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Featured Track: mariaFausta - I´m Betting on You

mariaFausta has a killer new track out titled "I'm Betting on You." 

And I am betting on you, the listeners, that if you like to rock you are going to love this track! I sure did.

Maria can sing and the song just kicks ass from start to finish. I think if the album that follows this track continues with the same formula that she will really have a substantial following.

I have included the stream and the video to check out so please do!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck



Multi-instrumentalist, singer, violinist, composer and conductor. Born on September 24, 1984 . She has always shown versatility for example ranging from classical to prog, rock, pop as well as jazz, blues and all sorts of music...READ MORE...


Alternative Rock: mariaFausta -Million Faces

Release Date: November 12, 2017
Label: Independent

mariaFausta is a European alternative rock vocalist. Recently her album Million Faces became available. I knew that she would probably sing with an accent and she does. Here is the thing with that aspect of a recording artist, either you cannot get past it or you like it, there is no middle ground. After that process and you decide you like it, you realize it is part of the charisma and make up of what the artist is presenting. For my ears things landed on the positive side in all aspects.

Maria’s sound is a varied approach that works very well. It certainly is alternative rock and one of the most original and different albums I have heard in 2017. I hear a ton of instrumental music and sometimes find it difficult with redundancy regarding my words. That is something that all writers worry about. You are cognizant of that fact at all times. Well let me tell you, this music was a total joy to hear and then have the opportunity to provide my input.

The music itself is surely professional and Maria knows how to carry a tune just fine. Here accent is endearing. At times I thought of Kim Carnes, she has that rough edge yet it is sensual at the same time. She leaves you wondering what it would be like to sit down and talk to her.

“Look Over” is an excellent opener for the album and it sets you up nicely for what is to come. That is the definitive purpose of the opening track. It is the one that sets the tone and hopefully is strong enough to leave a lasting impression. It worked for me. In fact, I had to go take a look at the video (provided here) and listen again.

“Rare Woman” (feat. Olivier Ker Ourio) is another rising flame that adds to the fire of this recording. I can tell by looking at Maria and how she delivers a song that she definitely is a “Rare Woman.” She has an inner strength and drive that comes through her music, you can hear and feel it, almost touch it. It is real and original. These are factors that I greatly admire.

Million Faces tells a story, her story right from the heart. Well, if it isn’t her story she has me fooled! Or better yet her performance is so convincing that it is like an actor taking the lines from an emotive script and setting it all to music.

This is indie rock folks, European style with plenty of guts without any thought of the glory, just honesty and good music. I don’t think you could ask for more. If you are in the market for an entirely different type of music and vocal style this will satisfy that need but beware, you will be back for more, this could be addicting!

4/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

November 29, 2017

Founder of:

MuzikMan Productions

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01. Look Over
02. The Last Train
03. Legend
04. Rare Woman (feat. Olivier Ker Ourio)
05. Loneliness (feat. Franco Mezzena)
06. Baby Shine
07. Love Song
08. Rememberin' Me
09. Inside Rememberin' Me
10. The First Day
11. In the Room (feat. Didier Del Aguila)
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