Rock-Pop Review: The Isley Brothers - Santana-Power of Peace

Release Date: July 28, 2017
Label: Sony Legacy

I have been waiting for another great Santana release.  One that shook me to the core and moved my soul. Well it has arrived!  Who would have imagined Carlos, Ron and Ernie Isley and their family members would do this? Not to mention a host of other outstanding musicians, would come together to present all these classic songs on one album?

Power of Peace will arrive for all you rock and pop fans just chomping at the bit for some real music. I’m talking about music that has a fire in its belly ready to inspire you and put a smile on your face that will last all day long.

Santana is still cooking right along. His guitar doesn’t gently weep, it screams “Hear me now people!” This is the Power of Peace and how two musical brothers came together to create a powerhouse of music. So “Are You Ready” to join in this celebration of life, love, peace and music?

Typical of Santana is take all the genres and stir it all up to make simmering versions of every track. He expertly takes rock, blues, jazz, pop and soul and makes it his own. The impeccable musicianship is evident throughout this album. And what can be said about Ron Isley? He is a young 76 at this point in his incredible and iconic career. What a phenomenal performance from these musical giants.

These kinds of collaborations do not always work however these two gents have a deep abiding respect for each other and that is felt in the music. I even heard some rap in Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” that I enjoyed, it just fit so well. I simply do not care for rap but this was so well done and mixed nicely with the pace of the song. The fact that it is one many classics from a legend did not hurt either.

For fans that are old enough to reminisce about listening to the AM radio in the summer either at work or play will listen to this music with great joy. This is a reminder of our past and that some of the artists still making music know better than anyone else how to get the message over to the masses. On flip side there is an entirely new generation waiting to discover this great music and start digging into the back catalogs of the Isley’s and Santana.

The people involved in this project are serving as the delivery vehicle and the music itself, Power of Peace, is the ambassador we all need to listen to.

“Body Talk” is sensuous and smooth. It is one of the best tracks on the album. It is soulful, full of rhythm and snakebite guitar riffs from Carlos. And the amazing “Gypsy Woman”(By Bryan Brian Hyland) is a real slow burner as Ron and Carlos make it sound like a new hit born to rule the soul and R&B charts. I first heard that song on K-Tel’s 20 Power Hits Vol. 2 (the first LP I ever bought with my own money). And speaking of burning up…Willie Dixon’s all-time blues classic “I Just Want to Make Love to You” is on fire! Carlos just cuts loose like only he can, he guitar is crying the blues but is it ever so sweet. This is a killer track.

After my third listen it really hit home. I put myself in a room by myself and absorbed it all, every note.

Power of Peace is a great achievement. For the Isley’s and Santana it is a dream come true and now it is for us as well. If you are listening to latest hits on the radio, online or on iTunes etc. and you say to yourself “They just don’t make music like this anymore,” after hearing this, then you would be right! Give this music a few spins and it will restore your faith in human race, so listen often. ”Mercy Mercy Me” indeed.

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
July 26, 2017
Founder of:

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01. Are You Ready
02. Total Destruction to Your Mind
03. Higher Ground
04. God Bless the Child
05. I Remember
06. Body Talk
07. Gypsy Woman
08. I Just Want to Make Love to You
09.  Love, Peace, Happiness
10. What the World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love
11. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
12. Let the Rain Fall On Me
13. Let There Be Peace On Earth

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