Rock Review: Evi Vine-Black // Light // White // Dark

Release Date: February 22, 2019
Label: Independent

Evi Vine is one of those bands that, if you’ve never heard of her and her crew, or aren’t really into the Indie music scene, then listening to them finally makes you feel like you’ve missed out on a whole new universe of music. The album is full throttle, underground rock 'n' roll. That being said, it sends your ears down a mystical journey. It is a great record for someone who is looking to explore their creative talents. I believe in listening to certain records to set a mood to drum up one’s talents or capabilities.

It is only fitting that this album found its way to me in October. With its haunting vocals and dark undertones, Black // Light // White // Dark epitomizes the essence of the Fall setting and spirit of Halloween to follow. What is lacking in minimal vocals and lyrics as a traditional album might have, the band makes up for in taking the listener, transforming them into a character or adventurer as they venture through each track of the short album.

You never know how you may come across something new but, if you are open and willing to take in new sights and sounds, this album will point you in that direction. For any Rock enthusiast, Evi Vine is that band that adds both light and heavy set of tones to their music collection. The overall sound of Evi’s vocals and essence provides that light and bright feeling while the band behind her nails the heavier Rock beats to compare to her competitors like Flyleaf and Evanescence. The album becomes a remarkable masterpiece as it the listener grabs hold of Evi Vine.

Gregg Keniston- MuzikMan.net Staff
September 30, 2019

Reviews Provided By:

1. I Am the Waves
2. Afterlight
3. Sabbath
4. My Only Son
5. We Are Made of Stars
6. Sad Song, No. 9


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