Easy Listening Review: Paul & Friends-Journey of the Heart

Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: April 2, 2016
Label: P&J Records
Nine years have passed since I had heard music from Paul Sammarco. I covered his Smooth Sailing album back in 2007 and as I recall it was a jazz flavored treat that I really enjoyed. I was hoping for the same kind of experience with Journey of the Heart. With a total of 12 featured tracks and an additional four bonus tracks there is a lot to take in. There was nothing to be disappointed about at all throughout this release.

The lead off and title track “Journey of the Heart” kicks of the album in an upbeat fashion musically and with the expressive vocals of Michael Klaus. This is easy listening or adult contemporary however it does cross over quite a bit into other areas as it is sprinkled with jazz, pop, some rock, kind of like a musical kettle of fish if you will. For these ears that is just fine and dandy. I appreciate the eclectic approach if it is presented properly. 

“Lost and Found” is such nice track, the acoustic guitar lines and piano conveys a touching message of life and some of the misfortune we experience and the other brighter things we may along that journey.

If you can remember 70s radio, if you are old enough that is, “Laughter in the Rain” will bring back a lot of memories of AM radio and those long hot summer days. “Create In Me A Clean Heart” is an instrumental to change the course a bit then “Yesterday’s Dream” is a bluesy folk song with a longing guitar strumming and harmonica calling out like a train looking for its tracks. With Sarah Sullivan on vocals it has all the elements for some fine home cookin’ ready to order blues. That is what this recording offers, constant change and so many different styles you just never have the opportunity to get uninterested.

I think the mixture of talent on vocals and the variety of instruments involved with each track is a sure fire winner. It is not an easy task to bring together so much talent and make it work just right and I would have to say that Paul Sammarco and Friends sure put their best foot forward on this fine recording. It is definitely worth a good listen or two, if you cannot find some tracks you enjoy something is missing, like a pulse! So find a comfy chair, get the fireplace going and turn it up, it will warm your soul.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Journey of the Heart, Lost and Found, Yesterday’s Dream

01. Journey of the Heart
02. Call Her Mellow
03. Lost and Found
04. Laughter in the Rain
05. Create in Me a Clean Heart
06. Yesterday's Dream
07. Bad Habits
08. Beautiful Day (Reprise)
09. The Lord, He Knows
10. Find Your Paradise
11. Out of the Woods
12. The 23rd Psalm, With a Children's Prayer
Bonus Tracks:
13. Have You Ever Seen (Background Vocals Version)
14. Drift Away (Background Vocals Version)
15. Just One More Time (Background Vocals Version)
16. Just One More Time (Lead and Background Vocals Version)   
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June 1, 2016
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