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Featuring seven new tracks from the gang upstairs at SQUEAKEY STUDIOS

In the follow-up to their debut EP Eventually, We’re All Golden, the SQUEAKEY STUDIOS crew located up there among the trees continues their steady stream of releases, working not only in the purely digital realm, but also in that tried and true guitar/bass/drums/voice format. They now drop a wide-ranging smorgasbord of engagingly elliptical songs collectively titled OUR FRIENDSHIP WAS WAY AHEAD OF ITS TIME, including REDAKTR’s retro dawn-of-the-air-age hypnosis “Mr. Aeroplane,” the lonesome Nashville whine of Seth Framer on “You Drive Me Into The Middle Of Next Week,” and his whisky-swilling cautionary banger “No No No.”

Additionally, for this EP, REDAKTR is releasing two intricate in-the-box beat-heavy instrumental meditations: “The Invention Of One” and “The Master Key.”

REDAKTR and Seth Framer also expand their collaboration with the dreamy and unexpected “Free For A Minute,” and the gritty first-person stream-of-consciousness rocker “Redeemed In The Sanctity (You Gotta Have It Even).”

SQUEAKEY STUDIOS: In a creaky third-floor flat, surrounded by big old trees, they stuffed in an array of instruments and work when they can between school, jobs and all those other duties that make up an everyday life. They track mostly during the day, and their neighbors kindly put up with them. When SQUEAKEY STUDIOS added the little sub to the monitor layout, they knew they would have to tread lightly, at least sonically.

REDAKTR is an amalgam of unwilling and sometimes unruly musicians who love any good song. You gotta own it: Karen Carpenter had an incredible voice and even The Partridge Family hired the best. Working together or separately, REDAKTR makes it up as it goes along. Few of us have a plan, and even fewer of us know what that plan might be.

Seth Framer took the first train out and, when that didn’t get them all the way, ditched the suitcase, and went it alone. From the Great Western Range to the Gulf Stream, from the Galveston beaches to the Quetico waters and all points in between, Seth Framer has focused on the One, keeping their fingers clean, and washing their mouth out with soap on an all-too-regular regular basis. There aren’t enough pages for the stories Seth Framer tells, and there never will be.

Available now on all music platforms and wherever you consume music.


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