Make Believe Friends To Release New Single "Act of Love"

Make Believe Friends will be releasing their new single “Act of Love” on May 22, 2020. Mindy Milburn (lead singer) & Laura Espinoza (guitarist/songwriter) are the core members of Make Believe Friends (and also Lunden Reign), an all original alt rock band based out of West Hills, California. Laura & Mindy have already released 4 singles with “Follow Me to the Sun” picked as the #1 song of 2019 by Warren Kurtz of Goldmine Music Magazine.

About “Act of Love”:

From Mindy: 
The lyrics are referring to any challenge one may face in life, and the resilience of the human spirit to overcome it, even when we may not believe it is possible. “It's the strength to rise above, all it takes is an act of love.” It's about trusting your instinct and staying focused on your path, knowing everything will work out in the end, exactly as it's supposed to be. It's also about how remaining undeterred, open to change and growth, and compassionate towards others during such an uncertain time helps us to get through it, and getting through it together makes us all stronger. “It's a whispered prayer, a selfless dare, it's everywhere.”

From Laura: 
We wanted to write an uplifting song and something that speaks about the human spirit in a time of crisis. How people rise to the occasion to help others, even at their own peril. This is an Act of Love.

About the production:
Act of Love by Make Believe Friends (featuring the members of Lunden Reign) was written by Laura Espinoza (music) & Mindy Milburn (lyrics).
Producer: Geoff Pearlman (Echo in the Canyon Band/Film)
Musicians: Lead Vocals: Mindy Milburn; Harmony: Miranda Miller (formerly with Hey Violet!); Guitars: Laura Espinoza & Geoff Pearlman; Piano: Michael Bluestein (Foreigner); Drums: Noel Jasso.  Mastered by: Grammy winning Evren Goknar

“Act of Love” 

If I didn't know better
I'd think this was a dream 
So hard to believe 
Everything we once knew has changed 
and it may never be the same 

One thing I know that's real
An iron will, a heart of steel 
It's the strength to rise above 
All it takes is an act of love
An act of love

It's a whispered prayer
A selfless dare
It's everywhere

Seems to be happening so fast 
Pulls like a current,
It's not meant to last 
Just a test of our hearts and minds 
To see what we’re really made of inside

Right before our eyes 
The seasons change
The clock unwinds
It’s the strength to rise above 
All it takes is an act of love

The darkest caves hide beauty & truth
Ride the waves that carry you
Know each day the sun breaks through 
To illuminate a new point of view

When pushed over the line 
Make the most of 
The space that confines 
We really don't need too much 
What will you do with all this time?

'Cause right, before our eyes 
The seasons change 
The clock unwinds
It's the strength to rise above 
All it takes is an act of love
It's the strength to rise above
All it takes is an act of love
An act of love
It's a whispered prayer
A selfless dare
It's everywhere
It’s everywhere

About Laura Espinoza:
Laura is a songwriter/guitarist, playwright, and TV producer. Laura recently won a NARAS songwriting contest, exclusive to Grammy voting members where she participated in a private songwriting workshop with Busby, Rodney Jerkins, and Sarah Hudson. She has performed on stage with Luis Maldonado (Train), Terri Nunn (Berlin), Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) & Prescott Niles (The Knack) and started her career with Matt Sorum (Guns n' Roses). She has recorded at Capitol Records, Hollywood, Abbey Road, UK and is the host of “The Rock Radio Show” on KBU-FM, Malibu. Laura is also the recipient of 3 Emmy Awards.

About Mindy Milburn:
Mindy has a passion for singing and music. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Mindy also sings for other bands when not performing with Make Believe Friends and Lunden Reign including both No Doubt and Madonna tribute bands. Mindy is now living in Los Angeles after moving from Ohio and is the proud parent of two wonderful children.

The band will resume live performances after the CoronaVirus pandemic restrictions are lifted.

To purchase: https://lundenreign.com/store-songs

For more information: 

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158 (US), glassonyonpr@gmail.com

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