Contemporary Instrumental-Smooth Jazz Review: Todd Mosby-Open Waters

Release Date: August 1, 2019
Label: M M G Records

Todd Mosby went to the right studio to record Open Waters.

This album reminded me of getting up late Sunday morning and turning on the local “Quiet Storm” station out of San Francisco, KBLX. I see that station is still in operation and wondered if it has changed any. That is one reason why I love jazz so much, particularly smooth jazz, which Todd presents a good example of in many tracks.

The title track I found quite compelling so I added it to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist. The steady flow of relaxing music allows a listener to pause to reflect, look inward or just kick off your shoes and clear your head. All of that from my point of view, allows you to empty your mind and just fall right into the music. Todd makes that act so easy with twelve tracks on this album.

“Water Dance” was an excellent track with vocals, a step away from the norm, but a nice transition. The beautiful vocals of Noah Wilding made it one of my favorites. “Western Sky” was another that got my attention. They all were enjoyable, to be honest, I found it easy to get absorbed in Todd’s amazing acoustic guitar work. He truly knows how to make the six-string speak.

Open Waters reminds me of why music is so important and something I simply cannot live without. It is my number one healing tool any time day or night. This is the kind of combination of instruments that make for a great session. The excellence of bass player Michael Manring weaves in and out throughout the entire release. He is one of the top bass players in the world and contributes to many recordings at The End of the Road Studio headed up by Will Ackerman. This album reminded me of some of Will’s early work back in the 80s when he launched his Windham Hill Label.

The combination of instruments, chemistry, and production came together for Open Waters and that is evident from the first track onward.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 24, 2019

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01. Drifting
02. Atlantica
03. Open Waters
04. Coming About
05. A New Land
06. Western Sky
07. Dolphin Song
08. Water Dancer
09. Island Song
10. So Far Away
11. Windward
12. Sea of Joni

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