Hard Rock Review: War Gods of the Deep-Action Space Battle

Release Date: September 17, 2019
Label: Astro Dragon Records

One look at the comic book-themed cover art for Action Space Battle and you know you're in for an adventure. The action is unrelenting, and the space battle takes place in the consciousness of the listener. War Gods of the Deep guide you through this journey, warning you of the dangers ahead and steering you safely toward the “Horizon.”

Action Space Battle propels the listener through a sonic galaxy diving and ducking in and out of hard rock and metal atmospheres. Take away the obligatory metal backbone of thunderous galloping staccato drums and bass, and you'll find layers of musicality – rhythm, vocal harmonies, and smart hooks. 

The juxtaposition of the best of the 80s & 90s metal such as Metallica and Danzig with the best of the 70s art-rock such as Styx & Boston makes for a captivating and satisfying ride. The orchestral closing of the opener "Transmission" convinced me that War Gods of the Deep would defy any label affixed to them. 

Concocting such a blend is not without risk and Action Space Battle at times, repeats the tired clichés of both genres. Echo overuse, narrative interludes, drum power-fills, trite rhyming and vocals dipping into "demon-mode." Despite the clichés, the message is positive. Through perseverance, faith, and determination, the hero inside of us all will rise and defeat our demons. "Life Coach" is an anthem for our time and brings to mind what Andrew W.K. might do with more musicianship. 

So, buckle up. Action Space Battle will hurtle you into unknown realms and bring you back feeling like you just slaughtered a space serpent and saved the universe.

Key Tracks Include: “Transmission”, “Life Coach”, “Burn the Misery”, “Horizon”.

Tom Endyke-Contributor
September 17, 2019

01. Transmission
02. Sons of the Serpent
03. Life Coach
04. Beautiful Oblivion
05. The Machine
06. Done
07. Light of your Soul
08. Burn the Misery
09. One of Us
10. Horizon

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