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Get Your Song Ideas from Symphonic and Heavy Metal Music

Russ Suereth

Last week we discussed getting music ideas from new age and ambient music. This week we’ll discuss getting ideas from symphonic music and heavy metal.

It’s hard to find two types of music that are more different from each other than heavy metal and symphonic music. But they are also similar, because both can excel at musical passages that are simple and hard to get out of your head.

Case in point is Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor. Written around 1805, this composition starts with the famous ta-ta-ta-daa, ta-ta-ta-daa. These eight notes are part of our ordinary music knowledge, and have been used by modern groups such as the Electric Light Orchestra.

The point here is that these eight simple notes can be used as a basis for your eight-note or ten-note hook. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are memorable and that catch a person’s ear.

The same goes for heavy metal music. There have been a lot of great hooks in heavy metal for years. Black Sabbath’s Paranoid album is full of powerful hooks. For instance, the beginning of the song “Ironman” has a great guitar hook that feels like a giant metallic beast stomping across the countryside. That piece still makes me smile today.

Other heavy metal examples, of course, can be found in Led Zeppelin tunes. The song “Good Times Bad Times” starts off with a great riff from Jimmy Page that is simple and memorable.

Just because Beethoven and Page were, and are, great artists does not mean you should be intimidated. Just focus on the notes, and forget the rest of the song, and everything else. Start playing some notes on the keyboard or the guitar, and find something you like and that sounds catchy. Keep it simple. And then embellish it a little with your style and tone. Or embellish it a lot. It’s your riff!


Music News: Black Note Graffiti Playing the Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Ann Arbor, Michigan-June 17, 2013-Black Note Graffiti is made up music veterans Rick Ortiz on vocals and guitar, Adam Nine bass guitar, Kurt Keller percussion and Kris Keller guitar and vocals. The band performed previously as Krescent 4 before forming the new lineup.

In support of their recent release Volume 1,they are proud to be playing at the upcoming Ann Arbor Summer Festival, which is also referred to as A2SF2014. The band and other acts are participating in The Top of the Park which is a free outdoor event that's part of A2SF2014 schedule. The Rackham Stage is situated outside Rackham Auditorium on a large music stage that sits across Ingalls Mall/ Park.

Volume I was just picked up by ESPN to be used in NASCAR, which is fitting for the band’s powerful and fast moving sounds. The band is really excited about the momentum and recognition the release has gained thus far. They are anticipating an exciting time introducing all the new material on a live stage.

One reviewer commented on the new album: This is a fantastic hard rock album with a lot of talent on display. You get it all in one package, a band with an ultra-cool name and sounds to match-Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival is an exciting celebration of performing arts, outdoor entertainment, and community spirit that starts in June and runs through July. A boutique music and arts festival, the three-week gathering offers dozens of performances, activities, exhibitions, and screenings representative of the best in music, dance, comedy, film, circus and street arts, and family entertainment.

There will be six music acts performing there and Black Note Grafitti will go on stage at the Main Stage Summerfest July 5th at 7:00 pm.

The day after all the fireworks displays across America is through and all the noise has faded away, there is sure to be plenty more explosions of sounds with Black Note Graffiti making their way through the songs on Volume 1. If you enjoy outdoor events, live music, and electrifying progressive metal then this is a show that should not be missed!

Company:Noteborn Music Company
Contact:Kris Keller


Jazz Fusion Review: Ivan Verrastro-Sentience

Artist: Ivan Verrastro
Title: Sentience
Genre: Jazz Fusion
Label: Independent
Product Link
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Ivan Verrastro is a true master of his craft. Every second is as important as the other on every song. Not a second is wasted. Sentience is clearly a labor of love that he has poured everything he has into making this album..READ MORE...


New Age Celtic Review: Shauna Burns-Violet

Artist: Shauna Burns
Title: Violet
Genre: New Age/ Celtic
Label: Red Rock Music LLC
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If you are a fan of Sarah McLachlan, you will find a lot of similarities in sound, Celtic flair and deeply emotive vocals in this album on the whole. In particular, the song “Vienna” gouged at my heart with a spoon...READ MORE...


Lance Reegan-Diehl Introduces The Player Signature Swing Guitar Line

Seoul-Korea-October, 8-2013- When Lance Reegan-Diehl met the owner of Swing Guitars a partnership was born. Lance was asked to provide a design of a guitar that he would like to play. After his many experiences modifying
guitars he found it natural to sit down and sketch out some designs....READ MORE...


Pop Review: Woody Russell-Delicious Days

Artist: Woody Russell
Title: Delicious Days
Genre: Pop
Label: Cuts Music Group
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I listened to it four times before I even put my shovel in the dirt. Having heard most of his previous work, I thought I was familiar with Woody. His last vocal album, Up Against It, was a classic Texas blues and soul masterpiece that I still listen to on a regular basis. But, Delicious Days is an entirely new level on the house that Woody built and it sounds like a man who has truly found his sweet spot...READ MORE...


New Age Review: Sonaljit Mukherjee-Dreaming the Afterlife

Artist: Sonaljit Mukherjee
Title: Dreaming the Afterlife
Genre: New Age
Label: Independent
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Sonaljit Mukherjee hails from India and currently resides in Massachusetts as he pursues a Ph.D. for physics at Dartmouth. Growing up in a family that was musically inclined, Mukherjee learned how to use home sound recordings to his best advantage at an early age...READ MORE...


Pop/Rock Review: Leah Jee-The Rest is Ours EP

Artist: Leah Jee
Title: The Rest is Ours EP
Genre: Pop/Rock
Label: LRT Music Group
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The Rest is Ours EP is the debut release from Southern California’s Leah Jee. Jee is a singer/songwriter with Pop/Rock style with a punk spin on it, and her mantra is, “I’m Leah Jee, and I am here to rock you out!” Does she fulfill this mantra on her debut?...READ MORE...


Country Review: Linda Lundqvist- A Piece of Me

Artist: Linda Lundqvist
Title: A Piece of Me
Genre: Country
Label: Musik and Film
Source Link

Linda Lundqvist hails from the fair land of Sweden. In an environment that is full of talented musicians, Lundqvist is an example of talent that stretches across boundaries and genres. For almost twenty years she has been engaging audiences through music and theater, both as an instructor and performer...READ MORE...


New Age Instrumental Review: Grant Michael Allport-Imagine This

Artist: Grant Michael Allport
Title: Imagine This
Genre: New Age Instrumental
Label: Independent
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Grant Michael Allport is a musician and composer from down under. His blend of pop and New Age Instrumentals is one that will keep you guessing what tricks he is hiding up his sleeve...READ MORE...


Folk-Blues Review: Mike McGuire-Kentucky Morning

Artist: Mike McGuire
Title: Kentucky Morning
Genre: Folk/Blues
Label: Independent
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Mike McGuire is a singer-songwriter that sings folk songs with a blues edge. His thoughtful, often witty, lyrics blend together with his music and put him a notch above a lot of his peers. After a couple of years away he is finally ready to release some new music; a six-song collection called Kentucky Morning...READ MORE...


Roots Rock Review: Ten Ton Man

Artist: Ten Ton Man
Title: Ten Ton Man
Genre: Roots Rock
Label: Ten Ton Man Records
Product Link
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Ten Ton Man is a roots rock trio consisting of Paul Livornese (vocals/guitar), Paul Triff (drums), and Paul Dugan (bass) from New York City. Formed in 2011, Ten Ton Man has been making a scene, playing the New York City venues with their bluesy roots rock sound. Born in Brooklyn, Paul Livornese is a Parson School of Design graduate...READ MORE...


Jazz/Americana Review: Jude Johnstone-Shatter

Artist: Jude Johnstone
Title: Shatter
Genre: Americana/Jazz
Label: Bojak Records
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Jude Johnstone began her musical career at the young age of eight and by sweet sixteen was playing in a band. Discovered by E Street saxophonist Clarence Clemmons, she has since blossomed into a fiery songwriter that has captured the attention of and been covered by greats such as Bonnie Raitt, Bette Midler, Johnny Cash and Trisha Yearwood....READ MORE...


Holiday/Adult Contemporary Review: Margo Rey – This Holiday Night

Artist: Margo Rey
Title: This Holiday Night
Genre: Holiday/Adult Contemporary
Label: Organica Music Group
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Margo Rey is a singer and songwriter originally known as Margarita Reymundo. Her sound is best described as adult contemporary with infusions of alternative pop. Laced with ambient guitar, vocals imbued with raw emotion, and a style all her own, this artist has crafted a sound that has taken her to number six on the National Adult Contemporary Music charts. This album is full of energy and good cheer...READ MORE...


Leo Drioli Releases First Single “Give It Your Love” On House of Wow!

Adelaide, Australia-October 30, 2012- Leo Drioli is well known as a spiritual leader and now he is making his way into the hearts of music fans with a pop single that will remind music lovers everywhere of The Beatles and similar artists who ruled the airwaves. “Give It Your Love” is a positive message from a man that has many to deliver and now his audience will become much larger...READ MORE...


Pop Review: Et Tu Brucé – Suburban Sunshine

Artist: Et Tu Brucé
Title: Suburban Sunshine
Genre: Pop
Label: Independent
Product Link
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Et Tu Brucé is the dynamic pop group that hails from Hanwell, a West London suburb. The band consists of four members: Jamie White (guitar, vocals), Matthew O'Toole (guitar, vocals), Darryn Bruce (bass) and Craig Bruce (drums). Suburban Sunshine is their debut album....READ MORE...


Review: Project Grand Slam – Spring Dance

Artist: Project Grand Slam
Title: Spring Dance
Genre: Jazz
Label: Cakewalk Records
Product Link
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Project Grand Slam is an internationally known New York based Jazz group. Formed in 2007, the band consists of Robert Miller (composer, electric bass), Ron Thaler (drums, percussion) and Gilad Ronen (saxophone). Guest artists include Danny Lerman (saxophone), Mike Eckroth (keyboard) and Joye Hennessey (vocalist). Spring Dance is the band’s third album...READ MORE...


Review: Paisty Jenny – Head in a Haze

Artist: Paisty Jenny
Title: Head in a Haze
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent
Product Link
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Paisty Jenny is a rock quartet from the Midwest, and they have been at it since 2002. They have released four albums during this decade, including their latest, Head in a Haze....READ MORE...


Review: The Mannish Boys – Double Dynamite

Artist: The Mannish Boys
Title: Double Dynamite
Genre: Blues
Label: Delta Groove
Product Link
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The Mannish Boys are a supercharged blues machine. The creation of Delta Groove Productions centered on giving this amazing group a home base, and for seven years, The Mannish Boys and Delta Groove have been going strong and sharing blues with a whole new generation of listeners...READ MORE...

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