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Skip-Dawg-We Will Rise Review

Artist: Skip-Dawg
Title: We Will Rise
Genre: Rap
Label: N.B. Music Management
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Skip-Dawg seems like an unaffected moniker for an east coast rapper with such an impressive list of credentials to his name. In addition to releasing a total of four studio albums, he is also an Ivy League university graduate at the tender age of 20...READ MORE...


Funk and Soul Artist FEMI Releases Debut EP Sweet Water Soul

Los Angeles, CA-November 24, 2008- FEMI has come a long way in a short period. She rose up from the Oakland underground to record her grand entrance into the world of recorded music with Sweet Water Soul.
FEMI’s debut, a six track EP titled Sweet Water Soul,...READ MORE...


FEMI-Sweet Water Soul Review

Artist: FEMI
Title: Sweet Water Soul
Genre: Funk-Soul
Label: Talking House Records
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FEMI takes me back to a Sade concert I attended in San Francisco in the 1985-86 time frame. These are fond memories because I was jumping head first into exploring jazz and all of its sub genres. Sade was a combination of pop and jazz...READ MORE...


Tamara Lewis Releases Indie CD Living Down River

Seattle, Washington-September 30, 2008- Tamara Lewis’s new release Living Down River serves a twofold purpose. The recording is a powerful personal and musical statement that goes beyond one simple listen. The thought provoking CD is inspired by conversations with friends, life’s experiences and her 20-year career as psychotherapist. Tamara’s survival of ten years of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction contributed heavily to the reflective and poignant lyrical content of the album...READ MORE...


Tamara Lewis-Living Down River Review

Artist: Tamara Lewis
Title: Living Down River
Genre: Folk-Americana-Blues
Label: Independent
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Tamara Lewis is a brave soul. After suffering through 10 years of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction, she decided to pick up the guitar, write songs and sing them. All of this happened at the tender age of 46. Now if that is not inspiring, what is?...READ MORE...


Marilyn Scott-Every Time We Say Goodbye Review

Artist: Marilyn Scott
Title: Every Time We Say Goodbye
Genre: Jazz (Standards)
Label: Venus Records
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How many times can an artist release a recording with just standards? When it comes to jazz standards, I do not believe the true music lover and jazz devotee feels there are ever too many of these types of albums. Timeless classics from the likes of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington…well it is obvious that you cannot go wrong when you travel down this road lined with literal music gold...READ MORE...


Marilyn Scott Releases Set of Jazz Standards Every Time We Say Goodbye

Los Angeles, CA-June 25, 2008- With Every Time We Say Goodbye, Marilyn Scott is taking her love for jazz to the ultimate place her heart has always desired, to make an acoustic jazz album in New York City the way the legends used to do it - with the singer and musicians all cutting and working out arrangements together in the studio...READ MORE...


Kathy Taler-Not Guilty Review

Artist: Kathy Taler
Title: Not Guilty
Genre: Rock
Label: Two Jack Records
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Kathy Taler released her first full-length album Not Guilty on Two Jack Records recently. Taler looks just the opposite of the title on the cover of this CD, looking every bit the mischievous rascal that shows up in the ten tracks on this CD...READ MORE...


Heart’s Live Concert Performance Of Famed Album Dreamboat Annie Set For Release On DVD and CD


Los Angeles, CA – October 22, 2007- The iconic rock group Heart took the stage at The Orpheum Theatre in front of a live audience to perform their spectacular debut album Dreamboat Annie in its entirety for the first time, for a DIRECTV special. The performance aired Mother’s Day 2007, and will be re-aired in conjunction with Shout Factory’s release of a live DVD and CD of that concert in October 2007...READ MORE...