Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Review: Quayde LaHue-Love Out of Darkness

Release Date: November 8, 2019
Label: Adult Fantasy Records

If you're looking for a record that speaks to the current struggles of society, look no further than Quayde LaHue’s Love Out of Darkness

Love Out of Darkness is an awesome record that focuses on themes of love, oppression, darkness, and the never-ending quest to feel part of something. 

Quayde’s lineup boat members from numerous metal and hardcore bands, most notably, Christian Mistress. While Quayde’s sound differs from Christian Mistress, their sound as a whole echo that of the new wave of British heavy metal movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s. 

The first song on the album, “Give Me Your Love,” sets the tone for the ensuing album with loud power chords, complex structures, and an all-around sense of hard rock in its truest form. The song’s lyrics mirror the instrumental track of the song. Jenna Fitton, the lead vocalist, sings earnestly and honestly about the confusion that surrounds falling in love. She asks, “Is it worth a shot? Because you think she’s hot? Then why the hell not and I can tell he likes what he sees. It’s worth a shot.” The lyrics invite the listener into the world of Fitton, one that is confused at the process of courtship. 

The rest of the album follows suit, as all the songs provide a raw sense of rock with vibes of heavy metal. On “Warrior,” Fitton belts, “I am a warrior” as the rhythm guitar provides a consistent grungy sound. The following track, “Before the Storm” continues the sound of the late 80s and early 90s grunge, reminiscent of Alice In Chains. 

For someone who is not in tune with the sounds of hard rock, heavy metal, and/or grunge, Love Out of Darkness may be a difficult album to listen to or even understand, but the beauty of Love Out of Darkness is that it is an incredibly accessible album. The lyrics are extremely relatable and the instrumental track mirrors the confusion surrounding our society right now. It’s almost as if the lyrics and the instruments are in a constant battle to properly convey the themes of love and darkness that are the backbone of this great record. 

Key Tracks Include: “Give Me Your Love”, “Warrior”, “Before The Storm”, and “Widowmaker.”

Guillermo M. Berrizbeitia
October 10, 2019

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1. Give Me Your Love
2. Man In The Purple Robe
3. Heart Of Stone
4. Warrior
5. Before The Storm
6. Widowmaker
7. Fallout
8. It Still Burns
9. Right To Rock


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