in print on CD/LP for the first time in a decade, and newly remixed


Experience Hendrix Tour 2019 Concert Review

The Experience  Hendrix Tour 2019 Concert
The Palace Theater Albany, New York
April 3, 2019

The pictures I have provided were snapped by me with my phone to give you an idea of the backdrop to the music prior to the show. That screen changed with each song and it was very trippy psychedelic colors and images that mirrored the timeframe of Jimi in his prime. -Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

The Electric Church arrived in Albany, NY last night with its all-star cast for the Experience Hendrix 2019 Tour.  The music of Jimi Hendrix continues to thrive and be embraced by fans worldwide. This is a tour I have been wanting to catch for several years now and I finally made it, and so glad I did.

The best thing that could happen to this event is the involvement of Billy Cox. Anyone familiar with Jimi’s music knows that they were friends for a long time and Billy played bass on some of Jimi’s albums. Also, with Janie Hendrix involved it makes everything legit. Also having a powerhouse rhythm section like Chris Layton (drums) and Kevin McCormick (bass) makes the entire gig more presentable and helps the other musicians blend into the Hendrix songs.

What you will witness at one of these shows is quite a display of musicianship, primarily guitar heroes having a really good time. The music of Hendrix is timeless as is his legend and persona.  With that thought in mind, how do all these current artists interpret the music of this fabled performer?

The wide array of styles with the musicians tells the tale. With Billy Cox, you have the living legend, the reigning high priest of The Electric Church. He is the only one left and he has done a great job of playing bass and singing in a live setting, as he did last evening. Having Billy as the main cog in the wheel for this presentation is key to its success.

One of my favorites, Eric Johnson, kicked off the night with Dweezil Zappa. This was the segment of the show I enjoyed the most.  Actually, anytime Eric took the stage it was enjoyable. Eric’s sound is instantly recognizable, as it is with most high-level players. One has to remember that Dweezil is excellent as well, the fact alone that he mastered father Frank’s music is an incredible feat.  One of the more consistent presences on stage was Mato Nanji.  Not a name that is as well known as some of the others but he was part of the act at least 75% of the time and he was consistently excellent emulating Jimi’s music. 

Another treat was The Slide Brothers. Calvin Cooke and Chuck Campbell. Man did those to wail away at every opportunity! The added a dimension to the music that made it all more as close to the original sound as possible. They were the X factor of the night.

One of the many high points of the evening was Johnny Lang with his powerful vocals and guitar playing. I thought his vocals were the strong point in regards to the songs covered. He is more of a straight-ahead bluesman with no tricks or fluff.  Sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered and he is a good fit for Jimi’s music. And I cannot forget the vocals of Henri Brown, who brought the sold-out crowd to its feet towards the end of the night.

Then Dave Mustaine of Megadeth came out and played. He did an admirable job with his flying V guitar. And towards the end of the show was the Three Amigos, Joe Satriani (guitar), Doug Pinnick (bass) and Kenny Aronoff (drums). Now, this was a picture I could not forget as all three do not have one hair follicle to show, if they painted themselves blue, they could pass for that other group we all know. All of that aside, this was the highlight of the evening I would think for most guitar fans. 
Kenny was a madman on those skins, he is so fast and so powerful after all these years, age has not affected him one bit. Pinnick with has bass hanging nearly to his ankles, and he can still reach it, by the way, sounded a lot like Jimi when he sang. For me, Satriani has been a favorite since his first release back in the 80s. This night however I did not appreciate him as much. The idea here I would think is to play Jimi’s music but in your own way and still keeping with the original sound as much as possible. Joe likes to use that whammy bar and make squealing sounds and such. I am not a fan of that so much. So, from my point of view, I wanted to see Joe that masterful guitar player, crank out the music of Hendrix minus all of the extra effects. He needs to save all that flashy technical playing for his own shows. This is a matter of personal taste and opinion and I am sure plenty of fans enjoyed that part of the show.

And lastly, I need to give the nod to blues legend Taj Mahal. The man is getting on in years but can still belt out the blues and play that six-string.  That is a lot of talent to witness in one concert and it is a night I never will forget.

The bottom line is respecting and celebrating the music of the greatest guitar player that walked this earth. That is the reason for the Experience Hendrix Tour. They do succeed with an amazing show that runs for 2.5 hours. It is a must-see affair. So, are you experienced?

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
April 5, 2019


Rock/Blues Review: Jimi Hendrix-Both Sides of the Sky

Release Date: March 9, 2018
Label: Sony Legacy

Although the man has been gone since 1970 , the legend of Jimi Hendrix is alive and well and continues to grow exponentially. There was a period of 4 years that this amazing guitar player created some of the most remarkable music. From what I understand, if he wasn’t playing to audiences, he was in the studio with the tapes always rolling. So as one can imagine, he left behind an overabundance of material on the shelf. He made more music in a 4-year period than anyone I am aware of.

This falls right in line with the Hendrix family taking control of his legacy and contributions. When that happened, all of his music was handled properly. Since then, every year we see at least one or two unearthed and remastered albums coming out. It has been a true renaissance for arguably the greatest six-string bender ever. And because of this flow of music over the years, it feels like he never left us. For my musical tastes, that is a beautiful thing. If you like the music of Hendrix I am pretty sure you would agree. I think it goes beyond like at this point for a lot of us.

Both Sides of the Sky is part of trilogy that included Valleys of Neptune (2010) and People, Hell and Angels (2013). So, what is really cool about this release? It is the cast of legendary artists that played with Jimi on these tracks. I had always heard of the different sessions he had at Electric Ladyland Studios (the renowned music church), however I have not heard anything with so many different artists on one recording.  Ten of the tracks are previously unreleased (see all the notations provided on the track list). The sound and engineering on this set is phenomenally crisp and clear. I would expect that goes without saying after all the previous reissued music that set the bar so high.

“$20 Fine” has one of the most recognizable vocalist in rock history, Stephen Stills. “Things I Used to Do” features the master of the white boy blues Johnny Winter. Now that is quite a paring of guitar players. The classic track “Woodstock,” which was originally recorded with Stills on lead vocals (CSN), is in a totally different incarnation with Hendrix laying down the guitar lines. With all the other layers of instruments that were added, it made for a maximum overhaul of the track. I found comfort out right out of the gate knowing Stills is there on vocals, just to remind us who sang it first. With Hendrix’s blues-based rock hammering away, it was a perfect opportunity for the vocalist to step in and complete the changing shades and colors of the track. It worked for me but may not for some purists. It is more meat and potatoes (musically) if you will, and a totally different but interesting take on the song.

“Power of Soul” has always been one of my favorites ever since I heard it back in the 70’s on vinyl courtesy of the Crash Landing album. This extended version is terrific. 

There are some real blues barn burners on this set. The playing is pinpoint, biting and memorable. Hendrix had it down, he owned it. Once you hear “Things I Used to Do” and “Georgia Blues” you will find out exactly what I mean. Lonnie Youngblood does a great job belting out those ‘Georgia Blues,” answering Jimi’s sting like a bee leads. The sax that comes in towards the curtain closing on the number is a nice touch as well. That horn just cries and screeches “do you hear me now?” And trust me, there is no filler anywhere on these tracks. If you enjoy a total blues workout then you will love those two rippers.

Any time I cover anything by Hendrix I feel like I could write a book instead of an overview, but I have to reel it in and let the music fans decide if they have the same feelings and or thoughts about this release. Both Sides of the Sky is a fine addition to the archives and one release any rock or blues fan should get ASAP!

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
February 10, 2018
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*Previously unreleased
^ Previously unavailable extended version
+Featuring Stephen Stills
#Featuring Johnny Winter
++Featuring Lonnie Youngblood

01.Mannish Boy *
02. Lover Man *
03. Hear My Train A Comin’ *
04. Stepping Stone *
05. $20 Fine *+
06. Power Of Soul ^
07. Jungle *
08. Things I Used to Do #
09. Georgia Blues ++
10. Sweet Angel *
11. Woodstock *+
12. Send My Love To Linda *
13. Cherokee Mist *


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