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SwampDaWamp Release Latest CD Rock This Country

September 15, 2009-Hollywood, CA- Country fried rockers SwampDaWamp (pronounced swamp duh wamp) from Charlotte, NC unfold their much anticipated 3rd independent release this week (2nd full length) Rock This Country available now in most major digital retail outlets and in physical form at MORE...


Swampdawamp-2.0 Review

Artist: Swampdawamp
Title: 2.0
Genre: Southern Rock-Blues
Label: Big Penny Entertainment
Source Link

Swampdawamp is crankin it up again and getting those southern fried rock and blue fires burnin! On this teaser, titled 2.0 a Special Edition pre release CD, they are offering up three studio tracks and interviews and a rehearsal recording. The boys sound like they are ready to release another great album sometime later this year...READ MORE...


Swampdawamp Release 2.0–Another Big Helping of Southern Rock and Blues

Los Angeles, CA-July 7, 2008- SwampDaWamp (pronounced swamp duh wamp) is the creation of singer-songwriter-guitarist Gig Michaels. Hailing from Charlotte, NC, SwampDaWamp is the powerful and creative collaboration of six talented and seasoned musicians: Gig Michaels (lead vocals & acoustic guitar); David Lee (drums); Michael Hough (guitar & vocals); Keith Inman (guitar); Mike Huffman (keyboards, B3 & vocals); and Cody Bennett (bass)...READ MORE...

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