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Rock Review: Arielle-Analog Girl In a Digital World

Release Date: May 7, 2021

Label: Independent


A New Jersey native woman (even if only briefly), gone West Coast, takes listeners through a time-traveling experience. Arielle found herself a spot to shine in the indie-rock. Discovered in 2010, the singer spent the next ten years building up her reputation as a guitar ‘prodigy’ in her own right…even if she didn’t feel affection for the title and prestige the term held. Unfortunately, her rapid ascent amongst the best of best came with early on challenges due to sexism. From not being allowed to sell guitars (instead, watering the plants in the store at 16) to giving all of her-SELF away for what she believed she had to do to get further ahead…due to a dark side to the music and entertainment industry; Arielle spent many years suffering personally and physically because of it.

Finally leaving her label behind, she was free to be an independent artist. Her debut album The Whale washed up onto music platforms in 2015. Arielle then followed it with two EPs in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Here, she is at the height of her career, she is now free to create as she pleases. And with her new Analog Girl In a Digital World fresh out into the airwaves, the world is at her fingertips.

Analog Girl In a Digital World is a call-out to the “good old days.” Frankly, I’ve never heard an album say exactly what I have been thinking for years. It tells of someone living in a modern world such as ours, and they just want to go back to simpler times because simpler times meant less stress and more human interaction. The initial track “Dialup” is a cool old-fashioned set of dial tones and a signal of all systems crashing.

“Digital World” is that single song that cries out for a way of life before we became too focused on the newest upgrade of a device or phone, digitizing every aspect of our daily lives, and how many ‘likes’ or ‘reactions’ we got on our latest social media post. The singer remembers a not-too-distant past of manual operation, physically interactive lifestyle, rather than everything being at the click or touch of a button.

“Peace of Mind” is acknowledging a roaming desire for internal peace and contentment from within. But, in this modern world, there’s always something to be done nowadays. Our minds are never truly settled with every option at our fingertips. With a “tight noose around you,” the person feels stuck in a routine, struggling to get out. “This is Our Intervention” is a short declaration song in which two individuals deem today, they will be taking their lives back and taking control of their surroundings instead of being told they will not reach what they wish and hope to achieve.

“Still A Man” pokes fun at a man in a partnership/relationship aspect, speaking of his best efforts to keep to what he says he will do for his significant other. Being “Still a Man,” he falls short of his promises and the singer looks to be understanding in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. “Inside & Outside” is a mellow, classic-rock-sounding tune. The song basks in the glow of a newfound realization that the relationship she is in is ideal for her. She loves everything “inside and out” about her partner and further recognizes what many fail to inside ourselves. We all “have a dark side, searching for the light” yet, we blame the darkness many times solely on bad intentions or character; when sometimes, the darkness is just a battle route to get to a better place.

“I’d Rather Be In England” is just a fun simple tune where the singer longs to be with her friend or partner across the seas. She loves the culture and nature of England and so she daydreams of being there. It combines some rock with the singer-songwriter/indie personal style she conveys through the album. “Living In a Fortress” speaks of the singer’s mind being a bunker to keep out other’s opinions and decisions. She views the world and the people amongst her everyday public life as too involved in one another’s business. She would rather do things the way she sees fit and the rest of us can move on.

Finally, “Reimagine” is more along the lines of an ending piece to settle the listener’s ear. With angelic echoing to begin, then drifting into a rocker’s lullaby. The song is bright and enjoyable, and as such, the album looks to have touched upon an array of emotion and topics for such a young and still-developing artist. Arielle’s vocals, her guitar prowess, and her willingness to keep on pushing for her personal artistry to be known and heard are what make her a triple threat and an upcoming indie-rock sensation.

Gregg Keniston - Staff
May 12, 2021

Track Listing:
1. Dialup
2. Digital World
3. Peace of Mind
4. This Is Our Intervention
5. Still a Man
6. Inside & Outside
7. I’d Rather Be in England
8. Living in a Fortress
9. Reimagine


Concert Review: Eric Johnson In Concert At Infinity Hall With Arielle In Norfolk Connecticut

Eric Johnson In Concert At Infinity Hall 
With Arielle 
Norfolk, Connecticut
Ah Via Musicom Tour 2018
March 10, 2018
My first visit to the Infinity Hall in Norfolk CT was a prolific one. I say that because I was about to catch six-string slinger Eric Johnson for the second time. Last night was different, however. This night he would perform his entire Ah Via Musicom album. This was the album that introduced me to his music some 28 years ago, it also happens to be my favorite recording in his substantial catalog.

Infinity Hall is a beautiful venue complete with a bistro, bar, minibar and a wonderful theater upstairs that upon first blush, looks like a church/barn, but very beautiful. All 300 seats are there on one floor (including an upper level with tables for folks with food from the Bistro), and there is not a bad seat in the house. Plus, there is standing room only in the back for overflow. It was a sold-out show, which came as no surprise. 

To start the night off Arielle was going to warm up the crowd. She is an up and
coming artist from Texas that recently released a 5 track EP called Mind Lion. Before she came out onstage a group of four ladies sat next to me. As fate would have it they were all of Arielle's aunts! And quite the cheering section as well. Although, the crowd did take to the young lady quickly, so the cheering section was getting plenty of help from an appreciative audience. One of the lovely ladies sitting next to me informed me that Brian May of Queen had taken her under his wing for a while and now EJ was doing the same thing. So, needless to say, the development of this artist has been in good hands. 

Arielle is a natural talent. It takes a lot of guts to come out on stage all by yourself and she passed with flying colors. Her voice is magnificent and she really knows how to bend those guitar strings. Her 30-minute set covered everything from ballads, blues, and shredding. The shredding example is provided with the song "Take II" (check out the video) with her favorite two-tone guitar that she made. Interesting enough, Brian May made his guitar as well prior to forming Queen.

I can't say enough about Arielle, she is one of the most dynamic and talented young ladies I have seen onstage in quite some time. Her future looks very bright.

After she was done Eric Johnson and his original band segued on to the stage, so there was no break in the music, not yet. Tommy Taylor (drums) and Kyle Brock (bass), who provide a rock-solid foundation for Johnson to lay his licks on, stepped out with EJ. What a night we were in for!

Johnson's first set was very diverse. I think that word properly tells the story of what he brings to the table. His mix includes rock, blues, jazz, and pop. It is always interesting and extremely entertaining. There was so much going on for a trio I find it difficult to put it all into the right context. So, what we witnessed was a walk down memory lane on the first set, which included a pumped up and rockin' version of The Beatles song "The Night Before." The mark of a great artist is the ability to take an iconic tune and make it your own. Not an easy task regardless of what level your talent is on. Eric does it all with ease and grace. He makes everything he does look so easy. His battery mates also are right in sync as well. Taylor is a great drummer (and a good vocalist) and Brock is top notch and his bass playing looks quite effortless as well.

After an incredible first set full of amazing musicianship and improvisation we got a 15-minute break to get something to wet the whistle and go visit Arielle and grab her new CD. She was very gracious while signing everyone's swag.

Now the moment everyone was there for was to see EJ play Ah Via Musicom, which by no coincide for many, was the album people there had discovered him through. I found out by chatting with a few people in attendance that this was the case. There was also one lady sitting next to me after Arielle's Aunts had left, that was not a big EJ fan (her fiancĂ© was) but after a few songs in she was a convert! I love to watch people's reactions to the music and this night was exceptional. 

As Mr. Johnson made his way through his trademark release the crowd was all pumped up, however very respectable of the performers and the rest of the people next to them. It was as close to a perfect evening as it could get, actually.

Some of my favorites of the evening where "Stratagem," off his most recent release Collage, "Black Mountain Side," a Led Zeppelin cover, "Cliffs of Dover," my all-time favorite track, and the encore with Arielle on a very old track titled "Zap."

Eric Johnson is a phenomenal guitar player and a very good vocalist. He definitely ranks in my top 10 guitarists of all time. He has flown under the wire a bit in his career and deserves a lot more recognition than he has received. Last night proved to me that there are people out there that understand what a great talent he is. If you have the opportunity and want to see some guitar wizardry then make sure you catch him on tour this year!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
March 11, 2018

Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

Set 1:
Intro (Arielle introduced the band &… more )
The Night Before (The Beatles cover)
Trail of Tears
Underground (Eric solo on piano)
Black Mountain Side (Led Zeppelin cover) (Eric solo)
Wanderlust (Arielle cover with Arielle)
C.W. (Kyle Brock & Tommy Taylor; without Eric)
Camel's Night Out
Pipeline (The Chantays cover)

Set 2 (Ah Via Musicom):
Ah Via Musicom
Cliffs of Dover
Desert Rose
High Landrons
Steve's Boogie
Nothing Can Keep Me From You
Song for George (Eric solo)
Forty Mile Town
East Wes
Western Flyer

ZAP (With Arielle)