YES “TALK” 30th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set Edition Featuring 8 Bonus Studio Tracks & Previously Unreleased Live Concert

The Great ‘Lost’ YES Album Available As 2-LP Limited Edition White Vinyl/4-CD/1-CD Released May 24, 2024 on Spirit Of Unicorn Music



“TALK”, the 14th studio album by Progressive Legends YES, was initially released on 21st March 1994 and is often referred to as the great ‘lost’ YES album. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Spirit of Unicorn Music will reissue the album as a 4CD Deluxe Edition featuring bonus studio material and a previously unreleased live show from New York, new interview with the principal players by renowned writer Jerry Ewing, a 2-LP limited edition white vinyl set and a single CD. YES fans will welcome the album’s vinyl version as mint copies of the original, and even the reissue, change hands for hundreds of pounds.

After the stellar success of their album “90125” and the slightly troubled birth of its follow-up “Big Generator” in 1987, which reached the top 20 on both sides of the Atlantic, YES splintered once more. There was talk of getting a new singer, Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson was one name bandied around, as were Kansas singer Steve Walsh, Billy Sherwood of World Trade and even “C’est La Vie” singer Robbie Nevil.

YES eventually ‘reformed’ for 1991’s “Union” album and tour, which saw eight members reunite. From those eight, a new YES emerged: Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Chris Squire, Alan White & Rick Wakeman. Due to managerial reasons, Wakeman could not participate, so enter Tony Kaye on keyboards once more and the “90125” line up was back together. YES also had a new label, Victory Records, headed up by the former Atlantic Records executive Phil Carson, who had personally bankrolled the “Cinema/90125” sessions.

The music and lyrics for “Talk” were written mainly by Rabin and Jon Anderson, and Anderson is adamant that it is his favorite album from the Rabin era of YES, “It was just a beautiful time for me and Trev… it was a very harmonious experience for me.”

“Talk” was also one of the first albums to be recorded and edited entirely digitally, without using traditional audio tape. It was a groundbreaking move at the time, but the technology, as advanced as it was, was not without its problems. In January 1994, Northridge in the San Fernando Valley in California was hit by an earthquake measuring 6.7 on the Richter Scale, and production had to be halted as the early Apple Mac computers they were working on were being affected by the tremors. To put the technology into context now, in its unedited form, “Talk” took up 34GB of memory, which today could be transferred via a flash drive in seconds.

“Talk” was preceded by the release of the opening track, the uplifting “The Calling”, which started to make inroads on US Radio and was followed by “Walls”, which was co-written by Roger Hodgson, from his time working with Rabin in 1990. However, disaster loomed as Victory Music, the original label, went bankrupt shortly after the album’s release, and the album was left to wither and die.

Nevertheless, YES kicked off their US tour for “Talk” that June and played 77 shows in the US, Canada, South America and Japan. Sadly, the tour never got to Europe or the band’s homeland, which is a source of regret to both Rabin and Anderson. Footage of the show in Santiago, Chile, is available online and shows a band playing at their peak. “My regret is I wish there was a live album,” says Rabin. “I wish we recorded some shows properly, it’s just a board mix….but you can feel the energy from it.”

YES finished the “Talk” tour at Hiroshima’s Kousei Nenkin Kaikan on 11th October, 1994. It would be the last time Trevor Rabin would play with YES as a full-time member.

“Talk” could be described as the great ‘lost’ YES album and is probably the most cohesive of the Rabin-era YES albums in sound, and the one closest to the classic YES sound of the 70s, exemplified by the stunning fifteen-minute album closer “Endless Dream”. “When I listen to ‘Endless Dream’ it’s such a great piece of music,” Anderson enthuses today. “It’s one of the great YES pieces of music that not many people know. It’s beautiful. And ‘The Calling’. I love it.”

YES “TALK” 30th Anniversary Edition:

A1 The Calling
A2 I Am Waiting
B1 Real Love
B2 State Of Play
B3 Walls
C1 Where Will You Be
C2 Endless Dream
a) Silent Spring (Instrumental)
b) Talk
c) Endless Dream
Bonus Track
D1 The Calling (Special Version)

The Calling
I Am Waiting
Real Love
State Of Play
Where Will You Be
Endless Dream
a) Silent Spring (Instrumental)
b) Talk
c) Endless Dream

The Calling (Special Version)
The Calling (Single Edit)
The Calling (Radio Edit)
Untitled – Trevor Rabin Instrumental
Endless Dream (Demo)
Where Will You Be (Instrumental)
Walls (Instrumental)
Endless Dream (Excerpt) (Instrumental)

I Am Waiting*
The Calling*
Rhythm Of Love*
Real Love*
Heart Of The Sunrise

City Of Love*
Make It Easy*
Owner Of A Lonely Heart*
Trevor Rabin Piano Solo/And You And I*
I’ve Seen All Good People*
Endless Dream*
*Previously unreleased

The Calling
I Am Waiting
Real Love
State Of Play
Where Will You Be
Endless Dream
a) Silent Spring (Instrumental)
b) Talk
c) Endless Dream

Cherry Red:
4 CD: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/yes-talk-30th-anniversary-4cd-expanded-edition
CD: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/yes-talk-30th-anniversary-cd
Limited Edition White Vinyl: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/yes-talk-30th-anniversary-2lp-gatefold-white-vinyl-limited-edition

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All SKUs: https://burningshed.com/store/yes

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Jon Anderson official website: www.jonanderson.com

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Prog Ensemble Circuline Releases Official Video for “Third Rail”

Prog ensemble Circuline’s 2024 “C.O.R.E.” Virtual Tour began Friday, January 12th, 2024, and will consist of 57 events in 48 weeks, with Single releases, Lyric videos, Official videos, “Behind the Scenes” videos, and Livestream Q&A events where the band is able to connect with their fans around the world.

Says keyboardist Andrew Colyer, “With this international virtual tour, we have two goals: 1.) We want to get our music exposed to as many people as possible, to continue to grow our fan base worldwide. 2.) We want to deepen our relationships with the fans who are the most passionate. Releasing singles, lyric videos, and Official Videos accomplishes the first goal, and by doing these in-depth, ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos, we accomplish the second goal. Packaging everything together into a single 12-month celebration of the new album will hopefully capture more attention for future opportunities for live performing and touring, with this fantastic new lineup. For this Official Video for ‘Third Rail’, it’s the second single off of the new album, and we’re continuing to present ourselves in a new way, as a reinvigorated band, with new members and a new sound. We are excited for people to see who we have evolved into. We are so lucky and grateful to have the multi-talented Dave Bainbridge and Shelby Logan Warne as musicians and producers as part of our team, we wanted to take advantage of their skill sets as much as possible! Having Shelby film and produce this beautiful music video was one of the best things that we could think of, so that fans, industry professionals, booking agents, and festival promoters could see us in a new light.”

Link to “Third Rail” Official Video:  https://youtu.be/AkWtvT6U_l4
Link to “Third Rail” Lyric Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJ46P0oxz7M
Link to “Story Behind the Song” [Season 3, Episode 2]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_E-UhGlSAU
Link to “Gear Behind the Music” [Season 3, Episode 2]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feA2h6Au7E8
Link to “Behind the Official Video” [Season 3, Episode 1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogd1YD7xOeY
Link to “LiveStream Q&A #1” [Season 3, Episode 1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l9fFQZaWc4

Says Andrew about the new video, “When we last toured England opening for IO Earth, we worked with Crystal Spotlight to capture our show when we played at Trading Boundaries. Shelby is the one who filmed and produced that content! We wound up releasing the Official Video for the song ‘Summit’, and Shelby did a fantastic job on that. Plus she’s been producing fantastic videos for her own band Kyros, so we knew we would be in good hands, asking her to produce one of Circuline’s new Official Videos. With the title of the song being ‘Third Rail’, it alludes to the electrical supply that moves trains. If you touch or fall on that conductor rail, your body will conduct the electricity to a level which is sufficient to give an electric shock that can kill you or give you severe burns. Since we have the Rhinecliff and Poughkeepsie train stations within a 20-minute drive, I thought those would be some interesting locations for the video shoot. We had a ton of fun that day, which included some excitement from local characters and the police! We discuss those kinds of fun and antics in our ‘Behind the Official Video’ episodes. We got the entire band here for a week in August 2023, and shot six Official Music Videos in five days! The rest of the videos for this 2024 CORE Virtual Tour are being produced in other creative ways. We’ve had so much fun creating all of the videos for this Virtual Tour - we’ve been ‘on location” in basement dungeons, on rivers, in parking lots, and on soundstage studios. This has been a lot of work, and a ton of fun! We hope the fans enjoy it.”

Six years in the making, Circuline’s new album “C.O.R.E.”, released on the Inner Nova Music label on Friday, September 20th, 2024, will be available as an album of eight tracks available in a gatefold digipak CD, with an eight-page booklet of lyrics and liner notes. The album explores themes in romantic relationships, surviving abuse, finding one’s own personal power, and the turbulent times in which we live.

Circuline has a new lineup, with new band members Shelby Logan Warne (Kyros) on bass and vocals, and Dave Bainbridge on guitars (Strawbs, IONA, Lifesigns). Guest Artist Joe Deninzon (Kansas, Stratospheerius) on electric violin. Keyboardist/vocalist Andrew Colyer (Robert Berry’s 3.2 Band, The Tubes), drummer Darin Brannon (Downing Grey, Surface Tension), and lead vocalist Natalie Brown (Evita, Rocky Horror Picture Show) complete the band’s lineup.

Number #1 in Portugal. Top 10 in Japan. Prog-Award Nominated. Global Music Award Winning. With sales in 23 countries, Circuline’s fan base is growing daily. The band has toured with Glass Hammer, repeatedly co-headlined the three-day Sonic Voyage Festival, and toured England opening for IO Earth. Circuline has performed at the International Rites of Spring festival (RoSfest), Philadelphia's Liberty Music Fest, Chicago’s Progtoberfest, New Jersey’s ProgStock, and England’s Harmonix Festival.

CORE Virtual Tour Dates:
Friday, March 22nd - Song #2 - Official Video
Friday, March 29th - Song #2 - Behind the Official Video
Saturday, March 30th - Song #2 - Livestream Q&A  (Sunday is Easter)
Friday, April 5th - Song #3 - Single Release
Friday, April 12th - Song #3 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, April 19th - Song #3 - Lyric Video
Friday, April 26th - Song #3 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, May 3rd - Song #3 - Official Video
Friday, May 10th - Song #3 - Behind the Official Video
Saturday, May 11th - Song #3 - Livestream Q&A  (Sunday is Mother’s Day)
Friday, May 17th - Song #4 - Single Release
Friday, May 24th - Song #4 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, May 31st - Song #4 - Lyric Video
Friday, June 7th - Song #4 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, June 14th - Song #4 - Official Video
Friday, June 21st - Song #4 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, June 23rd - Song #4 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, June 28th - Song #5 - Single Release
Friday, July 5th - Song #5 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, July 12th - Song #5 - Lyric Video
Friday, July 19th - Song #5- Story Behind the Song
Friday, July 26th - Song #5 - Official Video
Friday, August 2nd - Song #5 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, August 4th - Song #5 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, August 9th - Song #6 - Single Release
Friday, August 16th - Song #6 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, August 23rd - Song #6 - Lyric Video
Friday, August 30th - Song #6 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, September 6th - Song #6 - Official Video
Friday, September 13 - Song #6 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, September 15th - Song #6 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, September 20th - Album Release Day!
Friday, September 20th - Song #7 - Single Release
Saturday, September 21st - Album Release Livestream
Friday, September 27th - Song #7 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, October 4th - Song #7 - Lyric Video
Friday, October 11th - Song #7 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, October 18th - Song #7 - Official Video
Friday, October 25th - Song #7 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, October 27th - Song #7 - Livestream Q&A
Friday, November 1st - Song #8 - Single Release
Friday, November 8th - Song #8 - Gear Behind the Music
Friday, November 15th - Song #8 - Lyric Video
Friday, November 22nd - Song #8 - Story Behind the Song
Friday, November 29th - Song #8 - Official Video
Friday, December 6th - Song #8 - Behind the Official Video
Sunday, December 8th - Song #8 - Livestream Q&A

Watch the album launch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ckt6SKkIoM

To pre-order: https://innernovamusic.com/pages/preorder-core

For more information:
Website: https://circulinemusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CirculineMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/circulinemusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/circulinemusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CirculineProgRock

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Keyboard Virtuoso Oliver Wakeman To Release New Album “Anam Cara” on May 17, 2024

Spirit of Unicorn Music are delighted to announce the release of “Anam Cara”, the eleventh studio album from piano and keyboard virtuoso, OLIVER WAKEMAN.

Award-winning Oliver, eldest son of the legendary Rick Wakeman, is one of progressive rock’s hardest working musicians. He has appeared on over 60 albums and has performed in just about every corner of the globe! He was a member of prog rock veterans YES and has also toured and recorded with The Strawbs, as well as being responsible for a number of well-received collaborations with the likes of Steve Howe, Gordon Giltrap and Clive Nolan - to name but a few.

2023 saw Wakeman return to the studio to write and record “Anam Cara”, a project which actually began life prior to his joining Yes. However, the pressures of touring and recording meant that the song ideas and snippets had to be set aside for the right moment. Finally, last year Oliver was able to carve out time to develop the project and bring it to fruition.

Wakeman says “‘Anam Cara’ refers to the Celtic concept of having a Soul Friend.” Indeed, the album boasts an intriguing mix of Celtic rock and progressive tendencies. The collection of ten tracks spans beautiful, lamenting ballads, atmospheric rock songs along with epic tracks.

Wakeman is known for his love of creative diversity, making every album he writes differ from the last. He continues “The songs I’ve written for this album are all short stories. They have allowed my imagination to run riot. It was also the perfect excuse to call upon some of the finest musicians around who have helped me make this record exceed my expectations.”

The album features a stellar collection of musicians who contribute to a multitude of musical styles, bringing each vignette to life. Amongst these are Hayley Griffiths (Riverdance), Troy Donockley (Nightwish), Oliver Day (Fragile) and Scott Higham (Pendragon).

The album has been mixed by Karl Groom (Threshold) and recorded by John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost*, Lonely Robot). Album artwork is by world renowned artist Anne Sudworth.

Wakeman concludes, “The idea of a Soul Friend - a guide, companion, teacher, compassionate presence - seemed to fit so perfectly with the songs I have written.  As for the incredible musicians who have helped me to record this album, they have all truly become Soul Friends.”

Watch the promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rBz3tsuJVE

Anam Cara” will be released on May 17th and will be available on CD or via streaming services. It is released on Spirit of Unicorn Music and can be obtained via Cherry Red Records.

Musicians Featured on the album are:
Oliver Wakeman : keyboards, piano, guitars
Hayley Griffiths : vocals
Troy Donockley : pipes, whistle
Oliver Day : acoustic guitars, lute, mandolin
Scott Higham : drums and percussion
David Mark Pearce : electric guitar
Robert McClung : violin
Steve Amadeo : bass guitar
Mick Allport : saxophone, clarinet

Anam Cara” - Track Listing:
1. The View From Here
2. The Queen’s Lament
3. Here In My Heart
4. 1000 Autumns
5. Marble Arch
6. In The Moonlight
7. Miss You Now
8. Instead Of My Fear
9. Lonely
10. Golden Sun In Grey

Pre-Orders can be placed here:

Eldest son of Rick Wakeman, Oliver filled the keyboard role, once held by his father, with YES from 2008 to 2011. His work with YES includes the triple live album “In The Present - Live From Lyon”, “Fly From Here” and the “From A Page” box set. During his tenure with YES, Wakeman also toured and recorded as a member of The Strawbs. Wakeman’s debut album “Heaven’s Isle” (1997) was inspired by the island of Lundy. He has since released a number of solo and Oliver Wakeman Band albums. Oliver has released a number of collaborations with several renowned musicians, including Clive Nolan, guitar legend Gordon Giltrap and Steve Howe, bandmate to both Oliver and his father in YES.

For further information contact:
Sarah Ewing at TASK Agency: sarah@taskagency.co.uk/ 07947 400 510

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Singer-Songwriter Jann Klose’s Collaboration with South African Music Legend Tamara Dey Hits Number 1

Singer, songwriter and podcaster Jann Klose recently scored two number one chart positions. His newest track, a collaboration with South African music legend Tamara Dey, called “You & I” hit the Number 1 spot on the SA Music Show on Jacaranda FM in Johannesburg while also breaking the Top 10 on Heart FM in Cape Town. The song initially appeared on Klose’s 2018 hit album “In Tandem” (Gallo/Sheer) and is out now on Dey’s EP “La Musica” (Gresham).

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/Ysml2es8DDQ

Jann’s podcast “Making Sound” also claimed the Number 1 spot on Apple Podcasts in Ireland in the music interview category ahead of Björk, Zane Lowe, Alec Baldwin. The podcast, launched during the pandemic, is going strong with over 100 episodes released and featuring music legends such as John Mahon (Elton John Band), Simon Kirke (Free, Bad Company) and Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad).

Making Sound” podcast: https://makingsoundpodcast.com

Klose will be performing shows in the Northeast United States this season promoting his newest studio album “Surrender” which spawned Top 40 hits “Sugar My”, “Love You the Most” and “Pilot Light” in the US and South Africa. Jann and his band have already performed shows with the new album in Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, the US and South Africa.


March 21st, 2024: The Songwriter’s Lounge, City Winery Hudson Valley

April 6th, 2024: Songwriters Night, Spanish Pavilion, Harrison, NJ

May 3rd, 2024: Private Event, New York, NY

May 4th, 2024: The Cutting Room, New York, NY

May 17th, 2024: Brick Hill House Concerts, Orleans, MA

August 2nd, 2024: Private Event, Winsen (Luhe), Germany

September 4th, 2024: Woodbridge Wednesdays, Woodbridge, NJ

January 3rd, 2025: Birdland, Hamburg, Germany

For more information:
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/jannklose
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jann.klose/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jannklose/
Threads https://www.threads.net/@jannklose

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Deluxe Fan Edition of Nick DeRiso’s Best-Selling Book JOURNEY: WORLDS APART Out Now!

The Deluxe Fan Edition of Nick DeRiso’s Amazon best-selling book JOURNEY: WORLDS APART is here! Featuring exclusive photographs and illustrations in gorgeous full color, this must-have hardback isn’t just a biography of the band Journey – it’s a backstage pass.

DeRiso, a five-time columnist of the year, conducted more than 50 interviews for JOURNEY: WORLDS APART, delving into every album and every era with Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Gregg Rolie, Steve Augeri, Deen Castronovo, and Steve Smith, among others. Combined with extensive charts and a detailed timeline, he’s created the most complete portrait ever of a jam band that evolved from Santana into arena rockers, premier power balladeers and then Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.

Here's where to buy this all-new Deluxe Fan Edition of JOURNEY: WORLDS APART:

Also featured are conversations that DeRiso had with key musical collaborators, producers, video directors, industry experts and band insiders. They include John Waite, Jan Hammer, MTV’s Martha Quinn, San Francisco music journalist Joel Selvin, former Rolling Stone editor David Wild, former Journey members Marco Mendoza and Jeff Scott Soto, Journey road manager Pat Morrow, and longtime album cover illustrator Stanley Mouse, among many others.

JOURNEY: WORLDS APART topped the Amazon chart for biographies of both rock and pop bands multiple times after its original release in December as Journey concluded its 50th year. Nick DeRiso has been named columnist of the year by the Associated Press, the Louisiana Press Association and LSWA; he also oversaw a newspaper section for the USA Today Network that was named Top 10 in the nation by the Associated Press.

Here's what’s been said about the book:

Believers in Journey’s entire journey should embrace Nick DeRiso’s JOURNEY: WORLDS APART with open arms. This is a compelling deep dive into the rather complicated history of one of the most enduringly beloved bands in rock history.” – David Wild, former Rolling Stone contributing editor

“Journey was amazing in their resilience and it’s hard to say enough about their chops: Steve Perry, he really has a talent that is so extreme, it’s scary. Steve Smith is the world’s baddest white boy on drums. Ross Valory, always there, always dependable—a fabulous bass player with the best sense of humor. Neal Schon, I’m telling you he is the master. For me, there’s nobody who touches Neal. We had the best crew of road men and women ever! Everyone came together because of the determination of Herbie Herbert. Without Herbie, none of this would have ever happened. JOURNEY: WORLDS APART takes fans all the way back. It’s as close to how it was then as you’re ever going to read.” – Pat Morrow, longtime Journey road manager and Nocturne CEO

“From ‘Don’t Stop Believin” to ‘Separate Ways,’ Journey unconsciously wrote the band’s autobiography in their songs. Nick DeRiso’s JOURNEY: WORLDS APART follows that long, strange ‘journey’ from the stage of Woodstock to Trump’s Oval Office in almost granular detail, detailing a long-running battle of the band. A must-read for all Journey fans.” – Joel Selvin, former San Francisco Chronicle music writer

“For a band of its stature and impact, there’s precious little literature out there about Journey. Nick DeRiso’s JOURNEY: WORLDS APART fills that gap in a comprehensive, well, journey through the band’s 50-year-plus career. Packed with up-to-date facts and, most importantly, context, WORLDS APART offers plenty of insight for fans both faithful and casual—going all the way back to its roots in Santana and steering us through the songs and albums, the personalities, the soap opera dynamics, and the determined wherewithal that have kept Journey riding through it all. There’s much more to this band than “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and WORLDS APART gives us all of it.” – Gary Graff, longtime Detroit music critic and author of Alice Cooper at 75

JOURNEY: WORLDS APART is also available:

On paperback and as an eBook via Amazon:

On paperback at Barnes and Noble:

On paperback at Books-A-Million:

As an eBook via Apple Books:

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