Heavy Metal VinylLP Review: Judas Priest-: Invincible Shield

Release Date: March 08, 2024

Label: ‎Sony Music

Website: https://www.judaspriest.com

Judas Priest is comparable to a cockroach that doesn't die in a nuclear holocaust. Always remember their resiliency and ability to adapt and carry the heavy metal flag. Invincible Shield is an excellent heavy metal recording with no disappointments; every track rocks! This band is on point at all positions, with incredible guitar work and a rhythm section that keeps the pace from start to finish. And, of course, Rob Halford is still singing like he was in his 20s.


The artwork on the two LPs' gatefold covers, inner sleeves, and lyrics are fantastic. I followed the words all the way through and the images presented to create a story. Honestly, I don't believe it to be too far off base for the world on fire that we are seeing these days.


Glen Tipton and Richie Faulkner fighting off health issues is a fine example of strength in their return to the lineup recording and touring. Both guitarists are back in all their blazing glory to answer the call again with fire and brimstone licks.


"Panic Attack" kicks things off on side one of this two-album platter of 180-gram metal perfection. It is a classic JP full-throttle opener with great lyrics for our times. They hit the bullseye musically and lyrically. Halford is as strong as ever. Who would have thought he would sound this good at his age? He is simply a wonder of humankind. 


"The Serpent and the King" has the typical locomotive rhythm section, driving the lyrics with the force of magma spitting out at the top of a volcano. Halford hits all the high vocalizations amazingly well. Tipton and Faulkner make a remarkable duo, a most potent two-pronged attack. 


Side Two opens with the title track, "Invincible Shield," which features some great melodic guitar runs with a heavy edge. These riffs push the lyrics to the forefront and deliver the message of intent. 


"Devil in Disguise" has the appropriate sledgehammer metal to meet the point of the lyrics and the deception of evil that is one of a kind, preying on your fears. What an astonishing twin-guitar attack!


"Gates of Hell" continues the assault of darkness on your consciousness,  and the lyrics are accurate. Only the energy and sharp chops of this band of metal gods can sharpen the blade of the song's lyrics that Halford sets in stone with his voice.


Side three begins with changing thoughts and beliefs with "Crown of Horns." Is redemption the card now for the lost souls? Is Halford singing about Jesus on the cross? ("Heavy is the crown of thorns that rest on his head") It depends on your perspective. The other side of their typical dark and evil subject matter comes across as a light in the darkness with that powerful message with superb licks from the two six-string masters.


"As God is my Witness" brings on rapid-fire riffs as Halford tells the story of triumph and the destiny of a world at war. He sings, "I will prevail until the end of days." An optimistic view for only those who are true warriors indeed. As usual, the music suits the lyrics.


"Trial By Fire" begins, and within a few passing seconds, the momentum builds as the track explodes into a trail of fire with the band ablaze and committed to back the lyrics with power and conviction. Enduring this trial by fire is an innocent person accused of being a liar, as the words drive home the hell of one unfortunate individual. Halford is impressive with his vocals!


Side four opens with "Escape From Reality," a track that ebbs and flows with powerful chops and a testament of truth set to heavy metal as only Priest can perform. The third verse and the line "Hallucinations from another worldly place" sounded like Ozzy, and I was not hallucinating. It is agony escaping reality, an epic track sure to be a concert favorite.


"Sons of Thunder" is an anthem for all the metal maniacs. Inspiration for the masses rides the wave of the song as Halford sings "Let's Ride All Night Sons of Thunder" as the clean riffs pierce your soul, and you are ready to take that ride. Again, the always fantastic rhythm section stands tall and proud to support this heavy metal machine like a locomotive on a mission to a destination.


"Giants in the Sky" closes out this masterpiece of heavy metal with excellent leads on the guitars and a significant change towards the end with some soft, finely designed acoustic guitar, a little surprise before closing out with a clap of thunder with their punishing sound to a tribute to those giants in the sky.


Invincible Shield is a solid release, proving that Judas Priest is not slowing down! The recording and downloads are available in different variants and formats with three bonus tracks. I also checked out the bonus tracks on Spotify, and they are excellent, so that is worth checking out.


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-TFOV Founder

March 9, 2024


Disc: 1

1. Panic Attack

2. The Serpent and the King

Disc: 2

1. Invincible Shield

2. Devil in Disguise

3. Gates of Hell

Disc: 3

1. Crown of Horns

2. As God is my Witness

3. Trial By Fire

Disc: 4:

1. Escape From Reality

2. Sons of Thunder

3. Giants in the Sky

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