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Hard Rock/Prog Review: Magnum-The Serpent Rings

Release Date: January 17, 2020
Label:  Steamhammer

UK-based rock veterans, Magnum, are back with their 20th studio album, The Serpent Rings. Founders and driving forces, Tony Clarkin (guitars) and Bob Catley (vocals), have forged a unique melodic hard rock sound and have worked hard to evolve that sound. They’ve released studio albums every two to three years since 1979, each album borrowing from and building on the prior. Keyboardist Rick Benton joined the band in 2017, and together with a new bass player, Dennis Ward joining Lee Morris on drums, the rhythm section and the group as a whole seems invigorated. 

The sound is rich and textured with hard rock, art-rock, and prog-rock undertones. Think of Traffic meeting Queen, meeting Metallica. Magnum steers the listener in and out of these atmospheres flawlessly, creating a dramatic and cinematic sonic experience. While the landscape is rich, the driving force is the guitar work of Tony Clarkin. Fear no more the demise of the almighty guitar solo. You’ll find one on almost every track. Clarkin appears to pause to take a breath before launching into his solos. This provides a dramatic calm before the storm, and once it hits, it sounds like an army crashing through the forest on their way to storming the castle. 

Of equal importance is the attention to lyrical depth. If you listen as much to the lyrics as you do to the music, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wisdom conveyed in these songs. The galloping opening track “Where Are You Eden?” is no exception. “A picture hangs. It’s always been there to celebrate the news. Though people talk, they don’t understand. It only serves to confuse.” 

“Not Forgiven,” chosen as the first single and lyric video, is a powerful and captivating rock song. It is somewhat formulaic, however, and there are better, more envelope-pushing tracks on the album.  
“Madman or Messiah” breaks that envelope open with inspired guitar flourishes and haunting atmospheric keyboards. Other standouts include “You Can’t Run Faster Than Bullets,” and “The Serpent Rings.” 

These are carefully crafted songs that don’t merely shout a mantra but tell stories, leaving the listener to use their imagination and relate those stories to their own lives. On The Serpent Rings, Magnum continues its consistent and impressive run of high-quality, distinctive hard rock. 

Tom Endyke - Staff
January 16, 2019

Rate the Tracks

01. Where Are You Eden
02. You Can’t Run Faster Than Bullets
03. Madman Or Messiah
04. The Archway Of Tears
05. Not Forgiven
06. The Serpent Rings
07. House of Kings
08. The Great Unknown
09. Man
10. The Last One On Earth
11. Crimson On The White Sand



Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Review: Quayde LaHue-Love Out of Darkness

Release Date: November 8, 2019
Label: Adult Fantasy Records

If you're looking for a record that speaks to the current struggles of society, look no further than Quayde LaHue’s Love Out of Darkness

Love Out of Darkness is an awesome record that focuses on themes of love, oppression, darkness, and the never-ending quest to feel part of something. 

Quayde’s lineup boat members from numerous metal and hardcore bands, most notably, Christian Mistress. While Quayde’s sound differs from Christian Mistress, their sound as a whole echo that of the new wave of British heavy metal movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s. 

The first song on the album, “Give Me Your Love,” sets the tone for the ensuing album with loud power chords, complex structures, and an all-around sense of hard rock in its truest form. The song’s lyrics mirror the instrumental track of the song. Jenna Fitton, the lead vocalist, sings earnestly and honestly about the confusion that surrounds falling in love. She asks, “Is it worth a shot? Because you think she’s hot? Then why the hell not and I can tell he likes what he sees. It’s worth a shot.” The lyrics invite the listener into the world of Fitton, one that is confused at the process of courtship. 

The rest of the album follows suit, as all the songs provide a raw sense of rock with vibes of heavy metal. On “Warrior,” Fitton belts, “I am a warrior” as the rhythm guitar provides a consistent grungy sound. The following track, “Before the Storm” continues the sound of the late 80s and early 90s grunge, reminiscent of Alice In Chains. 

For someone who is not in tune with the sounds of hard rock, heavy metal, and/or grunge, Love Out of Darkness may be a difficult album to listen to or even understand, but the beauty of Love Out of Darkness is that it is an incredibly accessible album. The lyrics are extremely relatable and the instrumental track mirrors the confusion surrounding our society right now. It’s almost as if the lyrics and the instruments are in a constant battle to properly convey the themes of love and darkness that are the backbone of this great record. 

Key Tracks Include: “Give Me Your Love”, “Warrior”, “Before The Storm”, and “Widowmaker.”

Guillermo M. Berrizbeitia
October 10, 2019

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1. Give Me Your Love
2. Man In The Purple Robe
3. Heart Of Stone
4. Warrior
5. Before The Storm
6. Widowmaker
7. Fallout
8. It Still Burns
9. Right To Rock



Hard Rock Review: War Gods of the Deep-Action Space Battle

Release Date: September 17, 2019
Label: Astro Dragon Records

One look at the comic book-themed cover art for Action Space Battle and you know you're in for an adventure. The action is unrelenting, and the space battle takes place in the consciousness of the listener. War Gods of the Deep guide you through this journey, warning you of the dangers ahead and steering you safely toward the “Horizon.”

Action Space Battle propels the listener through a sonic galaxy diving and ducking in and out of hard rock and metal atmospheres. Take away the obligatory metal backbone of thunderous galloping staccato drums and bass, and you'll find layers of musicality – rhythm, vocal harmonies, and smart hooks. 

The juxtaposition of the best of the 80s & 90s metal such as Metallica and Danzig with the best of the 70s art-rock such as Styx & Boston makes for a captivating and satisfying ride. The orchestral closing of the opener "Transmission" convinced me that War Gods of the Deep would defy any label affixed to them. 

Concocting such a blend is not without risk and Action Space Battle at times, repeats the tired clichés of both genres. Echo overuse, narrative interludes, drum power-fills, trite rhyming and vocals dipping into "demon-mode." Despite the clichés, the message is positive. Through perseverance, faith, and determination, the hero inside of us all will rise and defeat our demons. "Life Coach" is an anthem for our time and brings to mind what Andrew W.K. might do with more musicianship. 

So, buckle up. Action Space Battle will hurtle you into unknown realms and bring you back feeling like you just slaughtered a space serpent and saved the universe.

Key Tracks Include: “Transmission”, “Life Coach”, “Burn the Misery”, “Horizon”.

Tom Endyke-Contributor
September 17, 2019

01. Transmission
02. Sons of the Serpent
03. Life Coach
04. Beautiful Oblivion
05. The Machine
06. Done
07. Light of your Soul
08. Burn the Misery
09. One of Us
10. Horizon

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Metal/Hard Rock LP Review: Mount Atlas-Self-Titled (Ltd. Edition Red Vinyl-50 Copies)

Release Date: June 27, 2018
Label: H42 Records
Mount Atlas hails from Germany which is the home of their label H42 Records. This is their debut and is it ever a good one!

I was fortunate to receive 1 of 50 copies of this self-titled red vinyl. This is some bone-crunching hard rock, metal, stoner rock that will get the blood pumping. Check out the colorful artwork on the cover, very cool. That element gives the package an artistic flair that some releases just don’t have. I really appreciate it.

Right from the start of side A, this band comes at you loud and proud with the petal to the metal on “Titan.” This curtain opener sets the tone of what you are in store for until the record stops spinning.

The cool thing about the H42 Records label is that they offer several different configurations of the release and an opportunity to pre-order product (which has come and gone). All kinds of colors are offered up which includes the following:
Red Vinyl Edition (lim. 50 copies)
White Vinyl Edition (lim. 50 copies)
Green Vinyl Edition (lim. 100 copies)
Black Vinyl Edition

Die Hard White Cover Art Edition with white label vinyl + CD (lim. 20 copies)
This is what you can expect on regular basis with releases so each unit is an instant collector’s item.  All of this is just the icing on the cake for a solid debut album. Mount Atlas can rock and their lead singer Hendrik Kurre has the right vocal style to complete their sound. His hard-edged pipes have a timbre that suits each track just fine. These are skilled musicians with really good chops that will continue to develop with the passing of time, I have no doubt.

Also included is a live bonus track titled “Burn, Witches!” This is a nice addition to get a glimpse of what the band can sound like in a live setting.

There are a few instances where they bring out a softer side showing how they can switch it up when they choose. I expect great things in the future from Mount Atlas and once you hear this killer debut I am sure you will agree.

I look forward to a great partnership with the label and to bring you all more of these musical treats.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
June 27, 2018

Founder of:

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Side A:
Go For A Ride
Through The Fire

Side B:
The Hunter
Bonus Track:
Burn, Witches!-Live In Rottenburg


Alternative / Hard Rock Review: Foo Fighters-Saint Cecilia

Release Date: November 23, 2015
Label: RCA
Taking their name from the mysterious aerial sighting during WWII, Foo Fighters formed in Seattle in 1994, following the break-up Nirvana.  David Grohl (vocals, guitar, drums) was joined by Pat Smear (guitar) and Nate Mendel (bass), with Taylor Hawkins (drums, percussions) and Chris Shiflett (guitar) rounding out the rest of the band.  More than twenty years and eight albums later, they are still going strong.  This is no more evidence than on their latest release, Saint Cecilia. Named after the patron saint of musicians and dedicated to the victims of the Paris terrorists attacks, Saint Cecilia is one extended play that will calm your fears about the state of modern music.

“Saint Cecilia” is a breezy rock song with a down-to-earth sound that is nothing short of a bona fide hit.  It has a great groove and is almost too infectious for its own good, but comes out on the right side of things.  With the type of lyrics that appear to be speaking directly to each listener, “Saint Cecilia” is one memorable and fantastic song that will stay in your head long after the final note ends.  “Sean” is short, punk-inspired song that does not fail to delight.  Its compactness works in its favor and will have you pressing the repeat button for another taste. 

With plenty of punk rock flavor, “Savior Breath” comes out rocking and rolling with a fast and gritty sound.  It is a short, intense song that never lets up. “Savior Breath” sounds like it came out decades ago, but with the timeless quality that makes it a good song regardless of its release date.  After the three minute riot that was “Savior Breath,” “Iron Rooster” shows up to slow things down.  This change of pace is a calm, mediating song.  Though I like the lyrics, I think the song feels like it goes on for too long.  Sending things off in style is the “The Neverending Sigh,” with its towering sound riding a wave of thunder to the end. 

Saint Cecilia by Foo Fighters is nice addition to their discography.  It is something that their fans will eat up and want second helpings from, while being a good introduction to their music for people new to the band.  If you are into alt rock or hard rock, then I think that it is a good bet to take a chance on Saint Cecilia.  It is one EP that packs more in it than some full length albums. 

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Saint Cecilia, Savior Breath


1. Saint Cecilia
2. Sean
3. Savior Breath
4. Iron Rooster
5. The Neverending Sigh

Brian McKinnon - Write A Music Review Sr. Staff
January 23, 2016
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Hard Rock Review: Lynch Mob-Rebel

Release Date: August 21, 2015
Label: Frontiers

If you are not familiar with the hard rock band Lynch Mob, then it is time to get yourself acquainted. Formed in 1989 from the ashes of 80s metal band Dokken, Lynch Mob, after a few break-ups and numerous line-up changes, currently consists of George Lynch (guitar), Oni Logan (vocal), Jimmy D’Anda (drums), and Sean McNabb (bass). Rebel is their seventh album that show them to be in top form. The album features eleven songs of ripping and roaring hard rock that is sure to please fans and leaving wanting and waiting for more.

There is nothing like a great opener to jump start an album and “Automatic Fix” is such a song. Coming out like a lion’s roar, “Automatic Fix” is a great ode to rock music that is sure to have heads banging. Power and presence is something that makes for a great opener, and this one more than delivers. With an instrumental section that shines and soars, this song seems to have it all. The beginning of “Between Truth and A Lie” has a nice edge to it, but after that it is an average rock song. Nothing really stands out or leaves much of an impression, making for skippable filler.

Getting the album going back in the right direction, “Testify” thrills with its thundering opening. It is a slow and heavy rock song, whose methodical nature gives off an intense atmosphere. What is a rock album without a nice jolt of rage? Providing that rage is “Sanctuary,” a gritty, hard rocking tune dripping with social and political commentary, as the lyrics vent about the state of the modern world. “Pine Tree Avenue” is interesting song, with its funky groove and shifts in tempo. For many it might be one of those songs that takes a while to get into, because it has grown on me with each listen.   

Another funky rock song, “Jelly Roll” is a place where the guitar really shines. The caustic opening of “Dirty Money” fits nicely with its politically charged lyrics. Though not quite as rage-filled as “Sanctuary,” “Dirty Money” has plenty of righteous anger for its targets. Announcing its presence with a booming opening, “The Hollow Queen” is an atmospheric song with a catchy chorus that demands to be shouted out at the top of your lungs. 

“The Ledge” starts off with a slow, brooding opening that seamlessly morphs into a lighter, softer sound.  It is an emotional song that puts Logan’s vocals at center stage, where they truly steal the show here.  

“Kingdom of Slaves” is one hard-hitting rock song, with controlled and commanding musical and vocal performances. Capping the album off is “War,” a fantastic song with sweet rhythm and flow that is dominated by a stunning and unpredictable guitar solo. 

Lynch Mob’s Rebel is rock solid album. It stands as another testament to the dynamic duo of George Lynch and Oni Logan. Their chemistry is undeniable and it really shines through in their music. If you are looking for some quality hard rock, then Lynch Mob’s Rebel is just what the doctor ordered.  

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Automatic Fix, The Hollow Queen, War 

01.Automatic Fix
02.Between Truth and A Lie
05.Pine Tree Avenue
06.Jelly Roll
07.Dirty Money
08.The Hollow Queen
09.The Ledge
10.Kingdom of Slaves

Brian McKinnon - Write A Music Review Sr. Staff
September 30, 2015
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Hard Rock Review: Lucifer’s Friend-Awakening

Release Date: April 6, 2015
Label: Cherry Records

There is nothing like the sound of some good hard rock to start the day.  Founded in 1969 when British singer John Lawton moved to Germany and met the other founding members of Lucifer’s Friend, Peter Hesslein, Dieter Horns, Peter Hecht, and Joachim Reitenbach.  With a career that spanned the seventies and early eighties, this hard rock band was not afraid to experiment with their sound, by incorporating progressive rock, heavy metal, and jazz into their music.  After decades of silence, they have reunited with John Lawton (vocals), Dieter Horns (bass), and Peter Hesslein (guitar) of the original line-up returning, and Jogi Wichmann (keyboards) and Stephan Eggert (drums) round out the band. 

ning is a two-disc compilation album featuring ten songs from their former albums, and four songs of new material.  This album gives a nice overview of Lucifer Friend’s career.  There are songs from 1970’s Lucifer’s Friend (“Ride the Sky,” “Toxic Shadows,” “Keep Goin’,” “In the Time of Job”), 1972’s Where the Groupies Killed the Blues (“Burning Ships”), 1974’s Banquet (“Dirty Old Town”), 1976’s Mind Exploding (“Moonshine Rider,” “Fugitive”), and 1981’s Mean Machine (“Hey Driver,” “Mean Machine”). 

“Ride the Sky” is the perfect song to start this compilation album.  The opening screams act like a call to attention that is completed by the thundering horns, which have me thinking of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.”  It is one stellar rock song with weighty guitar parts, powerful vocals, and that booming horn to round out the sound.  With its heavy opening riff, “In the Time of Job” is a lively, spacey hard rock song, with a sound that is both memorable and jarring. The surreal atmosphere created during the instrumental parts is definitely a plus. Changing up the tempo is “Keep Goin’”. The sound is slower and heavier than the previous two songs, with a sweet guitar solo in the middle of the song. 

“Toxic Shadows” is a guitar-driven rock extravaganza.  It is a sweet jam that has seventies hard rock written over its long instrumental parts. Next up is the acoustic “Burning Ships”.  Its sound is sweet and sobering and conjures up images of watching a setting sun on the beach, complete with wave sound effects. “Fugitive” is a fun, funky song, with a sound slightly reminiscent of the classic “Shaft” theme song.  The song runs about a minute too long, as the music gets a little weird at the end and sounds out of place. 

“Moonshine Raider” has lots of energy and a nice beat.  Its catchy chorus is the song’s strong point, but the music tries to do too much in between and I find myself waiting for the chorus to come back around.  

“Dirty Old Town” is a fantastic acoustic song.  The music is pleasant and controlled, as it moves toward a brilliant chorus that makes for a memorable experience.  It rivals “Ride the Sky” for best song on the album.  “Fire and Rain” dazzles with its early eighties rock sound. “Hey Driver” is a solid way to finish the disc.  It is a hard rock song with plenty of energy and attitude that would feel right at home in an eighties action movie.

The second disc features four new songs and they are so-so.  The first one, “Prey,” is one that I like.  The song rocks pretty hard with its pulsating bass line and the vocal performance is very solid, even after all these decades.  “Riding High” is okay, but it could use some tightening up, as it takes too long to get going and too long to end.  The final two songs, “Did You Ever” and “This Road” are fairly average, as well.  It sounds like they are trying to recreate their seventies sound, it is just not the same and ends up being forgettable.

All in all, Lucifer’s Friend’s Awakening is a fine compilation and a solid introduction into their diverse sound that they experimented with throughout the seventies and early eighties.  This is the type of band whose music is just waiting to be rediscovered.  Lucifer’s Friend should definitely be given a look at by any fan of hard rock music, with Awakening being a good place to start.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Ride the Sky, Dirty Old Town, Hey Driver

Disc 1  
01.Ride the Sky
02.In the Time of Job
03.Keep Goin’
04.Toxic Shadows
05.Burning Ships
07.Moonshine Raider
08.Dirty Old Town
09.Fire and Rain
10.Hey Driver

Disc 2

2.Riding High
3.Did You Ever
4.This Road

Brian McKinnon - Write A Music Review Sr. Staff
July 16, 2015
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Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Review: UFO-A Conspiracy of Stars

Release Date: February 23, 2015
Label: Steamhammer

There is something to be said about longevity, the ability to last and endure despite all that life throws at you.  And enduring is just what UFO has been doing for decades, which is even more impressive as a band, because audiences are fickle and music fads and trends come and go, but the real artists remain. 
Formed just as the 1960s were ending, Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Mick Bolton, and Andy Parker made-up the original line-up. They put out two albums before Bolton left and was eventually replaced by Scorpion’s Michael Schenker, which began their successful 70s years.  Like many rock bands of that era, UFO has experienced many personnel changes with Phil Mogg (vocals), Vinnie Moore (lead guitar), Paul Raymond (keyboards, rhythm guitar), Rob De Luca (bass), and Andy Parker (drums) being the most recent incarnation.  A Conspiracy of Stars is UFO’s twentieth album and is it full of guitar-driven hard rock goodness.

“The Killing Kind” gets things going with a nice guitar riff and some pulsating drums.  It is a good song to start the album and is a nice indication of what is to come with some gorgeous sounding guitar action that can be found all over the album.  They turn it up on “Run Boy Run.”  The song has some real attitude, coming out heavy and hard.  It is one of the more memorable songs on the album.  The guitar is all over this one and tears it up near the end.  With great hooks and a cool western feel to it, “Ballad of the Left Hand Gun” is a very dynamic song that rocks hard and does a good job of heating things up.

Switching things up is “Sugar Cane.” The tempo comes down, the sound has a bluesy ring to it, but things stay as heavy as ever.  The guitar solo in the second part of the song is amazing and really sticks in the mind.  It definitely is the main factor for me in coming back to this song again and again, because it is such a great part.  “Devil’s in the Details” keeps things hard and heavy and sports a pretty sweet groove as well.  The power ballad, “Precious Cargo,” follows it up nicely.

As the album nears the end, “The Real Deal” and “One and Only” are two quality rock songs that keep things hot and jumping.  “Messiah of Love” brings back the heavy sound and it is gorgeous. Everything is on point here, the vocals, the guitars, and the drums are all tight and in perfect form. I would not be surprised if this becomes an album favorite for many fans.  “Rollin’ and Rollin’” is a strong closer that is pure hard rock brilliance.  The guitars that tear it up near the end are just the icing on the cake.   The limited edition bonus track, “King of the Hill,” is thrilling with its rip-roaring opening and cool riff that rolls right along through the song.

UFO’s A Conspiracy of Stars proves that you are never too old to rock out.  Through all the years and line-up changes, UFO still has the juice to put forth a very solid effort.  This is definitely the type of album that longtime fans of the band and hard rock fans can get behind.  There are plenty of meat and potatoes here with very little fluff.

4.5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Run Boy Run, Ballad of the Left Hand Gun, Messiah of Love

01.The Killing Kind
02.Run Boy Run
03.Ballad of the Left Hand Gun
04.Sugar Cane
05.Devil’s in the Details
06.Precious Cargo
07.The Real Deal
08.One and Only
09.Messiah of Love
10.Rollin’ and Rollin’
11.King of the Hil

Brian McKinnon - Write A Music Review Sr. Staff
April 29, 2015
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Hard Rock Review: Red Hot Rebellion-The Mission

Release Date: February 3, 2015
Label: Solid Arts and Science

With the self-described genre of “Soundtrack To A Bar Fight,” Red Hot Rebellion certainly has the right attitude for playing hard rock music. And it is not all bravado either, because it is hard to overstate the brilliance of their new album, The Mission. Formed in 2010 in Dayton, Ohio, The Mission is Red Hot Rebellion’s second full-length album (which comes with a 64 page comic book). Consisting of Jim Tramontana (bass, leading vocals), Doug Spencer (guitar, backing vocals), and Andris Devine (drums, backing vocals), these guys are at the top of their game of their new, concept album. With a great sense of humor, catchy riffs, and a hard rock sound with plenty of punk and metal influences, The Mission is one of the first great albums of 2015. 

“Super Epic Intro” gets The Mission rocking and rolling with the sounds of some blazing guitar work and rhythmic drums. Things definitely get off on the right foot, as this grand opening builds anticipation for the rest of the album. If the intro left any doubt in your mind, then “The Mission” will wipe them all away. It is one fantastic rock song. There is so much power and passion here that I am left thinking that these guys could level walls with their music. With its hellraising attitude, “The Mission” is gets the blood pumping and the heart racing. The music rolls right along with “Alright Alright.” The sound is a bit lighter, a bit catchier with its punk rock influence. Heavier and harder, “Prepare to Be Destroyed” delights with great guitar parts that really shred.

“You Bring the Thunder, I’ll Bring the Lightning” has great manic energy running through it, kick started by its opening riff. The music is just relentless, and backed by the lyrics, the song makes for a great party anthem. “Black Magic Dynamite” is a song that has it all. Everything about it is just on point. The lead and backing vocals just play off each other so well, while the guitar and drums never miss a mark. It is one of the best rock songs that you will hear all year. If you need to hold up a song that showcases the catchy riffs of Red Hot Rebellion, then “Battle Royale with Cheese” is that song. It is another pulse pounding song to start a bar fight to.

Promising that they are “Gonna get blitzed tonight,” “Dirtbags and Halfwits” is a great example of Red Hot Rebellion’s humorous and party sides coming together to make one romping rock song. With its electrifying energy, “The Seething Horde” is a sweet mix of punk and hard rock, with the album’s catchiest chorus that you will just want to belt out. Going into the home stretch, “Hellabyte” and “Victory Is Ours (For Now)” keep things energetic, fresh, and interesting. “Melt the Sky” and “The End (It Begins)” bring the album to a close with two memorable hard rocking tracks, especially the latter with the all the quintessential ingredients that have made this album so fantastic. 

Red Hot Rebellion’s The Mission is a marvelous achievement for many reasons. Not only are the performances nothing short of top notch, but also it is a complete album, which seems like something of a rarity these days. There is no filler to found here, making for an album that you will want to listen to from start to finish. I would be very surprised if The Mission is not in my top 10 rock albums at the end of the year. I cannot recommend it enough right now. 

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: The Mission, Black Magic Dynamite, The Seething Horde, The End (It Begins) 

01.Super Epic Intro
02.The Mission
03.Alright Alright
04.Prepare to Be Destroyed
05.You Bring the Thunder, I’ll Bring the Lightning
06.Black Magic Dynamite
07.Battle Royale with Cheese
08.Dirtbags and Halfwits
09.The Seething Horde
11.Victory Is Ours (For Now)
12.Melt the Sky
13.The End (It Begi)

Brian McKinnon - Write A Music Review Sr. Staff

February 17, 2015

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