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Track Feature: Michele McLaughlin-At Home

Michele McLaughlin has a new album out titled Life. It is a collection of piano based solo works.

The spotlight is on the track "At Home." Michele gives you a great selection to feast your ears and senses upon.

Her piano playing is fluid and a literal flowing river (or more appropriately stream) of sound.

Thanks to the advent of wonderful sites like Soundcloud we have the opportunity to get a taste of great artists like Michele McLaughlin.

Stream "At Home" now and relax and adsorb the sounds.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Michele McLaughlin:

I've often been told that my music is "haunting and contagious", "relaxing and beautiful", "peaceful and touching". I've also been told that my music is "captivating" and that it transports the listener into worlds of imagination and wonder. For me though, my music is my story...


Track Feature: Peter Sterling-Eclipse

Peter Sterling's new release Sacred Visions is filled with instrumental music featuring his harp and many other sounds.

"Eclipse" is one of the album highlights. It is a beautiful track accompanied by male and female vocalizations. There is also some saxophone intermingled in the mix towards the end of the track.

The colorful cover is a hint at what the intent is. It is about relaxation, centering and meditation. What is pleasant to the ears can be healing for the body.

Have listen the stream now and let it carry you away.... 

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Peter Sterling:

Musical artists come to their recording careers in lots of ways, many of them rather typical, e.g. listening to music as a teen, joining or forming bands, hearing a particularly influential album, and then setting off to find fame and fortune. Peter Sterling's journey to where he is now, as one of New Age music's premier harp players, was less conventional. Propelled by equal parts happenstance, serendipity, and spiritual epiphany, the tale of how he arrived at his current place in life would make quite a movie, although some would no doubt state "Now THAT would never happen in real life!" However, they would be wrong...READ MORE


Stream Feature: Agrelia's Castle-Elders and Ancestors

I am one of those people that believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we do not know the answer until it is standing right in front of us and in some instances a series of events unfolds to provide the answers we seek. The reason I am relating to all of this is because of the story behind the music presented here.

Paul and April Brown recently released a recording titled Agrelia's Castle Elders and Ancestors. Illness delivered many realizations to April Brown and her husband went on the journey with her. She found the flute and the rest is history or a part of what you are about to hear.

The title track "Elders and Ancestors" is  an atmospheric journey that transports the listener to a peaceful space. The flute, keyboards and April's angelic vocals is heaven on earth.

It is your choice to be guided by the music and in this case it comes naturally from beginning to end. Listen and see what it can do for you.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Paul & April:

The songs on ELDERS & ANCESTORS have grown from the artists’ journey together through the cancer landscape. They come from the desire to create peace, joy, and hope.

Combining the sounds of vintage Fender Rhodes, B3, and warm soundbeds with hauntingly beautiful vocals, Native American Style Flutes, guitars, cello, and sitar, set over the soothing sounds of nature, the music is both ethereal and earthy, calming and uplifting, inviting the listener on a heart-filling journey into a healing space for release, relief, and relaxation.

This offering to the world is Paul and April Brown’s way to give back to all of the wonderful teachers they have met along their journey, many of whom are no longer with us, who have shown them how to live, under difficult circumstances, with beauty and grace. This music is dedicated to all of them.


Track Spotlight: Dan Chadburn-Keys of Light

Dan Chadburn has created some gorgeous music on his new release Keys of Light. The title track is the focus of this feature. It pulls and tugs on your heartstrings, it is both beautiful and majestic as Chadburn's fingers caress the ivory keys.

I first heard this after looking at pictures of myself and my daughter when she was little and it brought a river of tears. Although I felt saddened by her recent departure (another bird spreads their wings and leaves the nest), the music was therapeutic. For me this is called "feel then heal." So as pain is released and we move on and to become better people through listening to music that brings us closer to our creator and the people we love.

Dan Chadburn has a gift and if you listen you will most certainly receive it most gratefully. Here are one of the many keys of light he offers you...

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck - 5/5 STARS!

More About Dan Chadburn:

(Artist Bio From Reverb Nation Artist Page

Sweeping melodies, resonating chords and rich textures … these are the trademarks of Dan Chadburn, a composer/pianist who invests the New Age / adult contemporary genre with a uniquely passionate sound.

A native of Oregon, Dan began taking piano lessons when he was nine years old and continued through high school where he also served as the accompanist for the choral groups and stage plays. Several times in junior high and high school, he was selected as an Oregon Music Teacher's Association (O.M.T.A.) syllabus winner, which resulted in his performing in recitals on the state level. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance at Pacific Lutheran University, where he studied with Dr. Calvin Knapp. Following three national tours as a pianist and singer/songwriter, Chadburn moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in the Film Scoring Program at UCLA. Soon he was scoring for television and working as a session musician.

Wanting to further expand his musical vision, Dan moved to London and studied ElectroAcoustic Composition under two pioneers in the field, Denis Smalley and Simon Emmerson. “I was very grateful for the opportunity to learn from these two masters in the genre and grow as a composer. This was a non-traditional form of composition that some would say was on the outskirts of avant-garde. In this genre, traditional instruments and melody are frequently absent. My primary focus was to record odd sounds, transform them with audio processing, and insert them into symphonic works. For one piece, 'Dreams,' I recorded and altered sounds made by various kitchen items such as jelly beans dropped into a bowl, spatulas hitting cake pans, water shaken in a jar, portable oven timers, etc., ultimately creating a surreal collage of sound to represent what one might hear and see after falling asleep." Chadburn earned his Masters of Music degree in ElectroAcoustic Composition from London’s City University.

Chadburn’s performance venues have included Carnegie Hall in New York City, Symphony Hall in Boston and The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Additionally, his choral compositions have been recorded and performed in the Concert Hall of The Kennedy Center.

After moving to the Washington, DC, area, Chadburn recorded hundreds of improvisational piano pieces which led to his first album, solo piano. The Washington Area Music Association nominated the album for “Best New Age Recording” in the WAMA Awards, and Chadburn was nominated for “Best New Age Instrumentalist.” His second recording, Reflections, included other musicians on viola, French horn, flute and English horn, plus on one track the singing of Tom Nichols, Chadburn’s husband, longtime musical partner and producer. Chadburn's Nocturnes, again with additional instrumentation, earned a WAMA nomination for "Best Classical Recording" while Chadburn was nominated as "Best Classical Instrumentalist."

Chadburn has been featured (alongside other pianists such as Suzanne Ciani, Spencer Brewer and Robin Spielberg) on several compilation recordings produced for charitable causes, including The Heart Aid Project which benefited the victims of the 9/11 tragedy and their families. Among Chadburn’s other special projects was a single, “Promise of Hope,” he wrote and recorded for a philanthropic program run by Choice Hotels International and benefiting The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington and Metropolitan Baltimore. With Nocturnes Chadburn continued to donate to worthwhile causes. Proceeds from “Peter’s Theme” on that album are donated to The Peter Fox Project which in turn benefits the Sitar Arts Center in Washington, an after-school youth organization for the arts. In addition, the tune “Anne’s Lullaby” benefits The National Family Resiliency Center “to preserve a sense of family and foster healthy relationships.” In both 2014 and 2015, Chadburn and his husband, Tom Nichols, performed benefit concerts to raise funds for the Florence Area Humane Society (a “no kill” shelter) in Oregon.

Chadburn is a classically-trained pianist who found he enjoyed improvisational creations as much as playing traditional repertoire. Now he uses improvisation to compose most of his material on piano (and occasionally on electronic keyboards). For the albums, Nocturnes and Reflections (which also feature additional instruments), Chadburn created the arrangements and scored the parts played by the other musicians. For the album, Keys of Light, Chadburn included one piano improvisation on James Pankow's "Colour My World," while composing and orchestrating the remainder of the album, performing it entirely himself using a Yamaha 7' grand piano, a Kurzweil PC3K8 synthesizer, and East West Symphonic Orchestra (sound library).

Keys of Light is Dan Chadburn’s fifth album. Keys of Light, solo piano, Reflections, Nocturnes and Whispers the Falling Snow are available at his website ( and as CDs and digital downloads at a variety of online sales sites including CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes, eMusic and many others. Nocturnes reached #8 on the Top 100 Zone Music Reporter chart (measuring radio airplay worldwide) and stayed on the chart for nine months. Whispers the Falling Snow debuted at #7, staying on the ZMR Top 100 chart for multiple months. Whispers the Falling Snow was nominated as ZMR's Top Solo Piano album of 2014. Additionally, Reviews New Age selected it as one of the Top 10 holiday recordings worldwide for 2014. Both Nocturnes and Whispers the Falling Snow were nominated as best recordings ("Piano with Instrumentation" and "Solo Piano" categories, respectively) for the One World Music Awards in June, 2015.

Over the years Chadburn has been inspired by the music of John Williams, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Claude Debussy, Frederic Chopin, Sergei Prokofiev, Itzhak Perlman, Vladimir Ashkenazy, John Barry, George Winston, Mary Ann Redmond, and Tom Nichols.


Featured Track: Heidi Breyer-Touchstone

My philosophy is "Let the music move you." If you have that kind of mindset just before you hit play, the music can do so many things for you. 

Music is healing and spiritual and Heidi Breyer makes music that comes from her soul.

Heidi Comments: Our lives acquire the deepest meaning when we have love in our hearts and when we discover that we are loved by someone else. That love becomes our "Touchstone."

On her new album Letters From Far Away and the amazingly expressive track "Touchstone," the beauty of life and love blossom through her fingers via the ivory keys. Listen to the stream and let it take you to another place....

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-5/5 STARS

More About Heidi Bryer and Her Music:

“As children we perceive music very physically and allow it to carry us away to a different place…these are our first experiential, unsung emotions”.

“As adults music enables a conscious transformation. If we just let it, it can calm, excite, heal, release, lift us up…and carry us to wherever we want to go…”