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Track Evaluation: Steve Henrichs - Dawn

Steve Henrichs and his track "Dawn" is nearly five minutes of jazz fusion guitar improvisation backed by a steady rhythm section, keys and a one time whispering of a voice to make it a little more interesting.

Henrichs brings all of his talents to the table and the end result is a classic rendering of smooth jazz injected with his own personal style.

"Dawn" is the quiet storm of superb jazz guitar work and more. It is a exhibition of extraordinary talent within less than five minutes!

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More About A Steve Henrichs:

Steve Henrichs’ quirky pop/jazz style prompted Los Angeles area pianist John Hammond (The Fabulous Baker Boys) to describe his music as “masterful”. His co-producer, Eduardo Del Signore, is a former student of the late Latin jazz great Moacir Santos.

Steve's debut album, Dawn, released in August of 2014, has received airplay in 117 countries on Internet radio station Jango, and it was featured in a recent Inner Game training session.

Henrichs is currently working on a second album, to be titled Journey, which will be released in 2015.