Rock Review: Scorpions-Born To Touch Your Feelings - Best of Rock Ballads

Release Date: November 24, 2017
Label: Sony Legacy

Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Pawel Maciwoda, and Mikkey Dee are the Scorpions. It has been four decades since the song "Born To Touch Your Feelings" was released for the first time. If you are into them or were, there is something here to relish. This music will remind you of the good times (I hope).
Born To Touch Your Feelings - Best of Rock Ballads is 17 tracks of pure Scorpions at their rock ballad best. I have always loved to rock out to their tracks like "The Zoo, " "Rock You Like A Hurricane" etc. I have to admit I never think of ballads when discussing these iconic rockers.

It is collections like this that help you to relive those great rocking ballads, done the way only Klaus could sing them and the band could play them. It also makes you realize that the band was not one dimensional. They have always been a solid musical unit with a massive worldwide following. That comes as no surprise and it is a tribute to their staying power and mass appeal.

This is goose bump time people, this music hits you straight in the heart. It will have you smiling, laughing or crying all in one listen. That is how emotional I get when I hear this great music. What makes this release so special besides everything I just mentioned?  The fact that there are new updated versions of tracks, acoustic takes, and completely new tracks, which gives it more oomph than a run of the mill greatest hits release. So needless to say, there is more than enough material to keep your interest from beginning to end.

The leadoff and title track set the bar high and they never lose that focus and maintain that standard on each offering. I have a few favorites like "Still Loving You" and "Wind Of Change," which are the "Comeblack Versions." Those two tracks just put me away. What great music, feelings, and vocals. When “The Smoke Is Going Down” (2015 Remaster) is no slouch either - so spot on and filled with passion. At concerts, it was time to break out the disposable lighter time back in the day and now its cellphones in flashlight mode.

Then there are some tracks I have never heard and absolutely loved. "Send Me An Angel" (New Acoustic Version 2017) is excellent. And the next treat for my ears was closing out the album with two brand-spanking new tracks "Melrose Avenue" and "Always Be With You."

This is a superb package of the old, new and redone (very well) tracks. If you are a Scorpions fan you will love this collection and if you are a rock fan I am sure you will find plenty of appreciation for this collection. The musicianship is outstanding the sound quality will knock your socks off.

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
February 14, 2018
Founder of:

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01. Born To Touch Your Feelings ("MTV Unplugged" Studio Edit)
02. Still Loving You ("Comeblack" Version)
03. Wind Of Change ("Comeblack" Version)
04. Always Somewhere (2015 Remaster)
05. Send Me An Angel (New Acoustic Version 2017)
06. Holiday (2015 Remaster)
07. Eye Of The Storm (Radio Edit)
08. When The Smoke Is Going Down (2015 Remaster)
09. Lonely Nights
10. Gypsy Life
11. House Of Cards (Single Edit)
12. The Best Is Yet To Come
13. When You Came Into My Life ("MTV Unplugged" Studio Edit)
14. Lady Starlight (2015 Remaster)
15. Follow Your Heart (New Full-Band Version 2017)
16. Melrose Avenue (New Song)
17. Always Be With You (New Song)


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