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Sixties Pop Music Influenced Trio Love Bubble To Release Debut Album 'Love Revolution'

“I Live for Love and Music” is a lyric from the stunning 3rd track entitled “Harmony,” on Love Bubble’s debut record, Love Revolution. It’s a phrase that articulates the soul of the founding members of Love Bubble.

Three award-winning singers/musicians/songwriters from Asheville, NC serendipitously came together in the spring of 2019 and discovered their shared desire to bring more love into the world through music. Voices that blended from the first note, it was that inspiring sound that kick-started this collaborative collection of tuneful, delectable, charming, romantic, humorous and uplifting original songs.

Hank’s prowess as a singer, guitarist and songwriter were irresistible to Miss Paula and Miss Peggy, not to mention his ample supply of wit and merriment. It was love at first sight.

Love Revolution was recorded at Hank’s house in his tiki lounge the old fashion way - no drum machines, no computers, no auto tune. “Just the three of us playing and singing and having a ball,” says Hank. “The concept of the album is love, not only in the lyrics but the way the songs were arranged and recorded singing together, not separated by booths and baffles. Any opportunity for musical growth was taken. Paula surprised herself with her flute playing adding a whole new signature sound to the band. What’s next? Peggy on harmonica, and a video hopefully and more songs about things we love.”

Combining their esthetic, work ethic while creating the brilliant vocal arrangements on this album, was a labor of love indeed. Playing to each other’s strengths was the key to defining their overall approach and sound.  

Hank’s previously and recently penned songs make up the crux of the record as 9 of the 13 songs are his creations. Two songs were written by Ratusz and one co-written by Hanke and Bones. The only non-original song is the bonus track written by Sonny Bono, re-arranged by Love Bubble.

Paula’s sweet flute, banjulele and ukulele playing, fill holes in lovely and colorful ways, while Hank aptly bears the brunt of the instrumentation throughout the record.

What you’ll hear throughout every personal and positive track, is the unique sensibility the trio embodies; their fervent spirit is evident. From the first track “Love Bubble” (their theme song) to the last, “Love Revolution” (their mission) a groovy and nostalgically-new vocal ensemble is born. Love Bubble’s new album exhibits the human touch in all it’s warm and inviting splendor.

Such lush harmony that made this reviewer wonder if heaven’s choir was short of three angels.” John North, Daily Planet

Peggy Ratusz, Paula Hanke and Hank Bones spin on the Pop Psychedelia of the 1960's with spot-on harmonies and essential instrumentation. It was great fun with a beautiful July evening calling out the dancers in the crowd.” Blue Ridge Now

Track List:
1. Love Bubble (H. Bones), 2:54
2. Twice This Summer (H. Bones), 2:53
3. Harmony (H. Bones), 2:37
4. Paradise Falls (H. Bones), 2:54
5. I Wanna Be (H. Widenhouse, H. Bones), 2:32
6. A Little Bit of Everything (H. Bones), 3:15
7. Warm & Cozy (H. Bones, P. Hanke), 3:44
8. Moonlight Swim (H. Bones), 2:40
9. Beautiful Soul (P. Ratusz, H. Bones), 3:43
10. Guilty Pleasures (H. Bones), 2:42
11. Honeymoon In June (P. Ratusz), 3:25
12. Love Revolution (H. Bones), 3:16
Bonus Track: I Got You Babe (S. Bono), 3:14

Recorded & Produced by Hank Bones & Love Bubble
Mastered by Ben Hovey
Photography: Sandlin Gaither
CD Design Kim Butler
Hank Bones Music ASCAP
Better-Late-Than-Never Publishing
BMI All Rights Reserved / Copyright 2021

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