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Australian artist ELASKIA releases captivating release 'Better'

An artist growing with each release, Elaskia is destined to have her name in the lights within a matter of months. With great success in her songwriting, Elaskia’s debut single ‘Calling Out My Name’ was featured in the hit American TV broadcast and worldwide Netflix series ‘Dynasty’ as well as ‘Marvel’s Runaways. Back with dance-pop infused new single ‘Better’, the new release was written during the last Australian Lockdown.

Sharing her thoughts on the exceptional new track, Elaskia explains, “I wrote this about realising your own worth even when someone else doesn't. I think some people confuse self-worth with being selfish and this is the exact opposite of that. It's about knowing what you deserve and not being afraid to stand up for that.”

Like the rest of the world, the Lockdown affected Elaskia and her close friends. Adding to this, the songwriter shares, “During that time I found that a few of them were experiencing relationships and situations where they felt stuck and almost like they had to settle where they were because nothing else was happening. It was really sad to see that happen to people I think the world of and I guess that's what initially inspired me to write 'Better'. I really feel like no matter what situation you are in (even when it's extremely difficult) you should never feel like you have to settle for something that doesn't feel right to you or make you feel good enough. It's about being okay on your own and having that self-validation and self-worth even when others don't give it to you.”

Produced by Rod McCormack and Elaskia herself, mixed by McCormack who has worked with Paul Kelly, Guy Sebastian and Kasey Chambers and mastered at Sterling Sound by Chris Gehringer (Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Rihanna), ‘Better’ comes across as enchanting and everything you’d expect from Australia’s finest talent.

Vanessa Hillman returns with stunning new single 'Tongue Tied'


Having grown up attending local festivals and restaurants, Vanessa Hillman is certainly a captivating storyteller. Fast forward to the present day, and this songwriter is about to change the industry forever. Back with latest release ‘Tongue Tied’, the prominently pop track has elements of fierce R&B throughout.

Sharing her thoughts on the new release, Vanessa explains, “Tongue Tied is about being so into someone that you're reckless. You're hypnotized to go along with anything even when you know better.”

Taking you back to where it all began, Vanessa used to sing at her local bar. Obsessed with songwriting from a young age, Vanessa’s parents sent her off to college to study business and she signed up for all the music classes instead. Being taught to write songs on piano and learning how to produce on her laptop, you could say the rest is simply history.

Her debut single “Let Me Go” has received over 100,000 streams on Spotify since its release, and “Tongue Tied” could easily follow in the same footsteps. Musically, the track is fuelled with sassy vocals that come across as entirely empowering and states that this songwriter means business.

Pennsylvania based artist Kevin Whitaker is back with energetic track 'Part of Me'

Kevin Whitaker resides in Pennsylvania and is a singer-songwriter with layers of character. Creating energetic music with ounces of star-quality throughout its arrangements, he has had a great interest and enthusiasm for music from a young age. Strongly influenced by the euro-pop movement, Kevin’s vocals are mysterious, raspy and full of emotion. 

Speaking about his new release, Kevin shares, “After winning an internal battle with myself, ‘Part of Me’ was winning the battle of negative thoughts. It’s also about cutting out the toxic relationships and finding me - a part of me that I love.”

Standing for compassion and always dreaming, Kevin Whitaker is a relatable songwriter that creates music best described as infectiously effortless. Armed with a broad range of inspirations, Kevin gains influence from everywhere including the hard metal scene to the 80s pop era. Adding to this statement, the songwriter shares, “I wanted to bring a sound that the 80s had, but with large powerful writing that hits.”

Musically endearing and captivating, ‘Part of Me’ will instantly become a part of your daily routine and become your daily drug. Bathed in bewitching vocals and one hell of a production, Kevin wrote, recorded and produced everything on the track.


Keeper unveils rock anthem 'Soul'

Emerging alternative pop-rock artist Keeper is destined to become the talk of the town with hypnotising new anthem ‘Soul’. Based in London, Keeper has been described as an ‘artist you need to hear’ by Alternative Press. Having received support from Spotify playlists such as ‘New Pop UK’, ‘Hyper Pop’ and ‘Misfits 2.0’, it’s fair to say that Keeper is turning heads. Drawing inspiration from the likes of pop-punk, emo and hyper-pop music, Keeper could easily find himself supporting the likes of Enter Shikari, Neck Deep, Glaive and Dorian Electra.

Speaking about the new release, Keeper shares, “Soul, for me, has two meanings. The song itself is about getting bored. Bored of where you live, bored of the people you're with, bored of the shop, and bored with the sky above you. It's a song about having a need to break out, like a Hyperpop version of Pop-Punks "I hate this town". How life starts off fine, but gradually the monotonous routine of it all leaves you feeling burnt out, but what's the point of leaving? 

The chorus is someone begging to run away, but waiting for a reason, because otherwise, what's the point. The video is a little different. It is about how certain larger than life news-anchors instigate and frame situations for monetary gain. The idea is cartoonishly based of Manufactured consent by Noam Chomsky."


Grafted Culture releases new single 'Ivory Stands

Dutch/American sisters Gabriëlle and Michaëlle, aka the minds behind phenomenal outfit Grafted Culture unveil striking new release titled ‘Ivory Stands’. Creating gentle folk music poised with poetic lyricism that stir the emotions, the duo are known for their incredible harmonies. What adds even more to their music is their amazingly humble and gentle natures that find joy in sharing their passion for life with others. The two sisters grew up travelling and experiencing different cultures and countries, and by doing this, led the siblings to find their music calling.

Speaking about the iconic new release, Grafted Culture share, “Ivory Stands is about turning your back to the history that formed and shaped you, and using that history to strengthen your journey to a new life of empowerment.”

Prompting reflection as perseverance, ‘Ivory Stands’ is a truly inspiring release that comes across as entirely innovative. Grafted Culture’s unique sound is influenced by the constant struggle with love and loss as they fall in love with the culture and people of a region and are forced to say goodbye as they are called to move on. The sisters were raised to be aware of the needs of others and to be a positive addition to their surroundings. They have camped in the remote jungle villages of Papua New Guinea, been on the streets of Sydney, Australia at 5AM feeding the homeless, walked through hospitals Christmas Caroling for the sick and volunteered at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital


Singer-songwriter Carina Torres unleashes infectious new offering 'Count on Me'

ndependent singer-songwriter Carina Torres returns with the addictive new single ‘Count on Me’. A track that has had a great response from live audiences, the release is her fourth single to date. Having grown up in the south of Brazil and moving to Barcelona when she was a teenager, Carina now resides and performs in London. She carried her passion for music and performing through many years of training during her teenage years. She moved to the UK to study Musical Theatre Triple Threat at the University of Chichester. There, she graduated with First Class Honours in May of 2020.

In 2020, she enrolled in a Singing and Songwriting Diploma at Point Blank in London, graduating in April 2021. In January 2021, she released her self-produced debut single “If I Knew You,” a uniquely touching song lovingly dedicated to her younger self. In April, she released her heartbreaking single “The Way We Exist,” which was described by critics as a “silky gem” with “powerful and intense vocals” and “steeped in compelling emotional storytelling.” 

Carina Torres tapped into a more R&B, and Indiepop inspired sound, in June 2021, with her new single “Nowhere.” This well-received single was mentioned as a “delightful reminder of why you want to keep your eye on her” and opened up the doors of some live music stages in London.

Speaking about her new release, Carina shares, “Count on Me is a love song through and through. It is about really wanting to keep someone around and saying that you are there for them the same way they are there for you. You might not be able to fully describe it but you know the feeling is there, the love is strong and you don’t want it to go away.”

Tea Sea returns with emotional new offering 'Vanish'


With over 230,000 streams on Spotify alone, Tea Sea’s back catalogue is certainly turning heads within the industry, and ‘Vanish’ will certainly live up to that name too. Based around an infectious beat that would sit comfortably in the charts, it’s Tea Sea’s vocals that steal the spotlight. Adding to the track’s formation, Tea Sea adds, “I wrote "Vanish" near the very end of June 2021 at 10:19 PM (I like to date my lyrics when completed). It usually only takes me 2-4 hours at the most to write a solid record nowadays because I've been writing songs for over a decade. I always come up with the melody first unless the hook is just absolutely explosive. I pretty much only use Airbit for beats since they have a wide variety of different instrumental styles for the type of mood you want to convey in your music. My last seven records, including this one, have all been recorded at Aesthete Recording Studio; V is fantastic at his job (he's the Head Engineer who mixes and masters my latest records).” "Vanish" is out now on all streaming platforms.


Korean-American artist Kristian J releases charismatic EP 'YANG-A-CHI'


Korean-American singer-songwriter Kristian J (previously known as Joom BaBoom) returns with a highly addictive new EP ‘YANG-A-CHI’. Consisting of leading single ‘WIPE IT OFF’, the hip-hop infused contender sits firmly on a high pedestal in an already fantastic industry. After living in South Korea for two years and independently releasing two albums, Kristian is now based in Mexico City, ready to further his music career in Latin America, while constantly honing his personal brand: sexy, smooth, camp, queer.

Speaking about the personal new EP, Kristian J shares, “양아치 (yang-a-chi) is a Korean word meaning a punk, a troublemaker. One of those class bullies you always see on TV. On the one hand, I’m not really that kind of person at all, yet it became sort of a nickname for me while I was living in Korea the past few years. While it was all for fun, I think it’s because I chose to live my life differently from other people. I wasn’t afraid to take risks and get into a little trouble. I wasn’t 정상 (“normal”) like everyone else. In the Korean gay community, 양아치 is even seen as a compliment. 

You’re like a bad boy. On the other hand, I guess I am a 양아치 in a way. I decided to name this EP after this peculiar, newfound identity. A lot of these songs are about living life differently from those around you. The lyrics talk about love, sex, identity, and the masochistic torture of chasing after your dreams as an artist. Grappling with these things and coming to terms with your authentic self isn’t an easy thing to do. Unless you’re a 양아치.”

A bold statement that this LGBTQ+ artist means business, ‘WIPE IT OFF’’ flows freely without a care in the world. At just over two minutes long, the track may be short, but it’s certainly sweet. Fitting perfectly in today’s mainstream charts, it’s Kristian J’s smooth vocals that steal the spotlight. Armed with breathtaking harmonies that create a safe-haven, the beat is by BrazyKey$ (IG: @itsbrazykeys) and the vocal production by Kristian J himself. “YANG-A-CHI” also features previously heard single ‘ON&ON’ which received fantastic playlist placements and streams.


Nigerian artist OFFICIAL GENIUS releases sensational new track 'Slow Down'


One of the latest rising stars on the Nigerian circuit, GENIUS is a singer-songwriter with layers of credibility. He took the industry by storm when he released his debut single ‘Erima’. Now back with sensational new release ‘Slow Down’, there’s no sign of slowing down for his artist. In June 2020, he solidified his position as an Afrobeats star with his debut album, ‘Kamikaze’. The project has been an enormous success and is currently receiving airplay on many radio stations in Southern Nigeria.

Speaking about the release, GENIUS shares, “Slow Down talks about how a girl keeps finessing a guy who slides on her instagram Dm. However, he keeps doing all he can to win her over even though he knows she hard to get because she is richer than him.”

Adding to his thoughts on how the track was created, GENIUS adds, “I was listening to my friends who I met on an Instagram playlist he made instrumentals, just for the first 10 seconds i listened i was he captived by the supernatural vibe of the beat, freestyled to the instrumental and i fell in love with what i had, i contacted him and paid him for the beat and he sent me the stems of the instrumental, I recorded at home, I love storytelling in all of my songs there has to be a messaged, so i wrote the song after freestyling fixed an imaginery story on the beat when i finished recording i sent the stems and the files to STG for mixng and mastering he worked with top arts like Wizkid, Davido and even african giant burna boy.”

Musically, somewhere between afrobeat and R&B, ‘Slow Down’ will instantly have you jiving with its addictive beat. Receiving previous support from the likes of The Guardian (Nigeria), and reaching #1 in the iTunes Album Chart (Nigeria), GENIUS is best described as a force to be reckoned with.


ECHLO shares artistic vision 'Puppeteer'

ECHLO is finally back with the enthralling new release, ‘Puppeteer’, from her upcoming first full album ‘I was I’.

ECHLO is an artist that knows a thing or two about breaking free. Chloe Charles introduced ECHLO to the world with her 2019 successful introductory EP ‘Echolocation‘. “ECHLO is my artistic reinvention. ECHLO evolved from Chloe. I’m not disassociating from what I’ve done in the past; I’m proud of that work and it’s a part of me. Besides being an anagram of my name, ECHLO makes music in a different genre, is further reaching, allows me to be more outspoken, less reserved and unapologetic about concepts and feelings.”, she says. ECHLO, as Chloe Charles, has certainly been turning heads ever since she broke onto the music scene by winning multiple awards, performing upwards of 1,000 shows across twelve countries and gaining accolades from sites such as Rolling Stone and Billboard.

Speaking about her new release Puppeteer, ECHLO had this to say, “Sometimes we find ourselves in a position of power over someone else, the master in a love affair. Sometimes we take advantage of this and sometimes we wake up and cut the strings. We have all been masters and puppets in some form or another. At some point we have to cut our strings and break free.”

Sounding somewhere between the realms of atmospheric dark-pop, electronica and with a touch of trip-hop, Puppeteer will have you hooked from the first notes. ECHLO hypnotizes you with her enchanting vocals, and makes Puppeteer the type of track that Portishead and Massive Attack would love to have in their discographies. Armed with a creative use of beats and percussion, Puppeteer comes across as experimental yet able to win the hearts of all types of music lovers. Inspired by a past relationship where the power was unbalanced, the track feels relatable to anyone out there struggling to cut the strings in a toxic relationship, whether platonic or romantic.


Indie artist Kate Brunotts release addictive single 'Gemini'

Claiming the role as a producer, singer, songwriter and music engineer all at the age of just 21 years old, Kate Brunotts really ticks all the right boxes. Receiving support from Lefuturewave, who stated that her music ‘creates new universes, she’s a surefire creative and artistic force’, as well multiple Spotify editorial playlists including ‘Fresh Finds’, Kate is certainly turning heads within the industry. Back with indie infused contender ‘GEMINI’, the track is a self-produced single all about the experience that comes from the duality of both a physical and digital self.

Talking about the sensational new single, Kate explains, “GEMINI is about the facade of ourselves that we portray online and how that reputation unfortunately precedes our one in the physical world. I produced this track after being inspired by the eerie soundscapes of FKA Twigs and feeling a distinct separation between who I am personally and digitally. 

I thought it was important for the bed of the sound to be made up of my own distorted vocal samples, with my true vocal singing on top of it. I started with the vocal samples and built up the beat from there.”

The first single off of Kate’s self-produced EP ‘all caps’, slated for arrival later this year, GEMINI comes across as euphoric and the suitable song for the perfect backdrop to your favourite TV show. Entirely self produced with further mixing done by Devin Spear, the hypnotic track features vocal staples, drum samples, choir samples and even a flute as well. Showcasing that versatility is important to this songwriter, Kate likes to create innovative music without boundaries.


Iceberg Black reveals hard-hitting new offering

Iceberg Black – also known as "Ice” – has carved out a lane of his own in the industry, using self-produced beats, a prolific work rate, and a distinctively gritty sound, accentuated by production consisting of sparse melodies and booming 808s. He's received praise from outlets across the web, as the music video has earned more than 275,000 views on YouTube since its release on October 13th.

With the hopes of broadening his audience even more, Ice has now signed with Babygrande Records and makes his label debut with the captivating music video for “Spaceships & Hoodbitches”-- his sensational self-produced track that has climbed to 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone off word of mouth. Ice and Babygrande have also announced that his upcoming album, “The Mothership,” will be released on October 22.

Conceived by renowned director Shomi Patwary, the video takes viewers on a futuristic journey through Iceberg Black’s hometown, as he flexes in dapper attire and fancy cars. The video feels otherworldly and perfectly complements the track, which feels and sounds well ahead of its time. Patwary pairs a captivating storyline with VFX and quick cuts to engage viewers throughout the video. It’s a mesmerizing on-screen performance from Iceberg Black and sets a high bar for his visuals going forward.


Santi Storm reveals colourful new offering 'Cyber Boy'

Santi Storm is a complete visionary in vibrant new single ‘Cyber Boy. Known for their candy coloured, cute aesthetic and highly energetic music, Santi plays the part of both Barbie and Ken. Building a strong fanbase of over 342,000 followers on TikTok alone, this social media creative has received praise from publications such as Paper Magazine.

Speaking about the iconic new single, Santi Storm shares, “The story of Cyber Boy is about falling in love with someone online and fantasising about meeting them. It's about wanting to jump through a computer screen into cyberspace and joining that person in a virtual reality fantasy world and flying off together in happiness. But it’s mainly about fantasising about this concept and that person who you only have an online relationship with. It's about dreaming of a fake world that you so wish to be in, with a person who you don't even know but you love.”

Having performed and travelled across the world as a Nightlife Drag Performer/lip sync artist for five years, Santi quickly realised that they wanted to be performing their own music as opposed than other people's songs. Inspired by virtual reality, video games and anime, you can hear Santi Storm’s vivid aesthetic throughout their ear-catching music.

“Cyber Boy '' comes across as a song that refuses to be left on any shelf. Bathed in bubblegum, hyper pop sensibilities, the track may have Santi Storm thinking of their dream fantasy, but we think it could become a reality very soon. An artist that’s destined for greatness simply because they stand up for what they believe in, this LGBTQ+ icon uses music as a form of escapism.

I wrote the song when at a time when I was unwell, I was fantasising about an idea of creating a story of being in a virtual reality world where I was the best version of myself. I wanted to write a song and a story that was about meeting perfect people in a perfect world online,” adds Santi Storm.


Indie meets psychedelic dream-pop project Di Ivories reveal hypnotising single 'Have U Noticed?'


Indie meets psychedelic dream-pop project Di Ivories dive into realms of disco in hypnotising new single ‘Have U Noticed?’. Led by singer, keyboardist and composer Diego Martinez, the immersive project have received praise from Under the Radar, The Stumble Upon, Music Crowns and BTR Radio to name a few. Combining indie rock with unpredictable instrumentation, Diego’s chaotic music may be eccentric but it’s certainly able to win over your heart. Written in fall-winter 2020 where the dark days of the pandemic were still fully upon us, there’s elements of relatability throughout the new release.

Speaking about his electric new single, Diego shares, “Have U Noticed? Came at a time where I had to address my feelings for someone that I’ve had after several years of friendship. This song is probably the strongest song of the EP because it is so emotionally charged. Heart Break is one of the purest forms of raw energy we feel and try to understand while it’s happening to us, but we never really realize how shattered our heart is until after it’s already broken. We tracked this song with an upright piano in the intro and then in a flash the beat drops and you feel the intensity of the song, like something is catching fire in front of you. 

This song brought out the fire in me to do something magical, like try to walk on water. Was written in the Fall-Winter, where the darkest days so far of the pandemic loomed upon us. I wanted to capture the raw emotion of a personal heartbreak along with the pain everyone is feeling and create a chord structure that would help me cry the pain away in order to mold into later strength.”

A huge fan of expressing himself through fashion, Diego comes across as a powerful role model with a passion for colours. Adding to how he created ‘Have U Noticed?’, Diego shares,It started with an inventive little piano diddle that kind of rattled my emotions in a way that gave off a deep sadness when playing it. It got hooked into my brain and shortly afterwards the words started coming out. That ended up being the verse and throughout the seasons as the days grew colder I started to feel that too and it ultimately shattered me. I was heartbroken, the song beautifully captured my heartbreak while also guiding me towards a new light.”

Be transported into a heavenly production produced by Garret de Block, mixed at Strange Weather Studios and mastered by Alex de Turk. 

Northeast based duo PSiMiTAR reveal vibrant release 'Better Believe It'


Northeast based duo PSiMiTAR return with the new contender ‘Better Believe It’. Composed of producer/rapper Steesh aka Baron Von Alias, and vocalist & DJ, LKP, they’ve been putting out their unique take on UK hip-hop soul under this alias since 2020. Receiving praise from BBC Radio 1, Grammy award-winning Brasstracks, BBC Introducing and Narc Magazine to name a few, the duo has had tens of thousands of streams and support from DJs across the globe. Back with the astonishing new single, ‘Better Believe It’ sounds somewhere between the grooves of Tom Misch and the style of Anderson .Paak.

Speaking about their new release, the duo share, “Better Believe is about the little voice in your “head that tells you to never give up, and how we have to have self-belief to succeed at anything.”

Dedicated to self-belief and finding your feet, ‘Better Believe It’ comes across as entirely empowering and able to give anyone a well-needed serotonin boost. Jam-packed with a range of live instruments, the track includes a talk-box, skilful melodic bars from rapper Steesh and soulful R&B vocals from LKP that will leave you with goosebumps. Already receiving great support from Nick Roberts and Lee Hawthorn at BBC Introducing in North East and Yorkshire, HyperTribe and Wayne C McDonald's key tastemaker Sugar Radio show, it’s safe to say, the track is becoming the talk of the town.


Raquel Kiaraa unveils iconic new album 'Defying Odds'

Receiving support from international radio stations, programs and brands such as Natan (Belgium), McDonalds (Switzerland), Shakeaway (UK) and Helly Hansen (Norway), Raquel is making a clear statement that she means business in the industry. A compilation of Raquel's most unique and charismatic songs, this album has a profound meaning. In it, Raquel is owning her power, celebrating the beauty of not only giving life to the child but giving light to herself, her strength, and her music goals.

Powerful and commanding, Raquel shows that she will continue to rise through all challenges as she moves through pregnancy and toward becoming a mom for the second time. The title of the album speaks to women's power to transcend the status quo. Time and again, women rise to the occasion proving to themselves and the world that the impossible is possible, and their dreams are alive, and we are achieving them.

Speaking about leading single “Love Got Me Sick”, Raquel adds, “It’s about the complexities we all face around love, the darker side of it. I have loved and lost. I have loved and changed. I have loved so thoroughly I could no longer tell where I stopped, and it began. I've had passion used as a weapon against me, a tool for manipulation I was too blind to see.

I have felt mad, passionate, love and love as comfortable as a king-size bed. I have loved so hard it hurt, and I've faked a more profound love than I felt. I've withheld love and had love withheld from me. I have run from love, feared my passion and denied truly seeing love. I am no stranger to love. Yet, I have experienced and understand many sides of it – the good and the bad – and am no longer blind to its powerful effects on one's existence. Love is all at once; terrifying and magical, it's one thing in this world that will never be portrayed by words alone, for its feeling lives in every pocket of our mind, body and soul. Love is powerful."


Indie pop artist Christine Sako reveals latest gem 'Coda'

LGBTQIA+ icon and singer-songwriter Christine Sako knew she wanted to be a star after hearing Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’ in 2002. Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, Christine drove solo cross-country to San Diego, CA in 2012 with just her guitar and a 25 key MIDI controller. No stranger to the industry, Christine had an opportunity in 2009 to tour with indie-pop band Now, Now. After two years of opening for bands such as Paramore and Paper Route, she decided to head down her own solo venture.

Back with indie-pop infused contender ‘Coda’, Christine had this to say about the release, "“Coda” is about the experience of having a person come back into your life and re-open a chapter in a book you thought was already well-read and closed. This reopening turns into re-writing of sorts - as emotions, conversations, and places are all revisited. It can feel like the revived relationship is being transformed into something new, or at least different, something that maybe this time will last. But none of these changes change the outcome.  Instead they end up being a temporary distraction from the inevitable retelling of the same story. The central tension of the song is on the one hand,  being tired and wanting to move on and on the other,  feeling compelled to relive  history as it repeats itself. In spite of the desire to let go, there is an underlying friction, a tugging in the direction opposite of freedom. It’s this conflicted feeling that results in pleading with the other party to “give it a rest,” since the strength to break the pattern on one’s own isn’t quite there yet.

The word “coda” comes from a musical term in which a passage in a song (the coda) concludes a recapitulated theme. The hope is that this final rendition is truly the final adaptation in the story."

Receiving praise from the likes of The Hype Magazine, Volatile Weekly, Jammerzine and Get In Her Ears to name a few, Christine’s energetic pop music will leave you weak at the knees. Written in the summer of 2021, the track was recorded in the songwriter’s home studio. Musically endearing and everything you’d expect from a Christine Sako