German Metal Band Fireborn Unleash Their Debut Album “Reflections” Produced By Schmier and Released Through Deko Entertainment

Stockton, NJ – Fireborn is fronted by powerhouse singer Jenny Gruber, and rounded out by Dennis Weber, Raphael Singh, Flo Bucher, and Chris Lehr. The German metal/rock act produces unique and timeless music with strong passion, expressive vocals, and defining hooks. Despite her young age, the petite singer stands out with her hard to delicate voice, extensive vocal range, and incredible sovereignty. In 2019, Fireborn (under the name Dislike Silence) played in the finals of the 37th German Rock and Pop Awards and took third place in the Rock category.

In winter 2021, the band visited the Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden, Switzerland, where the first album, “Reflections”, was recorded with producer Schmier (Destruction, Burning Witches, Pänzer) and sound engineer V.O. Pulver (Destruction, Pro-Pain, Burning Witches, the Order, Nervosa). Schmier states, “There’s gotta be something special to arouse my interest as a music fan and as a composer and performer, something that touches my soul and gives me the chills. This really happened the first time I heard Jenny from Fireborn sing.” This is sure to be an album and a band to keep an eye on as they take the rock and metal world by storm.

The album is already picking up steam and getting rave reviews:

Done With You”….It is a great, brooding, powerful calling card for the band and it showcases the powerful vocals of Jenny….“Set Off” is another prime example of this, with some great lead guitar lines and a big chorus.” - Powerplay Magazine

View video for the first single, “Done With You”: https://youtu.be/bT7-N6qh5qc

The band has just released its most recent single, “You Seem So Far,” and dropped its album “Reflections.” Jenny states, “Our debut album, Reflections, is out now! It really feels surreal to us and is a dream that came true! We all hope you hear our love, dedication, passion, and the hard work we put into our first record! Reflections is about learning from your own mistakes and those of others, breaking new grounds and never losing hope! Let yourself be carried away--far away from this programmed music of today--our album brings you back to stripped down pure classic rock/metal again. Dive into the world of Fireborn and check out Reflections!” Deko President, Bruce Pucciarello, continues, “Jenny’s powerful vocals and the band's power tight musicianship make Fireborn a must listen. Deko is thrilled to be partnered with this kick-ass band.”

View video for “You Seem So Far” here: https://youtu.be/j7K3vOuszKk

You can order “Reflections” here and get select bundles while supplies last: http://bit.ly/3KyVxRh

One (1) - Fireborn “Reflections” CD
One (1) - Fireborn “Reflections” T-Shirt
One (1) - 6x6 album cover flat signed by Fireborn

1. “Young Heart Dies”
2. “As Long As I Love You”
3. “Angel in Need”
4. “The Eye of a Hurricane”
5. “Deep Blue Water”
6. “Proud and Ashamed”
7. “Guide You Home”
8. “Pack of Wolves”
9. “You Seem so Far”
10. “Ferryman”
11. “Punchline”
12. “Malicious Rose”
13. “Done With You”
14. “Set Off”

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